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The Legend of Daniel Deathcrafter (part 18) by Daniel Deathcrafter

They arrived at Idiyoshi’s temple. Inside, they saw Jacob, and two large pigs. Jacob was trapped in ice like Daniel had been. The two pigs were opening a portal. “What’s the plan?” Caleb asked.

“You two go in there and distract them while I free Jacob, then we teleport out of there.” Daniel said simply.

“Sounds good.” Bailey said.

“Wait,” Caleb argued, “that isn’t even a plan, it’s not going to work.” Bailey stared at him.

“Trust me,” Bailey said, it will work, right Daniel.” She turned around to see that Daniel was already sneaking towards him. “Hey ugly!” Bailey shouted to the pigs.

“What do you want!” one responded.

“No,” another scolded, “she’s insulting you, kill her!”

Daniel got to Jacob, to realize that he didn’t know any fire spells that could free him. So he just started chipping away at the ice with his athame.

“Is that seriously the best that you can do?” Jacob asked in disbelief.

“If you have a better plan, I would love to hear it.”

“What is up with you guys anyway!?” Bailey was walking towards them now. Caleb was still hiding. Daniel looked to notice that the portal was beginning to fade. “Why did you send an army on us like that?” she started to cry. “That wasn’t very nice” Bailey was doing such a good job, that Daniel almost got up to comfort her.

“Kagemoosha!” one pig shouted, prepare the portal, I will take care of this nuisance.” Caleb sprang into action. He cast a scarecrow between Bailey, and the pigs. Bailey cast a wraith. She and Caleb looked each other in the eyes, and they kissed.

Daniel stared and watched. Rage filled him until he could not hide anymore. He pushed Jacob in his ice block towards Caleb. Caleb jumped out of the way, and Jacob started sliding towards the pig who was fixing the portal. Jacob’s screaming caught the pig by surprise, and he instinctively shot a blast of fire at him, melting the ice instantly.

“Katsumori you idiot,” Kagemoosha shouted, “you freed Jacob Darkheart; Idiyoshi is going to kill you!”

“If Malistaire doesn’t get her first, the portal is complete.”

“Ok boys, I got her!” Idiyoshi entered, dragging a girl by the hair. Daniel saw that it was Suri. “Why is he free?!” Idiyoshi demanded.

“Well,” Katsumori stammered, “there was a bit of an accident.”

“Clearly,” Idiyoshi said angrily. “Kagemoosha, what happened?”

“Katsumori shot fire at Jacob.” Kagemoosha said plainly.

“What’s this I hear?” asked a dark voice. “My three generals arguing. showing weakness while they are in the presence of our greatest threats.” Malistaire emerged.

“Sorry about that Master Malistaire.” Idiyoshi said humbly.

“It’s fine,” Malistaire chuckled, “they’re here, Jacob will be dead soon, and Suri will be the fuel for my new power. You have done your job. I be king of the spiral by this time tomorrow!”

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