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The Legend of Daniel Deathcrafter (part 17) by Daniel Deathcrafter

After the battle, Bailey and Daniel walked to a camp called Camp Oppror, which means, Camp of Rebellion.

“When I awoke after being poisoned,” Bailey told, “I was in the camp infirmary. They offered to train me to fight. Not long after, I officially enlisted in the rebellion. I’ve been fighting against Malistaire’s army base ever since.”

“And what exactly do you know about this army?” Daniel asked.

“All that we know is that Malistaire wants you dead, and has ordered his top warriors to kill you. Apparently they have failed.” A silent moment passed. Bailey looked into Daniel’s eyes. “I have only known you for a short time, but I can tell when you are hiding something. What is it that you haven’t told me?”

“Firstly, Malistaire has taken the Krokonomicon. Secondly, he is not only hunting me, but also a guy named Jacob Darkheart.”

“Oh no,” Bailey stammered, “it is worse then we had feared. He is after the ring.”

“What is it about this ring?” Daniel asked.

“What ring are we talking about?” Daniel suddenly noticed a guy in Moo Shu armor standing next to Bailey. He stood tall, with bright blonde hair. His face was covered in freckles. He looked like he was about 15 years old. “Turns out that Malistaire wants to become Necromancy King.” Bailey informed.

“Who’s this?” Daniel asked.

“Sorry, I should have introduced you. This is my boyfriend, Caleb Nightwalker, Grandmaster Necromancer. Fought against Jacob Darkheart, but lost.”

Daniel didn’t hear anything after the word boyfriend. He felt betrayed, like his work had been for nothing. Rage boiled inside of him.

“Yes,” Caleb said, “Bailey has told me much about you.” Daniel looked to his feet, and saw that the plants around his feet had died. Daniel glared at Caleb. They shook hands. Daniel felt Caleb’s hand begin to rot, and his eyes turn a deadly white.

They let go, Caleb’s hand and eyes returned to normal. “So what is this Necromancy Master I keep hearing about?”

“Centuries ago,” Bailey started, “the titans, dragons, and the giants elected who they thought the strongest wizard of their type was. The titans gave each wizard was given a ship to sail, and a ring that gave them all of the powers of that type of magic. For fire, the ship was the Rising Phoenix, and the ring was the Flaming Ruby. Ice, the Cold Voyager, and the Frosty Band. For storm, the Cloud Titan, and the Sea Bane. The schools of Life, Death, Myth, and Balance saw this, and decided to do the same. The school of Life built a ship known as the Bright Spirit. The school of Myth made the Ring of Imagination, and the Sailing Troll. Balance forged a ring known as the Equilibrium Ring, and a ship called the Citrine Sailor. Death created a ring called the ring of Torment, and a ship called the Dark Onyx. Each ship had a power, and some say that one of them is cursed.”

“Over the years,” Caleb continued, “The first masters of their schools died, or were defeated. The one who was the first to claim the ring after defeating or killing him or her would be the next Master of that school. So if Malistaire succeeds in defeating, or killing Jacob Darkheart, he will have all of the powers of Death at his command.”

“Well Malistaire isn’t going to wait. We have to stop him.”

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