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The Legend of Daniel Deathcrafter (Part 16) by Daniel Deathcrafter

Daniel wondered if drowning would be painful. How long had he been underwater, one minute, two, a lifetime? He focused. His body was frozen in ice. His head was in water so murky and green that he didn’t dare open his eyes. Cool water rushed at his feet, wait, rushing water? The ice was slowly melting! Slowly he felt cold water take the place of solid ice. He tried to turn himself around, and this time, successfully did so.

He gasped for air a little too loud. Idiyoshi turned and saw him as he climbed out of the pool. His torso was still frozen, but his limbs were completely thawed. Daniel drew his wand. It was still partially covered in ice. He cast a vampire at Idiyoshi. His wand cast a frost vampire. Idiyoshi cast a Raging Kraken that destroyed his vampire. Daniel screamed and teleported.

He arrived in the Jade Palace garden, where war had broken loose. The army of pigs was pitched in open battles against wizard warriors. He decided to join the wizards.

He fought against the pigs for hours. Nether side seemed to be wining. At one point he saw a girl wearing traditional Moo Shu armor. She was defeating pigs with a Skeletal Pirate and a Deathblade, but the pigs were starting to overtake her. He cast a Deathblade and a Skeletal Pirate and joined in.

They fought back to back. It wasn’t long before Daniel smelled a sweet smell that he recognized instantly. He kicked down a pig, turned her around, and gave Bailey a kiss.

“WHAT ARE YOU…” she stopped herself, and looked into Daniel’s dark eyes. “They told me that you were dead.” Daniel brushed her dark hair with his fingers. “I thought the same about you.”

They were interrupted by a shout from far away. “FALL BACK” a pig shouted. “WE HAVE HIM!” the pigs in unison began to retreat.

“What,” Bailey asked, “they have who?”

“I think I know,” Daniel said, “and it’s not good news for any of us. Let’s go.”

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