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The Legend of Daniel Deathcrafter (Part 15) by Daniel Deathcrafter

“In short, Malistaire has the Krokonomicon, and wants to steal the ring of torment, whatever that is.” Daniel finished.

“Dire news indeed” Ambrose said mournfully, “When I summoned you here to Wizard City, I knew that you were powerful, but I didn’t know how much. Still I think sending you to Moo Shu is too dangerous, given the circumstances.”

“Wait, what is the ring of torment, what is happening in Moo Shu?” Ambrose’s glare told him that the subject was closed.

He left the Headmaster’s tower, and headed towards his dorm room. The night was still young. Clouds covered the sky. When he arrived at his dorm, he saw a package on his bed. A note on the box said,

Daniel Deathcrafter,

Word of your accomplishments are spreading throughout the spiral. I fear that many more powerful foes are lining up to take you on. It baffles me to think that you have survived this long without these, but I think that you will need them if you are to truly save us.



Daniel opened the box. In it he saw a new armored outfit, including the coolest hat that he had ever seen. The garments seemed to radiate dark power. He also saw an athame with a blade that was as dark as night, and a glowing amulet. Under all of this he saw seven spell cards, Skeletal Pirate, curse, feint, poison. Beguile, death prism, and infection.

Daniel put on the garments and added the spells to his deck. Wearing this, he felt like the most powerful wizard in the spiral. The there was a crashing sound. Daniel’s head burned with pain. Then everything was black.

When he woke up, he was in what looked like a temple. Murky water fell from a giant waterfall. The water looked murky and green. Then Daniel realized that he was trapped in a block of ice from the neck down. His head felt like it was split in half.

“Welcome to Moo Shu Master Deathcrafter,” a voice said. From the shadows came a large pig-man. “My name is General Idiyoshi.”

“General?” Daniel asked

“One of the three of Malistaire’s new army here in Moo Shu.” Idiyoshi said. And my first task is to terminate you. But first, I want to see what it is that Ambrose spoke of. Idiyoshi put his hand over a large stone platform. The platform fell into the earth, revealing a large pit. From the pit came legions of Moo Shu warriors. “Go into the night men, and bring me the body of Jacob Darkheart!” The army flooded out into the night, and more were coming from the pit.

“As for you Deathcrafter, I fear that you will never meet the master of necromancy in this life. Goodbye master Deathcrafter.” Idiyoshi kicked the ice, and it slid into the pool of murky water. The ice turned upside down so that Daniel’s head was underwater, and no mater how hard he tried, he could not turn right side up, and he couldn’t cast a spell, because his hands were trapped in the ice. Through his struggle, he felt the presence of death, and one thought dominated his mind. He was drowning.

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