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The Legend of Daniel Deathcrafter (Part 14) by Daniel Deathcrafter

Daniel sailed the ship into port. When they were all of board, they decided to burn the ship. After doing so, Daniel led the Kroks to the spiral door, and sent them to Krokotopia. Daniel, Josh, and Bill did not return with them.

“Figured you wanted this back,” Josh handed Daniel the compass.

“Yes, thanks,” Daniel smiled, “so where do you suppose we are.”

“Looks like some kind of church.” Bill said.

“We should return to Wizard City. Ambrose might know where the book is.” Josh suggested.

“No,” Daniel stared at his compass, “we’re on the right world, follow me” they walked out of the church. They walked through the town square. They walked through alleys. Finally they arrived at a large building. The sign said Marylebone Museum.

They entered to see Malistaire, and a large cat-man. Museum guards had been tied up and thrown in a corner. “I must admit,” said Malistaire, “I expected that you were going to find me sooner.”

That dark voice gave Daniel a flashback. He was lying on the ground. Next to him was Bailey. Her hair smelled sweet, but he could not place what exactly it smelled like. Her hand felt warm and soft in his, and Daniel realized that he loved her. Bailey turned to say something. Then he came. “If you want something done right you gotta do it yourself,” then came the most terrifying moment of his life so far. Daniel filled with rage.

“I should introduce to you my newest henchman, Meowiarty. He is the one who took the Krokonomicon.” a book materialized in Malistaire’s hand. It was the Krokonomicon. “Since then I have been preparing. Now, by the end of the week, I will become ruler of the spiral. But first I require the Ring of Torment”

“Master,” Meowiarty interrupted, “are you sure that it is wise to tell them that?”

“What does it mater,” Malistaire sneered, “They won’t survive the night” Malistaire glared at Daniel, then teleported away.

Meowiarty whistled. A robot appeared and tied up Josh and Bill with unbelievable speed. Then Meowiarty drew a dueling circle. The robot joined next to Meowiarty.

Meowiarty started by casting a Mythblade. Daniel cast a Deathblade. Meowiarty cast a troll that did 229 damage. Daniel cast a deathtrap on the robot. Meowiarty cast another Mythblade. The robot cast a leprechaun that did 160 damage. Daniel cast a vampire that defeated the robot, and gave Daniel 315 health. Meowiarty cast a Mythtrap. Daniel used a natural attack. Meowiarty cast a Cyclops that did 445 damage. Daniel cast a dark fairy minion.

Meowiarty cast a blood bat that did 90 damage. Daniel cast a Deathblade, and his minion did the same. Meowiarty cast a mythblade. Daniel cast a deathtrap, his minion passed. Meowiarty cast a troll that did 240 damage. Daniel got a power pip, and cast a vampire that did 630 damage and gave 315 health. His minion cast a deathtrap. Meowiarty passed. Daniel cast a Deathblade. The dark sprite cast a vampire that did 630 damage. Meowiarty cast a mythblade. Daniel cast a deathtrap. The sprite cast a Deathblade. Meowiarty cast a Cyclops that did 405 damage. Daniel had another power pip, and cast another vampire doing another 630 damage and giving another 315 health. The sprite cast a Deathblade. Meowiarty passed. Daniel cast his last Deathblade. The sprite cast a ghoul that did 220 damage. Meowiarty cast a mythblade. Daniel cast his last deathtrap. The sprite cast another ghoul that left Meowiarty with 170 health. Meowiarty got a power pip and cast a humungofrog that did 440 damage, defeating Daniel’s sprite. Daniel tried to cast a vampire, but fizzled for the first time. Meowiarty laughed and cast a blood bat that did 110 damage. Daniel defeated Meowiarty with a banshee.

Daniel turned to release his friends, but they were gone. He released the guards and left the museum. He arrived at the spiral door and went to Wizard City.

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