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Children of Celestia by Belgrim LotusWielder

11,565 years ago, there was a distant world in the skies of the Milky Way called Celestia. It housed the astral magic clans of the sun, moon, and star. One unfortunate day, an evil spider Queen called Mithraya invaded Celestia and demanded that she have all the Astral magic they had. The Celestians denied her, and war broke out. They called on the eagles of the sky, but they betrayed the Celestians. The eagles tried to drown them, but the Celestians put up huge domes capable of keeping out the water. However, their leader King Atlas died while trying to fight Mithraya. Now, his children are grown up, and are ready to get justice on Mithraya.

Jack woke up from a horrible dream as though he had actually experienced it. Sweat was pouring from his face covered in dark red hair. He was woken by a spear thrusting through something. But it wasn’t a target that it was thrusting through. It was thrusting through flesh.

He went outside to see what was happening, and there was a horrid battle. He ran back inside to grab his staff, and also to get his sister Elizabeth or Lizzy up to help him.

“Lizzy! Get up! There’s a battle happening outside!”

“Just a minute, I’m sleeping,” she said, and then all of a sudden she came to a jolt of understanding, “A battle! We have to get out there. Hand me my wand!”

Jack and Lizzy were bards, in other words, wizards. They were one of the most helpful people in battle because they could bend the rules of warfare.

“Let’s go Lizzy!” Jack yelled as he watched through the window.

“Okay. I’m coming!” she said.

They rushed into the fierce battle of brawl. But all of a sudden, the battle subsided to show General Rubus stabbed through the chest. He only had a little more time to live. Everyone went quiet, and he pointed to Jack to come to him. Jack came and knelt beside his almost dead body.

“Listen here, Jack. I know you and Lizzy don’t know about how your father died. But now is the time for the truth to be said.” He huffed in a troublesome breath of air, “The killer of your father. Is Mithraya. She is at the throne room, waiting for me. But we got ambushed. Go and fight her for your father’s Justice Jack. For King Atlas’s sake!” And with that, he drew his last breath.

Jack started to run towards the throne room, but Lizzy caught up with him. “I heard him Jack. And there’s no stopping me coming with you. I want justice for my father’s death, too.”

Jack didn’t like the idea one bit, but he couldn’t stop her now. “Okay, as long as you don’t do anything stupid.”

“Believe me, I won’t.”

Jack could only hope she’d live up to her promise. “Let’s go.”

Right when they came to the main hall, they knew they were in trouble.

Of course they knew of the story about the eagles betraying them, but they never knew why they did it. Now they knew. Standing in front of them was the Lord of the Sky, including Lord of the Eagles. Zeus had partnered with Mithraya.

“Oh gosh,” Jack said

“YOU PUNY SCOUNDRELS WILL DIE IN A PORTENTIUS EARTHQUAKE IF I HAVE ANYTHING TO DO ABOUT IT!” Zeus scowled. “I have taken sides with the new queen of Celestia, Mithraya.”

“You helped kill my father, so you will be the one dying today. Not me or my sister.” Jack said bravely.

“It’s ON buddy!” Lizzy added.

They ran up and confronted him, and he accepted the challenge. They began to duel fiercely in a battle of life and death. He casted many spells, and since he know the art of storm magic, he was both a master of the sky AND the sea. He was very powerful, but he lacked in armor. However, Lizzy and Jack had chosen to study their homeland magic, the magic of balance. This school could do some of everything, so it had an advantage over storm.

They were almost dead when Jack summoned a minion. It healed them completely, but then the boss killed it off. Just when he did that, Jack and Lizzy joined their amount of magic to make a huge ball of fire. They personally called it a cheese ball, or sometimes a ball of flame when they weren’t in the mood for food. Anyways, it completely destroyed Zeus, and he fell as they triumphed over him.

“Great job Jack!” Lizzy commented.

“Thanks Lizzy! Now let’s go get our revenge on Mithraya!”

They ran to the huge double doors opening into the throne room and pushed them wide open. They then found out they just walked straight into a trap. When they opened the doors, a cage fell over the top of them, landing them in a barred room. But it had more than enough space to see who was on the other side of the door.

There was the one who had killed their father, Mithraya. She had an ordinary head, all except for one tiny detail. She had eight eyes, and three sets of arms. It was downright grotesque. She was covered in armor sporting the colors of Celestia, white, black, and red.

“Hello, little ones. May I ask who you are?” Mithraya asked.

Lizzy was too terrified to speak, but Jack sure wasn’t. He was tired of it. Tired of being afraid of the looming enemy in their Celestian Kingdom.

“Oh shut up. You know who we are. We’re not going to play your little games. One of us is not going to be living at the end of this, and it sure isn’t going to be me and Lizzy who die. So release us from this crazy trap so we can properly fight you. Or do you not have any dignity?”

She smiled in a sadistic grin of pleasure, “You are very smart, Jack. You do know how to get down to the bottom line and fast. I like that about you. However, I don’t want to die either. So I will have to kill you, saddening as that is for me.”

She lifted the cage up with a switch. “Now let’s have ourselves a duel to remember, shall we?” “Believe me, it will be one all of us will never forget,” Lizzy mustered.

“Then let’s begin, my little ones.”

They took their positions, and waited for her to cast the first spell. They dueled for what seemed like hours, with sweat running down their faces like it was raining. Jack took the attacking role while Lizzy took the healing role, and Mithraya kept casting damage spell after damage spell on Jack.

All of a sudden, she stopped. “I have something to tell you guys,” she said. “I am your mother.”

Lizzy was in shock. But when she regained her mind, she said “You’re no mother of mine.”

Mithraya was so mad at Lizzy, she casted an unwinnable spell at her. She died instantly. Jack was in so much anger at Mithraya, and he channeled all that anger into his last spell. The Judgement.

Mithraya was shocked he could perform the spell as much as Jack himself. He had never casted that spell before. But she was too shocked to build up a shield, and she lost the epic battle.

Jack ran over to Lizzy’s dead body, and cried at her feet. All of a sudden, a unicorn charged through the door and bowed to Lizzy, lowering its horn so that it touched her head. He felt warmth flowing through her body, and she sprang back to life.

“Thank you so much, Unicorn,” Jack cried while hugging its neck. “You are the best of all the animals.”

The unicorn vanished into thin air.

Lizzy asked, “Did we win?”

“Yes Lizzy. We won, and we have finally gotten our justice. We most certainly are the Children of Celestia.”

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