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The Cat's Secret Way by Vanessa ThunderHeart


Pre Note from Author: I am Vanessa Thunderheart and I am a level 59th Storm wizard and I am 14 years old. And I have a question for you, have you ever been minding your own business and found something so alluring that you just had to follow it? Well I have. This is the story of me and two other brave wizards and one smart cat. If you like adventurous wizards, magic spells and a story that will make you wonder, I suggest you keep reading...

“Vanessa, wake up!” Samantha Dreamdust, my best friend yells, “VANESSA WE HAVE FINALS TODAY!” I wake with a daze and a bump on my head. “Vanessa, thank goodness you’re up, come on let’s get ready.” Sam says with complete relief. “Ugh, alright” I say with tiredness. Sam goes into her bathroom to take a shower and put on her battle clothes. As I dry off I wonder what our test will be on. No, this is no ordinary test, not like math problems or history questions, I am a Wizard. And today for our finals we should be battling our teacher or a spell quiz, something like that. I put on my battle clothes. My hat is a spellbinder’s hood with stitching for good battle boost. Same thing with my robe, which is guardian’s vestment, and boots. My jet black hair is tucked behind my hood and my purple eyes gleam with confidence.

“Okay, Sam I am all ready” I say

“Me too” says Sam

Then we round up our mounts and are on our way.

We stop at Marleybone’s coffee and doughnuts shop for breakfast, before heading to class, we still have time. As we eat and slurp we spot Wolf Dragonflame, my best friend, other than Sam, of course. “Hey wolf over here!” I shout. “Oh, sorry I didn’t mean to be that loud.” Wolf walks over and sits. “Hey Vanessa, hey Sam” wolf says in his warm and gentle voice. Sam and I smile and say, “Hey,” simultaneously. “Why do you guys look so worried,” He says. “We are nervous for finals” I say. He looks at us as though he already knew. “Well we have about five minutes until we must meet in our schools,” says Sam. We nod. We continue talking.

Sam is balance. Wolf is fire. What an unusual group of friends, I think. Storm, fire and balance. Sam snaps me back into reality as she says, “Come on guys lets teleport to Ravenwood,” she says. So we all teleport. We wish each other luck and split up. As I walk I spot something unusual, a black cat. A stray. Before I go to meet my teacher I watch it go through some kind of glitch, like a small opening in the fabric of space. I gasp. It’s just my imagination I think. I shake my head as if I have an eraser in my brain, to clear my mind. I walk in my storm school and watch as each student battles Mr. Halstrom Balestorm.

He’s good, I mean really good. Of course he will limit his deck if spells to each level of wizards, for instance he won’t use a Leviathan on a level 30 wizard, but he will on me. The only way to Ace it or at least get a B+ I will need to defeat him. So far only a few wizards have beaten him. I am fifth in line to do my best. As I wait I notice the strategies of other wizards. I rearrange my deck. With Four storm shields seven Leviathans six storm lords and some other boosts and things like that.

My turn. It’s finally my turn.

“Hello Vanessa,” he says enthusiastically, just like he always talks. “Hello,” I say and I swallow hard with anxiety. I have always liked the professor. This time I am intimidated by him, though. Right before he begins to ask me something I answer him before he can get the words to come out. I say “Don’t ask me professor, I am ready.” He smiles and nods in a way that makes me sure of something. Then I take a step closer and the duel circle forms.

The duel takes about two hours. But I do win, oddly enough. Before I leave professor gives me a tip of his hat and I am off.

Sam, Wolf and I decide to meet back at our usual spot, The Marleybone Coffee & Doughnuts shop. I am the first one to get there. I sit at the table closest to the window and wait. Wolf comes in first. He tells me how he won the battle as well. We continue to wait and then Sam comes in as bubbly as ever. And yes, she too has won her battle. We chat for a minute and then I blurt out, “Did any of you guys see that stray, black cat?” they stare at me in confusion. “No.” says Wolf, finally, “Why?”

“Because I think that cat has opened a portal.” I say


“What?” Sam says, “But that’s impossible, the only person who can open portals like that is Headmaster Ambrose and he can’t even make portals just out of the blue, he has to use multiple spells and you know it takes time!” Sam seems in shock. Wolf laughs and looks at me like I am crazy, “Vanessa you really think that a ‘mysterious black cat’ opened a portal just like that?” He says

“Well, I don’t know if I was just so nervous that I was hallucinating, but I swear I just saw the cat jump through some kind of portal. Without a key or anything” I say with my eyes wide open. “Okay lets all be in reason here, how about you and Sam try to work it out tonight then come see me later” says Wolf, “Bye.” And he is off.

Sam and I go back to our house and get ready for bed. As we are sitting in bed I say, “Do you think that cat was real?”

“Well we could always take a look,” Sam says. “Well, it’s against Ravenwood rules to go out of your castle or dorm after nine,” I say, “But I really want to know for sure.”

“Well we have to be sneaky; you know how Professor Cyrus is always patrolling about looking for students who are breaking the rules,” Sam says. I nod in agreement. “Let’s put on our battle clothes just in case something happens, and don’t bring your mount we don’t want your lion to be roaring” I say as I chuckle. Sam laughs. We get dressed, grab a back pack with our wand deck and some reagents, just in case then, I suggest we go and get Wolf. Sam agrees. So we carefully open the door and head out to Wolf’s house. Wolf has a fire school house it’s really big and hot in there. We knock on the door and it opens by itself. We look around for Wolf and we find him in his living room reading The History of Fire Magic, in his pajamas and we startle him as he yells, “OH MY GOSH HOW DID YOU GUYS GET HERE?!” Sam and I crack up. “Oops we didn’t mean to startle you, Wolf the door was unlocked,” Sam says.

“We need you to come with us to see what that cat I saw was doing, come on get dressed,” I say frantically.

“But we might get caught, Vanessa,” Wolf says in his warm voice. “I know,” I say, “But I just HAVE to see if there is any trace of the cat or what it was doing in Ravenwood, that’s where I saw it” Wolf nods and gets dressed. We head out the door and teleport to Ravenwood. When we get there we see Professor Drake inside the myth school studying, we creep past the Life school and past the Myth school very carefully. “The spot where I saw the cat was behind the Ice school lets go there” I say.

Wolf goes first I second then Sam last; we are now behind the ice school when we find out that it wasn’t the cat that had created the portal, but it is actually a rip in the fabric of space and time.


We gasp. The cat has reappeared from in front to the ice school; it looks at us as if it wants us to follow it. It jumps into the portal like it’s a swimming pool. “Does it want us to follow it?” Sam says. “Um do you think we should?” Wolf says.

Without answering them I jump in; they follow me without question. My purple eyes gaze across the flat plane that is this land beyond the portal; there are three roads in this land. The cat leads us into the middle road and we follow it with caution. The middle road leads to an office, in that office we find Headmaster Ambrose and gamma. The cat crawls unto Ambrose’s lap, and he pets it. “He- Headmaster Ambrose?” I say confused. “Ah I was wondering when you smart children would figure this out. Vanessa I saw you looking at my cat, Raven, when I was talking to Professor Greyrose. I knew you had the wits to venture out and come to the portal. Don’t worry I am not going to punish you.” Ambrose says with a dark smile. “But what is all this?” I say suspiciously.

“Well you see young wizards, I am actually not Ambrose” says the mysterious figure as he takes of his disguise and turns into is regular form. And the figure’s regular form is Malistare Drake.

I gasp.


“Well you see young wizards I have this plan,” he says with a sneer, “I plan to eliminate every young wizard in the spiral, and I plan to start with you three, since you are told to be the strongest wizards I will take you down in defeat, here since I have you trapped in this dimension and the rest of the wizards will be easy to defeat.”

We look at each other like we know exactly what we must do. We must defeat Malistare Drake, yet again. So we each take a step closer and the dueling circle forms.


Malistare goes first in the battle, I second, Wolf third and Sam last. He is a rank 12 boss. I have never in my wizard days seen a rank 12 boss. He has greatly improved since my last battle with him.

7 hours into the battle and I have 376 health points left. And Malistare has 1,462 health points left. He casts a skeletal dragon. I am defeated and helpless and no one can help me. Then out of the corner of my eye I see the real Headmaster Ambrose come near the duel circle. He says “Vanessa, Wolf and Sam, I will help you but this is all I can do to aid you.” He hands wolf a rebirth card. “Casts this and it will bid you well, young wizards.” We stare thankfully at Ambrose, and wolf heals us.

Malistare says, “WHAT?! AMBROSE HOW DID YOU GET HERE?! YOU HAVE RUINED MY PLANS TO DESTROY ALL OF THE YOUNG WIZARDS IN WIZARD CITY BY HEALING THEM!!” Sam casts a hydra and it hits critical, thankfully. Now Malistare is gone. We run up to embrace Headmaster Ambrose. “Oh, thank you; thank you, thank you Headmaster!” Sam says, again, as bubbly as ever.

“Ah, young wizards thank you for defeating Malistare once and for all!” he says with a twinkle in his eye. I point to the portal back to Ravenwood and we jump out. “We will patch this up and make sure no one gets out” Headmaster says as he stitches the portal closed with some kind of spell. “Well young wizards, it has been a long day, hasn’t it?” He says. We nod.

“Alright head on back to bed children, I will see you in the morning” Headmaster says.

So we say goodnight to wolf as we head back to our castles. “Thanks for coming with me guys, you the best friends in the whole spiral!” I say smiling. We each hug each other. “No problem Vanessa!” Sam says. Wolf gives me another warm hug and speaks in his soft voice and says, “Anytime, Vanessa”

And he teleports back to his fire house.

When we get home we quickly get back into our cozy pajamas and head on to bed.

“Goodnight,” I say.

“Goodnight,” Sam replies with a sigh of relive.

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