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Autumn Leaves (Prologue) by Andrea EarthSong

An abandoned baby laid beside a river on a cool Fall morning. She was sleeping peacefully, no cries, no whines. A gentle breeze blew across the forest, scattering leaves. The sun was beginning to rise, with a shade of pink coloring most of the sky. But the baby did not notice; she continued to dream happy thoughts. But who was that baby? Yes, that baby was me, Autumn. And now I reside with a loving family in a comfy home. But I should tell you, there have been some strange things happening to me. Like the time my friend got paralyzed and couldn't move for a week. Like the time Frosty the Snowman became alive. But those events were years ago, and up to now, I have never forgot. My parents have always said that I have intelligence and a great memory. But I have no idea how I ended up in a forest and miraculously survived. I even don't know the date I was born! These things were always a mystery to me, and one day, I am going to try to figure it out myself. But something very, very mysterious occurred to me yesterday. I will tell this unexpected story from the beginning, but I should warn you, I'm a girl with a wild imagination-maybe even too wild for anyone else to handle.

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