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The Way of the Wizard by Daniel ShadowGem


He was an 11 year old level 29 Adept Thaumaturge, He had black hair and light blue eyes, His light and dark blue sturdy blue robe would look like waves rising and falling in on the ocean if the wind hit it just right. He had a Glowing Sapphire wand that had a gear on one end that had a small icy blue sapphire in the center.

He had been relaxing for the past week playing mini-games and practice dueling at the arena in Unicorn Way thinking his monthly homework would be easy, He was horribly wrong, with only one week till February he was doomed. I have a few scrolls about those Kroktopian Lizard folk and Crocodile dudes oh what were they called again? He asked himself knowing he was going to fail this month’s monster class.

He went down to Rainbow bridge to chill out, he always found himself at peace there, every once and a while a Seraph would appear there, his friend Alexander Silversword had said that she would teach certain life students “The Song of the Unicorn” Go figure.

He figured the harder monsters and enemies in the homework assignment would be worth more credit so decided to go to MarleyBone first.

He went to Bartleby but when he tried to step through the door he got sent flying backwards straight out of Bartleby! Then Bartleby spoke “You Daniel are no longer a subscriber in Wizard City you no longer have access to Marleybone if need be you may pay 1,200 crowns and have unlimited access do you wish to pay?” Now Daniel had no idea what in the world Bartleby was talking about, but he needed to get this assignment at least partially finished. Daniel checked his crowns he only had 616, he simply walked back to rainbow bridge and sat there waiting for an epiphany, he was about to teleport to his castle when he heard some rumbling coming from the shopping district, he figured it was just a frost giant at Elks Edge or something. A few seconds later the rumbling was still going and it was getting louder and louder, then He heard screaming. He didn’t care about any of this until he was stampeded by just about all of Wizard city. There were Necromancers, pyromancers, thaumaturges, everything running over him, huffing and puffing, one wizard (he looked like a balance) had a pet ghoul, it was coming straight toward him, closer, closer, then the ghoul –bare footedly- stepped right on Daniels face, it was GROSS it was as squishy as a marshmallow and as slimy as a worm, Daniel nearly vomited at the thought it was happening. He saw the beads of sweat coming down from the wizards, and then Daniel wondered Where are they going? He looked and saw that they were all running to Unicorn Way. Daniel looked up and saw something that almost gave him a heart attack, A Helaphant, a Colossus, and a Stormzilla, only three times larger than usual and they looked… mad…

But then he saw one more thing even scarier than that- His little brother Michael Shadowgem had tripped and was about to be crushed by the Stormzilla. “NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Daniel screamed as he jumped over to help Michael.

Just as the giant foot was about to crush them he held up his wand, the gear started turning faster and faster and the sapphire started to glow, He started waving the wand, as he waved it an ice sign started to appear, Then He Shouted “ICE ARMOR, VOLCANIC SHIELD” then flicked his wand and a great flash of an icy blue light illuminated the commons for about two seconds then it died down, ice armor surrounded the two brothers, and as if it were armor for the armor a fire and a storm shield also circled them the storm shield slowed the Stormzilla down so much that after it broke through the ice armor it tripped and had only gave Daniel and Michael a few bumps and bruises. As I said the Stormzilla had tripped and when it got up it did not look happy.

So there they were Daniel Shadowgem and his little brother Michael Shadowgem about to be crushed by a Helephant, Colossus, and Stormzilla all together all at once, The Stormzilla had tripped but got back up and right when it looked like it was going to charge them again, the colossus started running straight towards them! Now ten and three weeks old Michael didn’t know many spells but the ones he did know he had mastered, he had green hair but that was about the only thing that never changed on him, his robes were constantly changing, he was a balance wizard, he looked at magic like it was the most fascinating thing in the world, anyways he was a master at the few spells he knew and it looked like it was time for one of them, He waved his wand and a balance sign quickly appeared then softly but very firmly said “Weakness”. Daniel knew what the spell had done and what he know had to do, The Weakness had weakened the colossus’s attack by twenty five percent, So he needed to cast Snow shield to weaken it by 80 percent more. He held up his glowing sapphire wand, the gear started to turn faster and faster until the cogs were just a blur, the sapphire lit up, even in broad daylight it shone brightly, He waved the wand and an ice sign appeared, then he loudly and clearly said “Snow Shield!” and a shield appeared. The Colossus was about to hit them when it hit the weakness charm and almost stopped in it’s tracks then it hit the snow shield spell and went flying backwards. Now Daniel decided to fight back.

His wand started sparking blue and purple sparks (I guess I should have told you, his secondary class was storm) the gear started spinning so fast it almost came off and then a GINORMOUS sign appeared that looked half way in between a storm sign and an ice sign, then a monster appeared a Kraken only instead of being purple and yellow it was blue and white, It was an Ice Kraken.

Daniel then realized it wasn’t attacking. He was still in shock from the fact that he had summoned it but he thought as hard as he could then suddenly… EPIPHANY! His friend the new myth Wizard Jeremy Seasword had said that some minions that wizards cast wont attack unless told to or taught to by themselves. Then he realized that he Daniel Shadowgem had created a new Ice spell and that it was a minion!

“Ice Kraken cast a Major Ice Blast!” The Kraken did but there was lightning traveling around it! He then realized what was happening, the Ice Kraken had summoned lightning since that usually makes him stronger but the heat from the lightning was melting him and he was being electrically discharged!

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” Daniel shouted worried for his creation, but then he saw something even scarier. You know how the Ice Kraken is a giant sea creature? Well it turns out that makes it’s spells bigger too, and you know how the Colossus is an ice creature? Well the Major Ice blast which is five times larger than usual bounced right of Mr. Colossus and was heading right for Daniel and Michael!

Poof! That was the last thing Daniel heard before he was hit and passed out.

After he woke up Daniel Shadowgem had NO Idea where he was, He looked around, then he saw something, Bars- He was in jail! Then he realized two other things A: he was soaking wet. B: His wand was gone! So that leads to his conclusion, the monsters took his wand and stuffed him in the storm sewer in Olde Town (close to where Zeke used to be) he then realized yet another thing ALL of his stuff was gone! His spell book, his friends list his spell cards everything! Now he was in his regular clothes, a blue hat and robe both with yellow trim and yellow boots with a reds trim, but the worst thing, the very worst, he had been drained of his magic and mana!

“I’m doomed!” He exclaimed. There was nothing to do now, he was trapped behind bars with no magic no way to call his friends, nothing. So he sat there waiting, waiting for a friend, waiting for an enemy, waiting for anything, just waiting. He was about to just go ahead and sleep when he saw something, something good, a mana wisp! It was coming his way just two more yards, two more feet, six more inches, He almost grabbed it when it was suddenly went flying the other direction, and poof! Someone else had taken it, but whom? Everyone was in Unicorn Way. Then he heard footsteps. “Oh no!” He thought, “It must be Malistare, I knew he was the one behind all of this!” Then slowly Professor Ambrose walked over, then he said “I’m sorry, were you intending to catch that wisp? By Barlteby, Daniel Shadowgem is that you?” Daniel felt almost too embarrassed to reply, but he did anyway “Yes.” He mumbled. “Well, well you don’t look good at all, By Bartleby! You’ve been drained of your magic!” Daniel now turned bright red (which he had never done since he had become an ice wizard) and wished Professor Ambrose had never come over to begin with. Then the Headmaster said “Well it’s not going to do you any good sitting in there, come out and to my office and lets fill each other in. Okay?” and with that the Headmaster waved his staff and they both appeared at his office.

Daniel told the Headmaster his story (Leaving out how he had avoided doing his homework) and the professor told Daniel his, “Well I’m sure you’re aware of the story of how all of the spiral and magic started? (If not you can look it up in the library) Well here at Ravenwood (and just about everywhere else in the spiral) there is still competition going on about which is best, Fire, Ice, or Storm. However three spells were made by total teamwork of the three, Helephant, Colossus, and Stormzilla.

Back when Malistare was still a teacher here at Ravenwood there was a teacher meeting, and ironically the only three classes that didn’t have spells that went up to level forty two were Fire, Ice, and Storm. SO Balestorm suggested some kind of fire elephant, Greyrose suggested a Godzilla like creature and both the Professors of Storm and fire suggested some simpler kind of frost giant, then they used their combined knowledge to make all of those spells realities.

So you see how those spells were created, But as I said Malistare was still a professor here at the time so he learned the spells too, and he and his wife made a spell that seems to be a mixture of both Life and Death magic it made any object increase by three times it’s natural size in about 10 seconds, later Malistare found out that the size of a summoned creature being larger made the size and power or the attacks increase. So I am assuming that he summoned these to attack Wizard City thinking you would be the only one brave enough to fight them, so he sent them, they found you and I think while you were beginning to be hit you teleported but passed out while doing so and you were taken to the safest place it could think of the storm sewer in Olde Town.”

This revealed to Daniel a lot, but gave him some questions too. “But Professor I didn’t try to teleport, and what do you mean “the safest place “it” could think of”?” Daniel asked very confused. “Ah yes, I will answer those questions with this… Your Intermanial Magic.” The wise man said. “My what?!?” Daniel asked, now even more confused than before. “It is basically Wizard instinct, wizards have a sort of second mind that is magic that will lead them in their darkest times of need, however few wizards can use it like that, Well done Daniel, Well Done!” He Exclaimed. Daniel had two more questions but he needed to ask this one first, “Um… You know how my brother was there? What happened to him?” He asked. Then that forgetful professor started to reply, “Oh dear, I had forgotten about”- But just as he was about to finish the sentence a magical hologram like picture appeared of Malistare pointing his staff straight at Michael Shadowgem.

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