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Tales of the Death Sages by Duncan Deathblade

Chapter 1 – Bad News
“Grim!” Duncan shouted. “I’m fine, don’t worry-“ Grim said, but then Lucy cut him off. “Don’t worry? Don’t worry about all those little wizards that had been taken by Malistare with the school? Are you bonkers grim?” Lucy grumbled. ”Let’s head home… Before Lucy explodes again.” Duncan told Grim as we headed off, Lucy following.

“Death always wins in the end!” Grim remembered from what Malistare had told him. Lucy opened the dorm door. And who could be there but Merle Ambrose! “My apologies for interrupting sages, but there is a dire matter.” he told us. “You mean that the death school is gone?” Duncan said. “Um… Yes actually.” Merle said, shocked they saw it. “I need your help.” Merle said, teleporting them to his tower.

“Malistare has done this, and he might’ve taken his brother with him. Please go check.” he asked us. “Then why did you teleport us here? We could have just walked.” Lucy asked. Just then Merle teleported us outside the myth school.

“Ready?” Duncan asked not even sure if he was ready. “Yes.” Grim and Lucy said. The door was opened by Lucy. “GOBBLERS!!!” all three screamed.

It was on. All three flicked ghouls. One down. Three to go. “Take cover!” Duncan yelled. Smash smash smash. They were still in this. No turning back now. Lucy was severely hurt. And wounded. Grim used banshee. Duncan used dark fairy. Lucy used myth shield. “STRIKE TWO!!!” Duncan yelled. Lucy was nearly dead this time. Two left. “Gah!” I said teleporting right on the other two gobblers.

“Who are you?” Grim asked. “Jason Deathcrafter.” I said. “Welcome to the Death Sages, Jason.”
Chapter 2 – Fixing Grim

“I know how to craft cards.” I said. “Here’s an example.” I showed them my dark matter card. “X type, huh?” Grim said. “Woah! 250 damage per pip!” Lucy exclaimed. “Do you know how to make a healing card, like, one to fix my cursed hand?” Grim asked. Some idiot name Susie did it. Made his hand skeletal. Not sure how, but she’s a storm student.

“Let’s find a way to help Grim, and I think I know how. Follow me to Triton Avenue!” I exclaimed. We ran to Triton Avenue. “Look! Myth golems!” I shouted pointing at some. “Who cares?” Lucy said. “Just avoid ‘em.” Grim said to me. And we did. When we headed down the stairs we found a nasty surprise. “Susie??? Get over here!” Grim said, running at the Susie that had cursed him. Lucy and Duncan had to hold him back.

“I know why you’re all here. And I know you four are the haunted and dreadful Death Sages. You are here for my help. Look, I know a life wizard who helps all, as long as they are not pure death wizards.” she said. Grim held a fake smile.

“M. Wu.” She told us. “Okay, thanks for the help.” I said. We headed to the life school.

“Hello…” a voice said. “Hey Wu.” I said. “Can you heal Grim’s arm?” Grim held a half-smile. “No. He is pure death.” Wu said. “Heh heh…” Grim went.

“PURE DEATH?” Lucy asked very disappointed, walking out the door. “Kill us…” I said. “You mean me RIGHT?” Duncan asked. “No, us!” I shouted. “Why?” Grim asked. “Shut up Deadboy.” I said, mocking him. I was angry. Very, to be precise.

“What is up with you, Jason?” Lucy asked. I began to mumble to myself. “He’s angry. Give him some space.” Duncan said. They all moved a foot or so away. I screamed my lungs out. I don’t know what happened, because I blacked out right there.

“Get up!” a voice yelled. It kicked me. I kicked back. “It is okay, Lucy, Duncan, and Grim. You can leave, but Grim, I want you to stay.” an old voice said. My eyes opened. In my eyes were Merle Ambrose and Grim.

“Why am I here?” I asked. “You have the Dragon’s Gift.” Grim said. “What’s that?” I asked. “You know every fire spell, but you never knew.” Merle told me. “What the what?” I asked. Then Merle explained it better.
Chapter 3 – Training On Fire, Not Ice

I knocked on the fire school’s door. “Come in…” called Dalia Flamea. I entered. “Let me guess, another want-to-be pyromancer?” she asked. “No. A death student with the Dragon’s Gift.” I responded. “I don’t get many of those…” she said. “Come tomorrow at 5:00 PM sharp.”

And I did so. That day I learned how to cast a fire cat, fire elf, sunbird, galactic shield, fire shield, fire blade, and meteor strike.

I was tough. Fierce. Deadly. Supreme. Almighty. Powerful. Maybe the most dreadful wizard (other than the noob known as Malistare) EVER!

“So, what’s the best trick you have?” Lucy asked. “This!” I screamed, tossing a meteor strike card out. “Epic.” she responded.

The next day was lucky. I could feel it. But, man was I wrong. “Ah!” screamed novice pyromancers and Dalia Flamea. Her last words were: “RUN! Jason, here is my phoenix card!” I jumped to grab the falling card, but- WHISH! I was too late. The draconian army took it. I held a fighting stance and taunted: “BRING! IT! ON!!!!!!!!”

And on it was. “Sunbird!” I shouted, tossing it out. It was weakening. But, speaking of weakening, guess what that ugly thing had up his sleeve? A weakness card.

“Kill meeeeheehehee!” I said unhappily. “Proud to!” the beast said. “Think like a balance wizard! Think!!!” I shouted. Too late. My doom was right in front of me. Dalia’s phoenix card. “Idea! I have an idea!” I shouted in delight, sprinting forward. Right before that phoenix hit the ground I grabbed it, and tossed it on the ground about a foot away.
Chapter 4 – Fire, Death, And Balancing The Rules, NOT!

I had finally done it. I thought like a balance wizard. The odds were against me. And I did it. This was a very proud- ROAR! The phoenix was louder than I thought. Now, where was I? Oh, right. This was a very proud mom- ROAR! WOULD THAT PHEONIX STOP INTERUPTING??? This was a very proud moment. Well, other than a certain phoenix who shall remain unnamed.

I headed toward Arthur Wetherfield. I needed proper balance guidance. “Do you understand how sorcerers bend rules?” he asked. “If you count taking an opponent’s card and using it against him, yes.” I answered.

“You’ve got it my friend.” he told me. “Wha now?” I asked. Arthur sighed. He teleported to Krokotopia.

“Where are we?” I asked. “The school of balance.” he told me. I was really confused. BLAM BLAM BLAM! “Grim? Lucy? Duncan? What are you doing here?” I asked. “Cyrus. Mad. Summon. Doom. HELP!” Lucy went, out of breath. They teleported me back.
Chapter 5 – Stealing Teachers

I saw Cyrus Drake on a platform, unleashing earthquakes and trolls, and others. “I’m ready.” I said. “Don’t be sure, child…” he said, but it didn’t sound like him. “That’s not the real Cyrus!” I exclaimed. “It’s a golem!” He gave me a sharp look. “So, you know Malistare’s plans, do you, boy?” he asked suspiciously. “YES! YOU’RE TAKING ALL THE TEACHERS AND TRYING TO KILL AMBROSE!!!” I exclaimed. “Then I am done here.” he said teleporting away.

I screamed furiously. My eyes shone a deep yellow, and I couldn’t control myself! Fire shot from my fingertips and I elevated up. I made two fists and clinked them together. A sonic wave of black shone everywhere.

I was back in control. I felt real drowsy. I fell right of my little island. Down. Down I went. It was like an endless pass of wind, rushing wind. CRASH! I landed right on one of Bartleby’s roots. You know, when you faint you always wonder where you will end up next.

I was still on the root when I woke up. Turns out nobody cares. Not even the sa- Oh, never mind they are right in front of me. “How many teachers are left?” I asked. “One.” Lucy answered. “Who?” I asked. “Moolinda Wu.” Grim said. “COME ON!!!” I exclaimed, not happy AT ALL. “The life wizards were too powerful.” Duncan said, then added: “I’m the only death novice left.”

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