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Taken by Sarah StarRunner

It was a sad, dark, and lonely day in Dragonspyre. It was always that way here, but it would only be a few more hours until he had everything that Ambrose and all his little wizards had protected.

He had a whole plan ready. When the wizards woke up, they’d all be too busy, because he would be sending all his monsters to Ravenwood, where they would all wait till the wizards woke up. Well they did that, he would be attacking Ambrose. No one would be able to stop him…

I woke up. I wouldn’t usually be up this early, but something felt wrong. The only times I’ve ever felt like this when there was a lot of evil magic in one area in one area, all squished into one area.

I sat up and went to the window of my tiny dorm room. There were monsters as far as the eye could see. There was only one explanation for this. Malistaire. I looked out again. There was only one area that I saw that a small person could slip through without being seen.

I ran outside. They didn’t see me, so I kept running. They were all too busy growling at each other to notice a small wizard like me.

The Commons were strangely empty. It was scary, not having the safety of the other wizards around me. I had to keep going though. I couldn’t take the chance of waking up her friends and asking them to come help her. I walked into Ambrose’s office.

Malistaire and Ambrose were fighting. Ambrose was almost dead.

Malistaire was drawing the death symbol. I quickly drew the life symbol, but it was too late. Malistaire tapped the completed symbol, and a scarecrow appeared. It pulled the last threads of life out of Ambrose. I tapped my symbol right after Ambrose disappeared forever. A green light hit Malistaire in the back of the head. He turned around…

I woke up from the nightmare. It was strange, having nightmares about something that’s never happened. It was also strange how Malistaire happened to have taken over the spiral the day before I started to have the nightmare. He’s changed everything since he took over the spiral. He destroyed all the schools except for death and fire, he forces everyone to only wear black and red, and he made Mooshu the prison, all because the people wouldn’t give up life magic.

“No one can be worse than Malistaire, can they?” I whispered.

She watched the girl from the world she lived on. It was a strange world. A world that didn’t have time or space. She called it the silent world, because she was the only one who has ever lived there.

“No one could be worse than Malistaire, can they?” the girl whispered.

Malistaire? She decided to pay a visit to this “Malistaire”. She used a spell, and a shadow lifted her into the air.

“Wizard City.” She said to the shadow. It started flying slowly to the world that they called Wizard City.

“Yes, little girl, there is one person worse than Malistaire, and that is me.” She whispered as if the girl could actually hear her…

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