Game Fan Fiction

Supercharged in the Eyes of Four Wizards by David DeathRider

My name is Rowan Desertrider, and this is my story. I was walking home from school, sulking. Why, you ask? Because my friend David had been accepted into Ravenwood school of magic and I still hadn’t. Everyone else at school didn’t believe him, but I did. It sounded like a wonderful place. I sighed. Suddenly, I heard a sound behind me, but it was just a squirrel scurrying into the bushes. I turned around and started to walk home when I noticed someone standing next to my mailbox.

He was wearing black armor with dragons printed on the sides. He was also holding a sparkling sword. “Hello, my name is Andrew Deathbringer and you have been accepted into Ravenwood School of magic.” He said, taking out a piece of paper from his robe. “Just sign here and you’ll be accepted.”

I just stood there, stunned. “Wait, I got accepted?” I asked.

“Yes… is there a problem with that?”

“Well, um, no, but doesn’t Professor Ambrose come and introduce students himself?”

“Hmm, no, everyone expected him to do it and he got really tired after a while.”

“So I just sign the paper and I’m in the school?” I asked, still bewildered. “What if I don’t sign?”

“Well then I just erase your memory and you go on with your normal life.” Andrew said. “Although I’m not sure why you wouldn’t come, nobody has ever refused.”

“No, I was just checking.” I said. I took the piece of paper and the pen and signed my name on the bottom. “Ok, so now what?”

Andrew smiled. “Now you take my hand and I teleport you to wizard city.” Then he grabbed my hand, and everything went black.

I blinked my eyes a few times, and the darkness cleared up. I studied my surroundings. There was a tattered looking book on a pedestal, a kind of lamp in the middle of the room with giant spiraling clouds of various colors and bubbles with places in them.

“Whoa, what is this place?” I said to myself.

“This is my office,” said a voice from behind me.

I turned around and faced an old looking man wearing a starry robe and matching hat. “Oh, you must be Professor Ambrose,” I said.

“Yes, that would be me,” said Professor Ambrose. “Now I have much work to do, so let us make this quick. Take that book off the pedestal and answer the questions. They will determine what type of wizard you are.”

I took the book and answered all the questions. “Now what?” I asked intriguingly.

“Well it seems you’re a balance wizard, congratulations!” said Ambrose. “Here are your wizard clothes and your wand. Please change in the dorm rooms.” And with, that Professor Ambrose teleported away with a flash.

I exited out the door and saw hundreds of wizards running around. “This must be the commons place David was talking about,” I whispered to myself. There were lots and lots of houses, a lake and a statue in the middle of it. I wandered around until I found a large building. The sign on it read the Library.

I walked in and found a dog sitting at a desk. “Whoa! A dog as a librarian!” I exclaimed.

“I prefer Marleybonian, not the earth term,” the dog said. “My name is Harold Argleston; can I help you with anything?”

“What do you do in here?” I asked, looking around.

“Well, you either check out books or you can buy from my collection of treasure cards.” said Harold.

“What are treasure cards?” I asked.

“They’re basically like one time use cards only slightly stronger,” said Harold. “Would you like any?”

“Hmm.” I studied the cards. I pointed to one with a shark drawn on it, “Hey this one looks familiar.”

“Yes, that’s storm shark. Quite the powerful card, but inaccurate,” said Harold quizzically.

“I’ll take 3,” I said.

“For you, that will be 450 gold,” said Harold.

I reached into my pocket, then I realized I didn’t have any wizard gold. Maybe there’s some gold in my wizard clothes, I thought. I reached into them, and pulled out a brown bag. Inside the bag was a pile of gold.

“How much is this?” I asked, dumping the gold on the counter.

“From what I can tell, you have 1000 gold here. I’ll just take 450 pieces,” Harold said.

After Harold had taken his gold and I put mine back into my bag, he handed me 3 gold cards with sharks drawn on them.

“Awesome! I got my own cards!” I exclaimed.

“Hmm, you don’t have an eye lens,” said Harold.

“What’s that?” I asked.

“An eye lens is something you put on your ear. It allows you to see the damage cards do, you enemies status, and you can talk to friends with it. It’s the latest in marleybonian technology,” explained Harold. “I think I have a few here, but they cost 500 gold each.”

“Here, you can have the rest of it.” I said.

“Well now, you’re quite the generous young man,” said Harold. “Here is your eye lens.”

I put the eye lens on my ear and it immediately started beeping.

“You have a message from Professor Merle Ambrose,” said the eye lens in a cool female voice. “He is patching in now.”

“Where have you been young student?” exclaimed Professor Ambrose. “You must still be enrolled in Ravenwood School!”

“Oh, oops.” I said. “Got to run, thanks for the treasure cards Harold!”


I stuffed my treasure cards into my wizard robes (I would put them on later) and dashed out of the library. I made my way across the commons and into Professor Ambrose’s office.

“First thing we need is for you to decide your wizard last name.” said Professor Ambrose when I was in the office.

“Well I kind of like Rowan Desertrider.” I said.

“Very well, then you shall be called Rowan Desertrider from this day forth,” said Professor Ambrose. “Now here are your enrollment instructions, and this letter must go to Unicorn Way. If you need a reminder, check you spellbook in the quest journal section. Now off you go.”

I walked out of the office, feeling confused. I decided that I would go get enrolled first. I was walking, when I bumped into someone.

“Oh I’m sorry.” I said, helping the girl up.

“It’s not your fault,” she said. “I wasn’t watching where I was going.”

“Hey, do you know the way to Ravenwood School?” I asked.

“Yeah it’s right over there.” she pointed towards a tunnel. “By the way my name is Sarah Willowleaf. What’s yours?”

“Oh I’m Rowan Desertrider.” I said. “I’m going to be the greatest wizard ever!”

“Hmm, I’ll keep that in mind.” Sarah said.

“Well, thanks again, bye!” I said, racing towards the tunnel. When I got out I was facing the biggest tree I had ever seen.

“Well that’s wizard city for you I suppose.” I said to myself. I walked around the entire place, even around that creeping death school rift, but couldn’t find the balance school. I found myself back where I had started.

“Where is that balance school?” I wondered out loud.

“There is no balance school,” said a voice from behind me.

I turned around and saw a dog in a suit with a few suitcases next to him. “Who are you?” I asked him.

“My name is Arthur Wethersfield, and I am the balance instructor here at Ravenwood,” he said. “You see I learned the art of balance, also called sorcery, in another world called Krokotopia. The true balance school is there.”

“Cool! So what can I learn?” I asked.

“Well, all novice wizards must start small and work their way up.” Arthur said. “So here you go.”

Arthur handed me some cards. I looked at them and a kind of beetle was drawn on them. I turned on my eye lens and saw they were called scarabs and they did 65-105 damage.

“Awesome! At this rate I’ll catch up to my friend in no time.” I said. “Oh yeah, Professor Wethersfield, where can I find a school with lots of damage? Not saying that balance is cool and all, just as a secondary school.”

“Well if it’s damage you want, you should look at the storm school,” said Professor Wethersfield.

“What about the second best?” I asked. “My friend is storm and if I became the best with storm as my second he’d take some credit.”

“Ah, well then look to the fire school; it’s the one with the burning tree.”

“Oh yeah, I think I passed that earlier. Thanks Professor.” I said, running off.

I passed the ice school; shivering as I passed, then saw the burning tree. The fire school was awfully close to the death school rift, I noticed. I shuddered as I remembered the pitch darkness of the death school rift.

The fire school was very impressive with lots of desks and a magical chalkboard. I walked up to the professor and she noticed me and began talking.

“Hello, my name is Dalia Falmea, and I am the fire instructor at Ravenwood. May I help you with something?”

“Yeah, I was wondering if I could start fire as my secondary school.” I said.

“An excellent choice,” said Professor Falmea. “Here are your cards.”

I looked down at my new cards with my eye lens. They were called fire cats and did 80-120 damage.

“Sweet, I’ll have my friend beaten in no time.” I said to myself. “Thanks for the cards, bye!”

I walked around the commons for a bit, wondering what to do. Then I noticed all the wizards were gone.

“Hmm, where did everyone go?” I wondered out loud.

“Didn’t you hear?” said a voice from behind me. “Classes start in 5 minutes.”

I turned around a faced a wizard dressed in armor-like clothing, dyed orange, and a sword. A 3-headed hydra was walking around him.

“Who are you?” I asked. “And why aren’t you in class?”

“Both are good questions, but I’m only going to answer one,” he said. “I am a grandmaster, so I don’t have to take classes anymore.”

“Oh ok then.” I said. “Well good luck with whatever grandmasters do.”

I raced back into Ravenwood, and saw a large crowd around Professor Wethersfield.

“Ah, you’re just in time,” said Professor Wethersfield. He looked at the entire class now. “Today if you are new, congratulations for being accepted. If you have taken this class before, it will be good review. Now today I will teach you how to draw the balance sign. Focus your energy toward the power of balance and begin to draw. If you let out your energy too early or too late, the spell will fizzle. Now practice.”

With that said, Professor Wethersfield let the students to work. I concentrated and began to draw. I waved my wand and I drew a line of orange. Bewildered, I tried waving my wand in other directions. The orange line went wherever my want went. I laughed, feeling how easy this was. Then I felt a surge of weakness. I crouched down and fell over. I got up again, feeling tired.

“This is a great example of spending your mana too quickly,” said Professor Wethersfield. “If you draw carelessly and scatter your mana all over the place, you will get very tired. Instead try to concentrate your drawing into this symbol.”

Professor Wethersfield drew a very complicated looking balance, and then tapped the symbol with his wand and a hydra appeared out of nowhere.

I clapped with the rest of the classmates, and then set to work. I focused again and tried to draw the symbol.

After a rigorous class, I decided to go off and do some quests. So I went along to Unicorn Way to deliver that letter. I was in a cheerful mood, partly because I met my friend from earth, David Stormweaver. Even though he’s an initiate and is a lot higher level than me, he promised he would help me on my quests.

I handed the letter to the guard and he let me in. There I met with Private Connelly, and he gave me a quest to defeat 3 haunted minions. I assumed those were some kind of enemy monsters, and I headed off into the streets. I soon saw some strange looking ghosts that matched my description of haunted minions.

I learned to draw a dueling circle in my class, so I drew one and entered. 3 lost souls followed. I was slightly surprised. I had been expecting things to be easier here, then become more difficult. When the battle started, I used my eye lens and saw their health. 300! That was almost as much as mine. I decided to call David and ask him what was going on.

“Hey David, I’m on Unicorn Way and in this harsh battle.” I said.

“It’s nothing to worry about, you’ll win easy,” he replied.

“Are you sure the enemies come at you 3 at a time?”

“What are you talking about? Only on tough boss fights do the enemies come at your 3 at a time.”

“Well these are, and they have 300 health.”

“Wait a second, I have to finish this fight. I’ll be there soon.” And with that, David disconnected.

I waited, then realized I could prove myself by winning this. This could help me become the best wizard ever!

“Bring it on lost souls!” I screamed.

The first turn I drew my storm shark treasure card, and then attacked one of the minions with my wand attack. Each of the lost souls passed their first turn. On the second turn I drew my second treasure card and wand attacked the weakened one again. Again each of them passed. On the third turn I attacked a full health one with storm shark. The spell hit, and the haunted minion fell screaming into the earth. I waited 3 more turns, then casted my second storm shark. A second lost soul fell with a scream. I smiled. I was going to win, I knew it.

Then it hit me. The haunted minion casted a huge ice giant that hit me with stinging ice shards. I was knocked down, but got up quickly. I looked at my health in my eye screen. I was at 20 health, not good. Then David teleported to me.

“Hey, did I miss any fun?” he asked. Immediately another haunted minion joined the battle. This one though was only at 50 health. “Hey there are only 2 left. Wait, that one has 300 health, so that means you weren’t lying?”

I rolled my eyes. “Of course not.” I replied. “If I was lying I wouldn’t sound scared to death.”

“But how did you beat 2 300 health of those things?” David asked.

“Let’s just say I like to use treasure cards.” I said. “Now can you take down that one?”

“Sure.” David said. “You take the 50 health one though.”

I easily took down the haunted minion with my scarab. David waited a turn then casted lighting bats, frying the other haunted minion to a crisp.

After the battle stopped, I noticed in my lens screen that I had gained 2,000 gold!

David seemed to have the same thing. “Whoa that’s a whole lot of gold for one battle,” he said. “But first let’s report this to Professor Ambrose.”

“You go ahead, I need some rest after that fight.” I said, yawning. David and I then teleported away.

After a bit of rest in my dorm room, and finishing my haunted minion quest, I received a call from Professor Ambrose saying I must report to his office immediately. I walked to his office, and knocked on the door. David opened it and I went inside.

“Now I want you to tell me all you can about these strange creatures,” said Professor Ambrose. “Don’t leave out any detail.”

“Well, they looked exactly like haunted minions, only they joined 3 at a time and casted really powerful spells, and they had 300 health.” I explained. “Wait, I think I have a piece of their robe here.” I reached into my pocket and brought out a shimmering piece of cloth.

“Hmm, I will need some time to examine this, but for now you 2 both continue on your adventures,” said Professor Ambrose.

“But Rowan is way too weak for Triton Avenue,” said David.

“Hmm, you’re right,” said Professor Ambrose. “Here Rowan, take this.”

Professor Ambrose handed me a crystal shimmering with rainbow color. “It’s an experience crystal,” Professor Ambrose explained. “Only professors or headmasters can pass them out. They are set to give you a certain amount of experience when you tap it with your wand.”

I immediately tapped my wand against it. I felt a surge of strength, then looked at my level in my eye lens. I was now already level 6!

“Now head on to your classes, there is much to learn,” said Professor Ambrose. “While I examine this strange piece of cloth.”

After a while of learning scorpion and fire elf, and doing a class quest for balanceblade, I decided to try out Triton Avenue. David was already at the entrance as I walked in. After we both walked through the tunnel, I casted my first glance on Triton Avenue. It was a gloomy place with lots of undead roaming the streets and lots of clouds rolling in the sky.

“Ahh, paradise,” said David from behind me.

“You aren’t annoyed by the clouds and all the water?” I asked.

“Nah, I’m a storm wizard, and we love that kind of thing,” said David.

“Well, in that case, let’s win some battles together!” I exclaimed.

“Actually in your case you’ll be working on this end of Triton Avenue,” David explained. “I’ll be working on the far end all the way over there.”

David pointed to an overhanging cliff with a waterfall spewing over it.

“How do you get over there?” I asked.

“You take a teleporter. They’re circular green panels that you step on and they teleport you away. Now I’m going over to the far side, you stick to this side.”

With that said David ran across the street and disappeared from sight. I walked around and found someone named Susie Gryphonbane. She gave me a quest to talk to Duncan Grimwater who was just nearby. I talked to him and he gave me a quest to defeat a whole lot of undead. I ran around and drew a summoning circle that attracted a haunted minion. Some other people joined, and I got 3 new friends. After the battle I decided to defeat some rotting fodder.

“Hmm, there’s not rotting fodder here.” I said to myself. “Maybe there’s some on the far side of Triton Avenue.”

I walked until I saw a large lake in the middle of the street with bridges connecting the street together. I saw the green panel that David was talking about so I stepped on it, and was instantly on top of the cliff. I met someone named Blad Raveneye who wanted me to collect things from scarlet screamers.

“I’ll get on it after I defeat some undead.” I told him.

I walked around and saw a group of rotting fodders. I drew a dueling circle and 3 of the joined. This is starting to look familiar I thought to myself. I looked at their health, and sure enough they had 400 health.

“Hey David,” I said through my eye lens. “There are 3 rotting fodders with 400 health here. I may need some help.”

“Just a second, I’m in a battle with some scarlet screamers.” David said. “They have 500 health each and aren’t looking too friendly.”

I’d like to help my friend, but I had bigger problems. On the first turn I drew my last storm shark treasure card. Each rotting fodder passed. I casted a scorpion on my second turn and struck a rotting fodder down. Then I used my wand attack on one of them and cast a scorpion on the weakened one. It fell to the group in a pile of green slime. I didn’t celebrate just yet, both other rotting fodders were at 4 pips and would attack soon. I passed 2 more turns and cast my storm shark at the other weakened one. He fell to the ground in a pile of green slime too.

“Hey, Rowan.” David said from my eye lens. “When you’re finished with those rotting fodders would you mind a little help!?”

“I’m trying, but these guys are really tough too.” I said through my eye lens.

I attacked with a fire elf, but the rotting fodder didn’t seem too fazed by the fire. In fact I could almost see him smiling. It was his turn now and he cast a spell I had never seen before. Giant waves went everywhere with lots of rain and wind. I looked through my eye screen and saw the spell name was Tempest. After the storm wore off, I looked at my health. It was still pretty healthy at 131. I waited a turn, then cast another scorpion, defeating the last rotting fodder.

I celebrated for a few seconds, then ran back to the sidewalk. I decided to drink my potion I got from completing Unicorn Way, then teleported to David.

Immediately I noticed David’s health was a 128. Then I noticed I had attracted another scarlet screaming into the battle that was bigger than all the rest. Last, I noticed I was out of treasure cards.

“Finally,” David sighed a breath of relief. “I hope you brought you’re a-game.”

“I always bring my a-game.” I said. I noticed David had beaten off 2 scarlet screamers, leaving one normally super powerful one and the ultra powerful one I attracted. “I got the big one.”

David immediately casted a pixie healing him back up to 528 health. I waited a turn before casting a scorpion on the big one. It dealt 200 leaving 600 health left.

“Hah, you will never defeat me with Orrick’s power!” shouted the scarlet screamer.

“What’s an Orrick?” I asked curiously.

The scarlet screamer just laughed. I looked at David. David just shrugged. It was my turn again, and I was just about to attack when the circle shifted to the scarlet screamer.

“Hey! That’s cheating!” I exclaimed. “You can’t take away someone’s turn!”

“Oh boo hoo hoo,” said the scarlet screamer. “Do you want your mommy now?”

The scarlet screamer casted a spell I had never seen before, and a Minotaur with 700 health joined the fight.

I had seen a person cast a Minotaur in a duel before, but nothing like this one. This one had black hair, crazy red eyes and a huge, pitch black axe.

David wailed painfully, and I dug through my pockets in desperation. Surprisingly I found a card in there. In my eye screen I read beguile. I shrugged, it was worth a shot.

On my next turn I casted beguile on the Minotaur. Immediately it switched to our side, then its features started melting. After a few seconds it looked just like a normal Minotaur again.

“Thank you,” it said in a low gruff voice.

“Whoa, you can talk?” I asked.

The Minotaur laughed. “A lot of creatures here can talk. I am forever grateful for setting me free from Orrick’s binding spell. I will serve you with my life.”

As the Minotaur said that, he shrinked, stepped out of the battle circle and stepped by my side.

“Oh I get it, you’re some kind of pet.” I said.

The Minotaur just nodded.

“You can’t speak in pet form?”

The Minotaur nodded again.

“Well let’s finish this!” I shouted. “Ready David?”

David looked up, “Hey, where did you get that pet minotaur?”

“I’ll tell you later.” I said. “Right now let’s finish this.”

David nodded. I looked at my cards. There was a Minotaur card costing 3 pips among them. I guess that was what my new Minotaur pet did. I waited, while David finished the scarlet screamer off with a storm shark. Then I casted my Minotaur card. The same thing happened as with the scarlet screamer, a Minotaur joined my side of the duel circle. He just nodded and set his eyes on the scarlet screamer, who was looking terrified at the moment. And who wouldn’t be? Imagine you just casted your trump card and your opponent steals it. I almost felt sorry for the scarlet screamer, then I remembered she just tried to kill us.

On the scarlet screamer’s turn the Minotaur did the interrupt thing the scarlet screamer did earlier, and casted a Minotaur. This wasn’t a Minotaur minion, it was the real thing. The scarlet screamer fell with a wail at the Minotaur’s axe. Then the battle was over.

David began to talk, but I interrupted him.

“Yeah, yeah I know, we have to report this to Professor Ambrose too.” I said.

“Well you certainly catch on fast,” David said. Then we both teleported away.

In Professor Ambrose’s office, he was pacing around. “This is most intriguing and worrying,” he said, waving his hand around. “2 of my new students get attacked by powerful monsters that cheat.”

“Hey Professor Ambrose, haven’t you finished examining that cloth I gave to you earlier?” I asked.

“Ahh yes, about that,” Professor Ambrose started. “You see I found the cloth’s energy matched some energy emitting from Colossus Boulevard. More specifically, a place called Briskbreeze Tower.”

“So what do we do about it?” David asked.

“You 2 continue on your adventures,” Professor Ambrose said. “I will look into this. Here, take these.”

Professor Ambrose handed us each an experience crystal. “These will make sure you are strong enough to handle more advanced areas while I call in some of my more experienced wizards to investigate.”

I tapped my wand to my crystal, eager to grow stronger. After both of us used our crystals, I looked at our levels in my eye lens. David was now level 13 and I was level 10.

“Ha, I’m catching up to you!” I said.

“Only because you got so many experience crystals.” David said. “I had to do all the work.”

“Settle down young students.” Professor Ambrose interrupted. “Now get back to class.”

We walked out of Professor Ambrose’s office, and began to talk.

“What are you going to do now?” David asked me.

“After a long day like that, I think I’ll go shop for some equipment.” I said.

“I’m going to take a rest in my dorm room.” David said.

“Well see you later.” I said, running towards the shopping district.

In the shopping district, I used my 6000 gold I earned from fighting the super monsters and bought myself a new robe, hat, boots, and athame. I didn’t get any rings cause they looked girly. Then I got myself a new wand that did 50 damage instead of 45, and a new bigger deck.

“Well, after all that shopping I’m pooped.” I said to myself. “Maybe Harold has some new cards, what do you think?” I asked my Minotaur pet.

He just nodded. I sighed, it was hard to get an answer from a pet that didn’t talk. I headed toward the library anyways. I got a few more storm sharks and a sandstorm treasure card. I bid Harold farewell and headed to my dorm room to get a good night’s sleep.

Where is it? I though you knew. We have to get it before the boy wakes up. Don’t worry, after a few battles like that he’ll be out for a while. Still, where is it.

I opened my eyes and found 2 undead rummaging through my things.

“Hey get away from there!” I shouted. I took my wand from my nightstand and casted a scorpion at the 2 undead. The 2 undead fell easily under my scorpion.

“Whew, thanks pal,” I said as my scorpion vanished. Then I started to think. The 2 undead were looking for something in my room, I wonder what is it.

Then my Minotaur pet came out from under the bed. “Oh I get it now, they were here to take you back so they can put another spell on you.” I said.

My Minotaur pet nodded.

“Well I’m not going to ever let them touch you,” I said.

A ray of sunlight fell upon my bed. “Hmm, it’s morning already? I must have slept a lot.” I said, yawning. “Well let’s get going.”

After I changed into my wizard clothes and ate some breakfast, I went out for my daily lesson. And this time I couldn’t wait for it. I was finally going to learn locust swarm today, then I would go by the fire school and get sunbird. And after my classes I would meet up with David and go beating up monsters on Cyclops Lane and Firecat Alley. It was the perfect schedule.

I took my classes, and learned locust swarm easily while others were struggling with it. Professor Wethersfield said that I must have a gift for balance. I didn’t really care, as long as it helped me become the most powerful wizard ever.

After my balance class I stopped by the fire school and learned sunbird as well. It wasn’t that easy, after a few tries and a couple of charred desks, I succeeded. Professor Falmea said that is was nothing and things get burned in her classroom all the time, so I just stepped outside and ran towards olde town to begin another day’s worth of adventure.

I soon met up with David, who had just learned stormblade by doing a class quest. I remember when I did my first class quest, where I met with the scorpion. It had almost made me faint.

“So, have you heard anything from Professor Ambrose?” David asked me.

“No, you?”

David shook his head. “You know, the strangest thing happened to me last night. I was sleeping and 2 undead came into my room, then they just said that I was the wrong person and left without a fight.”

“Oh, that’s partially my fault. You see, they were trying to get back my Minotaur pet and put another spell on him, but I defeated them.” I said.

David shot a funny look at me, but I turned away. After a while of walking I asked, “Are we there yet?”

“Yep, we’re here.”

I looked up at the tunnel that led to Cyclops Lane. “I can’t wait to beat a Cyclops.”

“Then let’s not wait,” said David, rushing in. I rushed in after him.

At first we found absolutely nothing. Then some people were running back screaming, “Run for your lives!”

“Wow, I didn’t think Cyclops Lane would be this scary.” I said.

“Me neither, but I guess you learn something every day.” David replied.

We walked, but saw nothing in the streets. Then we found what looked like a camp full of tents. There was a battle going on in the middle. There was a magus ice wizard facing a cat, and what looked like 3 wraiths.

“Let’s go help.” I said. David nodded, and we rushed in to help the ice wizard.

“Hey, we’re here to help.” I said.

“I don’t need any help right now,” the ice wizard said.

“You look like you need a lot of help,” said David.

The ice wizard shrugged. “Help at your own risk.”

I turned and faced the cat who was at 2,500 health, and the wraiths who each had 800/1600 health. I guessed the ice wizard casted a blizzard, but the cat shielded. I waited a few rounds then unleashed my locust swarm on a wraith. Likewise David use a storm shark powered up with a storm blade, and the wraith fell screaming to the ground.

“Nice shot, but watch this,” the ice wizard said. He used an ice blade, and 2 ice traps. Then he casted a blizzard defeating one of the wraiths and leaving the other at 200 health.

“Nice shot,” I commented.

“I know,” the ice wizard replied. “My name is Carlos Frostsword.”

“Mine is Rowan Desertrider. This is David Stormweaver.”

“I can introduce myself,” said David.

“Well you 2 do have potential, but I think Meowiarty is a little out of your league,” Carlos said.

“Wait, I’ve heard that name before,” David said. After a few second of thinking, he said, “Isn’t that the final boss in Marleybone?”

“Yep, he won’t tell me why he’s here, but he is so I decided to beat him,” Carlos said, grinning at us.

“Why are you here in the first place?” I asked curiously.

“Because I had an old side quest to finish,” Carlos said. “But let’s talk later and finish the battle now.”

He turned back to the battle. David and I also turned to the battle. I was at 3 pips, so I decided to cast a sunbird. David casted a stormblade, then a storm shark right afterwards. Meowiarty was left at 1200 health. Carlos quickly casted an ice blade, ice trap, second ice trap, and an ice wyvern in quick succession. Now Meowiarty only had about 400 health left. Meowiarty, realizing he was defeated, raised his stick and struck the dueling circle.

At first nothing happened, but then cracks appeared in the circle, they spread, then the circle shattered under our feet.

“Hey, you can’t do that!” I exclaimed.

“You don’t tell me what I can’t do!” Meowiarty shouted back.

Meowiarty quickly teleported away. Carlos walked to where Meowiarty had been and picked up a strange looking book.

“What are you doing with that?” David asked.

“I’m returning it to its rightful owner.” Carlos said. “I’ll meet you 2 at Professor Ambrose’s office later.” Carlos then teleported away.

“Oh right, we have to report this to Professor Ambrose too!” I said.

“You think?” said David.

Later, in Professor Ambrose’s office, we were watching him pace around again. “This is most troubling,” he said. “I suspect Firecat Alley is the same way?”

Carlos nodded.

“Now you 2.” Professor Ambrose turned to David and I. “Carlos here is an advanced student I sent in to investigate.”

“Oh now I get it,” I said. “You were in Cyclops lane to investigate, not to finish a side quest.”

“Yes, but the side quest was my cover story,” Carlos replied.

“Now you 2 aren’t in any trouble, but you mustn’t go to any street in olde town anymore,” said Professor Ambrose. “I’ll give you the key to Krokotopia and you can start there. Carlos and I have some discussing to do.”

Professor Ambrose handed us both keys. We put them in our pockets, and left the office. Then we stepped into Ravenwood and entered the spiral chamber inside Bartleby.

“Are you ready?” David asked.

I nodded nervously. We took the key, opened the door, and stepped into the vast unknown.

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