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Spiral Saviors - New Friends by Emily WaterBreeze

Emily didn’t mind much about school anymore. She just sat in class and did her homework. Nobody still ever talked to her, but that was yet to be denied.

Emily was going from Life to Myth on a warm Wednesday morning, and then someone ran into her from behind. She was a wizard about Emily’s age with brown (almost black), spiky hair. “Sorry,” She said, “I was just looking through my stuff and I- hey, I know you, your in class with me for all classes except 2nd School! So you’re an ice wizard too? That’s cool,”
“Yea, I am an ice,” Emily replied.
“Awesome! Oh, please excuse myself. I’m Tara Fairypetal,”
“Hi, I’m Emily Waterbreeze,”
“Cool name,” We started walking again.
“What is your 2nd school anyways?”
“I’m Life, what about you?”
“Wow, I sure would like to be life, seems fun how you can heal people and stuff. Oh, yea, I’m Storm,”
“Cool, that has a lot of damage, but not much accuracy,”
“Huh, I didn’t know that,”
“Anyways, I better go to class,”
“Wait, we’re both going to Myth, right?”
“Oh, yeah, I forgot,” Emily said.

Emily and Tara had become great friends in the next few weeks. All was good. That’s exactly what she thought while walking with Tara to Storm one morning. A scream came from behind. Emily looked back and saw people parting for a girl with long, pink hair. “Hey, I know her. She’s in our class,” Emily said. The girl was getting closer and rushed past them. She looked back, still running. “Ugh! My quill!” Thump. The girl wasn’t looking and hit against the Fire school wall. Emily and Tara rushed to her aid. Another girl with a ponytail exactly like Emily’s brown one, but it was red. “Are you ok?” the red-haired girl asked.
“Yeah, yeah, sure I’m fine, but what about you?”
“Me? What’d I do?”
“I don’t know, you tell me,” The pink-haired girl said.
“Ok, first, who are you guys?” Tara asked.
“I’m Autumn Firestalker, and,” said the pink-haired girl.
“And I’m Natalie Icerunner,” said the red-haired girl.
“And you?” Asked Autumn.
“I’m Tara Fairypetal,”
“And I’m Emily Waterbreeze.
“Your schools?” Autumn questioned.
“Is this a gameshow or something?” Emily asked.
“I don’t know, so ask me.” Autumn said. “Wait, what, no, you just did ask me, didn’t you, didn’t ya’ punk?” Autumn was shaking her fist right by Emily’s nose.
“Um, sure, I guess,” Emily replied.
“Anyways,” Tara said. “We’re Ice. What about you?” Natalie opened her mouth to speak. “Hah! We go to 1st school together, so we’re all Ice!” Autumn looked grumpy. “Well, let’s just see about that!” She scowled at us.

They all tried going their separate ways, but they were all almost in the same classes. Once 1st School came, they all met in Ms. Greyrose’s classroom. “Well then,” Autumn said. “It turns out we’re all Ice. But so what! Just ‘cause I thought you were joking doesn’t mean you have to get so angry at me!” Emily, Tara, and Natalie all had a look of humorous joy on their faces. “We’re not angry at you,” Natalie said, getting interrupted by Autumn. “Oh, just hush up!”

One time, Professor Falmea gave an assignment to the class to defeat Fire Elementals with a group. She didn’t assign it, so the four friends made a group. “Hurry up Autumn!” Tara scolded. “Use a shield spell on Natalie because she entered first and the Elementals always attack her!”
“Ok, ok,” Autumn said, “Just a minute!” Flash!
“Autumn!” Tara said. “You’re out of time!”
“Yeah, so?”
“You could’ve… oh, just forget it.”
“Ok, um, its fine, Tara,” Emily said. “I got a shield,”
“Yeah, she’s got a shield!” Autumn copied.
“Ok, now you hush up, Autumn!” Tara said. It was the next turn. Everybody chose a card except Autumn.
“Hmm,” Autumn said. “I don’t like this card, it looks to scary,”
“Then don’t use it!” Tara said. It was obvious Tara was upset. But Autumn knew that. Because after all, she was Captain Obvious. But it was too late. Autumn took out her quill and started scribbling all over her card.
“Autumn, don’t!” Emily warned. But again, it was too late.
"There we go,” Autumn said proudly. “All better.” She chose the card. When it was her turn, she cast the spell. The card was originally ice, so it appeared blue. But the monster that came out of it was hideous. All it was was a black scribble with two uneven eyes, one arm with two fingers, the other with three, same with the uneven legs. Its mouth was nothing but an open squiggle. It made a gargling moaning-type sound and everyone (including the elementals) burst into laughter.
“Sorry… I forgot … to say … that … it would … only … hit … the enemy!” Autumn said between laughs. Once the monster disappeared, everyone stopped laughing and lost 145 health.
“Autumn! You are in so much trouble!” Tara scolded.
“I know, I’m used to it,” Autumn said dully.
“Oh, you better!” Emily said. And they talked about it the whole way back to school.

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