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Spiral Saviors - The Letter by Emily WaterBreeze

Emily awoke with a start. A loud banging came from the downstairs hall. She rushed out of bed. No one lived with her and she had no friends. Her parents had died in a fire, and she had no siblings. No one has ever considered her as a friend except her two pets Sampson (the Dangerhound) and Henry (The Heckhound). But this surely wasn’t the sound of paws. It was a scraping and then a deep voice saying, “Fooloo! Get back here you darn Fooloo!” There was a squawking and then a sound of a glass of some sort breaking. “Did someone just call me a ‘fooloo’?” Emily thought to herself. She walked into the hall. It was peaceful except for the commotion of the ‘fooloo’ man and the squawking of what Emily thought was a bird. “Hey, who’s there?” Emily asked.

“Err, no one! Except for me and that darn Fooloo. Fooloo get over here!” There was another squawk and clattering of feet.

“Who are you?” Emily asked.

“Postman!” the deep-voiced man shouted.

“Ok, sure, but who’s ‘fooloo?’ exactly?” Emily questioned, wondering why the postman was here, Emily didn’t really know anyone.

“Fooloo, get over here! Fooloo’s my pet Sunbird,”

“Oh, ok.” The squawking stopped.

“Um, just take this, and I’ve gotta- Fooloo!” the postman shouted. There was a stomping of boots and then a poof and he was gone. Emily walked wearily down the stairs and picked up the letter the postman dropped. It was addressed to Emily from Merle Ambrose, the Headmaster of the Spiral.

Dear Emily,

Salutations, we are sorry to say but since you have had no recorded data of any education, you will have to attend the Ravenwood Magic School of the Spiral to prepare for the world of magic. We have taken money from your parent’s personal vault. Do not worry; the rest of their fortune has been transferred to your bank vault. Please note that on September 4th, at 10:00 a.m. you shall attend the open house for all of your year. Thank you and stay well,

Merle Ambrose
Merle Ambrose, Headmaster of the Spiral

“What!” Emily said after reading the letter. She has a collection of giant spell books she had inherited from her parents; she didn’t need any education, she wasn’t dumb or anything. But apparently, money was already taken and she already had all the paperwork. Emily went upstairs and shoved the papers in her desk. She slumped down on her bed and fell asleep.

Next thing Emily remembered were Henry and Sampson in her face licking her. Sampson’s cold tongue and Henry’s hot one. She looked at the calendar. September 4th! How could this be? She ran to her desk and uncrumpled the letter from Merle Ambrose. It was dated August 24th. “Wow, that took a while to deliver,” She had a sudden rush of fear. “I need to go to the open house!” Emily rushed downstairs. Not having enough time to eat, Emily filled Henry’s bowl with his favorite, ‘Fiery Food for all Fire Creatures’ and Sampson’s ‘Death Bits’. As they munched wildly on their food, Emily dressed in her best robe and boots, grabbed her wand and few cards (from her parents) and rushed out the door. It was windy, hot, and dry, like always. She wanted so much to jump in her pond, but there wasn’t enough time. 9:00 a.m.! She ran up the boards to her World Gate. She walked through. As much as she despised this Ravenwood School, she had to go. It was clear. Emily Waterbreeze, the outsider, would be attending Ravenwood Magic school of the Spiral.

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