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Spiral Saviors: Ravenwood Magic School of the Spiral by Emily WaterBreeze

The door opened and Emily stepped out. Every step she took came with more anxiety and less happiness. Emily felt as though she was making the worst mistake of her life. The Ravenwood Magic School of the Spiral didn’t even sound that interesting. “It sounds too formal,” Emily muttered to herself passing a group of older students with maroon robes chattering excitedly to each other while two smaller kids ran by jumping up and down. Emily thought that they were too going to Ravenwood. She was the only doubtful face going through ‘The Commons’ as a sign said. Emily followed the other students to a huge gate with the name ‘Ravenwood’ printed hugely across the top. It looked dreadful, but she could be jailed or something horrible if she didn’t go. So (as she guessed), it was too late.

“Welcome to the Ravenwood Magic School of the Spiral!” came the anticipating voice of Merle Ambrose. The crowd listened intently. The Headmaster of the Spiral was giving his annual welcome speech. “Blah blah blah…This is a year of exciting events...blah blah…Wizard Tournament…Test your skills… Welcome Year Ones…” It all went right through Emily. She just wanted to be in the cozy bed in her room. But that wasn’t necessary. Merle pulled down the biggest screen Emily has ever seen. It said where everyone’s rooms would be. Year One through Year Nine, and each school. Emily’s letter said that she would be in Year Three. She located year three and found her room. But she didn’t go there quite yet. She needed to talk to Merle Ambrose.

“What do you need, dear child?” Merle asked.
“First of all, don’t ever call me dear child ever again,” Emily threatened.
“Yes, yes, of course, Ms. Waterbreeze,” “Now, what do you need?”
“I don’t wanna be here, so I don’t really know what to do,”
“Well, dear- Ms. Waterbreeze, I do think you would as much as enjoy a tour of the beautiful Ravenwood Magic School of the Spiral! Yes, yes, move along!” Emily was very doubtful of this ‘Tour of the beautiful Ravenwood Magic School of the Spiral!’
“Why me?” Emily thought.

After the tour was halfway over, Emily started getting bored. “Can I just get to my room?”
“Yes, of course! It’s about time for your first period anyways! Ha! Class doesn’t start today! Silly me! Your letter has commanded that you come to school first day on September 7th, in three days. Not a big gap, eh? Also, it has shown your schedule. About closing time! Run along dear child! See you Monday!” Emily tried to protest that she was surely not a ‘dear child’, but Merle was rushing her so quickly that she didn’t have time.

When Emily got home, she went to bed straight away. There was nothing she could do to stop her from going to that stupid school. She fell asleep and never really bothered waking up.

Today was the day that Emily started school. It was probably going to be one of the worst days in history. She got all dressed and she ate. Once she left her home, she felt rather glum. When she arrived at the school, she proceeded to her first period. The Arts of Ice, for years One through Four.

She slowly entered the classroom and went up to the teacher. She was a stout white-haired fairy with glasses and an ice blue robe. Ignoring the glares she got from some of the other students, Emily said, “Um, I’m Emily Waterbreeze, I just- I’m new here.”
“Why, yes!” The teacher said in a slightly high-pitched voice. “I’m Lydia Greyrose, teacher of The Arts of Ice. I am pleased to have you. Please call me Ms. Greyrose,”
“Oh, ok!” Emily said in her most cheerful tone.
“Please take a seat anywhere you want so that we can begin,”
Emily took a seat near the back by two boys about a year younger than her. Ms. Greyrose started talking about what they’d be learning and everything else all teachers do at the beginning of the school year.
“Ok, so that is what we will be starting next week. Understand?” Ms. Greyrose announced. Everyone said ‘yes’ but very quietly.
After Ice, they went to Life. The life teacher (Who is a cow) said about the same exact thing. What they were doing and all of that stuff. They then went to Myth and then Death. Then Emily went back to Ice for 1st school, which is a class for the people who are that kind go there. (Ex. Life goes to life at this time while Fire goes to Fire) At 1st school, the wizards learn beyond everything that they teach everyone else. After Ms. Greyrose said what all the ice wizards were doing, she dismissed them. Then, Emily headed for Storm, her 2nd school. 2nd school is a lot like first school. Into Prof. Balestrom, who is a frog. He also explained what they’d be doing.

School was over. Emily was thrilled. She rushed home and said, “Not so bad after all. Hmm, it’s gonna get worse when everything gets going.” Emily unpacked all her things and went to bed. A long year was ahead of her.

A month had passed. No one still had bothered to talk to her, but whatever. She didn’t care. They’ve been learning history of Myth magic in Myth, history of Fire magic in Fire and then on. It was extremely boring, but Emily lived through it. It’s just too bad she had to come here in the first place.

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