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The Sound School by James SkyCloud

“It’s just NOT fair!” screamed James SkyCloud. “I wanted to go see dad fight in the arena today. Oh, well. Guess I should have done my storm homework and practice the storm shield spell.”

James SkyCloud was a 13 – year old boy grandmaster wizard and great at the arena, but not with his grades. His dad, James LifePetal has forbidden him to go anywhere near the arena until his grades go up, and James SkyCloud must start by first finishing his homework. Now, back to our story. The reason James was REALLY upset was because the following day was the match of the century between his dad and an unknown ranked match.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” screamed the proctor. “In the left hand corner we have the amazing theurgist wizard, great dad to James SkyCloud, and warlord: James LifePetal!” “On the right hand side of the field is an unknown stranger with no record at all, private: Emily DuskWhisper! Lets begin the match!”

Emily DuskWhisper was wearing a black cloak and what seemed shrouded in darkness while James LifePetal was wearing a dazzling green cloak.

“Lets make this a fun match, private!” roared James.

“Take your final steps, wizard. They will be your last.” Emily murmured to herself. Right before the match, James SkyCloud received a message text chat from his dad stating:

“Finish your homework, and you can watch my match.”

James SkyCloud rushed as fast as he could to see his dad fight the match of his life.

“On my mark, wizards, you step into the arena” stated the referee. “NOW!”

Both wizard rushed into the arena, both starting with 2 power pips. James LifePetal had 2, 315 life points while Emily had 3, 200. James was allowed to go first, since he was a higher rank.

“Guiding Light!” Roared James, and a small circle – shaped objected rotated around James, adding 30% to his next healing spell.

“Sound Blade!” muttered Emily, summoning another circle, but around Emily, which added 35% to her next Sound spell.

What kind of dark magic are you using, stranger!” screeched James.

“You shall soon find out, foolish man.” Emily murmured once more.

With that round over James received another power pip, as did Emily. “I summon you, Sprite Guardian!” screamed James, and a small pixie stepped onto the field and joined James side of the field with 350 life points. This wasted 2 of his power pips.

“Next I summon Sound Knight!” bellowed Emily. A knight which appeared to be wearing silver armor and with 400 life points appeared on Emily’s side of the field but wasting 2 of Emily’s power pips.

On the next round James and Emily received another power pip.

“Life trap on her minion!” screeched James. A rotated block with spikes began to rotate around Emily’s minion.

“Vibration!” Emily screamed, which was so loud it echoed through the stadium.

“What does THAT do, witch!” James roared.

“This allows me to destroy every minion on the field by paying 200 of my life points. But there’s a catch. When my minion is destroyed, I receive 2 minion tokens with 100 life points. Also, for every minion you had, you take 200 damage points for every pip I had, and I count 4 pips. That means you take 1040 damage points, fool!” Emily roared back.

The ground began to shake and James minion disappeared, following with Emily’s minion. Next James Life points went down to 1275 points. Following that 2 notes appeared on Emily’s side of the field which looked to be notes and the blade Emily once had vanished.

“This is going to be a long match if I keep this up.” James thought to himself as he stared into the evil eyes of his extremely difficult opponent.

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