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Songs of the Spiral (part 3) by Jacqueline NightSong

Jacqueline Nightsong slowly awoke. She only remembered a flash and then blackness from the previous day. Images of the symbol of death approaching her and then entering her chest, very painfully entering her chest, consumed her as she heard her name being called. “Jacqueline? Jacqueline? Jaaaaaaaacqueline?” the voice of Malorn called. “JACQUELINE!!!” Jacqueline opened her eyes with a start and saw two people leaning over her.

Ambrose and Malorn.

She shook her head as the two people blurred in and out of her line of sight. She placed a hand on her temple and let out a slight moan. “Okay, I know what happened, so don’t count on me asking,” Jacqueline muttered. Ambrose and Malorn smiled.

“She’s back,” Malorn laughed.

“WHO WHAT WHERE WHEN WHY?” Alura screamed as she woke up with a start.

“I’m not so sure about her,” Malorn murmured. Jacqueline laughed a little. Alura glared at the death student and sat up. She put on her gold-based and red trimmed hat and turned away.

“So I know what happened when the earthquake started yesterday- wait. It was yesterday, right?” Jacqueline asked. Malorn nodded and Jacqueline sighed. “Anyway, what happened during and after the earthquake yesterday?” Ambrose took a deep breath before starting,

“We’re not entire certain what happened to you two and those five other girls,” Ambrose started. “But we do know that the earthquake happened for two minutes and fifty three seconds exactly and that after it stopped the voice of a woman shouted out, ‘They’re awakened.’”

“After that I went into the storm tower since I knew you were there and then I saw you, Alura and five other chicks knocked out plus this HUGE crack down the middle of the floor,” Malorn added on. Jacqueline paled even more if it were possible.

“Whoa… this is freaky,” Alura murmured. “I mean, who-” Just then Gamma the owl flew into the room. He sat down on Jacqueline’s nightstand and looked at Ambrose.

“Sir, sorry to interrupt but there are a numerous amount of papers you must attend to,” Gamma hooted. Ambrose sighed and muttered something under his breath.

“Of course. I always have some sort of paper to tend to, whether it’s Cyrus asking to expel a student or an application for a new student,” Ambrose sighed. He said a few good-byes and then teleported away. Malorn looked at his watch and then jumped back so far you would think he was a bunny-rabbit. His eyes looked as if they flew out of his head.

“Crud! I need to head to Ravenwood ASAP!” Malorn gasped. “I’ll see you in school Jacqueline, if you’re coming.”

“We’re coming,” Alura replied. “I’m guessing Dworgyn is still out?”

“Well, last anyone checked he got his arm crushed in the earthquake by a falling pillar,” Malorn told them. Jacqueline and Alura gasped. “I have to teach the death classes until they can find a replacement teacher or Dworgyn gets his arm un-crushed. I really gotta go. See ya.” And with that, Malorn Ashthorn teleported away. Alura got out of her bed and stretched out her arms.

“Will I have to get you out of that bed or are you going to be un-lazy enough to get out yourself?” Alura teasingly asked Jacqueline. Jacqueline rolled her eyes as she hopped out of the bed and held out her arms in a ‘ta-da’ fashion. Alura laughed and then leaned against the wall. A moment later both Jacqueline and Alura screamed. Why?

Alura’s entire arm went into the wall.

Alura tried to yank her arm out of the wall but no success came to getting her arm out of the wall. “What the freak?” Alura shrieked. Jacqueline just stood there with her golden eyes widened and her jaw dropped. How was that possible? Even grandmaster wizards couldn’t go through walls! “How is this possible?”

“How would I know? I don’t know many people that get their arms stuck in walls!” Jacqueline snapped.

“What do I do?”

“Again, Alura, I don’t know anyone besides you who gets their arms stuck in flipping walls,” Jacqueline hissed. Alura yanked on her arm and at long last it came out of the wall. Then Alura fell to the side and landed on the floor with a hard thud and a loud grunt. Alura then looked up at Jacqueline and screamed. “What?” Jacqueline looked down and saw something that made her scream loudly.

Bones. Not flesh or muscle. Bone.

She looked at her hands and saw a skeleton hand and then a hook. She ran over to the mirror on the back of their door and screamed. She was a skeletal pirate, and it wasn’t because of a transformation potion. “What the heck!?” Jacqueline gasped. “Any ideas on how to turn human again?”

“I don’t know anyone who turns into skeletal pirates and OH MY GOSH!!!” Alura screamed at the same time as Jacqueline. Jacqueline saw the bones slowly fading into a blue translucent vapor. Her head grew bigger and assumed the shape of a woman. Her legs disappeared completely and rendered Jacqueline to a floating body and head. She knew at once what she had turned into.

“Why did I just turn into a flipping banshee!?” Jacqueline asked with a slight freaked-out squeak. Then a distinct knock was heard at the door.

“Girls? Are you all right?” Alura’s mom’s voice asked. Jacqueline bit her lip (which she had no idea was possible due to the fact that she was a ghost hag thing) and floated over to the closet. Alura’s eyes were widened at Jacqueline. Then Jacqueline felt something of her touch the ground and saw her feet. She looked at her hands and concluded that she turned human again.

“Thank goodness,” Jacqueline breathed out. Then Alura’s mom walked in the room with clear concern in her eyes.

“Are you alright?” she asked.

“Yeah mom,” Alura replied. “A firecat jumped in the room. That’s all. You can go now.” Jacqueline and Alura exchanged glances as soon as Alura’s mom walked out of the room. Jacqueline said only one, single thing before they got ready for school in a silence.

“We need to figure this out.”
The moment the two girls came to Ravenwood, they were greeted by Malorn running faster than what was assumed humanly possible to the usual death class spot. Jacqueline and Alura looked at each other, shrugged, and then ran in the same direction. They got to the usual death class area and sat down. A few moments later Ryan and Tara came up by them.

“Hiya how’s it? I can’t wait to learn about whatever we’re learning about today because I’m sure it’s exciting and whatnot,” Ryan greeted in her peppy, fast-talking voice. She paused for a moment. “Oooh! Dark sprites! That sounds interesting.” Jacqueline, Tara and Alura looked at the hyper life wizard in confusion but then turned to Malorn. Maybe I should ask her if anything weird’s been happening to her… Jacqueline thought. “Um… nothing weird’s been happening to me,” Ryan hesitantly stammered. What the heck? How did she know what I was asking? “Let’s pay attention to the class, shall we?”

“Hey… um… how is everyone?” Malorn greeted to all the novice/apprentice students. There was blank silence. “Yeah… Dworgyn’s going to be out for a while. He gave me some keys to get his lesson plans for the year, but when I opened the cabinet for lesson plans the only thing I found was a bunch pink, heart shaped cookies… yeah… so we’re going to review information on dark sprites until I find those lesson plans.” Jacqueline looked at Tara, but then Tara blanked out and a flash of gold ran through Tara’s eyes.

“Great a pop-quiz from Drake…” Tara murmured. Jacqueline turned away from her in confusion and began to listen to Malorn. Even though Jacqueline tried to listen to what Malorn was saying, her mind was a blank all throughout the class; therefore the entire review lesson was a blur. Bartleby announced the changing of classes which brought Jacqueline’s head back to Ravenwood. They started walking to the myth classroom when Alura walked up to Jacqueline and nudged her.

“Did you even notice how Malorn was only looking at you the entire class?” Alura asked. Jacqueline froze. Did Alura just say what she thought she said?

“He was nervous. I know him, and seeing familiar things helps him calm down,” Jacqueline replied.

“Say what you want, but by the end of the year it’s going to be very obvious that he’s crushing on you,” Alura giggled. Jacqueline rolled her eyes knowing that what Alura was predicting would never happen. They walked into the Myth classroom and sat in their seats. Cyrus Drake turned to the class with his usual sneer.

“Good second period novice students,” Cyrus started. “Today we will continue our discussion on summoning minions but first…” the grim Myth teacher pulled out a bundle of papers. “Pop quiz.” Jacqueline widened her eyes and looked at Tara. She predicted pop quizzes, and now it was happening.

Something was up.
After their Myth class they started heading towards their usual spot for Balance lessons. Jacqueline pulled Ryan, Tara and Alura over to the side. “Ryan, you knew what I was going to ask you before I asked you, and Tara, I heard you predict a pop quiz from Drake, and that was right. What’s up?” Tara and Ryan froze before turning to each other and nodding.

“Okay, you have to swear not to tell anyone,” Tara growled. Jacqueline crossed her heart and Tara continued. “Ever since this morning weird things have been happening to Ryan and I. I had a vision of a firecat flying into the room. I was thinking about that idea being crazy, but then the firecat flew in the room, exactly how I saw it. Then-”

“Then when Tara came to school this morning, I heard her talking about how weird it was that she foresaw something so unlikely. I told her anything was possible, but then she said she didn’t say anything about that. She was thinking it, and that’s when we realized something really weird was going on,” Ryan finished in one breath. “What about you guys? You were with us when the earthquake and symbol-flying-into-chest-thing happened.”

“Yeah, weird things have happened to us too,” Alura answered. “First of all, my entire arm went into the wall. Second of all, Jacqueline turned into both a skeletal pirate and a banshee.” The four exchanged glances and Jacqueline sighed.

“Looks like we have a shape shifter, a mind reader, a girl who can predict the future, and a girl who can go through solid objects,” Jacqueline concluded. “We solved that part. Question is, what do we do next?” The all froze before Alura drew a breath.

“After school, we need to tell Headmaster Ambrose. Only he and Gamma need to know about this,” Alura told the group. All of them nodded in agreement and then ran off to the balance class. But two questions burned in their minds. Why were they the ones that had these weird abilities?

And were these powers blessings or curses?

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