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Songs of the Spiral (part 2) by Jacqueline NightSong

Jacqueline still stood in shock at the entire ordeal. She knew it would take a while to get over the fact that Malistaire just swore to sway her to his side. Well, her and just about every other death student. Jacqueline knew she would never join Malistaire, would she? She widened her eyes when she realized the answer was, ‘Maybe… maybe not.’

“Miss Nightsong? Did you hear me at all?” Ambrose asked.

“You said something? Sorry… I was having a mental debate,” Jacqueline explained. Ambrose sighed and looked down.

“I’ll repeat it then,” Ambrose muttered. “As shocking as Malistaire’s recent appearance was, we must remember that lives shall continue. Alura, Jacqueline, I would like to introduce you to Tara Griffinsong and Ryan Spiritsong. Ryan is a life wizard and Tara is a myth wizard.” So Jacqueline was right, Ryan was the life wizard.

“Hiya how’s it?” Tara greeted. “I’m sure Ravenwood’s gonna rock.”

“Ditto!” Ryan giggled. “Hey, when do I learn how to create a pretty unicorn? I’ve heard that life wizards can summon unicorns and fairies and-”Tara held a hand to Ryan’s mouth.

“Sorry, my friend never shuts up,” Tara explained. Alura turned to Jacqueline and motioned for one of their signature whispering conversations.

“So I say you take Ryan and show her around while I show Tara around,” Alura whispered.

“Wait- why am I, the death wizard, supposed to show the life wizard around. What part of ‘life wizards and death wizards don’t get along’ do you not understand Alura?” Jacqueline snapped.

“I figured that you’ll scare her and she won’t talk as much,” Alura explained. Jacqueline opened her mouth to protest, but then shrugged when she realized Alura was probably right.

“Fine, but when I come home more annoyed than what would be humanly possible, you’re gonna wish I was Tara’s tour guide instead of Ryan’s,” Jacqueline growled. Alura saluted and turned to the headmaster.

“Okay, since class is going to start soon, I’m showing Tara around, and Jacqueline is showing Ryan around,” Alura stated. Ambrose lifted an eyebrow in confusion, but abided to what Jacqueline and Alura decided.

“Well girls, class starts in about five minutes. I suggest you go there, and Ryan and Tara don’t worry, your enrollment will be quickly organized,” Ambrose told the four. The girls nodded and Alura motioned for Tara to follow her. Jacqueline sighed and motioned for Ryan to follow her.

“Ryan, just a warning, if you won’t shut up then I’m ditching you,” Jacqueline told her as they went through the tunnel to the Commons. Ryan nodded.

“Okey dokey!” Ryan replied in her ever-so-chipper voice. Jacqueline turned to Ryan with a slight glared and Ryan at once shut up. Jacqueline entered the Ravenwood tunnel after they spent three minutes in the commons, thanks to Ryan squealing at the sight of every pet and gawking at every level six and up wizard in the area. Jacqueline entered Ravenwood and rushed over to her next class. On the way there she told Ryan which school was which and then ran into an old friend. Jacqueline paused and looked to her left.

“Well, well, well, if it isn’t Malorn Ashthorn,” Jacqueline loudly told a boy in death colors facing the opposite direction of where Jacqueline was standing. “I haven’t seen you in three years.” Malorn turned around in confusion at first and widened his eyes and smiled.

“Hey, Jacqueline,” Malorn greeted as he ran up to hug her. “So, what school did you get?”

“I got life and we can’t be talking to each other,” Jacqueline said with sarcasm. “I got death you bonehead! Why else would I be wearing all black?” Malorn raised a fist for a knuckle-touch, but as they were going to knuckle-touch Malorn raised two fingers and purposefully missed Jacqueline’s fist.

“Snail!” he called out. Jacqueline started laughing.

“You remember that?” Jacqueline asked between laughs. Malorn nodded. Jacqueline rolled her eyes and giggled slightly. “So when’s Dworgyn coming?”

“Er… he’s out sick… again,” Malorn explained. Jacqueline rolled her eyes and knew that it meant he was merely busy in Nightside with useless things. “And I do mean genuinely sick. I saw him for myself.” Jacqueline formed her mouth into an ‘O’ of understanding. “So I’m teaching today.”

“That’ll be awkward,” Jacqueline giggled. Malorn nodded. Soon more students started coming and sitting on the grassy area where death classes were normally held. Jacqueline said her good-bye and had Ryan sit between Tara and Alura.

Hopefully Ryan would continue her streak of silence.

“RUN!!!!” Alura shouted. She saw Jacqueline yelling at Ryan to shut up while Malorn Ashthorn was sitting on the ground laughing too hard to be humanly possible. Alura was holding a painting of a wizard and Tara was running close behind. As soon as they came to where Jacqueline, Ryan and Malorn were, Alura and Tara grabbed Jacqueline and Ryan by the arm and rushed them into the storm tower. They all ran to the center of the room when Jacqueline stopped them.

“Alura what did you do?” Jacqueline asked.

“We stole Drake’s painting,” Alura explained. Jacqueline dropped her jaw and thumped Alura on the back of her head.

“You bonehead!” Jacqueline scolded. Alura ran to the back of the room which had three desks instead of the usual one due to the fact that renovations were going on in the fire and ice towers. The four of them hid behind the desks, but the first thing they saw behind the desks were three other wizards.

One had pale blue hair, pale skin and was wearing pale blue and white robes. Her blue eyes were gazing holes into Alura’s head. The second one had tan skin, blonde hair and was wearing red and orange robes. Her gold eyes were focused on the gold eyes of another girl who had purple hair, pale skin, and was wearing purple and yellow robes. “Who are you guys? What are you doing here?” the blue haired one asked in her quiet voice. The two other students turned and looked at Ryan, Tara, Jacqueline and Alura.

“What are we doing here? We’re hiding so that we don’t get caught by Drake,” Tara explained. “Alura stole his painting.” Alura smiled sheepishly and put the painting under a desk.

“Are you an idiot!?” the blonde wizard snapped.

“It’s possible,” Jacqueline snorted. Suddenly they heard a door open and they all remained silent.

“Are you sure they’re there?” the voice of a woman asked.
“Positive,” another woman’s voice confirmed.

“Well then what are waiting for?” voice one asked.

“The right moment,” voice two replied. There was a brief silence. “Okay, the right moment will come momentarily. Let’s get out of here.” The door then opened and then closed. Ryan sighed loudly.

“That was close, wasn’t it? It’s a good thing none of us are chatterboxes or else we would’ve been caught and that would be bad because then Jacqueline, those three other girls and I would have been in trouble and-” Tara put a hand to Ryan’s mouth.

“How much does it take for her to shut up?” Jacqueline asked. Tara shrugged and removed her hand from Ryan’s mouth. All seven of the girls came out from behind the desk and Jacqueline turned to the three other wizards. “Why are you guys hiding in here anyway?”

“Someone’s pet gobbler barfed on me, and then those two started fighting,” the purple-haired girl replied. “I’m Devin-” She didn’t get to her last name. Why? The earth started to shake violently, causing all seven girls to fall to the ground. They all attempted to stand up and lean against the curved walls, and all did succeed, just at different times.

When they all stood up they then noticed a huge crack in the center of the room. The next moment seven white wisps of air emerged and turned into the symbols of each of the schools. The symbols then turned to each student. As the ice symbol moved to the blue-haired girl, the blonde wizard shouted, “Kestrel!” The blue-haired girl gasped the moment the wisp of air went inside, yes, inside of her and then fell to the ground.

The same happened with the fire symbol and the blonde wizard. “Iridian!” Devin shouted. The symbol of storm spells then flew towards Devin and she widened her eyes. “Me,” Devin whispered before the symbol flowed inside of her and passed out. The life symbol flew in the direction of Ryan.

“Ooooh! Pretty!” Ryan squealed before the symbol flowed inside of her. She gasped and fell to the ground. Tara looked at the symbol for her school of magic in fear as it approached her. Tara tried to dodge the symbol, but it just moved with her and entered her chest. Tara collapsed without a doubt in sight. The death symbol started drifting towards Jacqueline. She widened her eyes.

“Perfect,” she muttered before the symbol flowed into her. She let out a grunt of pain and then fell to the ground motionlessly. Finally the balance symbol appeared before Alura and she knew what was coming. The balance symbol then began to submerge itself into Alura. She gasped at the immense pressure that came with the symbol. She saw her vision go black as she fell back against the wall. She heard a hard thud and then lost all of her consciousness as she fell to the ground. Right before she hit the ground she heard a faint voice shout, “They’re awakened.”

Then Alura Sandsong’s consciousness left her.

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