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Songs of the Spiral by Jacqueline NightSong

It all happened so quickly… my five-year-old mind could never register such events. The concept of the death of loved ones is hard for a young mind to grasp. Sure, I had a brilliant mind for a four-year-old… but it was still a naïve mind that had to be taught many, many things. I was sitting down at a table eating my Magic Charms cereal with my aunt Maria Sandstorm and cousin Alura Sandsong. It was a beautiful sunny day in wizard city… but then in five single, simple minutes my entire world changed.

My uncle, David Drakehammer ran into the room and said to all of us, “There’s been an accident.” At first I didn’t know it pertained to me, but he said that it was a blimp accident and I paled even more than I was already. My parents were in Marleybone to help thin out some of the rats. He looked at me and told me my parents, Jacob Swifthand and Mariah Jadeblood, were on that blimp. For the first time in my life since I was a little infant, I cried. (I was never one for emotion… and I am certainly not one for emotion today.) My cousin joined me and so did my aunt.

I, Jacqueline Nightsong, was never exactly the same again.

“Jacqueline!” the now 14-year-old Jacqueline Nightsong turned around to face her cousin Alura Sandsong. The spirited balance wizard tied her red hair into a pony-tail, looked at it in the mirror, and then took it out. Alura scanned the writing in the journal Jacqueline was writing in and rolled her eyes. “Stop writing about depressing memories and get ready for our first day of our second week of school!” Jacqueline rolled her golden eyes and shut her black journal. She put it in her black bag along with her wand, deck and pencil. Alura packed her tan-colored bag with school supplies and the two stood for a moment, saying nothing and showing no expressions of emotion whatsoever. “Ready to go?” Alura asked. Jacqueline nodded and the two girls walked outside of their house. Jacqueline took Alura’s hand and then the red-haired balance student teleported.

The very familiar stomach-lurch that came with teleported arose in Jacqueline’s stomach and the rush of wind or whatever it was that surrounded people as they were teleported from place to place was felt at once. The reason Jacqueline teleported with Alura was because she was pretty bad at teleporting. She always ended up in weird places. Like when she wanted to teleport to Ravenwood, she ended up on Firecat Alley.

Once the colors of a balance student’s teleportation faded, Jacqueline noticed that where the two young wizards were… it wasn’t Ravenwood. She looked around and saw that it was Golem Court. How did she know this? The headmaster was there with two students Jacqueline had never seen before.

“Nice going Alura!” Jacqueline scolded.

“Hey, don’t blame me,” Alura protested. “It’s not my fault.” Jacqueline, Headmaster Ambrose and the two unknown students gave Alura a blank stare. “Okay… it was my fault.”

“Alura, Jacqueline, since you were lucky enough to be teleported here, you can show these students around after I explain some of the school rules,” Ambrose instructed the balance and death wizards with a smirk. Jacqueline turned to Alura with a glare and thumped her in the back of the head.

“Unlike my dear cousin I’d be glad to,” Alura answered. All of a sudden a loud thunder was head and lightning streaked through the sky. A torrential downpour soon started up. “Alright, who’s a storm wizard?”

“I’m a life wizard,” the blonde haired wizard with green and white robes replied. She pointed to the dark skinned, brown haired wizard with yellow and dark blue robes and added, “And she’s a myth wizard.” The myth wizard gasped and pointed to the top of Golem Tower.

“I just saw a shadow up there!” she shrieked. Ambrose widened his baggy eyes and motioned for the four students to follow him.

“Come with me. I need to show those two around and you two could be back-up protection,” Ambrose told Jacqueline and Alura. The five magical beings walked into Golem Tower and everyone at once gasped at who they saw.

Malistaire Drake.

“Malistaire!” Ambrose growled.

“Ambrose…” Malistaire sneered.

“Ryan,” The life wizard hissed. Everyone blankly stared at her. “Sorry, couldn’t resist.” They quickly forgot about Ryan (at least Jacqueline assumed that Ryan was her name) and her awkward moment and the two elder wizards locked gazes again.

“Why are you here Drake?” Ambrose asked.

“Unfinished business I must attend to,” the dark wizard explained with a snicker. He smirked when he looked at the Ryan, Alura and the myth wizard. “Are these your three newest students? Pathetic little whelps…”

“What am I? Invisible?” Jacqueline asked. Malistaire looked at Jacqueline and for a brief moment his eyes flickered from mockery to confusion, and then disappointment.

“A death wizard? Excellent, powerful class. Pity your talents are being wasted for that old fool-” Malistaire started.

“Don’t you dare try to sway my students. Especially Miss Nightsong and her death wizard comrades,” Ambrose snapped.

“I don’t have any comrades besides Alura,” Jacqueline pointed out. Malistaire smirked.
“You didn’t help the argument at all Miss Nightsong,” Ambrose murmured. Jacqueline turned slightly scarlet and muttered an apology.

“Where was I? Oh yes. My henchmen will see to three of your students, with the exception being blatantly obvious,” Malistaire snarled. He waved his staff and two Draconian’s appeared before the Ravenwooders. “Who will fight my henchmen? I bet that these students know nothing about magic yet. Is it not their first day?”

“Actually, Miss Nightsong and Miss Sandsong have been here for two weeks. They just had a teleporting mishap,” Ambrose explained. Alura rolled her eyes and Jacqueline let out a few snickers. Ambrose motioned for the four students to come closer so they could whisper tactics. “Any volunteers?”

“I nominate Jacqueline,” Alura at once said. Jacqueline looked at Alura in shock. The other two shrugged and also looked at Jacqueline.

“Oh no,” Jacqueline silently groaned.

“Go on out there Miss Nightsong,” Ambrose instructed. Jacqueline sighed and walked near the dueling circle that was now forming.

“Bring it on?” Jacqueline suggested. Malistaire smirked and it was at once obvious that he wasn’t going easy on her. “Alura if I die then my ghost is haunting you for all eternity.” Jacqueline was now in her circle for the duel and wielded her wand.

“Who said you’d become a ghost?” Alura asked. Jacqueline glared at her cousin as she pulled out her deck. The round started and a clock began counting down above the dueling circle. She looked at her cards and mentally groaned.

“Sure, send a level six into a duel with two rank fours. That’s what all the smart Headmasters did,” Jacqueline snapped.

“You have detention after school if you lose this battle now that you said that comment,” Ambrose told her. Jacqueline groaned and decided to use her death trap card. The first Draconian went and used a frost beetle, and took 50 points of damage from Jacqueline’s 666. The next Draconian used a scorpion spell (Alura praised it, big shocker) and took another 50 points of damage. Jacqueline then used her death trap on Draconian A.

The next round Jacqueline grabbed her ghoul card and prepared to play it. Draco-A used a scorpion that took 90 points of damage from Jacqueline. The next one played a card, and a skeletal pirate arose. “Aw… not cool. You’re making me jealous. I SO want that spell… SO badly.” It took 105 points of damage, including her resistance to that kind of magic. Jacqueline then used her ghoul card on Draco-A, and since her trap was there, her usual amount of 160 damage points increased to 208. And she got a total of 104 health back, resulting in 475 points of health for her.

“Not bad young Necromancer,” Malistaire told Jacqueline. “You have potential.”

“Yeah, and that potential is going to fight alongside Professor Ambrose,” Jacqueline snarled. Jacqueline decided to use her dark sprite this round on Draco-A. Draco-A used a storm shark on Jacqueline resulting in a loss of 85 points of Jacqueline’s health. Draco-B skipped this turn, and Jacqueline wondered what it was planning. Jacqueline used her dark sprite and Draco-A lost 72 points of health. It was down to 170. “Um, headmaster Ambrose? Couldn’t you help out a little? He said you couldn’t join the battle, but could you at least give me a card that could wipe them out for me, because we both know I can’t do this since I’m a pretty bad dueler and a flipping level 6.” Ambrose face palmed himself for not realizing that loophole.

“Of course,” Ambrose replied. He gave Jacqueline two cards. A balance blade card and a meteor strike card. Jacqueline smirked and uttered a ‘thank you’ to her headmaster. Jacqueline prepared to use her balance blade spell very quickly. The two Draconians passed their turns, and Jacqueline stood with a puzzled expression momentarily. She then used her balance blade and waited for the two Draconian’s to pick their cards. The first one used a Minotaur, which took away 285 total points of damage total. Jacqueline gulped. The next one used it’s ninja pig spell, which not only caused shock to Ryan and the myth student, but also cost Jacqueline 104 points of damage, leaving her at a mere one point of health left. Jacqueline fell to the ground in the shock and weakness of her current state. She used her meteor strike card and prayed it would work. Her balance blade activated and increased the power of her attack. The meteors rained down on the Draconians and caused them to lose every bit of their health and then some. The dueling circle faded and Jacqueline fell back onto her rear.

“I see unicorns,” Jacqueline murmured in a weak daze. Malistaire looked from Jacqueline to Ambrose with uncertainty. Ambrose pulled a potion from his bag and forced it down Jacqueline’s throat. When she gathered her sense, Jacqueline jumped up and hit herself. “Images of unicorns… eww eww eww!” She then sighed and relaxed a bit. But when Malistaire came up and placed a hand on Jacqueline’s shoulder, she tensed up again. She turned to the dark wizard with a glare.

“You’re a strong Necromancer Miss Nightsong,” Malistaire told her. “If only your skills were on the right side. I could make you even more powerful than you could ever dream. All you need to do is set your mind to the right cause.”

“Like that’ll happen,” Jacqueline growled. Malistaire removed his hand from the fourteen-year-old’s shoulder and scanned her.

“Students, get behind me while I take care of Malistaire,” Ambrose instructed them.

“Another time old man,” Malistaire scoffed. “I have what I came for. Oh, and be certain that I will sway some of your students to my, uh, cause eventually.”

“YOU’LL NEVER TAKE ME MALISTAIRE!!!” Ryan shouted. Malistaire looked at her in shock and mouthed, ‘what?’

“I wasn’t talking about you!” Malistaire snapped. He turned to Jacqueline, who in return hid awkwardly behind Ambrose. “She will join me; you can be assured of that.” And with that he teleported away. Everyone stared blankly at the spot where the most evil wizard of all time once stood, and after five minutes Alura was the only one with the nerve to speak.


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