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Sherlock Bones by Allison DragonShard

Sherlock crossed off several names from his never ending list of criminals. He never had a break- for the young wizards had been vacationing for the past three months. They wouldn’t take a single minute of their day to help him sort papers, or stop an O’ Leary gang. Or so on…

He fiddled through a list of papers, paper after paper, and so on, and so on. Then, suddenly a strange wringing noise came from the back of the Police Force Headquarters. He could hear the moaning prisoners welcome a new guest.

For what Sherlock didn’t know was this new visitor wasn’t a simple O’leary. It was Ms.Clawn, the most devilish cat in the O’leary gang. As Sherlock opened his door slightly, he took notice to her long red tattered scarf- along with her black and white striped vest. Though, the Policemen were taking extra notice to her long claws. Both tied back by two large ropes, and double knotted.

“Ms.Clawn,” one of the men sniggered, “refrain from moving that claw. Or the first strike you’ll get is one to the extra controlled Marleybone Agency.” She smirked, for she knew she wasn’t in their hands. They were in her’s, she was the daredevil that was about to break free.

“Msssr, may I take a bathroom break?” she smiled, her eyes shivering with mortal fear to reflect the policemen’s.

“Go, but we’ll be guarding it,” they growled, running beside her and guarding the front of the ladies room. One of the female agents was sent in to make sure she wouldn’t play any tricks on the guards while they were outside.

“Thank you for your hospitality,” she smiled, and suddenly she revealed a sharp glass shard. The guard reached for it quickly, but before she could touch it. Clawn was gone.

“She’s gone!” the guards growled furiously, half the men were sent out on patrol, half to keep the HQ secure from intruders. Sherlock- who had returned to his office halfway through the conversation. Knew nothing of her absence, he studied more of his papers, but suddenly the door swung open.

“Why- why hello Mr.Barker!” He smiled vaguely, he didn’t like being took by surprise much, “do you need anything?” The stubby dog stomped in the room, his large blue suit bobbing up and down as he walked.

“Yes Mr.Bones! You, have to track down Ms.Clawn, before the dawn hour strikes. She must be already at it again Mr.Bones! We need her secure so she cant pull off anymore tricks Mr.Bones!” Barker called to him, in a very bad tempered mood.

“Yes, yes sir. Right on it!” Sherlock yelped, papers slipping from his hands onto the floor. As soon as he tidied up his office, he set out in his midnight carriage. He had ordered the driver to drive him up before midnight witch was quite ironic.

“Mr.Bones, are you sure you need to go up to the Secure house?” Frank called from the front of the carriage. He was brushing some dust off the horses back as he called them forward.

“I am sure, Mr.Barker insists I track her down before down and this is my only lead so far.” Sherlock continued to shake his head, lead, he didn’t have one lead on this double trickery gal. She was as sneaky as a rat, and as unnoticed as one to.

As they continued down the road, Sherlock noticed a few cats leaning against this one wall. One wall…

“Halt!” Bones called, and the horse’s suddenly jolted backwards. Sherlock jumped out of the carriage.

“Meet me back here at 1:00 am, if I am not here. Call for help, and tell them to lean on this tile.” Frank nodded, he was used to Sherlock’s deadline talk by now.

Sherlock advanced to the tiling across the long walls of Digmoore Station. He slid his shoulder along the tile- and as he expected. A sudden jolt drove him backwards. He was flipped into what seamed a bursting mass of crime.

Standing across the field of robbers, was Ms.Clawn. She was staring at Sherlock with a untrusted glare. He didn’t seam to notice him after that. Sherlock was no idiot, he had changed clothes to the regular criminal garb. He also used face chalk to appear as a white furred cat.

“You!” Ms.Clawn pointed at Sherlock, oh no.

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