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Wizard City: Secret of the Twins (Part 2) by Tabitha IceRider

I stood there afraid. If Malistaire defeated the Goddess of Light, then I wouldn’t be able to find the book. This was not good at all. I didn’t think. I yelled, “STOP!”

All the kroks and Malistaire looked at me. Malistaire lowered his weapon down and snickered at me. “Well, well, well! What do we have here?! Our little weak… wizard I should say. You were trying to escape me? I was going to find you anyways!” Malistaire spat at me.

“Yeah right! I know about The Book and you are NOT going to get it!” I challenged him. I knew I shouldn’t have done this, but it was the only choice I had. I had two choices, challenge him, or run off yelling HELP to the people in Wizard City who didn’t know what the book even was. Suddenly I felt as if someone were holding on my shoulder tightly, but calmly. I spun around and saw what I didn’t expect.

Headmaster Ambrose!

“Headmaster!” I yelled in delight as my eyes opened wide in disbelief. I looked at Malistaire and saw his face run cold. For one moment, it was as if… as if… well… there had been… fear in his eyes, but he quickly hid away the emotion.

“Ambrose, I see you have found the passage here,” Malistaire said coldly.

“I have known this passage since the day I had been created here in Wizard City,” was the reply of the Headmaster. “What?!” I yelled in disbelief. He had already known this passage? Now I had more questions than answers. The headmaster only looked at me for one short glance but looked away quickly again to Malistaire. I then noticed that behind the Headmaster there were his companions: Gamma the Owl and two wizards, probably grandmasters for the clothes that they were wearing.

Malistaire looked at me but teleported away (which upset me a lot!) and the kroks teleported as well. Why had he teleported away? I had no idea. I looked at the Headmaster again and found that he looked rather… pleased.

I then looked at the Goddess of Light. I walked towards her and bowed. She was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my entire life. She looked awfully a lot like Malderine, but only her clothes had been different (which was a green dress that showed her form very well with sparkles all around it) and instead of her hair being blonde, it was an Orange Blonde.

“He… Hello,” I said nervously.

She looked down at me and smiled. The whole time while Malistaire had been pointing his wand at her, she had been arching back, scared, with her hands up ready for the blow that would end her life.

“Hello,” she said sweetly back at me.

“I have come here to ask you a few… questions I should say - and I hope that you can answer them for me for it is between life and death and the loss of the Spiral.”

“I know what you have come here for. You have come for The Book,” said the Goddess of Light rather charmingly.

“You know what I came here for?” I asked confused.

“Of course, for the Goddess of Light looks over all the Life Wizards. Then there is the Goddess of Ice, Goddess of Fire, God of Storm, God of Death, God of Myth and Goddess of Balance.”

“Wait; there are seven pieces of the sword though. How does The Book tell me where they are?” I asked her.

“You see, each piece of sword has its own poem in the book telling where it is. The Goddess of Light was chosen to take care of it, for my place is the hardest to fine.”

“So you have the book?” I asked.

“Indeed I do,” she said as she murmured something under her breath and suddenly the sun which was showing clearly in the sky, shined VERY brightly onto a certain spot in the ground. It was like a full minute for the light to disappear and suddenly there it was. It shined brightly with some of the sun’s energy blazing on it. I walked over to it and leaned down to pick it up. The book looked so magnificent in the sun.

As I picked it up I noticed how warm the cover was. The book was very plain really, but there was something… something… something I couldn’t catch about it. It had a brown leathered cover made out of oak and it had a picture of the Spiral on it. That was all.

I picked it up and to tell you the truth, it was heavy; I would have expected it to be 9 pounds. I am not sure (I am NOT good at measurements!) but I opened to the first page. It read:

With the Sun in the Sky, there lay a piece, shattered by the wind and destroyed by the beast, yet one was to hold it, to hold it from within, and it kept it alive from the evil passages from in, and this young Goddess known as The Light, shall never scare anyone from their own device.
was chosen to keep it.

I looked at the poem and then it hit my like the wind that blew on my face. ‘Goddess’ known as ‘The Light.’ Didn’t that mean the ‘Goddess of Light?’

I looked up at the pretty goddess and she gazed at me nicely.

“Are you the one in the poem? It says that you hold the first piece!” I asked to her shocked.

She looked at me kindly and said, “Indeed yes I do. I am the Keeper of The Book. Time never passes when you find a piece of The Sword. You have to remember that very clearly.”

“I will remember that, trust me,” I said honestly to her.

The Goddess of Light raised her arms and pointed West. I looked at where she pointed at and I saw like twenty objects coming from the horizon… very quickly. In fact, before I knew it (like 5 seconds after the Goddess of Light had murmured her spell) they went right over me! I had to duck. I then looked at the objects and found out that they were…


Big rocks my size they were. They started to fly above me forming stairs. I looked at them curiously and as I was, I started to notice things a bit…weird. I don’t know how it came up to my mind but I took out my wand and it started to lift and float in the air moving from side to side. I then jumped but my action went slower than what it was supposed to.

“I get it,” I said. I looked at the Goddess of Light and said, “It’s a magnetic field!”

“Indeed it is young Odette. Now all you will have to do is climb those rocks and get the sword piece.”

“Just that? Nothing else?” I asked her curiously. I knew there must be something else than that.

“Get up the rocks now my dear child.”

I walked to the first rock. It floated right to my chest. How would I get up there? BINGO! Fly!

I jumped lightly off my feet, but for some reason I came to the ground again.

“When you unlock the passage to get one part of The Sword you can use no spells and you cannot fly. You will have to act mortal to get the pieces.”

No fair! How was I able to get a piece from The Sword when you had to act MORTAL! ItJUST WASN’T FAIR! I sighed and looked up at how high the passage was. I would say it was about 80 feet high.

I took a few steps back and I sprinted to the rock and I lunged. The rock started to float away from the other higher one. “Dang it no!” I said to myself. The rock was 3 feet away, then 4… I have to take the chance! I had no choice but to jump again.

I jumped.

I closed my eyes ready for the pain to come, but instead of pain, I came to the smooth layer of the rock. I opened one eye and afterwards the other. I was safely on board. It took me a while to get onto more and more rocks so they would stop moving when I would get onto them. After about 9 rocks I could easily step onto the taller rocks, yet the rocks were getting smaller. Not just physically smaller, but they were shrinking. I knew I had no time to waste and that I had to hurry up. I looked above me and saw that there were 7 rocks left to step onto.

I ran up the rocks as quickly as I could. Finally the last one was waiting for me to step on it. I started to take my step but the rocks shrunk to a size of a 3 inch radius button. I looked below me and I shrieked. This was awfully high! The Goddess of Light was just merely visible, but the Headmaster and the two wizards were like to small itty bitty points below me. I looked at my final rock and I stepped on it. I started to lose my balance. Suddenly the small rock started to twist backwards.

“By Life no!” I yelled to myself. When it reached to an angle of a cliff 120 degrees, I started to fall. Right when I slipped off the rock, I was very lucky to have been able to grab it and stay in the air. “What do I do now?” I yelled below me to the Goddess of Light sweating. There was a chance I was going to die here to try to protect Wizard City. I was afraid. Did I ever tell you that?

“It’s your puzzle not mine. I am sorry dear one, but I cannot help you in this one.”

I sighed and looked around me. I looked over me and saw only the sky over me. But wait… was that… ANOTHER rock? It was floating five feet above me. This wasn’t just some ordinary rock, but a humongous 3 story wide building rock! It started to float downwards and I took my chance. I swung myself onto the big rock safely. Phew! I was darn very lucky! Then I saw a shining object in the middle of the ‘rock field.’ It was as if it were a handle of… THE SWORD! I ran to it as quickly as possible. I picked it up once I reached it. It had a smooth oak wood for the handle. Only the handle was there. I didn’t expect it to be very long anyways for there were 7 pieces of The Sword.

Suddenly the big rock downwards. Of course I didn’t expect it so I stayed in mid-air for 2 seconds and started to fall down. Good thing the huge rock wasn’t going too fast so when I got close to the surface; I stood on it falling down. Good thing I was safely going to land.

Suddenly we hit hard ground. I gasped for breath and closed my eyes. “That… was… AWESOME!” I yelled in delight. It WAS incredibly awesome!

I stood up and found myself in the start with the handle of The Sword in my hand. The Goddess of Light looked at me proudly.

“You are indeed the Chosen One, my dear young wizard.”

I grinned but then my face went pale. The CHOSEN One? What?”

“The CHOSEN ONE? What are you talking about? I am just some ordinary Life Wizard! I am not even close to being some sort of CHOSEN ONE!”

“Come here Odette.”

I walked towards the Goddess of Light and she let out her hand. I caught hold of it and suddenly the wonderful field of beauty faded away. We were starring in the middle of darkness. Stars started to appear around us. Meteors and the Spiral planets started to show up.

“Odette LifeLion, long before you were born, before any wizards were created, before evil roamed the Spiral, my mother, the Goddess of The Earth, created The Spiral and the worlds that floated in it. She then created the Seven Keepers of the Sword. She knew that an evil young wizard was going to be born 334 years later after Wizard City was created that she could not stop.”

“Malistaire,” I gasped.

“Yes, of course Odette. So while she created the Spiral, she traveled along the universe looking for the child with the bravest heart of all. That was when she found you, Odette. You see, all wizards didn’t come from the Spiral, they came from a land called Earth and she picked out the people with the bravest heart. Then a fatal image showed upon her mind that 3 generations later after Malistaire was born, the bravest of all would be born. Do you know who that certain brave child was?” The Goddess of Light asked me. I then noticed that the images were changing to where it showed The Goddess of the Earth traveling across the universe coming upon Earth.

“Me?” I asked her doubtful.

“Yes Ms. LifeLion. She then couldn’t wait. She raced back to Wizard City and then she created the Book, her children and of course, The Sword. After that, when Malistaire heard of her plan, he raced to her home and killed my poor mother. Luckily my mother had handed me the book before Malistaire had captured and killed her and when he saw that she didn’t have The Book, he burned even more in rage. His life was in ruins and you probably know why already.”

“Yes I do,” I said to the Goddess of Light grasping the handle of the Sword even more tightly. She was referring to Sylvia, the teacher of Life that had died in Malistaire’s arms.

“Ever since then Malistaire has been seeking for The Book and once you were born, he knew his time was coming to an end. He had to get The Book soon. Over the past 11 years he has been looking for The Book, but just today when he found the portal, he knew where The Book lay. And that… was with me.”

The picture started to change showing Malistaire when he knew he was running out of time, when he found the portal and just moments ago when I had entered the portal and he had been pointing the wand to the Goddess of Light.

“That’s a terrible story!” I proclaimed to her.

“It’s the reality here in Wizard City young one. I can no longer help you no more. You will have to take The Book carefully. Keep it in a good place,” the Goddess of Life said making the book appear in her hands. She handed it to me and I hold it, still shocked about my destiny. Suddenly in a flash I was back in the portal lawn with the book in one hand and the handle of The Sword in my other.

Suddenly someone touched my shoulder and I spun around, frightened by the sudden touch. I noticed that it had been the Headmaster.

“Oh… sorry Headmaster Ambrose,” I said.

“It’s ok Odette. I can tell you want to ask me something. What is it?” the Headmaster asked me.

“How did you find the portal? And when?”

“That is not what you should be concerned with right now. You have to start to seek The Sword. You are our only and last chance for Wizard City to be saved.”

“Al-alright,” I said to the Headmaster.

When I had said the goodbyes to the Headmaster and the unusual two wizards as well as the Goddess of Light, right when I had turned to leave, a plant emerged to the ground and the Goddess of Light appeared. It was probably a short cut for her to reach a person.

“Yes?” I asked her urging to finally leave.

“Oh, nothing my darling.”

“O…k…” I said and headed for the portal once again. The Goddess of Light stretched out her hand and blocked my way with her arm. “Don’t trust what you seem you can.”

“What?” I asked her.

“Just remember that. Soon it will all make sense to you.”

“Alright, I won’t,” I said and the Goddess of Light removed her hand from my way. Suddenly snowflakes fluttered around me and everything faded away. Wind rushed directly at my face and I landed in my dorm, where I had wanted to go. There, on my pillow, Malderine was sleeping with her light shining less brightly than usual - probably because she was sleeping. I ran to my Chest and took out a lock I had bought in the Bazaar, I put The Book as well as the handle of The Sword in there and locked the chest with my secret code. What the code was?


Take two letters off each letter that appeared and… well… I think that you can figure out what the code is. I forced myself to get into bed and put on my night gown. I slipped under the covers and went into a dreamless sleep…

As I fell asleep I realized for the first time in my entire life I WAS important to Wizard City.

This was an adventure that no soul could ever imagine.

This was a quest no one could control… not even the Headmaster, any wizard, professor, enemy, Malderine…

Not even myself.

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