Game Fan Fiction

The Secret of the Twins by Tabitha IceRider

I had a twin. We were both excited to be one of the students of Wizard City, but again, I had a twin. Since the moment we had been born there had been something very different between us. May (my sister) was never afraid of the dark. She loved black and she could watch any scary movie. Me? I was the opposite… completely. I loved the light. I could never resist a scary movie. I was deadly afraid of the dark. My favorite color was green and white!

I never quite understood why there was a complete difference in us both, especially when we were twins. I then realized what the secret was when my big adventure began…
May and I nervously walked through the commons to Ambrose’s tower so we could reveal our schools, last names, dormitories, etc. We finally came upon the door to where Ambrose would tell us our fate.

“Ready?” I asked my sister, not quite sure if I was ready at all.

“Er… I would think so. I don’t know,” May said shrugging.

I didn’t even think. I just pushed the door open and there I was in an awfully big room with my sister, decorated in red and yellow. Books flew here and there; two double-doors were on the back and right wall. Ambrose sat on the desk on the far left corner of the room with his glasses sitting on the tip of his nose. Gamma the Owl sat there beside him, on the desk, looking over his shoulder.

“Ah! May and Odette. How nice of you to come by! You know what you are here to do today, am I not correct?” Headmaster Ambrose asked looking up only with his eyes.

“Yes!” The both of us said at the same time, standing straight and steady as possible.

“Good, good. I will then start with May if that is quite alright with you young Odette,” Headmaster Ambrose said rising from his chair making a motion with his hand handling a heavy book that had been flying crazily across the room the whole time.

“Of course,” I simply said.

Headmaster Ambrose just nodded and made a pen appear out of mid air and handed it to May who had nervously walked up to him while me and the Headmaster had had our little ‘discussion.’

“All I want you to do is answer the questions that appear on the book,” the headmaster said opening the Book of Secrets to the correct page and handing it over to May. May just nodded and sat down, answering the questions quickly and nervously.

I didn’t know what to do. I just stood there stupidly. It may sound stupid to you but I am serious. I was so excited and nervous that my mind was going blank.

Finally May answered all of the questions and I walked over to her. She said, “It says:

May DeathLion
Formal Teacher: Malistaire
School: Death

May looked up at me with understanding in her eyes. THAT was why she had never been afraid of the dark, never been afraid of scary movies; favorite color was black… and so on.

“Always good to have another Death student in our city, so thank you for coming by,” the headmaster said to May. Well, now I should say May “DeathLion.”

“Your turn Odette,” Ambrose said motioning for me to sit beside him. I sat down as the Headmaster opened to the right page. He then put the book on the table and said, “Good luck.” I nodded in approval and started to answer the questions.

They were actually really simple questions. For example: “What is your favorite time of day?” or “What is your favorite gem?” or “Who do you think is the most important person in a play?” Like I said, they were all simple and easy.

After I finished the test, I flipped to the last page and it read:

Odette LifeLion
Teacher: Moolinda Wu
School: Life

Now that explained the other side of the story! That’s why I love the light, cannot STAND scary movies and all that; but why were we the exact opposite, especially when we were twins?

“Ah… a life student can create the most beautiful things that not any other school wizard can. It can create the bad into good and turn death backwards, though you cannot turn some sicknesses around,” said Headmaster Ambrose looking over my shoulder as well as May. I understood. Sylvia, the wife of Malistaire, had died of a disease that no power could heal. The death was so quick that they couldn’t bring her back.

“One more thing to both of you, this is something new assigned to every student in the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. You both will be given a fairy of your school. If your fairy dies, half of your power will disappear. If YOU die, the fairy will die too. Oh, and one more thing about the fairy. It can transform itself into any animal in all of Wizard City. Here you go,” the Headmaster said making a movement with his arms murmuring something under his breath. Suddenly behind me a light shined brightly. I stood up and gazed at it curiously. It turned red, orange, white, sky blue, pink, any color you could ever imagine. I looked at May’s light, but surprisingly, it wasn’t necessarily a LIGHT… but a shadow that didn’t touch the floor. It was dark and suspicious. I then looked at my light again and it started to take form of a fairy.

Then suddenly, it shined so brightly that I had to use my hands to block my eyes from the ‘sunny’ kind of thing. Finally, it was over. I removed my hands and I saw the most beautiful fairy I had ever seen in all my life. It had a white dress that came from one of those white petal flowers. She had long blonde hair that reached to her hips. Her wings were fantastically big with shapes inside of them. I gaped at the fairy’s beauty.

“Hello!” she said looking at me warmly. I couldn’t really see her face for her light shined brightly.

“He- Hello!” I said not really knowing WHAT to say.

“My name is Malderine, your fairy. You must be Odette LifeLion, the Chos-” Malderine suddenly stopped once she looked at the Headmaster. I looked at the headmaster and saw that he was looking at the fairy sternly. I asked myself WHY he did that, but I wasn’t quite sure…

“Well, yes. I am Odette LifeLion. I am pleased to meet you,” I said turning around to her and smiling excited. I then looked at May’s fairy. It was dressed in leaves that had been painted black. Her hair was black with a braid following behind her back. Her outlining light was white. I thought it looked pretty too, but I loved mine (probably better, though no offense to my sister’s fairy!). I looked back to Malderine and took my hand out to let her sit on my palm. Malderine somehow knew what I meant and she stood on my palm in a very formal way. I wanted to study her face to know what she looked like.

I then noticed that she had the most delicate face I had every seen. Her eyes were pure blue. Her face wasn’t very square, but kind of. Her nose didn’t stick out much like my sister’s did.

‘You are so pretty!’ I thought inside my head.

‘Thank you!’ a voice suddenly squeaked. MALDERINE’S VOICE? She could read my MIND? This was awesome! I saw Malderine smile at me again warmly.

“Another thing young wizards, I forgot to give you this book. It is where you will find all the information you need to know about Wizard City. You also have where you have your clothes, the ones you win in battle. You can sell them at the Bazaar or just wear whenever you like. Thank you for stopping by girls. It was nice knowing y- I mean BOTH of you,” the Headmaster said handing us a book. Once it touched my hand it suddenly disappeared.

“How..?” I started to ask.

“Just… I don’t know… wish for the book to appear and it will appear. It works differently for each student. Sometimes they have to spell “B” in mid air, or others have to say “book.” Just works differently for each person. You have to figure out your own way. Thanks for coming by!” the Headmaster said smiling at both of us. He turned around and sat down on his desk again.

I then looked at Malderine. She looked at my sister’s fairy coldly. I guess it was because one was life and the other was death. I knew that they would hate each other from then on. I sighed and ran outside with Malderine holding on to my shoulder. May followed behind me speaking to her fairy. I caught a couple of words like, “Awesome” and “Margaret.” MARGARET! That was probably the name of the fairy; good name for a death fairy!

“Well, I guess we part from each other now May,” I said sadly looking down. Usually family members would separate after they found out what school they were.

May stopped speaking to Margaret and looked up at me. Sadness filled her eyes as well. “Goodbye Odette. Please be careful.”

“I will. Don’t worry.”

“Well then… er… goodbye.”


We then parted from each other. May headed for the pond to take a quick swim while I walked towards Ravenwood. I wanted to speak to my teacher for the first time. This was going to be fun. Once I came up to the tunnel of Ravenwood, I walked into the darkness. I reached a ledge right at the end of the tunnel and I jumped. I spinned around so quickly that I started to feel dizzy. Finally, I landed softly on hard ground.

“What on Wizard City was THAT?” Malderine asked me.

“It’s a portal to move place to place. You know, like from Ravenwood to The Commons or from the Commons to Shopping District, or from there to so on,” I explained.

“Oh. Does that mean that I have to have that sick feeling in my stomach every time we go through one of those?” she asked worriedly.

I laughed softly. “Of course not! You’ll get used to it by the fourth or fifth time. Then it feels like you’re not spinning at all.”

“Good life.”

With Malderine on my shoulder, I started to walk towards the life school. On the way, I asked her, “Do you have any nicknames that I can call you by?” I liked nicknames. Did I tell you that?

“Um, not necessarily. I like being called Mald, short for MALDerine,” Malderine said looking at me. “Can I call you that then?” I asked her. “Certainly, but not until you tell ME your nickname.

“Oddy is fine for me. My sister used to call me that when we were very young.”

“Ok, ODDY, I will call you that from now!” Mald giggled excided.

We then arrived to the door of the Life School. Wizards all around me didn’t even pay attention to me… at all. In fact, one person even bumped into me hard, but he or she didn’t even notice!

“Ready?” I asked Mald.

“Go for it!”

I pushed open the oak door that had a label of a leaf on it. Suddenly, everything smelled of life. Trees, flowers, grass, water… everything that was natural! In front of me on the far side of the room was Moolinda Wu, organizing the back room where all the potions, cards, and experiments were. As I walked in, Moolinda Wu turned around with a sweet face. “Hello! Welcome to the School of Life, school from the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts. I am Moolinda Wu, your professor, at your teaching service!” my professor said looking at me warmly.

“Th-Thank you. I am pleased to meet you professor!” I said. I didn’t know anything else to do but bow. Stupid was the idea for we never usually BOW to professors, but shake their hands.

“Oh young wizard, you don’t have to even bow to me at all! After all, I am just a professor!” Moolinda Wu said gazing at me curiously.

“Er… ok…” I said nervously.

“So first, your name dear?” Moolinda Wu asked me making a notebook and pen (that wrote by itself) appear out of thin air.

“Oh, yes, my name is Odette LifeLion.”

“Odette… Odette LIFELION?” Moolinda Wu suddenly asked.


“Oh, well then, dear, here is your wand. I can’t keep you waiting! This is reality not a play! Oh my. Class is almost starting! One minute left until all the life students rush in!” Moolinda Wu said taking a wand from the back room and handing it over to me. Malderine OOHed and AHHed at the wand as I hold it in my hand. She was now lying down on my shoulder with her legs crossed balancing high up in the air.

“Thank you professor!” I thanked Moolinda Wu gladly.

“Anytime dear. Here is your quest for now,” Moolinda said handing me over a parchment of paper. I felt its rough surface and started to unfold it.

“Now please do leave. I do not mean to be harsh, but you don’t want to be here when the students come in. They push and gnarl at you, well at least some of them do.”

“I understand, anyways, thank you professor!” I said to Moolinda as I headed for the door. I looked behind me one more time and saw the professor looking at me almost like if it were an impossible sight. I shrugged and walked out the door.

“Well… what do we do now?” Malderine asked me.

“Well, what do you think? Go on with our quest, that’s what,” I said giggling to Mald.

“Why don’t we go to our dormitory? I am getting kind of tired!” Mald said yawning sitting up on my shoulder.

“Already?” I sighed. “Alright, but tomorrow we WILL go on with our quests. Not many people get a chance like we do out there in the Spiral.”

“Fine,” Mald grumbled. I just laughed and walked to the girl’s dormitory, instead of teleporting. All the wizards rushed around me to go to their professor’s class. Tomorrow I was probably going to be signed into Moolinda Wu’s class (the novice class).

I then skipped in happiness to the Girl’s Dormitory. Fantastically, on the way, while I was doing a skipping-step, I suddenly didn’t come back down for around five seconds. A feeling like if I had freedom of staying up in the air longer filled inside of me. Once I touched the ground, I didn’t realize what had just happened ‘How…?’ I asked myself. ‘How on Wizard City did I ever learn to FLY?! I just flew! I looked at Mald and she looked at me proudly.

“I knew you could do it,” Mald said smiling at me.
I paced around my Dorm Room (which was EF015) confused of how on Wizard City I had ever learned to fly. I haven’t! I never have! I looked at Mald who was sitting on the bed looking at me curiously.

“How did I fly?” I asked her.

“You have to feel a lot of energy inside of you in order to fly. For instance: You can’t move your leg unless you want to right? If you are too lazy then you won’t. Then it’s the exact same thing for flying!” Malderine explained to me. “It’s the same for me. My wings are like nerves inside of me. Get it?”

“I do but… it’s just… I have never in all my six months of waiting seen a wizard fly!” I said sitting down on my bed next to Malderine. Mald flew and sat on my leg.

“Do you really want to know why?” Malderine asked.

“Yes I do.”

Mald sighed before speaking. She then said: “The Headmaster will kill me if I tell you though!” Wasn’t what I expected she would say!

“Tell me. I can keep a secret.”

“No, I won’t. I am sorry Odette.”

“Please! Tell me!”

“Nah-ah, nope!” Mald said crossing her arms.



“Malderine LifeLion, tell me NOW please.”

“Odette LifeLion, NO.”

I gave up. Suddenly, Malderine said: “I’ll just leave you with one hint.”

“Ok what is it?”

“You’re a wizard.”

“MALD, that’s not necessarily a hint!”

“It is.”

I grumbled and got under the coves of the bed. I was starting to get tired. Tomorrow was a big day. I was going to learn how to be a wizard…
“WAKE UP! WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP ODDY!” Malderine yelled at me kicking and scratching my nose.

“WAKE UP! WE ARE GOING TO BE LATE FOR SCHOOL IF YOU DON’T WAKE UP NOW!” Malderine yelled at me flying to my ear.

“WHAT!” I said with my heart starting to THUMP! loudly. I jumped out of bed and ran over to my bank. I took out my school clothes (which were novice clothes that had white and light green) and put them on quickly. I looked at Mald and saw her putting on the same exact clothes only for her size. I didn’t have any time to laugh. I took my tooth-brush out of the bank, brushed my teeth, combed my hair and put it into a pony-tail and ran outside the room with Malderine right on my back.

“ATTENTION EVERYONE, ALL SCHOOLS ARE GOING TO START IN FIVE MINUTES!” suddenly a loud speaker (with the voice of the Headmaster) said.

I ran out the Girl’s Dormitory building and inside the Life School. I didn’t even think. I rushed inside with a big BOOM! And there I was, in the middle of the classroom with wizards of my level starring at me.

“Sorry,” I said embarrassed.

I found a seat on the way back and saw Moolinda looking at me approvingly. A boy next to me looked at me in the manner of ‘who are you to open the door like that loudly and not get in trouble’ look. I just ignored him. I then saw a little chair with a desk on the big desk. “I think that’s for you Mald,” I whispered to her. She nodded and sat down on the chair.

“Students, I want you to meet our newest student, Odette,” Moolinda Wu said looking at me. I got out of my chair and walked over to the front of the class. “Hi Odette,” everyone grumbled tired. ‘Thanks!’ I said sarcastically in my head to them.

“What’s her last name?” Someone suddenly said from the back of the class.

“I don’t want to say last names right now.”

“Please professor, you usually always do,” the kid said. Then I noticed it was the boy that I sat beside with. He had black curled hair and blue eyes with a square face. His costume was instead Dark Green and Light Green.

“As you wish Valkoor. Students, I want you to meet our newest member of the class, Odette LifeLion.”

Everyone suddenly gasped looking at me surprised. I sat there even MORE embarrassed now that everyone looked at me. “The…I mean, do you ACTUALLY mean that she is the-the-the”-

“Yes Valkoor, but she does not know that.”

They must have forgotten that I was there since they were talking so freely about me.

“I don’t know what?” I asked my Professor.

“Go sit down dear. Class is going to start in two minutes.”

I sighed and said, “Fine.” I quickly ran to my chair and sat down. NOW Valkoor looked at me respectfully, but I just kept wondered why.
After class I walked across the streets going to my dormitory. During the way I tried to fly:

I decided to climb on top of the fence and jump to see if I could fly again. It took me a while to balance on it. No one noticed me like usual. In case I WASN’T able to fly, I was going to jump when there was a clear space in the crowd. Then there it appeared.

I jumped.

‘Use your nerves! Use your nerves!’ I thought to myself. Then, I didn’t touch the ground for a while. I had closed my eyes in case I felt any pain of falling on top of someone. I opened one eye and saw Bartleby. Not BARTLEBY himself, but his eye! I opened my other eye and looked below me.

I was flying! Malderine flew next to me. “Told you so, it all works with your nerves.” I thanked her with a nod and enjoyed what I had of flying. I decided to go to the top branches of Bartleby. I pushed myself up with my hands, kicking hard to climb to the top. Then finally I started to move.

‘Almost there!’ I thought to myself as I passed Bartleby’s eye.

Then I started to reach Bartleby’s leaves. I grabbed hold of a thick branch that was hanging out low. I grabbed it with both my hands and climbed on. I looked below me and shrieked.

I was higher than fifty feet above the ground! I looked at Mald who just looked calmly below. She was used to flying at heights I would expect. “Malderine, this is getting very scary,” I said nervously.

“Don’t be scared! At first it is kind’a scary, but you’ll get used to it in time.”

“O-Ok, I’ll tr-try,” I said nervously looking below me, seeing all the wizards pass. After a couple of minutes or so, I actually started to get used to the height. I let me muscles relax and watched the sun over the mountains start to go down. It was a pretty sight. Once Malderine looked at the sun, her eyes bulged out. She grabbed my arm and pulled me off the branch harshly.

“What are you doing?” I asked her.

“We have to get off, hurry!” Malderine shrieked worriedly.

“ Why?” I asked her confused.

“I’ll explain later! Please, get off and lets fly down!” she said pleading me. I just nodded and started to lower myself down where there weren’t many wizards. Only two or three passed by each minute.

As I reached the ground Malderine was explaining: “You are a wizard of life or in other words, of the light. You don’t have much power when it’s dark out. When it is dark you only have one fourth of the power or so, but when the sun is up, you are very powerful.”

“Wait a second, so I can never fly at night? I have always dreamed about that!” I asked Mald.

“I am afraid so, unless you learn the very depths of powers. The magic you have inside of you right now is more powerful than anything you can imagine,” Mald said to me.

“Wait! What about my sister?” I asked Malderine.

Mald sighed and said, “She has lower power than you Oddy. Because the sun is up for most of the day, you have longer power than her.”

Did that mean that we could never fight side by side with the same amount of power?

Suddenly a voice behind me said:

“You’re as trapped as a mouse.”

I gulped.

I slowly turned around in the darkness and saw kroks surrounding me with snarls on their faces. By the looks of it, their teeth could chew up a bone in less than a second. Behind all the kroks was a tall man with a long nose, black hair, squared face, black eyes and costume. I had heard many stories about this certain someone who had come to Wizard City to fight to own the land.

This was in fact Malistaire.

“Wha-What do you wa-want?” I asked afraid. Mald flew and hid behind my shoulder peeking over sometimes.

“Well, let’s just say that I need a favor from you. Move out of my way you beasts!” Malistaire said going through the crowd of kroks. “Wha-what favor?” I asked with my heart beating so loudly I was sure Malistaire would hear.

“I need you to betray your own race,” Malistaire said studying his nails.

“WHAT!” I yelled at him compelled. I felt like if a bomb were inside of me ready to explode. “BETRAY MY OWN RACE?”

“That is correct and if you don’t do me the favor, do you know what will happen to you?” Malistaire asked with a deep uncomfortable voice.

‘You will most likely kill me with all these kroks standing right beside me!’ I answered/thought in my head.

“You probably guessed it by now. You will be killed and once you are defeated by my spell, you will rise from the dead and work on my side, meaning that either way you will have to work for me,” Malistaire said.

I didn’t know what to do. I was standing there in the middle of Ravenwood with kroks all around me (ready to kill me) with Malistaire in the lead threatening me to work on his side.

I really had no choice. I would be killed one way or the other.

I sighed and looked above me. ‘Was there any way to escape?’ Then I noticed something. There was just a couple or rays from the sun still up the horizon. Maybe I would have enough energy to fly… I jumped from where I stood and flew with all my might to Bartleby’s first branch. “WHAT ARE YOU DOING? THE MAGIC!” Mald yelled at me. I ignored her. Once I was six feet above the ground (which was Malistaire’s height) I kicked and lunged myself up.

“CATCH HER!” Malistaire yelled at the kroks. All of the kroks then ran below me. Thank goodness they were shorter than Malistaire for they jumped with all their might but I was too high for them. “GET OUT OF THE WAY! I’LL CATCH HER MYSELF YOU IDIOTS!” Malistaire yelled waving his wand in the air. I looked below me and gasped. He was swirling a light around his wand murmuring under his breath. Suddenly a tornado kind of shape flew from the wand right below me flying right at me.

“Come on!” I yelled to myself as the sun was getting lower and lower. “COME ON!” I yelled again. The tornado-shape was going faster by the minute. Right after ten seconds wind started to swirl around me, threatening to take me down again. I kicked and screamed, but the wind drowned my yells of help. “HELP!” I yelled in despair. “HELP!” Suddenly, I saw Merle Ambrose land on the ground just at the Ravenwood tunnel. He didn’t see me for he looked at Malistaire with cold eyes. I yelled at him for help with all my force but the sound of the wind was still stronger. The tornado then started to swirl at the height of my head. The last thing I remembered was reaching my hand out to yell for help again to the Headmaster, but I was too late for it was no use. Blackness then filled all around me…
I blinked my eyes open. I had a blurry vision. It took me a couple of seconds to adjust to the light. There I found myself in a small cave with kroks guarding the entrance. ‘Malderine!’ I frantically looked all around me worried for Mald.

She wasn’t there.

I looked around the cave for what seemed like twelve times, but no sign of Mald. I lay down on the back of the cave where a shadow would cover me and started to sob. Malderine had been the best friend I had ever known. If she was dead and I basically had no power at all, who would I be? It was an hour or so when one of the kroks at the entrance stepped aside. I looked up with tears full in my eyes curiously. Then the other krok also stood aside and then I saw the dark figure of Malistaire appear. He had his death wand with him, waving it easily in the air showing off his ‘mini-spells’.

“I told you so,” Malistaire said passing his wand hand to hand.

“IDIOT!” I yelled at him, not knowing what else to say.

“Watch your mouth young lady,” Malistaire said raising and eyebrow and looking up at me with his eyes.

“Or what?” I said bravely standing up. Pain still filled my heart not having Mald beside me.

“Or you will die earlier.”

“YOU SAID…” I started to say.

“I KNOW what you said! Hah! I know my tricks. Do you specifically know why I chose YOU to be trapped in this cave, where your powers are so weak you can’t even cast your what-cha-ma-call-it ice beet or what ever? In fact, not even a single shield!” Malistaire said going back to flipping his wand.

“WHAT… HAVE… YOU… DONE… TO… MALD-ER-INE?” I said angrily yet trying to control my temper.

“Oh she is fine. In fact, she is so fine that she might die this very fine day!” Malistaire said to me eying me carefully, expecting me to have a temper-tantrum. There was one thing I was sure of though.

I was NOT going to let Malderine die.

“GIVE HER BACK!” I yelled overwhelmed at him. I felt nervous, sad, angry, horrified, uncomfortable, but most of all… afraid.

“Hah, like you will ever get her back! Once I destroy and burn the book you will have no hope!” Malistaire yelled at me turning back to walk outside.

“Book? What, what book?” I asked to him confused not even aware if he had heard me. Then an idea occurred to my mind. ‘Mald! Malderine are you there?’ I said to myself concentrating on only Malderine to speak to her through my mind.

There was no answer.


Still no answer.

When I gave up and flung myself to the ground, I started to sob again. My whole life was ruined now. If I worked for Malistaire, I would be a betrayer. I didn’t want that to happen! I had to get out of here one way or the other. This cave wasn’t just an ordinary cave for the cave itself was inside of some building, for there was no light outside.

I swallowed my pride, stood up and for just one moment, I felt a flicker of hope.

How I was going to pass those kroks? I had no idea. I never learned any spells that were going to be as high to defeat a krok at all. Suddenly, a voice said inside my head, yawning:

‘Geez, ya don’t have to yell so loud!’


‘Malderine, oh Mald, I was so worried! I thought Malistaire had killed you by now!’

‘Nope, I’m still here, warm as a bear with a “nice” view out of my window in this cage. Oh how wonderful it feels to be TRAPPED!’



‘It’s ok. Anyways, do you have any idea of where you are, your location or anything?’ I asked her.

‘I only have one clue. Through the small hole I can peek through, I see a big humongous tower blocking my view. The only thing I know of where exactly I am is by looking at the very edge of the hole. When I do that, I see a red-grassed meadow with many of Malistaire’s minions practicing their battle skills. That’s all I can tell.’

Red-grass with minions… hmm…

‘Ok… anything else?’ I asked Malderine hopeful.

‘What do you think; I am an expert on this? That I can see the whole WORLD by peeking through one tiny whole smaller than my palm or something?’ Malderine attacked at me.

‘I just wanted to know for Peat Sake!’ I combated back to Mald.


I sighed and sat down miserable. I HAD to find a way out of here. I had to do it for my sister and Malderine. Maybe Malistaire had trapped my sister! I had to get out of here at once!

Then an idea occurred to me. When I was walking through the street the day I learned to fly, I heard an advanced potion student say, “Mix fire-weed with some water and if you put a ruby to melt inside the potion, at the end it is so effective it can knock the person out in seconds.”

Fire-weed… hmmm… I looked over the cave, through every hole, but couldn’t find any fire-weed. I suspected them to be red weeds, but I turned out to be completely wrong. Since I was looking even more carefully in the cave, I noticed a small rock that wouldn’t budge if you tried pulling it off the wall. I pushed, pulled, to see if there was any fire-weed right behind the rock, but just when I turned the rock a little to the right, a portion of the wall right in front of me just… disappeared. No ‘poof!’ or fade out or anything. It was just… well… you know… gone.

I then saw something I could have never imagined. There in front of me were swords, FIGHTING swords, the rarest kind in the entire Spiral. Some of them I had never even seen. When I had been looking at the Bazaar the other day, I saw many delicate swords, but when I saw one from the corner of my eye, it shined brightly. I had never seen it before and in small labeled letters on the metal, I read:

Kinkatudapile shmuka lagon soek dimon

“What?” I asked myself confused. Kinkatudapilequa wha?

I picked up the sword and suddenly a great amount of energy burst inside of me. I felt invincible and powerful. I quickly put the sword down under the pile of the wands. Feeling like that was dangerous; it could make you a bad person.

I kept on rummaging through the pile moving the swords from here to there and all. There was one sword that I found that looked very interesting. It didn’t have a symbol on the metal and when I touched it, it felt like if it were made just for me. Then I noticed something… the kroks weren’t noticing what I was doing? I looked up with my heart beating fast and saw the kroks at their duty. It seemed like they didn’t even notice AT ALL what I was doing. I grabbed hold of the “unnamed” sword and crept slowly to them. I didn’t need the potion. I was going to cast a spell on them, if the spells even worked, to hopefully defeat them. I looked behind me to all the swords, but something happened. They were… well…


‘That doesn’t make any sense,’ I thought to myself. I then looked in front of me and stopped myself immediately. I almost hit the kroks! I then took my sword and was ready to cast a spell of ice, the ones I knew, but for some weird reason, the kroks just disappeared as if they had faded away. I put my hand to where the ‘couple’ had stood but still… nothing was there.

‘Weird,’ I said to myself.

I slowly walked into the light and found myself surprised. A humongous castle stood in front of me with black walls and torches on each small window. As Mald had said, behind the castle, it was full of red grass, unlike the green grass in Unicorn Way and Wizard City. I looked above me and the whole sky was red and black. It was like a cloud that swirled itself into the middle of the castle. Thunder boomed. I then noticed that the area in front of me was a small building with black walls and the torches (like the castle).

There was only one door that looked like the entrance of the building yet it was blocked by kroks. The area from the cave to the building was like 20 feet, yet in the middle there was a fighting circle. ‘Weird layout,’ I thought to myself. I threw myself to the ground lying on my stomach. The only way to get to the door was by creeping up. I then turned to my right out of the cave slowly without making a sound. Once I reached the corner of the wall, I accidentally scraped my knee making it bleed. I could see that by the red stain on my cloak. “Did you hear something?” asked one of the kroks. They wore blue suits and silky arm bracelets, probably showing that they were guards.

“Nope,” said the other krok.

“Hmm…” the first krok said with a thinking face on. While they were talking I had tightened up every muscle on my body afraid that I was going to be discovered. I then sighed in relief and loosened my muscles. I then started to creep on the second wall, perpendicular to the wall the kroks were at.

Suddenly, when I was halfway to the wall of the building, I heard one of the kroks say: “Hey! Over there!” I closed my eyes ready for some blow that would kill me. Instead, the kroks ran up to me and the first krok grabbed my arm roughly and took me harshly off the ground. I yelped by the claws that had went through my skin. “Ah!” I yelled in pain.

“WHAT ARE YOU DOING!” yelled the krok looking at me sternly in the eyes. I tear ran down my face and I replied: “Escaping!” I then started to cry.

“ESCAPING?” Yelled the krok.

I didn’t reply as I looked away.

“Master won’t like this…” the second krok said eyeing me carefully.

“Malistaire?” I asked them wiping a tear out of my eye with my other hand.

“Duh! Who else you wizard!” yelled the first krok in my ear.

“Why do you guys serve him?” I asked them both holding back my tears feeling my left arm go numb.

“BECAUSE WE…” started the first krok but then stopped.

I looked at him curious. Why did he stop?

“I… I don’t really know. He asked if he would serve me or not. I knew he was the most dangerous wizard on the Spiral so I basically had no choice. Ever since that day I have served him.”

Exactly what Malistaire had asked me, only threatening me!

The krok removed his claws from my arm (which was a COMPLETE relief!) and looked down.

“Malistaire did the same,” I said to him.

“He does that to everyone,” said the second krok.

“But why?” I asked them both.

“Well what do you think? He wants to conquer The Spiral!” said the first krok then looking up straight into my eyes.

“Wait! What about the book? Malistaire said something about the book!” I asked the kroks curious. Maybe they knew what it was.

They both looked at each other, worried. “Ho-How did you know about the book?” the second krok asked me.

“Well, before Malistaire left the cave, he said he ‘wanted to destroy a book,’ but it didn’t make any sense to me. I know you guys know something about it by the way you looked at each other when I mentioned it,” I said challenging them.

The first krok sighed and said, “That is the book of Cilion. It’s the most powerful thing that anyone has ever known in all of the history of the Spiral. It tells where the Seven Wonders of The Sword are.”

“The Seven Wonders of The Sword, what is that?” I asked confused.

“It is the sword that can kill anything. If it slices through a tree, the tree will fall down. It could even kill Malistaire himself if someone else had it in their hands,” the second krok explained to me.

‘It could kill Malistaire? Unbelievable!’

‘What could?’ someone suddenly asked in my mind.

‘SHHHH, hold on!’ I yelled at Mald.

“So wait, why would he want to destroy the book?” I asked them.

“So no one would have the sword in their hands so they couldn’t defeat him.”

“Do you guys know where the book is held?” I asked them.

They looked at each other again and the second krok said, “No one knows. Well, at least the Goddess of Life does.”

“The Goddess of Li...” I started to ask.

“I was getting to that. The Goddess of Light lives where you won’t expect it. She lives in Unicorn Way, at that small little, uh, ‘hut’ I should say that is in between the arena and the streets. Many people have tried talking to her, but they just don’t know how to activate the Force,” said the second krok.

“The Force?” I asked.

“It’s what makes you connect to the Goddess of Light.”

“Oh. Thank you for the information. One more question though. My fairy is stuck in one of the towers of Malistaire’s chambers. Do you know how I can get her?” I asked the kroks.

“Promise not to tell anyone of what I will do right now?” the first krok asked eyeing me.

“Yes, of course!” I said.

The first krok then waved his hand in the air and a light appeared on the tip of his middle claw. It started to grow bigger and bigger with lights bursting all around it. It seemed like fire works that exploded in mid air. Suddenly, the main light separated into two, and one of them flew high up into the air while the other one sat there on the bottom. Exactly at the same time, the raced at each other (really quickly) and they didn’t stop. Then they suddenly hit each other and a big display appeared and something fell from the lights. It was a small figure.

“MALD!” I yelled in delight as she fell like a leave waving from one side to the other. I raced below her and landed right on my palm. She opened one eye and then the other. “Oddy, is that really you?” she asked me.

“Indeed it is,” I said with a tear rolling down my cheek. Suddenly a bright light started to form around me. I kept hold of the sword not knowing what was happening. It was different than the tornado that Malistaire had used to capture me into the cave. Then I started to spin real fast and then darkness crept all around me. I felt as if I weren’t moving. Then, before I knew it, I suddenly sped really fast to a certain angle of the blackness and then a light started to appear as well as stars. I looked behind me and saw my sword leave tracks of light from the shine. I then looked ahead and then before I knew it, BOOM! I was flat on the ground.

I then heard voices, familiar ones, which I thought I would never hear again. I opened one eye but it seemed as if a light was too bright for me to see. It was a blurry vision, but then the next thing happened, and I drifted into an unconscious sleep.
We need to activate the speaker! Cori, give me that stick over there. No not that one, uh, that will work yeah. DON’T THROW IT AT ME! Ok lets see if this words, let me just get that stick under that tile over there… ugh! It won’t work! Krok #2! Any other ideas? No that one is horrible. Wait hold on I can hear someone calling me. Hold on.

Yeah? WHAT? She’s not there? Where is she? Don’t tell me she escaped! Don’t you dare- DON”T YOU DARE do that! I’ll be right there you bastard! Can’t you EVER do anything right?

I’ll be right back kroks, seem like George let one of our prisoners escape… again! I will catch her again! I will capture the Cho-

I woke up by the sound of someone saying softly in my ear, “Wake up sweaty. Wake up darling, come on.”

It was Moolinda Wu.

“Professor?” I asked her not even bothering to open my eyes.

“Come on, we have to tell your sister you are feeling alright.”

My sister! She was alright!

“Where… where is Mald?” I asked my professor.

“Mald, who is she?”

“Oh, she’s my fairy. Her full name is Malderine. I call her Mald for short,” I explained.

“Oh yes, she is aright. She was put in your Dorm Room. She fainted as well when we teleported you back.”

“Oh I see.” They had teleported me back and that was very pleasing to know!

I opened my eyes and got up yawning rubbing my eyes. I then realized I was in the Headmaster’s room with only my professor. I got up out of the sofa that they probably had cast to appear and asked, “Which direction?”

Professor then pointed to the door behind me and I rushed there. I opened the door loudly and found myself in a dark room with a bright light in the middle. It was a small room, but the next thing I knew I was almost taken of balance by a big hit that seemed to squash me.

“May!” I yelled in delight.

“Odette, I thought you would die!” May said hugging me even more tightly.

“I did too!” I chuckled. “Where’s your fairy? Margaret right?” I asked May as she released me.

“Yes, that’s her name. She is at my Dorm Room, sleeping. Oh man you should know her. She is the sweetest thing in the whole world! I think our fairies should meet each other and become best fri…”

“May,” I said cutting May off.

“Yes?” she asked me curious.

“Did you see the way that they looked at each other the day that our fairies were awakened?” I asked her.

May got the point, sighed, and said, “Yes, yes I remember that very clearly.”

“I don’t think that there is a single chance that they will become best friends. It would be incredible if they did, but I think it is kind of impossible.”

“I guess you are right.”

Then I remembered.


“I have GOT to go to Unicorn Way!” I said loudly as I rushed out of the room with the door that had been five feet away. May ran right behind me, “Wait! Why are you going so fast?!”

“I’ll explain later!” I yelled behind my back running to the bridge that lay right in front of the tunnel. I almost tripped a lot of times because of how fast I was going, but I HAD to go find the Goddess of Light.

“Hey! Wait!” the guard yelled at me trying to stop me. I had forgotten all about it.

I didn’t have a letter from the professor.


He grabbed my arm before I could escape and get into the tunnel very tightly. “Let go! I have to go inside Unicorn Way! It’s an extremely big emergency!”

“NO ONE PASSES WITHOUT THE PERMISSION OF THE HEADMASTER!” the guard yelled letting go of me and standing back into his normal position.

“PLEASE! I have to go inside! This is between Life and Death! I am serious!” I explained to the guard.

“I don’t care if it was between the evil M and the Headmaster or anything. This is my duty and you have to accept that.”

“Odette, what’s wrong? Why… oh man… why… why did you run like cra… crazy to the tunnel?” May asked me panting grabbing my shoulder for support. I then had an idea.

“Fine.” I then turned around and started to stalk off. I took some glances behind me and saw him starting to look straight to the pond with big eyes. He stood straight with his sword gleaming in the sunshine. Before he would even know it, I spinned around quickly and rushed to the tunnel. Right before he had even said, “WAIT!” I shifted into the nothingness. I turned around very quickly (like normal) and landed softly on the ground.

I felt warmth cuddle all around me as well as the smell of life fill my nostrils. I opened my eyes and saw the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in all my life… Unicorn Way. I knew this is what they called a “Noob Place” but to me it seemed like heaven. I saw a big wall of green leaves on the other side of the picture. A big unicorn statue just lay in front of it. Then there was a small area of grass with a couple of trees and then the street. To my front right there were two tall double doors that were probably made out of silver wood. I had heard many people call it “the arena.”

I then started to walk to where what the kroks had described it, the hut which was on the far left of my vision. It took a while to get there, but it was good to smell life all around. Once I arrived, I stepped up into the hut and found tiles that were brown and white cover the hut-floor, yet something bugged me about them. As I was studying the hut, there was something that seemed very unusual about them. I searched the ceiling, the rails, the wood and every corner of the hut but I found nothing. I then threw myself to the ground with no hope.

Right when I had flung myself, I noticed something about a certain tile. It had a small leaf on it. Instead of being brown or white, it was like an orange type of color. I leaned over to it and found it surrounded by very, very, very, VERY, tiny words around the tile.

“Where can I get a telescope?” I asked to no one looking frantically around. Suddenly, right in front of me, it appeared. ‘Weird,’ I told myself as I studied it after I had picked it up. I didn’t care where it had come from; I just needed to know what the tile meant. I then read out of the tile:

Directions to talk to the Goddess of Light:
1. Step on the tile you read this from lightly without making a sound.
2. Murmur, “JUVINO KATINO” under your breath as you step on the tile.
3. Sit on the floor for one minute without ANY interruptions closing your eyes. Wait for five minutes and then you will find yourself to where the Goddess awaits.
REMINDER: If you interrupt while you sit on the floor (meaning opening one eye, someone speak to you, or even make a single sound) you will have to start over again. You only have three chances. If you lose all three, then you can’t speak to the Goddess of Light anymore.

I then stood up and lightly tapped my foot (without making a sound) and murmured, “JUVINO KATINO” and then I sat on the floor quietly. ‘Please don’t make any interruptions! Please no oh no!’ Uh-oh. My back started to feel itchy. NOOOOO!

I then scratched my back and then started the steps all over again. This time, no interruptions came for about 5 minutes. Suddenly, a light breeze started to swirl around me. I didn’t DARE open my eyes. I felt like if I were being swished of the ground like a broom. It felt… nice and sweet. Music as charming as ever ran through my ears, but then suddenly, the music stopped. I opened my eyes and I was dumbfounded.

In front of me was a complete beautiful layout with walls of leaves surrounding the picture. There was one thing that wasn’t right. Thirty feet away stood Malistaire with kroks all around him (like he had done to me) and I gasped when I saw what he was doing.

He was pointing his wand to the Goddess of Life.

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