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A Savior in the Spiral (Part 4) by Tabitha IceRider

Professor Drake said to me, “No! Raise your arm up like this and say the words, Akamyata!” he said showing me how to do the Cyclops spell. I controlled my temper and carefully said Akamyata and a Cyclops appeared in front of me.

“Happy now?” I asked to him. He just gave me a glare and said, “For the next spell, I want you to do the hardest spell of all. The one that gives the most pips, which is the Liberty Troll,” he said remaining calm.

“Liberty Troll? I have never seen that in any of the classes of myth!” I said confused.

“No, no. Of course you haven’t. I just made up the spell over night. It’s the biggest spell you could ever imagine!” the Professor said proudly. “So say it like this. Akimatilla,” he said moving his wand in a myth direction.

So you can probably guess this by now. Me and Professor Drake were getting along much better.

I murmured under my breath, “Akimatilla,” and suddenly a humongous troll popped out of the ground. The troll must have been like… I don’t know… thirty feet tall? I mean I am serious! It was huge! The troll just turned around to me and sunk back into the ground again.

“How?” I started to say.

“Don’t worry. When it has an enemy up front he attacks. If it was just a practice spell then he will just disappear,” said Professor Drake putting his hand on my shoulder. I smiled to him and he gave a smile back. Incredibly, his teeth were straight and white as the feathers on Gamma the Owl.

He cleared his throat and then loosened his face again. “Anyways, that is the toughest spell you can get out of myth,” he said explaining to me.

“How much damage does it cause?” I asked.

“About 1000-1055. It’s the strongest spells out of all the schools, unless of course the other Professors have made up spells of their own overnight,” he said proudly.

“1000-10055 DAMAGE? Are you KIDDIN’ ME? Dude! That is super incredible! How much pips does it cost?” I asked.

“Surprisingly two, but be careful, this troll is sometimes way too powerful to control,” he said giving me a warning glance.

“I promise I’ll be careful professor Drake!” I said proudly. He just nodded and said, “Well, that’s the last of the spells I know.” Suddenly all the professor’s around the fighting circle started to clap. I smiled warmly at them.

“You did fantastically well Tabitha!” Headmaster Ambrose said behind me. I spun around and said, “Thank you Headmaster! Thank you!”

He just clapped and asked, “So do you think you are ready to fight Malistaire with your level and health?”

I frowned and my heart started beating. Was all that training I did just for nothing?

“I…I’ll try,” I said looking down at me feet. “Oh don’t worry at all young one,” Headmaster Ambrose said as if he were reading my thoughts. I looked up and saw him looking away doubtfully. I sighed. No one believed I was going to be able to defeat Malistaire… No one at all.

Headmaster Ambrose looked at me and said, “Are you prepared to teleport to his chamber?”

I looked away avoiding his gaze tired. Was I even ready? I then covered my disadvantages, looked at the Headmaster and boldly said, “Ready.” The Headmaster waved his wand murmuring unique words under his breath. I felt myself being picked up by light (or it was my mind wandering around) and felt heat burning my skin, or at least it felt like it. Suddenly, I disappeared and everything was dark. Glass floor, strong light from above, darkness seeking around me…

This was what I had been training to do for three whole days.

I was in the cold miserable chamber of Malistaire. Then, incredibly, I could see what was about me. There were many chambers and hallways surrounding me. From the tunnel behind me, I heard groans and yells of someone I knew. Someone I had to apologize to. Someone… someone…

Someone that I liked.

David StarCaster.

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