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The Quest for Olympus by Luis SoulHeart

It all started when I got to level fifty. I was so happy and I was about to throw a party... when Alhazred spoke. "Come and see me right away, young wizard." A chill went down my spine. I hadn't heard of my teacher doing anything when I reached Grandmaster! But I went, curious to see what would happen.

"Luis," Alhazred croaked. "You came."

"Yes," I said. "What must I do?"

"Have you heard the Greek Myths, my friend?" Alhazred looked at me, with glittering eyes. I furrowed my brow.

"Of course, but why is that important?" Alhazred chuckled.

"There is a world in the Spiral," he rasped. "That is the home to the Greek Gods. Its name is Atlantis." He handed me a spiral key.

"Go there, and tell Lady Athena and Lord Zeus that I, Alhazred sent you. Tell them it is time." I took the key, and walked out of the Balance school. Riding my Dark RedWing, FireStorm, I made it to the Spiral Chamber in no time. My hand shook as I put the key in the lock and turned it. The world gate flung open, and before me was a huge stretch of temples, and on the horizon, I saw a mountain with a city on the peak.

"Olympus." I murmured. I started riding FireStorm to the mountain, but things were bothering me. Alhazred had seemed ill, at the point of death even! I decided that he would survive. I passed a village, and I heard screaming. I decided to help. I urged FireStorm to fly with all his might, and soon we were at the scene of an attack. A titan was attacking a pair of siblings. I jumped of Firestorm and ran at the titan and engaged him in a duel. It was his turn first. He starting using Fire to power up. I realized with a start that he was going to do Fire Dragon.

"Two can play at that game." I muttered and started powering up and shielding. His attack came, and a Dragon landed in front of me. My shield saved me, and I cast my spell. Judgement. It defeated him, and I walked on. I arrived at Olympus at dusk, and knocked on the huge marble doors. I was greeted by who I guessed was Poseidon, and he escorted me to the Throne Room. I knelt, and the gods smiled at me.

"Alhazred sent me," I said. "He said that 'it is time'" Zeus regarded me, and whispered to Athena. Athena stood and spoke:

"We must speak to you, me and my father, without the other gods." The other Olympians left the room, and they spoke to me.

"So," Zeus said. "You are here for a spell."

" I do not know, lord, but I suppose." I was wondering what he was talking about.

" Well, I am already the Storm Lord, as you know," Zeus said. "But since you are family ..." What was he talking about? I was no god!

" I don't understand," I said. "I am no god."

"It's true, you're not," Athena agreed. "But you are half god."

" I ... I never knew my father" I said.

"That is because your father is the God of Balance. He is no longer an Olympian, but he has an invitation to rejoin." Zeus said this as if we were talking about my dad like he was Merlin.

"OK," I said, still shocked. "But can I have the spell you mentioned?" Athena smiled, and she gave me a spell card. Here is what it said:


Level: Fifty

Accuracy: 75%

Damage: Balance, Life, Death, Myth, Ice, Fire, or Storm god comes to help you. Does 700 damage to each enemy, including an extra feature pertaining to the school.

School: All level fifty wizards.

Pips: Seven

"Wow," I said. "My father will attack for me?"

"Err, no, sorry," said Athena. "I am the Goddess of Balance and your cousin. Weird thought, eh? But when it says 'extra feature pertaining to school, it can mean a lot of things. For instance, after I attack I will give you and your friends each a Balanceblade. And Hades (death) will heal his caster a bit. Zeus (storm) will give you more precision. Artemis (ice) will give you a full set of shields. Hephaestus (fire) will leave a small fire linger on the enemy, Hermes (myth) will give you a minion, and Demeter (life) will give you a gradual small heal. But we ask you a favor. You must slay Kronos."

"I will go," I said. "Then I shall return to Alhazred. I will see you when I cast my spell!" I slipped three of the spell cards into my deck , and left.

I found the Titan Lord soon enough, and engaged him in a duel. I nearly fainted. He had fifteen thousand health. I saved my pips and cats Olympus. Ineterestingly, my wand did the balance symbol (I supposed because it was summoning the balance goddess) and Athena appeared in a flash of light, smiled at me, and slashed at Kronos with her sword. Kronos howled in pain and lost ten thousand heath (I powered up a LOT) and Athena gave me a Balanceblade before she dissappeared. I took advantage of the blade, and I casted a full power pip Judgment in a few turns, killing Kronos ( more power ups).

It was midnight by now, and I returned to Alhazred. He looked more healthy now.

"You did well, my student," Alhazred said. "Now take this sword, and become the leader of the Order of Judgment, the Guild of Sorcery. I took the sword he held out. It was three feet long and had one jewel, no, seen jewels melted together in the hilt.Each was a school gemstone. The blade was light and it looked like it was made from Ghost Steel, a metal of Dragonspyre.

"Thank you." I said.

"One day that sword will save the Spiral from destruction." he said. "The Great God of Balance told me."

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