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Problem City by Jake Reed

Chapter 1
Dark Fairies

Charge and take them out!” I, Jacob Firegem, cried as my battalion of young wizards faced off against Dark Fairies of Unicorn Way. The fairies were, at one time, good spirits, but an evil sorcerer with a hideous beard and pale face swathed in dark robes named Malistare had altered them with Dark Magic. Malistare used to teach Death magic, but the school where he taught broke away from the face of the Earth years ago. Now it was up to a small force of wizards, led by the talented Professor Ambrose, to defeat all the forces Malistare had created in Wizard City.

With a flick of a wand, students summoned Thunder Snakes, Fire Cats, Scarabs, Ice Beetles, Blood Bats, Dark Pixies (Malistare created this spell), and annoying Imps. I surveyed the battle scene and watched as a Fire Cat pounced on and incinerated a Dark Fairy and a Thunder Snake coiled around and spat a lightning bolt on another.

“Jump!” I yelled to a student as two Dark Fairies swarmed around his feet, firing balls of black energy. I figured they could handle this duel so I wandered further down the street and came face-to-face with the meanest ghost ever; Lady Blackhope.

Chapter 2
Black Hope

Lady Blackhope was a sickly shade of semi-transparent blue and she sneered and giggled with a hideous voice that sounded like nails on a blackboard. I flicked my wand and casted a Troll to keep her busy while I summoned my Lightning Bats; Larry, Jerry, and Zap to send this cruel beast back to where she came from. The green, warty troll swung his club at Lady Blackhope and knocked her on the head. Eventually Lady Blackhope sent a sickly green ball at him which sent him flying into one of the houses on the other side of the street. That was the end of that troll.

“You shall suffer the consequence of disturbing my evil armies!” Blackhope cried as she sent a Fire Cat flying at me.

I shoved the scorching hot cat off me and casted a charm to summon my pet bats. All of a sudden, the sky darkened as Larry, Jerry, and Zap whizzed out and swarmed around Lady Blackhope, engulfing her in lightning. I could hear the wails of the ghost from inside the lightning shell the blue and yellow bats weaved. When the bats tired, they flew up into the black hole they came from. Blackhope lay on the ground, slowly dissipating into green mist.

She wheezed, “I shall get my revenge…Malistare…destroy…Wizard City,” and faded into mist.

When I turned around to check on my amigo’s progress I found green wisps rising into the air; the good souls of the fairies had been released. I sent the novice wizards to their dormitories to rest. Problem One was solved, but there was an issue I needed to attend to in Triton Avenue. I rushed through Unicorn Park, informed Ceren Nightchant, a Life Magic Student, that the evil fairy population was under control, rushed up through the Commons, through the Shopping District, through Olde Town to a tunnel that led you to Triton Avenue, took a breath, and stepped in.

Chapter 3
Something Rotten

The first thing I noticed on the street was everything had a hue of blue-gray, like thunderstorm clouds. The next thing I noticed was the pedestrians. Haunted Minions, human-shaped wooden constructs, limped around on the street with their staves. I flicked my wand and my Lightning Bats flapped down through their black hole transporter. They emitted lasers from their eyes which lit some of the Minions on fire and sent explosions of wood everywhere! The surviving Minions were covered in charcoal, and if they had eyes, they would be giving me a very dirty look.

“Scramble!” I yelled as Jerry and Larry ran circles around the villains to raise their tempers while Zap shot random lightning bolts out of his eyes to defeat the irate crowd.

The bats seemed to have the issue under control so I dashed on to meet a Storm and Death student down by the old Four-Falls Mill, which is on the other side of a river standing high upon a cliff. The only way to get up there is by teleportation. When I rushed down to meet Susie Gryphonbane and Duncan Grimwater, I noticed the teleportation system wasn’t working properly.

“What is your name, wizard?” asked Susie alertly.

“Jacob Firegem,” I replied.

“Hello, Jacob,” Susie replied much calmer

“What’s wrong with the teleporter to the Four Falls?” I asked Duncan, the Death student.

“Sergeant Skullsplitter nabbed our supply of Lumina Crystals,” he replied, shaking his black staff and pointing to the teleporter, “The very thing that runs these transportation devices.”

“How do I defeat this, Sergeant Skullsplitter?” I inquired.

Susie pointed to the way I had come. “Make a right turn on that corner across from the entrance to Triton Avenue. Then make a left and you’ll find his tower. Also, there are a few ghouls guarding his tower that are called Rotting Fodders. They have giant magic spades, rotten ugly faces, and tattered clothes from living under a grave so long.”

I shuddered.

“What?” said Duncan, “You aren’t scared, are you?”

I shook my head and prepared to kick some moldy Rotting Fodder’s rear ends.

Chapter 4

I rushed down the streets and found shards of broken wood everywhere. I had intended for the Lightning Bats to clean it up. But they’re bats, and the bat has a brain the size of a cashew.

I made a right turn and found two Rotting Fodders that Susie had described. They were fast asleep, spades lying on the ground, buttoned coats drooping, and drool trickling out of their mouth. They lay on the sidewalk so peacefully, I let them be. I made a left turn and encountered another Rotting Fodder, only awake this time. He waved his spade and a black hole appeared; only this hole emitted an enormous hybrid of a scorpion and lobster. He punched me with his claw and I dropped to the ground. Then I remembered how to defeat any arachnid, big or small. I shot a net out of my wand and ensnared him in it. Then I sprinkled a pile of dirt on the ground and a grave appeared which I shoved the nasty Fodder into.

“Have fun,” I smiled.

I opened the door to Sergeant Skullsplitter’s tower, called the Skull Fort, and found a slouched skeleton wearing a hood and boxing glove and bearing a sword. Skullsplitter. Next to him was a Snake Woman called a Scarlet Screamer. They were cousins of banshees with fire red hair that stood on end and bright red garments to match their scarlet skin. I waved my wand and casted a small fire flare to hold back the screamer. I summoned my Lightning Bats who attacked with skill on the skeletal demon while I dealt out a few more flares on the snake woman. She summoned a Cyclops who beat me with his club while my Lightning bats vaporized Skullsplitter. I used a little mind control charm to turn the Cyclops against the snake woman. He leaped onto the Scarlet Screamer and defeated her. Then I snatched a barrel of Lumina Crystals from the back of the room and bestowed them to Susie and Duncan.

“Thank you,” said the two. “We now have a new quest for you. You must defeat the Harvest Lord and his army of Rotting Fodders and Scarlet Screamers. We will tag along and help.”

We sprinkled the glowing green crystals onto the teleporter platform and it lit up its usual bright blue. We stepped on to the teleporter and hoped for the best in this new challenge.

Chapter 5
Harvest without the Veggies

On the top of the cliff Rotting Fodders and Scarlet Screamers marched back and forth like British Royal guards. When they caught sight of me every monster sent a myriad of lightning bolts flickering from their fingers and spades. I leaped up in the air and sent two dozen Scarabs flying at the enemy. I fell down on a Scarlet Screamer and drop-kicked her into the crowd for a diversion. Duncan used this as an advantage to summon his two Wraiths.

They wore black hooded cloaks so their face was shrouded except for two glowing red eyes and a skeletal smile. Their gauntleted hands held scythes, their feet were wrapped in black foot wraps, and they smelled of rot. They swung their gray scythes and vanquished a dozen snake women. The Rotting Fodders crowded around the Wraiths to cast spells on them but Duncan’s friends kept hacking through the enemy with their scythes.

“Jerry! Larry! Zap!” I shouted.

My Lightning Bats bombarded the screaming banshees with lightning bolts to match theirs while the Wraiths kept the Fodders busy. Meanwhile, Susie, Duncan, and I huddled to form another game plan.

“How are we going to sneak around them to reach the Harvest Lord?” questioned Susie.

“There’s so many of them, we’ll never get through without being noticed,” I added.

“Should we fly?” Duncan suggested as he pulled three pairs of wings from his knapsack.

We soared over the monster’s heads and landed on the other side of the army. We ventured through the street and came to the Harvest Lord’s domain but standing in our way were two Scarlet Screamers, apparently guards. I flicked my wand and a rainbow formed with a Leprechaun sliding down it. He tossed his magic gold on the screamers that was enchanted to vaporize anything it touched. The snake women dissipated into red mist and we blundered into the Harvest Lord’s tower.

“So we have new pests,” the Harvest Lord sneered. He had a cruel jack-o-lantern head and a black cloak was draped over his body while his arms were positioned over a horizontal pole like a scarecrow. Two crows perched on his pole and they cawed furiously. Accompanying him were two Rotting Fodders and a Haunted Minion painted black with glowing red eye slits, apparently his apprentice.

“We are not pests!” I shouted crossly.

“Then why do you trespass in my dominion?” the Harvest Lord replied as his two crows cawed at us.

“We want you to call off your troops,” Susie said angrily.

“And why would I do that?”

“Because, because…”

“Apprentice, finish off the bothersome girl and ghouls, take the boys. I shall show them the full wrath of the Undead!” The Harvest Lord stormed upstairs.

The Apprentice leaped on Susie and made her drowsy with Dark Magic. The ghouls shot bolts of lightning at Duncan and me, all of which missed. Using our combined strength we casted a Minotaur with a giant chopping battle axe to defeat the Fodders.

Chop! Chop! Timber!

With the ghouls down, Duncan and I proceeded on to help Susie who was locked in battle with the Apprentice. I casted a Troll, who knocked the enemy into the other wall at the end of the room. For a second the Apprentice’s glowing eyes faded, but his eyes soon lit up and he stood up in the same fashion as a marionette, just lifting himself right up without using his arms or legs. He waved his black staff and a Wraith appeared.

“This dude knows some good magic,” I warned.

The Wraith swung his scythe at Duncan, who grabbed a trophy sword off of a wall just in time to parry his attack.

“Duncan!” Susie yelled. “Be careful!”

The Death student ignored Susie and kept on hacking at the Wraith until he dropped like a dead fly, his eyes fading like the Apprentice’s and his malicious mouth disappearing. Soon, he was nothing but a black cloak lying out on the floor like dirty laundry. The Apprentice snatched the Wraith’s scythe and whacked Duncan with it, and Duncan fell unconscious.

Susie screamed in horror and I yelled, “Don’t touch my friend.”

I casted a Helephant, the most powerful spell I’d ever casted. The Helephant stamped on the Apprentice, leaving him a wreck of black wood. The Apprentice stood up and fled out the door before the Helephant could harm him any longer. I dropped to the floor, feeling so weak I couldn’t move. Suddenly, I heard Susie scream, “Help! They’re attamrphh!”

I jumped up and saw the Apprentice and two Scarlet Screamers carting away my friends. Suddenly, I felt an arm close around my neck. The Harvest Lord was back.

“Ha, ha, ha,” he cackled. “You shan’t see your friends again unless you can get past my minions.”

I pushed the tip of my wand into his stomach and casted a ray of fire magic.

“Owee!” he cried. “Hot! Hot! HOT!”

I then shot a jet of water at his jack-o-lantern head since it was glowing. I figured there was some sort of fiery substance inside. The Harvest Lord screamed as smoke poured out from his eyes, nose, and mouth. His jack-o-lantern head exploded into a pile of pumpkin shells and mush as his body fell onto the ground. I stepped over the defeated Wraith and blundered out the tower just in time to see Susie and an unconscious Duncan get dragged into a cave across the street. The portcullis was open and strange thorny plants shaped like tentacles grew around the entrance. I did not know the dangers inside of Haunted Cave, where the men of the Harvest Lord’s race swarmed around the streets, so I stepped inside the cave just as the gate shut behind me.

Chapter 6
Haunted Cave

Just as everything in Triton Avenue was bluish-gray, everything in Haunted Cave was black or very dark gray. All of a sudden two black masses landed on top of me! I spun around and found that two Rotting Fodders had jumped on me from their perch on a ledge off the wall just above the cave entrance. I zapped them with my wand and heaved the now defeated monsters off of me.

“Now where is the Apprentice?” I wondered out loud.

At that moment the Apprentice came running around the corner at full speed and skidded to a halt right in front of me, waving his staff and sending Dark Fairies flying everywhere. I zapped a few with my fire rays but they were just too abundant to stop. I flicked my wand and transformed it into a giant flyswatter. SWAT! SWAT! SWAT! I vanquished them all and cast a Leprechaun at the Apprentice. His magic gold singed gashes in the Apprentice’s armor and he jumped out of sight to avoid any more harm.

Then, I met a Field Guard, who was trained by the Harvest Lord, looked like the Harvest Lord, and used the same Dark Magic as the Harvest Lord and the Apprentice. He casted two Trolls, who charged at me viciously. I sent one flying into the cave ceiling with my fire ray, and transformed my wand into a sword.

“Whoa. How did I do—” I couldn’t finish my sentence because I parried an attack from the Troll’s club and zapped him with a lightning bolt. I then casted an Imp at the Field Guard, who taunted the villain to the point that the Field Guard became confused and began attacking himself. I watched as he shot a jet of water at his face which extinguished his flame and sent him rolling head over heels into one of the walls of the houses on the sidewalk.

I rounded the corner and saw a hole at the end of the cave, which looked out to the setting sun, a tower that casted a shadow (As if it couldn’t be darker already) over the street, also at the end of the cave. Then, I perceived a dozen Field Guards, two Scarlet Screamers, and the Apprentice, patched up and new, surrounding Susie and a conscious and frightened Duncan.

“Let go of my friends,” I said firmly.

“Why should we?” said a Field Guard whose voice sounded too much like the Harvest Lord.

“Because I said so,” I replied, automatically regretting my silly choice of words.

The Field Guards burst in laughter. I casted a Minotaur followed by a Troll to defeat the Monsters. The Minotaur began turning those Field Guards into pumpkin pie while the Troll fought the Scarlet Screamers.

I charged forward through a pile of black cloaks and pumpkin shards, transformed my wand into a sword again, began cutting the bindings on Susie and Duncan’s wrists, and handed them their wands. We began ambushing the Apprentice as the Minotaur and Troll finished their work. The evil Apprentice casted a Wraith on Susie and Duncan while occupying me with a Cyclops. I jumped up, poked the Cyclops in the eye, and he darted away blubbering. I then tapped on the Wraith’s shoulder and he swung around his scythe quickly. I ducked and his scythe went too far and made contact with the other side of his body.

“Nice one,” said Susie.

I didn’t have time to say thank you because the Apprentice was hot on our heels. I bolted around the corner and Duncan shot a boulder at the gate which blew it open. We darted through the hole and out of Triton Avenue into Olde Town.

“I think we lost him,” said Duncan.

We may have lost him, but our problems were only beginning.

Chapter 7
Trolls are J-Walkers

“We eat you for breakfast,” said a big, gruff, voice behind us. We turned around and saw the Cyclops I poked in the eye earlier with two thirty feet tall, horrid Cyclopes with nasty green eyes and muscular arms the size of tree trunks! They held clubs in their meaty hands that actually were tree trunks and they showed off their twelve-pack abs and enormous muscles.

“This is a big problem,” Susie said. “I think we’d better retreat!

“Retreat?” Duncan asked in disbelief. “Behind us are the Apprentice and an irate army of Rotting Fodders and Scarlet Screamers, and in front of us are enormous Cyclopes that could squish us like bugs with their massive clubs! You want to retreat forward or backward and get pulverized!?”

“How about up?” I suggested. When you walk in to Olde Town, you face a little street called Cyclops lane. When you walk down a ramp pointing to the left and turn to the right, you’ll find Triton Avenue, where we stood presently. If you keep going down the ramp and do another right turn, you’ll find yourself standing in front of Fire Cat Alley. The ramps connect all of Olde Town, because there are cliffs you would not like to jump off of. Since the Cyclopes blocked the ramp, we grabbed wings out of Duncan’s knapsack and soared up the cliff.

“See you later, you ugly fat-heads!” Duncan taunted.

“Duncan, I wouldn’t do that,” Susie warned.

BOOM! Duncan was knocked out of the air with a Cyclops’ club and he managed to just barely hover over one’s foot. The Cyclops tried to bash him with his club but Duncan shot out of the way just in time.

“OWEE! My toes! They hurt!” the monster screamed. He trembled and hopped on his one foot up the ramp and squeezed into Cyclops Lane.

All that remained were the one I’d poked in the eye and one of the massive Cyclopes that was apparently his friend. They growled at Duncan and tried to smash him with their clubs.

“Griddlefank, you handle the tasty little munchies on the cliff while I take the flying one,” said the smaller Cyclops.

“Sure thing, Eyebard,” Griddlefank replied.

Griddlefank, the massive, more ferocious one, swung his club at Susie and me just as we leapt out of the way. Susie flew onto his stomach like a bug and clung to it with her life. As the Cyclops bashed his club against his stomach, she darted out of the way. Griddlefank wailed and, like the one before him, zipped into Cyclops Lane before his “munchies” could beat him up.

I observed as Duncan summoned his Wraiths to hack away at Eyebard’s feet. Eybard finally darted into Cyclops Lane, blubbering worse than ever.

“Phew!” Susie sighed. “I guess our battle is done.”

No sooner than she said that cries for help came from Cyclops Lane and two Trolls came flying out from the entrance and a million rays of fire followed. We rushed into Cyclops Lane and found countless Trolls cutting off two wizards on broomsticks and one on a horse, grabbing the broomsticks and tampering with them and sending the horse into frenzy. I transformed my wand into a sword and began distracting the Trolls. I summoned my Lightning Bats and Duncan fetched his Wraiths while Susie casted hundreds of Scorpions down on the enemies. The Scorpions pinched the Trolls, I engaged two of the monsters with my sword, Duncan cast rays of fire like a madman, Susie blasted sparks, my Lightning Bats joined Susie and shot bolts of lightning at the Trolls, and the Wraiths fought back to back with their scythes.

“Helephant!” Susie yelled at the Trolls. Trolls must be pea-brains, just like my bats, because they just kept on trying to squish Susie. A Helephant appeared and tossed around those green warty trolls like rag dolls.

“Helephant!” I yelled, and another appeared.

Those two Helephants whipped the Trolls! Just to add to the fun, Duncan said, “Helephant.”

Soon there were three Helephants stepping on Trolls and swinging their weapons, reducing the number of enemies by a ton. When all the Trolls were defeated, the Wraiths faded away; the Lightning Bats flew up into their black hole, and the novice wizards rode into Olde Town.

Susie, Duncan, and I stepped out of Cyclops Lane and began to hear and enormous battle from Fire Cat Alley. A jet of splinters shot out from the tunnel and the Apprentice with it. He casted a Wraith at whoever was on the other end of the tunnel and noticed us. We grabbed Duncan’s wings and soared through the air, but the Apprentice began fraying feathers with Dark Magic. Down we went like airplanes about to crash, right into the Apprentice.

“Your time is up, you Apprentice demon. You’ve crossed the line with me,” I scolded as my wand transformed into a sword again.

The Apprentice transformed his into a double-bladed lance and we crossed blades and dueled viciously. I poked the Apprentice in the chest and casted a fire ray at the same time. Foom! His chest burst into flames and he tried to extinguish it but the fire was too big. I sent fire rays flying all over his body as he tried to poke me, but I parried all his attacks. He finally managed to jab me as he engulfed in flames. The lance emitted deadly poison so Duncan casted a Pixie to heal me but two very terrible things happened. One, the Pixie never reached me, and two, the Apprentice intercepted it and was healed and whole again. To be continued…

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