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The Phoenix King: The Darkness by Kevin

Me and Amy walked into the school, frightened as if it were our last moment as wizards. As we walked in, a man with a hunched back stared at Amy and I. The students looked at us as the man was too. One student was too busy staring at another with fire blazing in his eyes. Amy and I stood there, nervous. Every student except the one, had all evil looking eyes, on Me and Amy. All of the sudden, someone's voice was talking to me inside of my mind. I was quite questioned why a voice is inside of me. The man quickly shot his eyes to a boy wearing a dark black, demonic cloak. He crippled his hand into a beasts claw, and the boy who was wearing the demonic cloak, was transformed into a weasel. Everyone casted their eyes quickly over to the transformed boy, and started to laugh. The weasel / boy ran scurried out the door, squeaking. Amy and I laughed so hard, we could've stopped breathing! All the sudden, the hunched man spoke, "Allow me to introduce myself, I'm Dworgyn the Death School Assistant."
Greetings, Dworgyn!

Hello, Dworgyn. Said I and Amy with pleasure. Dworgyn chuckled with a crooked smile, and a twitching eye. Amy and I both looked at each other nervously.

Please, have a seat. said Dworgyn happily with a grin on his face. Amy and I both chose a desk without spiders, and potions set on the surface of them.

Class, we have two new students with us today and they are, Amy MythSword, and Kevin. announced Dworgyn to the class.

And Kevin, that boy who was Mind Speaking to you, I will personally teach you that technique today after class. said Dworgyn. I shook my head up and down. Amy chuckled and was shaking her head. Dworgyn hovered his hand over the chalk, making it float.

Today class, we will be learning the Wraith. said Dworgyn grinning as the chalk wrote it on the board. Dworgyn pulled out his wand from his sheath, waving it in the air and shooting the tip of his wand to the floor. A circle containing a skull flared black light in the shape of it into the classroom. All the students piered over the side of their desks looking at the light. The black light started to flare insanely. A Wraith rising from upon the light with a showering black mist falling down gently. I squinted my eyes at the Wraith to get a closer view, and as I stared into it's eyes, they dimmed a dead yellow. It glared at a student, raising it's bones for hands pulling the student's soul away. Dworgyn shouted, "I command you to halt your doing, now!".

Save me someone! cried the boy's weeping soul.

Dworgyn ran to the front of the Wraith as fast as he could before the Wraith could take the boy. Dworgyn pushed his thumb on the Wraith's forehead, and another thumb on it's chest area. Dworgyn shut his eyes, and the Wraith stopped pulling. I was watching, hoping I could learn something. Dworgyn's head cast up, litting his mouth, eyes shooting a black dark beam into the ceiling. The Wraith screeched noisily, like millions of dead and lost souls. The dark beams stopped flaring into the ceiling. Everything grew silent, until the Wraith shattered into ashes.

I guess we aren't learning Wraith today are we? I asked sheepishly.
Dworgyn sir, what was all that dark magic for? asked Amy.

Dworgyn was stunned.

I wouldn't say, young wizards. said Dworgyn, sweating.

All the other students asked the same thing over and over again.

Okay, young wizards. I'll say, but only if you keep it in this class. said Dworgyn sternly.

All the students and I shook our heads up and down, agreeing to Dworgyn's statement.

It's a special element where you can get in touch with the Phoenix King and take away their bending, and magic. But it's something a young wizard should NOT know. once again Dworgyn stated sternly.
Well anyway Kevin, let's try that technique I said before, shall we? said Dworgyn grinning.
But it...
But what, young wizard? said Dworgyn.
But it's not the end of class yet. I said.

Dworgyn point his finger at the clock and made it speed up to the end of class.

Now it is. said Dworgyn with a mental smile on his face.

I sat in my seat while the other students walked out, in misery.

Young wizard, I am about to teach you the most dangerous technique that Malistaire has ever created. said Dworgyn nervously.
You must concentrate on their eyes, and speak in your mind, but if you say something deadly in your mind, you could kill that person. said Dworgyn.

I started to pick up an empty mind and glaring in Dworgyn's eyes.

Can you hear me sir? I thought in my mind.
You picked up already, young wizard?! thought Dworgyn stunned back to me.

As we were communicating through thoughts, the whole area of Nightside started to rumble heavily. Dworgyn and I ran outside as quick as we could and as we got there, a black cloud descended upon the ground, and came out Draconians. The Draconians shot black meteors at Dworgyn and I. Dworgyn was hit by the meteor, falling down in pain paralyzed. Then Malistaire descended onto the black cloud, clapping his hands amusingly.

Splendid little act my children. sneered Malistaire.

I glared into Malistaire's eyes, reading thoughts. His thoughts gave me valuable information to where Dworgyn and I were going.

Now to take these wretched fools to the Zarkanican Chamber of Chains. me reading Malistaire's thoughts.
Take these foul fools to the Lair, my children. sneered Malistaire angrily.

Two Draconians picked us up by the back of our necks. They both jumped onto the cloud with Malistaire, and took off. Ambrose and a few students, ran into Nightside and searched through the whole Death School. Ambrose held his head in shame.

He's taken them, Dworgyn and Kevin have been taken away.

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