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Olympus in the Spiral by Devin DragonHeart

My name is Devin Dragonthief.
One day, when I woke up in my Dorm Room, and I felt something had changed.
I got out of bed and looked out my window.
Lightning flashed from a gray thunderstorm that churned above.
Thunder roared in the distance.
Suddenly, I was thrown off my feet as the whole world beneath me rumbled.
Soot fell from the ceiling and from in between bricks as my whole Dorm Room shook.
My floorboards shook violently, and some even snapped, revealing the stone underneath them.
My desk fell on its side, books and papers scattering across the floor.
Suddenly, my whole window filled with a blinding light as a bolt of lightning exploded and started a fire nearby the Dorms, where Simeon was usually standing.
I slowly got up off the floor, and decided to go outside to see what was causing all the commotion.
As I stepped onto the cobblestone road, I felt something different.
Something cold.
I looked down.
Of course!
Water lapped at my ankles, soaking through my boots and into my socks.
As I looked around me, I noticed that the whole school was flooded!
Where the broken gap in the land where the Death School used to be was water, a whole entire ocean stretching as far as I could see.
Students stared around them in awe.
Most of the students had climbed up Bartleby’s roots, avoiding the water that now filled the school.
Suddenly a huge tsunami came crashing down from the mini-sea where the Death School used to be.
It crashed down beside me as I was running to Bartleby to take cover, leaving me soaking wet.
I was so soaking I thought I should use some Fire magic to dry me.
I went over to Bernie, the Fire Tree, and the Fire magic that radiated of his blazing boughs dried me instantly.
After thanking him, I asked him if he knew what was going on.
“No,” he said, unfortunately, I don’t know what’s going on.
“I was just listening to the morning birds chirping, and suddenly, a thunderstorm started, these earthquakes started, and all this water rose up to Ravenwood and started flooding the whole school!”
“I can’t imagine what’s happening in the lower parts of Wizard City, maybe it’s flooded to the sky; you should check it out, but be prepared to hold your breath!” said Bernie.
I said goodbye to him and rushed off towards the tunnel that lead to the Commons, but before I could even get past the Storm School, I was thrown off of my feet by another earthquake.
The earth and buildings shook once more and the cobblestone road cracked.
I rose, and quickly darted through the tunnel to the Commons.
I found that the Commons wasn’t flooded entirely, but the water was up to my knees.
All the teachers and Headmaster Ambrose were pointing their wands at the sky, their faces contorted with concentration.
A huge glowing yellow magical wall stretched from the below the Library and the rest of Wizard City to Ravenwood, and I noticed it was enchantment to keep the water out.
But every now and then, the wall vanished for a second, letting more and more water seep into the Commons, but it reappeared once more after that.
“Young wizard,” said the Headmaster, turning to me, “I’m glad you showed up, we need an extra hand with this spell to keep the water out, please help us.”
“Ok,” I said, drawing my wand, “What’s the spell?”
“It is a Myth spell, said Ambrose, “and the words you must speak to cast it are Waterus Shieldus.”
“And don’t worry if you feel overwhelmed by the spell, it is very strong and hard to concentrate on…see, even the teachers are having troubles with it.”
He gestured toward the constantly vanishing yellow wall.
Before I drew the Myth symbol in the air and said “Waterus Shieldus”, I asked the Headmaster, “Sir, do you know what’s going on with the water, the thunder and lightning, and the earthquakes?”
“I believe I do, young wizard,” said the Headmaster.
“Are you familiar with the Greek Gods?” he asked me.
I nodded.
I loved Greek Mythology so much and enjoyed reading about it and learning more about the Greek monsters and gods.
“Well,” said Ambrose, “I believe Hades is the cause of the earthquakes, for he controls the ground and underground, and Zeus must be responsible for the thunder and lightning, for he controls the sky, and Poseidon must be causing these floods, for he controls the sea”
“Therefore,” said the Headmaster, with a grim expression, “I believe this is a war between the Big Three gods.”

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