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The Necromancer's Matter (part 6) - Blade of Seven by Destiny SeaGem

Destiny sighed. "Seriously, do I HAVE to wear these Mooshu robes?" She asked Jason as they entered Mooshu.
Jason nodded. "It would be best," He said. "Cows are very critical on looks."
Destiny sighed again. "Well, at least I can wear my frost-touched cap and onyx studded boots."
"Just be glad you aren't in Marleybonian clothes anymore," Jason pointed out. "You HATED that,"
Destiny shuddered. Jason's words played a recap in her mind of Marleybone: Vladimir, His speech about the connection to Destiny, The legendary wizard Life, Thorn Manor, Cody's blue hair, Alexis's Ordeal, the sweat that had poured down on her forehead as she and Alexis tried to escape the Manor.
Vladimir had reverted Cody Shadowstrider, a desendant of Death, on his side. But Destiny had recieved a dream that could mean another desendant of Death right here in Mooshu.
The name now seared through her brain. She remembered the dream, the guy in the hooded cloak, the brown-haired and blue-eyed girl in black and red Mooshu robes. They had to look for the girl. After that, they had to go and try to search for a desendant of Balance. It was best if they were quick about it.
The name of the girl. It had to be.
Once the rest of the Order of the Spiral came through, Jason cleared his throat. "Okay, we're going to do what we did in Grizzlehiem, if any of you remember that," Natalie, Destiny, Ryan and Chris nodded. "We're going to take areas and search. Alexis, you'll search in Hametsu Village. Esmee, you'll look in the Village of Sorrow. Natalie, to the Tatakai Outpost. Chris, go to The Tree of Life. Ryan, go to the Cave of Solitude. Destiny, you'll remain here at the Jade Palace. I'll cover the Field of Crimson. They aren't all the areas in Mooshu, not even near, but its a start. Again, move out!"
The Order of the Spiral parted seperate directions, leaving Destiny in the dust. This is a really good task for a luitenant, Destiny grumbled in her mind. They just wanted to leave her behind. Of course, because she was the necromancer.
Destiny sighed. There was no chance that this Jessica person could be in the commons. She decided to go for a walk instead.
Maybe I should look in the shops, Destiny mused. See what kind of gear I can get when I become of higher rank.
Instead, Destiny went to the pets shop. I bet they have cool pets there, Destiny thought.
She entered and looked around. Then she saw a ninja pig. She walked up to the shopkeeper and asked, "How much are the ninja pigs?"
The shopkeeper gave her the price.
Destiny looked through her gold. Not even near enough. She sighed.
"I think I can help," Someone suggested.
"Thanks," Destiny said.
The girl looked in her pouch. "Shoot, not enough," She said.
Destiny was so obsessed in the pet thing that at first she didn't realize just who the girl was. She had long brown-black hair, blue eyes, light skin, and wore red and black Mooshu robes.
It was Jessica, descendant of Death.
Destiny breathed hard. She was here, Jason assigned me the right place.
"Um, are you okay?" Jessica asked.
Destiny shook her head rapidly, as if shaking off her momentarily being far off. "Yeah, don't worry," She said.
Jessica smiled. "I'm Jessica," She said, showing a hand.
I think I know that, Destiny thought. But aloud she said. "Pleased to meet you. Destiny Seagem," She said, taking it.
Destiny looked in her pouch, hoping the communication stone was still there. Luckly, it was. Eagerly, she took the stone and silver stick out and wrote, Come here quickly! I found her!
Destiny grabbed Jessica's hand. "Come on, there's someone I need you to meet," She said. Partially true.
As soon as Destiny lead Jessica outside, Jason had appeared. He studied Jessica. "Is this the one?" He asked.
Destiny nodded. "Jessica, meet Jason. Jason, meet Jessica." Jason and Jessica shook hands.
Suddenly Jessica clutched her head. Oh no, Destiny thought. Jessica screamed in pain before passing out.
Jason nodded. They knew why she had passed out. The Ordeal.
"She's the descendant of Death, alright," Jason approved. "Come on, we need to get her to someplace safe, but she can't get the idea that we've kidnapped her into her head."
Destiny nodded. How were they going to keep her safe and look after her without kidnapping her? "Well, we managed Alexis pretty well," She mused.
"Here, lets find a base in Mooshu and get everyone over." Jason said. Destiny nodded. Destiny picked Jessica up and followed Jason to the spiral chamber to hide out. Once they reached the spiral chamber, Jason told Destiny to stay there while he would gather the rest of the Order of the Spiral. An hour passed. Then two hours. It was about to reach three when Jason emerged with the rest of the Order of the Spiral. Jessica still hadn't woken from her Ordeal.
Alexis looked at Jessica in what seemed amazement. "Are you sure this is the descendant of Death?" She asked. "She doesn't really look that, well, you know, Death-like, except for her clothes."
Destiny nodded. "Why else would she appear in a dream?" She questioned.
Alexis threw her hands in the air. "Hey, I was just suggesting," She said.
Natalie ran to Destiny. "Hey Destiny," She said. "I saw this boy as I was patrolling, and as he passed by me, he gave me this note. It's for you." Natalie handed her a folded piece of paper.
Destiny unfolded it and saw neat, red handwriting. She read:

Destiny Seagem:
Meet by the palace tomorrow at evening. Come alone. If you bring the Order of the Spiral, we will see it as a threat and will not take it lightly.

It was not signed.
"That's all?" She asked, after she read it twice, once in to herself, another out loud.
"Apparently they want to negotiate or something," Esmee said.
"But it could be a trap," Ryan reasoned. "It said to come alone."
"Maybe we should hide or something to see if it is a trap," Natalie suggested.
Jason shook his head. "I don't think this person is dumb," He said. "He or she wouldn't easily fall for it."
"I know," Destiny said. "I have the communication stone. If they attack me I can write and you guys can come. I'll go ahead and do it."

Destiny clutched the stone as she headed towards the palace. It had been about a day now and Jessica still hadn't woken up. Ryan did point out it could take a while, She pointed out to herself.
Destiny was alone. No one, not even Nikki, was with her. Destiny then missed the sound of her annoying chirps. She came only with the clothes on her back, the stone in her pouch, and her wand hidden in her robe, prepared to fight.
She squinted as she saw a white flag perched on the steps of the green palace of jade. She could make out two people standing on either side of the flag. On the flag's left was a girl. On its right was a boy. Destiny reconized them at once, and immediately dreaded coming in the first place.
Well, Neela and Cody did come with a white flag, She reasoned. White flags usually mean surrender or truce.
Neela grinned as Destiny climbed up the steps. "Hello, Destiny," Neela said.
Destiny grinned sweetly back as she said, "Hi, Traitor,"
Neela's grin faded as she shook her head. "When can we put the past behind us and focus on the present?" She questioned.
"Never," Destiny replied. "The past is one of the things that motivates me."
Destiny heard the sound of footsteps. Neela heard this too, because she turned her head. Cody didn't. He just said, "He's coming,"
Destiny knew exactly who 'He' reffered to. Vladimir.
Vladimir paused when he was in front of the flag and face-to-face with Destiny. "You do realize we're considering this to be a trap?" Destiny questioned him.
Vladimir nodded. "I do indeed," He said. He raised his head up and looked at the white flag looming above them. "But we are under a white flag, no? And surely you realize what a white flag means?"
Destiny nodded. "But how do I know this isn't a ploy?"
Vladimir considered Destiny's statement. "Very true," He said. "But I do come in peace,"
"Something tells me that, knowing you, that's not true," Destiny pointed out.
Vladimir sighed. "You don't trust me."
"I think you need to work on the meaning of trust," Destiny agreed. "I get that for some reason, you think that the word trust refers to the fact that you get to backstab and backstab all you like and yet people still like you. Is that what it is, according to you?" Destiny flicked her head to the left, pretending to be confused.
Vladimir sighed again. "Lets get on with it," He said. He grinned. "Anyways, I come in peace. I want to make a deal, as you would call it."
"What kind of deal?" Destiny asked. She pretended to ponder for a minute, then said, "Oh yeah, the kind of deal where you get everything you want and we are left with nothing."
Vladimir was growing exhausted from Destiny's backtalk. "No, not that kind," He said. "A trade, you might say."
Destiny opened her mouth for a side comment, but no words could escape from her mouth before Vladimir said, "I can give you the Krokodial," He said.
Destiny was interested. They only needed one more descendant, but they had no leads whatsoever on the Descendant of Balance and this could win the battle for them. But at what cost? "What do you need?" She asked.
Vladimir smiled. He had rid Destiny of her backstabbing words. "I'll need the shredded gold you retrived from the patrolkrok," He asked.
Aha! "So that's what Neela came to the base for!" She said.
"Don't push it," Neela grunted.
Destiny smiled evilly. "I can push it all I like," She said. "And right now, there is nothing you can do about it."
Neela looked like she was about to burst.
"Now, now," Vladimir soothed the girls.
"Wait," Destiny said. "Why do I get the feeling that you can do something disasterous with the gold?" She asked. "What's so special about it?"
"That's none of your business," Vladimir said.
"If I currently own it and am considering giving it," She said. "It is perfectly my business. I need to know just what I am giving up, because I know you're losing a lot when you hand over the Krokodial."
Vladimir nodded. "True," He said. He straightened his back. "Think over it. I'll give you three days to do so. Meet in the cavern at noon in three days. We shall see then." He turned to Neela and Cody, then left with them, leaving Destiny with a bunch of unanswered questions.
"Hey!" She called. "You still haven't answered my question! And what cavern?" She gave up when she saw that no one was responding as Vladimir, Neela and Cody left the scene. Destiny left, heading for the spiral chamber.
"What did he want?" Jason asked as she entered the chamber.
"The proper question," Destiny said. "Is what did they want."
"Vladimir and Neela?" Esmee questioned.
Destiny nodded. "Don't forget Cody," She added.
"What did they want, though?" Jason asked.
"They wanted a trade," Destiny said. "They offered the Krokodial."
This got Jason's attention. "The Krokodial?" He asked. "What did they want in exchange?"
"This," Destiny said as she pulled out the jug of gold. She handed it over to Jason, who observed it. "What is it?" He asked, handing it back.
"I have no idea," Destiny said as she shoved the shredded gold back into her pouch. "But if they're willing to forfeit the Krokodial, must be of value,"
"Dump out the contents," Jason suggested. "See what's in it. I think it's what it stores is what they are concerned a
Destiny nodded. Jason led her to a crimson bench. Destiny knelt down and unwinded the cylander cap off. She spilled the gold out, as if shaking a pepper shaker. The gold then left the sphere completly. Destiny shook it rapidly, seeing if anymore pieces remained. She decided that they had as she set it aside to the right of where all the shredded gold sat.
Jason picked each piece, studing it throughly when he decided it was useless. He went through this procedure when he came across a piece that was more bright then the others, and bigger too, about twice their size. It had a little gleam to it, as if it were wanting to be noticed. Jason studied this more then the others, carefully put it down, and backed off from the bench.
"Destiny," He said in a soft tone. "Whatever you do, do NOT give it away. Kick Vladimir's butt instead when he asks for it, include all the pieces except that and trick him, or not show up at all. I don't care what you do. Just don't give that piece to him."
"Why?" Destiny said.
"Trust me, you don't want to know," He said. "If you know, it'll send you off after the other six pieces, searching for an ultimate power."
"Pieces of what?" Destiny persisted.
"I can't tell you," Jason said.
"I'm your luitenant," Destiny said. "There's absolutely no need to keep secrets."
"Please," Jason begged. "Just don't give it to him."

Another night passed before Jessica finally awoke.
Destiny silently calculated the time. It had taken Jessica two days to pass her Ordeal. She looked around the darkened chamber. Jason, Ryan, Chris, Natalie, Esmee and Alexis were all asleep. It was just her and Jessica.
She walked over to Jessica, as she had done with Alexis almost a week before. "The Ordeal?" She asked. Jessica nodded. "Freakiest thing ever," She muttered. After a few minutes of resting her head on her palm, she lifted her head and said, "Apparently I happened to be chosen to get caught up in this whole descendants thing." She sighed. "I didn't even WANT to be in Death. I wanted to be in Storm. But that dang Book of Secrets-" Jessica sighed.
Destiny nodded. "I know how you feel," She said. "I had extreme high hopes of being placed in Fire," She said. "I just knew it was my destiny, my future. And when I did learn I was in Death, I tried everything I had to change it. I wanted to control fate." She shook her head grudgingly. "Little did I know was that there's little you can do to change destiny. Fate has a way of turning out. It seems that whatever you do, it leads up to that certain future. And there's almost nothing you can do to change it."
Jessica nodded. "And here I am, the descendant of Death," She lamented. "I just wish I could be in my favorite color, purple. I wish that it didn't have to be this way. Why does it have to?" She looked up at the ceiling of the chamber longingly.
That's when Destiny remembered the day of her orientation. She remembered way back, almost a year ago, when she was around in her late tens, now eleven going on twelve. She remembered Esmee at the royal playhouse tour, back when she had such high hopes, when Destiny had layed out her future before her. Before everything had gone wrong. Before she could snap out of it, a flashback came to mind.
"So what shall we explore next?" Destiny asked.
In reply, Esmee sat down in a field of magnificent grass, the same patch Destiny had been admiring when she had been staring into the portal view of the castle. "How about looking at the grass?" Asked Esmee. "We need to take some moments out of our lives to appreciate nature."

"You sound like a theurgist." Destiny pointed out.

"You don't have to be a theurgist to see the beauty in the earth." Said Esmee. "You can be a necromancer and see the life in nature."

"It is breathtaking." Agreed Destiny. "But what about in the winter, when the snow is shrouding the grass and the field?"

"Even when the snow has fallen," Esmee told Destiny. "You just know the grass is in there somewhere, deep within. You can still feel the little life even underneath the mass of snow. It may not be visible, but it's still there, living for what seems eternity. The beauty of it can never die."

Destiny then realized what that had meant. Esmee had somehow knew she would be placed in the death school. She hadn't just been talking about grass and snow.
Destiny snapped out of it and turned back to Jessica. She smiled and said, "Maybe we can't control fate. But it doesn't mean that we have to sober about it either. We don't have to slouch around and give up. You can't let fate take complete control of your life." She put a hand on Jessica's shoulder. "And just because you're a necromancer doesn't mean that there isn't a diviner inside. You can still feel that little life. It may not be showing, but it'll still be there. It will never die. And you can't let people tell you who you need to be. You need to keep your head up high. You just need to say, 'So what? I can be who I want to be,' And nothing, not even fate, can control that."

"So, what do you think Vladimir meant by the cavern?"
Jason shrugged. "I know Mooshu, and I don't know what he meant."
"Maybe in a different world?" Ryan suggested.
Jason scratched his chin. "Maybe," He said. "But where?"
"I have no idea," Destiny said.
"That's kinda the point," Jason pointed out. "Is it not?"
"I'll go look around Mooshu," Destiny suggested.
"But can you take on the enemies?" Jason said, concerned.
Destiny stared at him. "You think that I can take on Vladimir and Neela at the same time, spy on Vladimir, but not go around Mooshu?"
Jason looked embarrassed. "Sorry,"
"You'd better."
Destiny first patrolled Hamustu Village. No signs of anything unusual. She looked around the Tatakai Outpost, nothing unusual there to. She looked at the sun. It was around noon now. Exactly one more day to find this cavern and decide what to do about the trade. She had to hurry. If only Vladimir wasn't mysterious!
Destiny sighed. She would need help if she wanted to find the cavern in time. She pulled out the stone and wrote: It's noon now, and I've got precisely one more day to find this cavern. I need major help.
Jason wrote back. On it. I'll write if I find anything unusual. I'll start with Tatakai Outpost.
I already searched Tatakai and Hamustu through and through, She wrote. I'll head over to the Tree of Life next.
Ok, The next message said. I'll begin with The Village of Sorrow.
Thanks, Jason.
No problem. We need to get this deal over with.
I agree.
Jason didn't write after that. She shoved the communication stone back into her pouch and looked onward to the Tree of Life.
A half hour passed when Jason wrote back. I've checked and double-checked the Village of Sorrow, Jason wrote. That area's hopeless.
Don't worry, I think I've found something...
Indeed she had. Destiny was looking at a wall blocked by a smooth round stone that was at least twice her size in heighth. It lacked width, though, only about six inches. She wrote: I'm looking at a round stone thing blocking an entrance. I tried pushing it, and it won't budge. Get Ryan or Natalie, or both. I'm going to need strength to push this thing out of the way. Storm descendants are considerably strong. It's a trait I like about them. For that message, Destiny had to write smaller and smaller.
Seems like a plan, Jason wrote. By any chance do you know exactly where you are?
The main tree, Destiny wrote. It's actually in the main tree.
Interesting, Jason said. Hold on. They're coming.
You're the best.
I know. It's why I was chosen as commander.
Destiny slipped the stone and silver stick back into her pouch. A few minutes she waited for Natalie and Ryan to come when finally, they did.
Ryan studied the stone. "This doesn't look too hard," He said. He walked over to the stone's side, and he pushed it with his bare hands. It barely budged. This time he tried pulling it. No such luck. Now Ryan leaned against the stone with his back and tried pushing it some more. It budged more then the first or second time, but not enough to get a clear opening out of it.
"Lemme try," Natalie volunteered.
Ryan shook his head. "If I can't do it, you can't. Everyone knows that boys are naturally stronger then girls."
"But I'm two years older then you," Natalie pointed out. "Now do you want it to be pushed or not?"
Ryan sighed and made way for Natalie to push. She tried with all her strength, but it had the same result as it had with Ryan. She pulled it, and got nothing out of it. Natalie finally tried the last thing Ryan had tried. Nothing. Natalie walked over soloumly. "Useless," She said.
"Here, maybe you two should try it together," Destiny suggested. "That's the whole reason why I needed the both of you."
Ryan and Natalie understood. They walked over together and tried the same three tequniques. No result.
Destiny sighed. "It's no use," She said. Then she had a crazy thought. "What if I tried it?" She asked the descendants.
Ryan laughed. "We're the descendants of Storm!" He said. "We're the descendants of the most physically strong legendary. If we can't do it, no one can. You can try, but it's not going to work."
"Really good advice from a friend," Destiny muttered.
Ryan looked stricken. "I'm sorry, I didn't-"
"It's okay," Destiny said. "I know what you mean. But it doesn't hurt to try."
Ryan nodded. "I see your point," He said. "Honestly, and no offense, but I doubt it'll work."
Destiny smiled. "I don't care."
She walked over to the stone that was twice her height. She grunted as she tried to push and pull it. She slouched against the rock, feeling depressed. Then she had an idea. "Ryan, Natalie, how do you try to move things?" She questioned.
"I just let my strength flow into the thing I'm trying to push," Ryan said. "I try unite my strength and the object into one."
Destiny nodded. She set her hand to the rock and closed her eyes. Become one, she remembered. Let your strength flow into the rock. After what seemed like an hour, but what did turn out to be a few minutes, Destiny leaned her hand against the rock and let her energy out of her hand and into the rock. She didn't open her eyes until she heard something that sounded like something heavy crashing onto something. At the same time she realized that her hand was no longer connected to the rock. Confused, Destiny opened her eyes and saw that the rock had moved more then enough to reveal an opening.
She turned to the siblings, whose mouths were open with shock. "How in the name of the spiral did you do that?" Ryan finally managed to get out.
"I-I don't know," Destiny stammered. "I-I guess it just came, you know, I guess it was just natural, like I had this power inside of me all along and I didn't know till now." She looked into the passageway. "Let's go," She said. Ryan and Natalie looked at each other and nodded. Ryan stepped aside and said, "Ladies first," Destiny looked at him evilly, gave him a look that said, I'm gonna get you back, and walked inside as Ryan grinned smugly and lagged behind.
The ground gave way as it became steeper and steeper and slid downward. Ryan caught up to the girls and looked around. As the trio walked down the slope, the passageway dimmed and dimmed. The dirt and walls that supported the passageway was a light brown color, like the color of sand.
Finally they came to a torchlit dome-like chamber. On the entry's left was a wooden door painted yellow, but the paint wearing away from the effect of time. Destiny walked over to it, and as she got nearer and nearer, she could make out a faded Myth symbol in the middle. There was a steel doorknob and a keylock underneath. Destiny twisted the lock. It wouldn't budge. Destiny wondered if this was because it was worn out or simply locked. She looked over to Natalie and Ryan, who were coming to investigate. Destiny shook her head. "It's locked or something," She said.
"Well, at least we stumbled what seems to be the cavern," Ryan said. "This is most likely what Vladimir was talking about."
Destiny nodded. "Now that we've found the cavern," She said. "Let's head back."
Natalie groaned. "Really?" She whined. "I'm already tired!"
"I thought Storm descendants were tough," Destiny pointed out, grinning smugly.
Reluctantly Natalie joined Destiny and Ryan as they climbed up the slope, Natalie lagging behind and groaning, occasionally whining something like, "Why this far? Why can't we just teleport?" Destiny sighed as she listened to the groaning. "Natalie," She said. "This is a secret passageway undiscovered for years until we and Vladimir came along, so teleports are going to be closed off for a while. Once we get outside, we can teleport back to the Jade Palace." Natalie groaned again and continued lamenting in response.
They finally emerged from the passageway and into Mooshu, the sunlight blinding them as they walked out. They adjusted and to conceal evidence, they together managed to push the rock back to its normal position. Tired and worn out, they teleported back to the Jade Palace and walked over to the spiral chamber.
Destiny nearly collapsed as she sat on a bench, Jason rushing to her. "Is that the cavern Vladimir mentioned?" Destiny nodded. "It'd better be," She muttered, worn out. She then fell asleep and didn't wake till the next morning, leaving her only two hours to decide what to do on the matter of the trade.

Groggily, Destiny woke up.
She walked over to the bench where she had layed out the gold pieces. She stuffed them all, even the special piece Jason had warned her about, back into the jug. She twisted the cap back on. Slowly, a plan was forming in mind. A plan to get Vladimir or Jason to tell her about that spepicfic piece. She put it in her pouch and looked outside. Noon was coming.
Quickly she gathered the rest of the Order of the Spiral and with Ryan and Natalie's help, led them to the main tree, and then to the rock, which apparently had already been pushed open. So they're already here, She thought.
As the Order of the Spiral followed Destiny and Ryan and Natalie, Destiny stopped until she found Jessica. She walked over to her. "No matter what Vladimir, Neela or Cody have to say, don't listen to them. They are descended from-"
"Valkoor Thorn," Jessica replied. "I know, I know, The Ordeal basically tells you that kind of stuff. It also pointed out the other descendants." She pointed to Alexis. "For example, that's Alexis Lifestone, descendant of Life," Destiny nodded. Then she had an idea. "Did the Ordeal tell you anything about a descendant of Balance?"
Jessica shook her head. "The descendant of Balance apparently hasn't had his or her Ordeal before, so it was unable to recongize them." Destiny understood.
The Order of the Spiral then climbed down in silence. Then they got near enough that Destiny heard other people talking.
"It's past noon," Destiny heard a female voice persist.
"Relax," Came an unknown voice. "Vladimir told us she'd be here."
Neela and Cody.
"Not just her," They heard Vladimir speak up. "Knowing her, she's going to take precautions and bring the rest of the Order of the Spiral."
Just then, Destiny and the rest of the group came down. Vladimir, Neela and Cody still held the white flag.
Vladimir nodded. "As predicted," He said. Vladimir turned back to Destiny. "Do you have it?" He asked, pulling the Krokodial out.
Destiny nodded. "As promised," She assured. Destiny opened her pouch and pulled out the jug of gold.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" Jason yelled.
Destiny grinned smugly. Vladimir eagerly outstretched his hand. Destiny looked down at the jug, then said, "Wait, like I said back at the palace, I need to know what exactly I am trading," Destiny observed the jug, trying to figure things out.
"Just hand it over," Vladimir said.
"I need to know what I'm trading," Destiny persisted. "Because I know that you worked hard to get the Krokodial, and you wouldn't give it up easily. You know what you are trading. So I need to know what I'm trading."
Vladimir sighed in exasperation. "Please, give it to me."
Destiny sighed. She would have to use her plan. "If you don't tell me what this contains," She threatened. "Then I'll smash this bottle and the gold to bits," She said, holding the jar high above her head to prove her point.
Vladimir's face paled. "You wouldn't," He said.
Destiny nodded. "If that is what it takes, I'll do it."
Vladimir laughed. "Okay, okay, hand it over now," He said.
Destiny shook her head. "I'm warning you," She said. "You have until three to tell me what I'm giving up."
"No, please, don't!"
"Please, give it up, not only will I give you the Krokodial, I won't bother you for a long time!"
"Come on, you can't!"
It was too late. Vladimir watched helplessly as Destiny threw down the jug and smashed it with her feet. Vladimir was stunned, and he was getting angry. He turned to Neela and Cody. "We'll have to go with plan B," He said with gritted teeth. "ATTACK!" He shouted.
Instantly the Order of the Spiral prepared for battle as Vladimir, Neela and Cody charged. Neela stopped in front of Alexis and casted the death symbol in front of her, bringing a wraith to life as Alexis casted a seraph to counter. Chris joined Alexis, casting a minotaur to help. Cody went after Jason, making a skeletal pirate to compare to Jason's helephant. Esmee joined Jason and cast an evil snowman. Ryan helped with a kraken, and Natalie came to Chris and Alexis, introducing herself with a storm shark. The Order of the Spiral seemed to be doing well, so Destiny and Jessica weren't sure what to do. But they didn't have to realize what to do. Vladimir's scarecrow realized for them. Jessica quickly cast a death shield for herself, and then cast one for Destiny, so they took less damage. Destiny cast a vampire while Jessica did a skeletal pirate. Vladimir gritted his teeth. He cast a skeletal pirate, aiming for Destiny. As Destiny was distracted, Vladimir ran from the fight and rushed to the remains of the gold pieces, frantically searching for that one piece. And just as he was about to grasp it, Destiny pushed him aside and grabbed the piece as he was stunned. Breathing hard, Destiny ran away from Vladimir and to Jessica. She nudged her. "Distract Vladimir," She said, breathing hard. Jessica nodded.
Destiny ran out of the cavern and into the passageway. Shortly she heard a yell from Vladimir and ran even faster. She could hear Vladimir, Neela, and Cody on their tails. She ran as fast as she could until she was out of the passageway and back into Mooshu. Vladimir, Neela, and Cody arrived shortly after her.
"Give. It. To. Me." Vladimir gritted.
"I really don't know." Destiny smiled. "Go. Now. Before I change my mind and attack you!"
"A journeyman going against two grandmasters and a magus?" Neela scoffed.
"The Order of the Spiral is down there," Destiny reasoned. "I can cry for help."
"I'll bet they've already-" Vladimir stopped. He knew every single member, except for Jessica. None were likely to back down.
"Eight against three," Destiny added. "You're smart. What are the chances of THAT?"
Nor Vladimir or Neela or Cody said anything.
"Now leave," Destiny threatened. "A dummy can tell that the Order of the Spiral has won this round."
Vladimir and Neela looked at each other as Cody teleported out. Then Vladimir and Neela teleported away.
Destiny grinned in triumph.
"I'm going down to find out what the deal is with this piece." She said out loud. Destiny climbed down the sandy passageway.
Destiny finally came down to the cavern, immediately walking over to Jason. She pulled the piece out and handed it to Jason, who accepted it eagerly. "Now, you saw how I almost broke that piece," She said. "Please, tell me what it it!"
Jason sighed. Then he smiled. "I guess there's no stopping you, huh?"
"That's why I'm the luitenant," Destiny replied.
Jason remembered when he had wrote that on the stone. Then he looked at Destiny in the face and said, "That, that piece," He said. "Is Myth's shard."
"The shard to what?" Destiny asked.
"I'm talking about the Blade of Seven."

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