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My Destiny by Amy Hawkmender

Ugh, where do I begin? Oh, where are my manners? My name is Amy Hawkmender, well it wasn’t always that name. This is my first time talking about my history like it was a story so, I might be a littlie bad at this. The Headmaster wants me to tell my story to encourage others, at least that was one of his dying wishes. In this story, the point of view will change from me and to my friends because there are some parts that I don’t even know. So how about I begin where I learned that I was a wizard.

I knew that I was never normal. No one thought that I was normal, not even my own parents, or I should say foster parents? Ever since I could remember, weird things had always happened around me and because of some things that I have since I was little, people have considered me as a freak. What I had was green eyes(the shade of the gem jade), brown hair and a flame-like scar on my left arm, but I don’t know how I got it. One weird event was there was a kid who was in a wheel chair because he had been paralyzed since he was born. When he was upset at one time, I gave him a hug to make him feel better but somehow, he was able to walk. Another thing was that no matter where I went, hawks followed me. At school, I was considered so many things, freak, geek, loser, outcast, tomboy(because I always have my hair in a ponytail and never wearing short pants or skirt, even in summer) and so much more. It started out as every other day of mine, being made fun of constantly. I was walking home on my birthday alone yet again, except talking to the only friends I had, the hawks that followed me. Then all of a sudden, a white owl wearing glasses and a goofy hat flew up to me.

“Oh, I’ve never seen you around here before. Are you lost?” I asked the bird in a childish manner.

“No I’m not lost dear child.” The owl said.

When it talked, I freaked out and fell back cause I had no idea that a snow white owl could talk.

“How did you just talk?!” I yelled while standing back up. Just thinking it’s one of the kids from school playing a joke on me.

“Calm down, I’m not going to harm you. I’m just here to talk to you Ms. Hawkmender.” It said while passing it‘s wings of white across my pants to brush off the mud of last night.

“Um, I’m not Ms. Hawkmender. I’m Wilmarie. And who are you?” I asked the bird. This HAD to be a trick or something.

“Ooo, where are my manners? My name is Gamma, and your name isn’t Wilmarie, it’s Amy Hawkmender. You are the last blood line of the Hawkmender family, besides your brother.” Gamma said when flaping to swing off the mud off his pure white wings.

The hawks that we with me then flew down to the grown with Gamma and I sat down with them.

“Wait, I have a brother?” I asked while scratching my head in confusion..

“Yes you do, his name is James, he‘s twice your age. You and your brother are wizards and…are the last hope for Wizard City.”

If my brother was twice my age, the he would be thirty but what would he look like? Would he look like me? Would I be about to know him if I had to pick him out of a crowd? All I know now is that isn’t a joke, this could be something greater then anything I could imagine!

“Wizard City? Isnt that place a myth? At least that’s what it says in the history text books. But if I am a wizard(which explains all of the events of my life), how and why am I here?”

“Well, you’re here because of Malistare.”

The moment that Gamma said that name, my scar began to glow a tiny bit and engulfed in pain. Never had that spot of my had so much pain. It could be compaired to hundreds of knives jabing in one spot.

“He gave you that scar. He gave one to your brother too.” Gamma explained.

“What happen to my parents?” I asked because I knew that the ones that I lived with couldn’t be my true parents. I looked nothing like them.

“I’ll tell you the story of what happen that night and all will become clear……

It was February 27, 2055, two days after your birth. Your family was at home, taking care of you, when Malistare arrived. He was upset of the loss of his wife Sylvia once again and told your parents that he need you to restore her back to life. Your parents refused to give you up, and a battle had begun. Your parents were master death wizards but they were no match for their former teacher. After hearing the noise, your brother raced down the stairs with you in his arms to only find your parents laying lifeless on the ground. Malistare then gave a huge blast of fire from his staff. Your brother used his own body to defend you. That blast gave him a huge scar on his back and a small one on your arm. Your brother had used a smoke screen spell and fled the house on his drake named Shadow. While fleeing, he saw Malistare destroying your home in search of you. Your brother knew that you and him would be placed in an orphanage. He knew that he only had to spend one year in there but he didn’t want you to live your life there, so he went to earth in search of a family that would take care of you. When he found a family, he told them there was a house fire and that you needed a home. The moment they accepted, he went back to Wizard City to face Malistare, but no one has seen him or heard from him since, until now.”

“Why would Malistare want me?” I asked in aww struck of what happened in my past at such an age.

“I don’t know, but all I know is that the Headmaster, and your brother want you to become a wizard and help defeat Malistare. You must come with me to Wizard City.”

And I quickly answer with an “Alright.”

Then Gamma looked puzzled. “You don’t want to think it through?”

“Gamma, I’ve been waiting for a chance like this for a long time. I’m sick of my life here in this place. I want to be in a place where I can be myself.”

“Alright, but cover your scar for now, we don’t want him to find you.” Gamma then gave me medical bandages to cover my scar, and then held out his wing. Without hesitation, I grabbed his wing and we were gone.

I soon found myself on my hands and knees with my eyes close. I open my eyes and stood up. I look by my feet, Gamma was standing right next to me and I was standing in this circle that had a picture of a skull, a leaf, a triangle with a eye in it, a balance beam, a cloud with thunder coming out, fire, and a snowflake. I looked around and there were different trees with eyes next to different buildings that looked like schools, a huge tree with one eye, and tons of kids staring at me. I even notice that the ponytail that I had was undone and my cloths were different. Then this old looking man in a starry robe and a long white beard holding a staff and a book came up to me.

“Is this her Gamma?” The man said

“Yes she is Headmaster Ambrose.” Gamma responded.

“Then welcome to the Ravenwood School of Magical Arts Amy.” The man said with glee. He then handed me the book he was holding, that was labeled The Book of Secrets.

“Here, answer these questions, and your power shall be revealed.” He said. I answered each question carefully and went to the final page but then the man took the book from me.

“Ah, your strong willed. You are loving, but yet cold-hearted. Your favorite creature is the dragon, and you work well with other if given the chance. Your true power is life!” the man, I mean Headmaster Ambrose yelled out.

My power was life? There are different elements of powers here? But then all of a sudden, a huge gust of wind came, blowing off my bandages.

“Finally! I found her!” a voice yelled.

It sounded like it came from behind me but there was only my shadow. Then I realized, it was very cloudy so there couldn’t be a shadow and then the shadow became 3-D and grabbed me!

“HAHAHA! She’s finally mine!” The shadow said while wraping his hands around my waist and mouth.

Then features began to form. It had a long black/gray hair in a braid, a mustach and was in a long black robe with gold trimming. He then picked me up and ran into this tunnel that was label The Commons. When he got there, he flew five stories up into the air with the other kids using spells to attack him.

“Stop! You might hit Amy!” Ambrose yelled to the others.

“Hey let me go you moron!” I yelled at the man who was holding me.

Foe a second, he looked at me and gave an evil smile. “My dear girl, don’t you remember me?” He soon asked me.

“What the hel-” I was starting to something, until I saw his eyes. “Y- You’re Malistare!” I yelled.

“Right you are my girl.” Malistare said. I wanted to brave, but fear had froze my whole body. Then, five arrows came and hit Malistare. He yelled in agony and let go of me, letting me fall into the water that we were floating over. I fell unconscious as soon as I hit the water.

I started to hear voices, am I dead? The vioces said muliple things like “Is she dead?” or “Is she breathing?” so I knew that I wasn’t dead. I started to cough up water so I sat up and open my eyes. I saw a guy about my age with short ice blue hair and gorgeous blue eyes wearing blue and green Egypt like clothing kneeling next to me.

“She’s awake. It’s a good thing you know the thing called CPR John. Who knew that something from the mortal world would work?” Another guy standing next to the kid with blue hair said. That kid had gold eyes, red hair, and wearing some weird white and red clothing that looked like they came from the formal wear store.

“Hey are you alright?” The blue hair kid asked me.

“Yea I think so. Um, who are you and where’s Malistare?” I asked with a little fear in my voice.

“Malistare is gone, you don’t have to worry about him. Oh and my name is Jonathan LegendSpear. I was the one who pulled you out of the water when everyone else was battling Malistare.” He then stood up and held out his hand. “Need a little help?” Jonathan asked me giving a smile. I grabbed his hand and I tried to stand but pain engulfed my whole leg and I sat back down.

“What’s wrong?” he asked me.

“It’s my leg, it hurts to use it.” he then kneeled back down, and simply passed his hand gently over my leg. “Hey that hurts!” I yelled.

“Looks like you’ve got a broken leg.” He said to me.

“This is just great. I find out that I’m a wizard and now I’m going to do nothing but resting for weeks!” I yelled.

“What are you talking about, we can heal that in a minute or two.” In a minute or two? That’s imposable, there is no way that could happen. Then a girl with silver eyes, with blonde hair, and dressed in what looks like a green and gold barbarian’s outfit.

“Here, I’ll treat that for you. By the way, my name is Delaney Sky.” the girl said. She snapped her fingers and then like twenty fairies appeared out of nowhere. The fairies started to glow and surrounded my leg and after a few second, my leg was healed and they disappeared.

“What was that! That was so cool!” I yelled as I stood up.

“That was just a simple healing spell. You’ll learn it later.” Delaney said. If that was just a simple spell, just image the other spells!

“Hey move out of the way! Is Malistare gone!” a voice said in the crowd. Then out of the crowd came a tall man with green eyes, short black hair, and wearing an all black outfit that looked liked a general’s uniform. “Are you Amy Hawkmender?” the man said.

At first I didn’t have a clue to who this guy was, until I saw what was around his neck. There was half a necklace, it was half of a star that said “Bro an-.” Then I pulled out a necklace that the parents on earth gave me because they said it might help me one day. My necklace was half of a star that said “-n Sis.” It took me a minute to figure it out but I finally got it. “Big Brother?” I finally asked the man.

“Yup. Look at you, it’s been 15 years since I’ve last saw you.”

“So James, can you show me our home?” I asked him. He gave a face of sadness, as if he didn’t want me to ask that.

“Alright, but you’re not going to like what you see.” James said. He gave a sharp whistle and then a huge black dragon came from the sky, I’m guessing this is Shadow from that night. My brother and I climb onto the dragon’s back, and then we flew off.

-- After a few minutes, we came to what looks like the remains a huge tree with a door, windows and a balcony. There were different creatures flying around the area, some looked like regular birds but they were huge and they hold colors of flames, they look like the sunbirds from mythology class. Some other creatures were dragons of multiple colors and even larger birds but made of pure fire. In the lake next to the house, there were sharks that electricity, lava, or mist coming from their fins and gills.

“Mom and Dad were death wizards like me but for some reason they liked any item that deals with life.” James said while Shadow was landing.

The moment shadow landed, I ran off his back an ran inside the house. The house, was green, but with black because of burns. The grass inside was brown and withered, but something was calling me to the top floor. I walked up the floors cautiously, not knowing of may came out. When I got to the final room on the top floor, the door said “A- om.”

“It’s suppose to say Amy’s Room.” My brother said as finally caught up to me. I walked in, the room was pink and black with baby toys broken all over the place and with a small hole in the wall. Why does it have to be pink? I cant stand the color pink.

“I don’t understand why he wants me? I mean just look at this place, I brought this disaster when I was only two days old.”

“Well, you are a Hawkmender.” James said.

“What does that have to do with anything?” I said back. “You’ll find out one day. But now, it’s time for your companion.”

“My what?” I asked.

“You are 15 right?” “Yea.” “So you have to continue the family tradition.” Then James led me through the small hole in the wall that lead to the balcony. “You see. On a Hawkmender’s 15th birthday, they have to pick a creature that will stand and fight by their side. But, the creature must pick them as well. That’s how I got Shadow. So now, choose wisely.” James said as Shadow flew near the eadge..

I walk out further on the balcony, then three creatures came to me. A firebird, an icebird, and a pink and white dragon. Each one was just a little taller then me and each one was just waiting for me to choose. I picked the firebird, and the others flew away. “Nice choice Amy. Now all you have to do is name her.”

At first, I was puzzled, how did he know I was a girl? “Her? How do you know it’s a girl?”

“Don’t you notice the pink on the tips wings?” He said while pointing to the wings of the bird.

“Oh, then I’ll name her Lola.”

(A week later) I cant believe that I’ve gain seven levels(now level eight) already, well I couldn’t done it without the help of Lola. Right now, I’m just walking down Fire Cat Ally enjoying the free time I have before school starts for the day.

“Hey! Hawkmender kid!” a voice yelled. I turned around and there was three boys in Dragon Spyre outfits behind me. One is dressed in all purple, another in all dark blue, and the final one dressed in all black.

“Yea I’m talking to you girl in blue and gold!” The kid in black yelled.

“So, what ya want?” I ask.

“We have a bone to pick with you!” the kid in blue yelled.

“Ever since you were born, Wizard City has been under attack by Malistarie’s minions! So how about we end this terror once and for all.” Then the three pulled out sword. But how did they get swords? I thought wizards used wands. And then they charged. I started to run in any direction that was clear of monsters. I soon came up to a ledge, and I was surrounded.

“You ready to die Hawkmender?” the kid in black said to me. Then out of nowhere, John and Kevin Firesword(the red hair kid) appear.

“What in the spiral is going on?” Kevin asked. “Dude! Are you blind?! They are trying to get rid of Amy!” John yelled.

“Ugh great, she has reinforcement. Get them! I’ll get Hawkmender.” The kid in black yelled. I took a step back not remembering that I was at an edge(how dumb can I be?) and I lost my balance and fell. As I fell, the kid in black yelled “Good riddance!”

“You guys think that getting rid of Amy is the answer?!” Kevin yelled.

“Of course it’s the answer! Now Malistare will leave Wizard City alone!” the kid in blue yelled.

“You know that now Mailstare is just going to get others to replace her for his plans!” I yelled.

“Yea but we can handle him after all the damage he took last week.” said the kid in purple. These guys are just taking things to far. Me and Kevin would take them on in battle, only problem is they’re level 45 and we’re level 27. Then…

“GRAAA!” something yelled from the ledge! It sounded like a bird. Then came another yell and the sound of flapping wings.

“What the heck are you guys doing?!” the one in black yelled at us.

“We’re not doing anything!” I yelled. Then all of a sudden, Amy appears from the ledge changed! Her arms were brown wings(btw the scar that she has was still on the wing), her feet were now bird talons, the tail similar to a sunbird but in brown, and her eyes resemble a hawk’s!

“What is she!?” the guy in purple yelled.

“Lets get out of here!” the guy in black yelled, and the three started to run away. Amy then flew in front of them and yelled

“You’re not going anywhere!”….

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