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The Adventures of Lucas LifeGiver (Part 2) by Lucas LifeGiver

Lucas LifeGiver was walking down Triton Avenue, daydreaming about what happened in class today. Lucas was progressing very well, but not as well as Kaitlyn IceRiver was. Kaitlyn was already an initiate and he was still an apprentice, specifically level 7. Lucas right now was walking peacefully down the street, not really expecting the rotting fodder to attack him. He looked up, whipped out his wand and went into battle.

Lucas tried his best, but he was no match for the rotting fodder. Than a dark fairy came out of nowhere and weakened him a little. Lucas cast a leprechaun and destroyed the rotting fodder for good. "Hey,thanks-," he said and cut off. The person that saved him had a pumpkin head. "Hey, come back!" Lucas shouted. The boy turned back and said, "No need to thank me. No one really appreciates me anyway." "Well, um... thanks," Lucas told him, feeling awkward.

The boy turned and walked away. "Wait!" Lucas shouted, "What's your name?" The boy turned and looked at him and scolded, "If you really want to know why I have a pumpkin for a head, I'll tell you why." Than he looked around and told him, "But not here. Lets go near the river." So the boy and Lucas sat in a shady stop. The boy looked at him and said, "My name is Angel TalonBlade. I'm actually cursed." "Oh good, because I thought Hallowe'en was coming so quickly, I was seeing things," Lucas replied. "Is that a joke?" Angel asked him. Lucas shook his head, and Angel went on.

"When I was four years old, my mom and I were captured by Mallistaire. At first, he locked us in a room. Than he took us a room. My mom fought with all her heart, but there was just no way for her to win... next thing I know she's on the ground, and the last thing she said to me was that she would always be with me, no matter what. I got so mad that I started shouting at Mallistaire that he couldn't do that to my mom. He sneered and said, 'Maybe I should do it to you!' But than something happened and...."

Lucas waited. "And?" Lucas pressed on. "Next thing I know, my heads a pumpkin. Not a Jack O' Lantern but a plain round pumpkin. But Merle Ambrose was good to me. He took care of me till I was seven. Than he decided that I should go to an orphanage," than he buried his head in his knees, "No one there understood me. They judged me because of what I looked like, not who I am. I can't wait till I get my hands on Mallistaire," he said, clenching his fists, "I'll teach him to curse me."

Lucas looked at him sympathetically. He couldn't believe Mallistaire would do such a cold-hearted thing. So he whispered to Kaitlyn, "Kaitlyn, you won't believe who I found." "Can't it wait? I'm busy!" Kaitlyn replied. "No, he might leave," Lucas said, looking over at Angel. "Fine," she groaned. Lucas heard a poof and Kaitlyn looked at him sternly. "This had better be good," she shouted, than looked over at the Angel. She smiled and asked him, "Cool, where did you get the mask?" she asked, looking closely at him. "Stop it and its not a mask, its a curse. Mallistaire cursed him when he was four," Lucas told her. "What!?" Kaitlyn yelled, "Why I oughta-" She kicked a couple of leaves on the ground.

Lucas listened to Angel as he looked up at the sky. There was a scent of fall time in the air. Lucas had a feeling. That he was going to be a very important person.
Lucas didn't Kaitlyn as much now that she was in Krokotopia. Ever since she leveled there, she's been busier than ever. He hasn't even seen Angel since he's in Krokotopia, too. Than Kaitlyn and Lucas finally got a chance to meet each other for her to say, "Lucas, do you wanna meet my sisters?" Lucas hesitated. Should he say yes? Her sisters could be mean. "That depends. How many do you have?" Lucas asked. "Four, why?" Lucas took this in and said, "OK, I'll meet your sisters. Will Angel be there?" "No he said he had to do something," Kaitlyn told him, and teleported out.

Soon Lucas was standing in front of a two-story house. He had urged Angel to go. For a nice kid, he was a grumpy necromancer. "I told you, I don't want to meet a bunch of girls," Angel growled. "She's really nice," Lucas argued, "You're lucky you got invited." "But what if her sisters laugh at me," "People with cold hearts would laugh," Lucas told him. Than they walked up to the door and tried to open it. But it was locked. Lucas suddenly remembered something. "Hold onto my hand," Lucas told Angel. "Wait, what-" Angel started but soon the two boys plunged through the door.

When they got up, Lucas was looking a girl with purple hair. "Hi! I'm Rebecca StormHaven! I'm a grandmaster diviner!" she told them. "Jeez, no wonder you're so loud," Angel said, covering the parts of his head where his ears should be. Rebecca cocked her head to one side. "Why is your head funny looking?" she asked Angel. He explained how his head got cursed by Mallistaire and she nodded her head solemnly. "That's so sad," and turned to Lucas. "If your looking for Kaitlyn she's-" "Right here!" a voice shouted at the door. Kaitlyn walked in and looked at Lucas and Angel.

"That's Rebecca StormHaven, the oldest sister," Kaitlyn pointed out. Rebecca rolled her eyes and looked at Lucas. Kaitlyn started to talk to Angel about things in Krokotopia and what not when Rebecca looked at Lucas interestingly. "Lucas, Kaitlyn talks about you all the time," Rebecca told him, "You two seem to have a... strong connection." Before she could say anymore, another girl walked out of her room. She had black hair and looked like she was in charge.

"That's Shelby Moon. She's the second youngest person in our family." "What school is she?" Lucas said, taking note of the black robes. "Death," Shelby replied. Than she asked Kaitlyn, "When did mom say she would be home?" Kaitlyn shrugged and motioned her over. "Come meet Angel," she told her, "He's death, too." Rebecca went to the stairs and shouted, "Chelsea! Cori! We have company!"

Lucas watched as two other girls started down the steps. The first was dressed weird, she wasn't in robes at all. But the second one had on pink and red robes. "Hi," Lucas said. "Hi!" the little girl shouted but the second girl rolled her eyes and said "Whatever." "Lucas, Angel, this is Chelsea DragonDust," the girl with the pink and red robes shot a dangerous look at them. "And this is Cori HawkEyes. She's the youngest in our family."

As she was saying this, they heard a knock at the door. "I'll get it!" Kaitlyn announced as she opened the door. They were surprised when Professor Wethersfield walked in, not looking so good. "Hi Professor Wethersfield!" Kaitlyn said, "What are you doing here so late?" "Actually, I came here to tell you something," he said worryingly, "Your mother... she's... well she's... dead."

Kaitlyn shuddered and everyone besides Chelsea looked shaken. "What killed her?" Lucas asked. "Probably something dangerous like a dragon or something or possibly-" "Angel, lets not go there, shall we?" Professor Wethersfield told him, "I know that pumpkin head of yours is full of knowledge, but we can't hurt these little girls anymore. They're to badly shaken." He looked sympathetically at the girls. "I wanna know," Kaitlyn retorted. "Yeah, me too!" Shelby complained. "Alright, you three come with me. The rest of you stay here," the professor replied, "Lucas I think its best if you come, too." Lucas's eyes widened as he walked out of the room into the dining room. Everyone sat down and looked at Angel. He ducked his head down and said, "What?" "You know more about it than I do. Why don't you explain it to them?" Professor Wethersfield replied. "Alright," Angel sat up as he started to explain.

"Long after Mallistaire turned evil, he found out a type of magic not taught at Ravenwood. Its a dangerous type of magic. Its called Hemeamancy. Its the Magic of Blood. Controlling it. Using it. Its so dangerous that you can control people with it. So far he's learned to control it. But if he can get the magic under his control... well... it will be... horrible."

The whole room was silent and than Kaitlyn broke the silence. "What will we do to protect ourselves?!" she asked out loud. "Hopefully, a person or two will come and save us from this fate," Professor Wethersfield answered. Was he looking at Lucas while he was saying this? Than Angel said, "I hope someone does get him soon. I still need to teach him a lesson for turning my head into a pumpkin." His hands clenched into fists. The room was silent. Lucas looked around, afraid of the future. Were they going to drown in blood if they don't do something to stop Mallistaire?

Kaitlyn muttered something about needing to tell her dad about her mothers death and got up and started to write a letter. Lucas looked at Angel, than Shelby and than Professor Wethersfield, who had his hands together as if he were praying. He looked up to the sky and asked silently, "What more could go wrong?"
That night Lucas had a strange dream. He was standing in the commons by himself. The night sky was blanketed with stars. From these stars came a woman he didn't know. "Who are you?" Lucas asked. "I have come to tell you that the people that take care of you are not your real mother and father," the woman said solemnly, "I'm your real mother and Mallistaire is your real father." Lucas gasped, but than shook his head and said, "No, that's not true." "It is true. I was sick when you were born. But Mallistaire took care of you. That is, until I died. Than Mallistaire cared nothing about you. Ambrose came and took you and your fraternal twin sister to two different families. She went to Kaitlyn's family and you went another. But you must not deny your destiny."

"What destiny?" Lucas asked, wondering why she was saying this. Than she leaned in and whispered, "Thunder and lightning will collide to form a storm so powerful it will save the spiral." Than she disappeared. It grew dark and all of a sudden a wave washed over him. He felt himself being swept away farther and farther away from home. He was drowning. He tried to call for help but he couldn't speak.

He woke with a start. Sweat was running down his forehead as he looked around. The sun was fluttering down through his window. He remebered the words of the strange woman in his dream. Thunder and lightning will collide to form a storm so powerful it will save the spiral. Wasn't that a destiny for a diviner? Lucas just shook his head. He decided to forget about it and got ready for school.

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