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The Adventures of Lucas LifeGiver by Lucas LifeGiver

The sun's rays tryed to break through the branches of Bartlby's branches, but only a few rays suceeded. Students were going left and right, looking for their classes. One of the students was napping under Kelvin, the ice school tree. At the edge of the tunnel stood a new student, Lucas LifeGiver. Lucas looked lost and afraid. He didn't seem to know what he was doing. He was excited too. He couldn't believe that he was gonna study magic at the best school ever. He also couldn't believe that he was studying life when his parents were fire and ice and his sister Rylee FireTamer was fire. He just looked around and hoped someone would help him.

He noticed the student that was sleeping under the tree. She had blond hair and was sleeping in the cold. "I'd better ask her where the life school is," He said to himself. He went over to the tree and poked her shoulder. "Huh, wha?" she replied. She looked at him and smiled. "Hey there," she said, "I'm Kaitlyn IceRiver. Who are you?"

"I'm Lucas LifeGiver," he told her, "Are you new here too?" "Used to be," she said, "I came here from a place called Earth." "Cool," he said, even though he didn't what Earth was. "Can you tell me where the Life School is?" "Yeah, sure," she said, getting up, "Bye, Kelvin." "Nice having your company Kaitlyn," Kelvin told her as they walked toward the Life School. "What level are you?" Kaityln asked him, "I'm level 5."

"I'm level 2," Lucas said miserably. "Oh so your new here," she said, looking at him sympathetically. "Here we are," she told him, "Good luck."

"Bye," he told her as she skipped towards the ice school. He opened the door to find that the classroom was empty. Nobody except a teacher was in here, setting up the classroom for the classes. She looked up and smiled. "Hello, new student," she said, "Allow me to interduce myself. I'm Professor Wu. I'm will be your life teacher." "Cool," he said, than looked around. "Looks like I'm a little early." "Your not, just go ahead and sit down," she told him, motioning for a desk. "Thanks," he said, feeling awkward.

Time passed as the classroom filled with new students looking nervous and excited. "Hello, class," Professor Wu said, "I'm Professor Wu, your life teacher. We are gonna learn about life in a whole new way. "May it be my pleasure to announce that the former life teacher, Slyvia Drake is no longer with us. She died long ago, which is why Malistraire is a threat to us all. I am here to train you to defend Wizard City. But for now, lets learn how to cast the imp." She drew a diagram and than some strange words below the picture. "You all have your wands, right?" A couple of students, including Lucas, looked nervous. "Don't worry, if you don't have a wand please come to the front of the room to get one."

Lucas got up along with three other students who didn't get a wand. One of the students in the back of the room boasted that his wand was the best and his dad and mom bought it from Dragonsprye and fixed it to where he could use it. "I'll take that," the professor said and handed him the same wand as Lucas. "Now, everyone begin." Everyone struggled, but all but Lucas and the kid in the back of the room suceeded.

One made the mistake of casting a thunder snake, shocking a poor life student nearby. Lucas did the spell perfectly however and everyone snickered and said, "Teachers pet." "There's no reason to harrass a person because they did a spell perfectly," Professor Wu stated. The bell seem to have saved everyone from a speech and Lucas rushed out of the room as quickly as possible. He stopped in the middle of the commons and realized he didn't know what to do next. "Hey there, short stuff!" a familiar voice shouted behind him. He looked and saw Kaitlyn heading towards him. "Need any help with Unicorn Way?" she asked. "As long as you don't call me short stuff again." Lucas replied. "I was just playing, can't you take a joke?" Kaitlyn asked him. The pair headed towards Unicorn Way. Kaitlyn saluted the gaurd and headed into the tunnel with Lucas.

Soon enough, Lucas found himself fighting dark fairies and lost souls with the only spell he knew. Before he knew it, he was level four and headed towards Olde Town. Than Kaitlyn looked up and said, "Its getting dark. I need to get home." He looked and realized she was right. "It was nice hanging out with you," Lucas told her, "Bye." "Bye," she said and teleported to her house. He teleported to his house to, only to meet a angry mom and dad. "Where have you been?" his mom shouted at him, "We called your professor and she said you left two hours ago!" "We were worried about you!" his dad shouted at him, "You could of been killed." "I'm sorry!" Lucas shouted, "I was off doing tasks with a friend." The looks of fury melted off their faces. "Oh," his mom said, "Well, your free to go." He went to the hallway, only to find a very angry Rylee. "I thought they would let you have it this time!" she whispered furiously and stomped to her room. He smiled and felt real lucky he didn't get in trouble. He climbed into bed. He felt tired after a long day.
He headed towards the class and saw that a couple of students seemed to have leveled up. He was the only novice among four more people that didn't bother to level up. Professor Wu saw this and gave them a lecture about how leveling up will help when you fight Malistaire. One kid said that if he wanted a lecture he could of just tooken myth. For this, Professor Wu gave him a detention. She helped the four students with the Imp spell, while Lucas (who was obviously the only person that almost an apprentice) was working on Leprchaun. When he suceeded, Professor Wu gave him permission to be in Apprentice classes. So now he was level 5.

After class a couiple of myth students walked out moaning. He walked into the myth school and saw a person shaking his head. "What happened?" he asked curiously and regreted it. But the teacher looked up and said, "Oh nothing, just a silly student that cast a cyclops and destroyed the school." "That's sad," he said, dogding a ceiling tile. "Lucas I heard the biggest explosion and-" Kaitlyn replied and looked sad when she saw Lucas in there. "Aw man you beat me!?" she said, sounding angry. "Never mind that," Lucas told her, staying calm, and turning towards the Myth professor, "Are you gonna be OK?" "Yes but unfortunantly some people aren't." He shook his head. "Honestly, two kids with a broken arm and a kid that may never stand up again."

"Aww," Kaitlyn whimpered. "Go away now, I must prepare for the next class." "With your room looking like this, I doubt that you can have a class in here," Lucas told him, looking at the broken desks. "Do underestimate me, now shoo," he said sternly. By the time Kaitlyn and Lucas have gotten five feet away from the school they heard a whoosh sound and they turned around to see a newly repaired Myth school. "Cool," Lucas said smiling. "I'm Level 5 now, Kaitlyn isn't that cool!" Lucas told her. "That's cool. I'm level 8," she told him. His eyes widened than a look of annoyance went over his face. "That doesn't seem fair," he told her and put his hand on the wall. All of a sudden, he went through it.

Kaitlyn screamed and a couple of grandmasters looked up, annoyed. Her eyes went as wide as ever and she ran towards Professor Ambrose's house. Lucas got up, looking surprised. "What just happened?" he asked Kaitlyn, only to see that she was gone. "Oh real mature!" "Your telling me." one of the grandmasters said, "She ran towards Ambroses house as if you've been killed by a Cyclops." "Oh," he said and waited for Kaitlyn to come back. Not only did she come back with Professor Ambrose, she came back with her teacher, Professor Greyrose and his teacher. "Tell me what happened, Kaitlyn." "He went through the wall Professor!" Kaitlyn shouted, "I was so scared! Are you hurt Lucas?"

"No just a little dizzy." Lucas said holding onto his head. Everyone except Kaitlyn looked at Lucas with big surprise. "Lucas go into my office,"

Ambrose said and looked towards one of the Grandmasters and said, "One of you get the Professors and tell them a meeting in my office" Lucas figured that this was the start of something strange.
"Why am I here again?" Lucas asked. He felt dizzy after that plunge through the wall. He was also confused. Why did he go though the wall? How did he go through the wall? "Professor Balestrom, you explain this to him. You know it better than I do." "Of course," said a frog somewhere in the room. The frog leaped in front of him and told him, "What you have just experienced was your gift!" "My gift?" Lucas said, confused. "You can walk through walls! Its a great gift and its very useful too," Professor Balestrom told him. "You are very lucky, Lucas!" Professor Greyrose said, "Congratulations!" "You deserve this gift," Professor Falmea told him. "True, very true," Professor Wethersfeild exclaimed. "Alright Lucas, your free to go," Professor Ambrose told him. He rushed out of the office feeling awkward.

"What happened in there?" Kaitlyn asked. Lucas looked down at first, than smiled, and than said, "I'll explain everything." As they walked, Lucas explaining what had happened, they were being watched by a shadow. The shadow was a person actually. The shadow sneered and slipped away silenty, leaving no trace of its existance.

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