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The Legend of the Phoenix King (part 2) by Anthony MistWhisper

When Headmaster Ambrose walked in further he held his head and almost fell. So I ran swiftly over to Ambrose and helped walk him over to a chair in one of the desks. “Young wizard, get me something to drink I must drink something.” Asked Ambrose shaking. I ran all over for water, but all I found was lava potion. I grabbed an empty bottle and gathered the potion into the bottle. I ran to Headmaster Ambrose as fast as I could and gave the bottle full of potion to Ambrose.

“Hmm, let’s see if I can turn this into water.” Said Ambrose to himself.

Headmaster Ambrose was sweating so much he could make his own water out of sweat. But as I watched him, he hovered his right hand over his forehead and pulled the sweat off of him and made it float magically in the air. He combined the drops of sweat together into a water ball and held it in his right hand for a moment. He set the bottle on the desk and chucked the water ball into his left hand. He hovered his right hand over the bottle and pulled the potion out again, magically. And then made the gently float over to the cauldron and then closed his left hand and shot the sweat into the bottle.

Headmaster Ambrose then cast an Ice spell and he gently whispered his breath all over the bottle. And then the water felt freezing cold.

“Ah, now I can drink.” Said Headmaster.

I looked amazed, but I was losing time after Headmaster’s little scene.

“Young wizard, you must learn three more elements to defeat the dark Malistaire.” Said Ambrose.

Then Headmaster Ambrose gripped his staff and got up out of the chair and walked away.

“B-But wait!” I burst before Ambrose opened the doors.

“What is it young wizard?” Replied Ambrose with a grin on his face.

“What will I need and what elements must I have to get?” I asked with a puzzled face.

The Headmaster just immediately wiped the grin off his face and cast down his head. He didn’t answer my question and he immediately walked out the doors.

I had no one else to ask about the elements I must master and what I must need equipped with me. I had nobody but except for Bartelby. So I ran out but the teacher stopped me from going anywhere.

“My child, take this sword with you and let you cast the fire spells at your enemies just until you earn, The Flaring Blade.” Said Dalia.

I took the sword from professor Dalia’s hands and the holder. I wrapped the sword around until the sword reached my back. I walked outside and saw the great tree, Bartelby.

I stood in front of Bartelby and stared at him for a moment.

“Hello young wizard, of course you probably already know me as Bartelby.” Said Bartelby.

“I’ve come to ask a few questions.” I asked.

Bartelby looked stunned for a second and put a big smile on his face.

“Bartelby, I was told I am the only one that can stop Malistaire, but before I do that I must master three more elements.” I said.

Bartelby chuckled and smiled.

“Child, do you see these wizards? All of them may have a chance at ending Malistaire, but only one can seal him away but that is a long lost legend now.” Said Bartelby more briefly.

“And YOU are the one who can stop this madness and so can your friends. Because, once you master Myth, Life and Death you will learn all the elements to defeat him and then after you collect from somewhere in here where the Tritons hid the Flaring Urn, you will unleash the Phoenix King, but to do that you must need the Blazing Sword of Fire.” Bartelby explained.

I looked shocked and excited at the same time, but the questions is… Where is the Flaring Urn?

“And another thing child, the icon you stand on of a picture of a flame is the one who can find the Flaring Urn.” Said Bartelby happily.

I had no more questions and I immediately started searching for the Urn.

“You won’t find it in there!” Blared out a voice.

I looked over my shoulder and a level 50 girl in Myth colors stood there staring at me with her silver eyes. I got up and felt like I was struck by a love arrow. Oh boy did I feel so happy that day.

“What? You’re scaring me.” Said the girl.

“Oh I’m sorry, um, I’m Kevin. Just Kevin.” I said nervously as if I felt like I was on my first date.

“Well I’m Amy MythSword and I am a level 50.” Replied Amy.

I felt ecstatic just by looking into her eyes.

“I am a level 45 and I…” I was cut off by the girl placing her hand on my mouth.

“Woah woah woah WOAH, a level 45?” Asked Amy surprised.

But before I could even speak another word, Wolf came running back to me and was all out of breath and could hardly breathe.

“Kevin you got to come and see what I found by the waterfall and the bridge!” Blared out Wolf.

“Fine, we can come.” I replied.

We ran, following Wolf to his destination. And after all the running we ran inside the waterfall and found two doors with a skull on it. I opened the doors and we saw a school tilted to the left and a tower leaning forward.

“What is this place?” I asked.

“It’s… The Death School.” Said Amy frightened.

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