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Legend of the Phoenix King by Anthony MistWhisper

My life in Dragonspyre was the greatest world to live in I had many very good things happen to me there. I always used to take out my wand and challenge my friends Wolf and Travis at some battles. One day, a storm cast over to Dragonspyre and it seemed pretty serious by the way it looked in the big sky. It started to get dark out, so I ran inside to be safe, but before I could reach my step lightning hit my brick house and the house caught on fire. I knew that my mother and father weren’t going to make it by the looks of it slowly sinking to the bottom of the lava. Luckily, a voice kept calling my name from a distance. The voice got louder and louder and I happened to look behind my shoulder and it was Wolf crying my name, “Kevin! Wait!”. I ran for Wolf and as I reached him a dark figure was floating down from the storm and it kept glaring at me until it was on its’ feet. All of the sudden, the cloak the figure was wearing cracked all over. All the pieces exploded and fell to the hard ground. The man standing in his cloak of darkness said, “Well well well, it seems that two of you little brats survived the storm I made.” Said the man.

I couldn’t believe he set off the storm and killed my parents and my friend. I grew angry and felt my veins pumping up with anger. “Let me introduce myself, I am Malistaire Drake and I am here to take away your world and into my hands.” Said Malistaire with an evil grin on his face.

Then the storm stopped and then I started to hear marching down the street. A Draconian was marching into the towns’ central square with an army of Draconians. I was shocked by staring at the army, and Malistaire chuckled in an evil voice. His laugh gave me chills up and down my spine and down to my feet. “Ha ha! Meet the Draconian Army of Darkness!” blared out Malistaire with his evil voice. Two Draconians picked both Wolf and I up. “Take them to the prison of darkness.” Said Malistaire. The two Draconians flew up in the air to a chipped building. The Draconians landed softly on their feet and took me and Wolf to a dark cell. Wolf had fell asleep from the town to the far away building. Then we were thrown into the cell and Wolf hit the wall and landed on the ground behind a stack of hey. Wolf was smacking his lips and said “Oh, what happened?” moaned Wolf tiredly. I got up rubbing my head in pain, then as I opened my eyes I saw the two Draconians slam the cell door shut and lock it. I ran up to the bars and wrapped my fingers around the bars.

“You won’t be seeing us anymore! No more, you’ll see!” I shouted across the room and the Draconians chuckled in a crackled voice. “Wolf this isn’t good!” I shouted to Wolf, but he started to snore so I guessed he was asleep.

I turned around torward the outside of the cell and an old man covered in a starry robe and wizardly hat with a white beard. “Come along young wizards, let’s get you out of here.” Whispered the old man. Then he made a small orb in his hands and the cell door lock shattered to tiny pieces. So I grabbed Wolf, as he was sleeping and ran into a portal. The man ran in and closed the portal, and we appeared inside of a tree as if it looked like it.

“May I ask your name?” I asked confusingly. The old man looked at me and said, “Call me Headmaster Ambrose, young wizard.” Said Ambrose with a smile. I felt happy and excited that I met Ambrose, and then Wolf wakes up from his nap.

“Where are we Kevin?” Wolf said tiredly. I just looked at him and laughed. Ambrose walked up to a door and asked for us to walk up near him.

“Well young wizards I present to you, Ravenwood School of Magical Arts.” Said Ambrose happily. I stared into amazement in the area. Many students were walking to different Schools of Magic and some were hanging out near their Dorms’. “Let me show you boys to your proper Magic School.” Said Ambrose. Me and Wolf followed Headmaster Ambrose through many Schools, Life, Myth, Storm, Ice and a cliff that was just full of nothing and then we finally reached the School of Fire. The Headmaster opened the doors of the Fire School and Wolf and I walked in. When we walked in, a lady in a Fire red dress stood there.

“You boys must be new here to Ravenwood, aren’t you?” said the lady in a soft voice. Me and Wolf both sat down in our seats and folded our hands. And books floated to each student with an ink container and a feather, and then mine finally came down to me. I opened the book to the first page, and I started to look closely, but it seemed I already knew those spells. I skipped to page 45 and saw some more advanced spells that looked like it was some different spells I never learned before. I read the book full of the spells and hours passed.

The teacher watched everyone reading their books, studying. Then she said class was over so I picked up the book and was heading for the door with Wolf, but the teacher stopped me at the door and Wolf looked back and said he’d meet me outside.

“Let me introduce myself, I am Dalia Falmea. Known as the professor of Pyromancy.” Said Dalia.

“I see that you are a master of Fire, aren’t you?” Said Dalia. “Yes, I am a master and why do you ask?” I replied. Dalia walked me torward a book called ‘The Legend of the Phoenix King’ and I just shrugged my shoulders because I never heard of such a book.

“I see you don’t know who the Phoenix King is then.” Said Dalia.

“Let me explain… in the World of Dragonspyre, there used to be beautiful scenery with the lava fountains and all sorts of beautiful things. The Phoenix King ruled Dragonspyre and had an enormous Kingdom of Fire. No evil events happened in that time when the Phoenix King was the ruler of Dragonspyre. Hardly anybody had any problems there in the towns, but then a storm arose over the Kingdom and a figure in black appeared as if out of nowhere, and casted a dark spell on the Phoenix King, but from out of nowhere again, a boy dressed in Fire red and orange armor slayed the dark Malistaire. Then, Malistaire exploded into ashes and the ashes burned. The Phoenix King died and burned to ashes and as the boy collected the Phoenix Kings’ ashes in a Phoenix shaped urn, he lied the urn on a pedestal and forever will lay there until somebody opens it, and returns the Phoenix King from the dead. They say now, the boy in the Pyromancy colors was never found and the King lay within a lake somewhere hidden under the lake deep down.” Explained Dalia. I looked shocked in my face when she told about Malistaire.

Then, Headmaster Ambrose ran inside looking frightened.

Me and Dalia looked shocked.

“What is it Headmaster Ambrose?” said Dalia frightened.

“He is back, Malistaire is back in the Spiral.”

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