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Introduction to Balance by Valerian DarkShade

Once Upon A Time I defeated Lord Nightshade and unlocked Krokotopia. It was the happiest day of my life. But little did i know, my life was about to change forever.

"Mom, do you know where my sunscreen is?" I said

"No dear, why?" said Mom

"I unlocked Krokotopia today," I replied

And then Dad said,"Did i hear my son say that he unlocked Krokotopia today?"

"Yes I did Dad," I replied

"Well here son, I have your sunscreen right here," said Dad

"Thanks Dad. Oops i have to go now, I am having journeyman Death class,"

Now that I am heading to Death class let me introduce myself. I am Valerian Darkshade, Journeyman Necromancer. I hope to rid the Spiral of evil, but I still have a long way to go.

'Why?' You might ask. Well I haven't even learned vampire yet. But even though I do not know very many spells I have mastered those I have so far. Now let me introduce my family. My mom is Anna Rainbowsong, and my dad is Joshua Dragonpants. Now that my death class is over we shall go back to the present.

I was running from the darkness, a wraith was chasing me. He was saying," You must not interfere with Malistaire's plans," the wraith moaned

I woke with a start. I found myself in my room, my heart was pounding like a drum. I realized that it was Saturday. The perfect day to go to Krokotopia. I put on my equipment, got a sack for all my food, and set out. A shadow spread over my room, Malistaire took my most precious ring.

Before we can go forward we must go back. When I had fought Lord Nightshade I had looted a beautiful ring. It sparkled like a miniature sun that was pulled down from the heavens. It felt like it was made for me.

Lord Nightshade had said when I defeated him that I would lose what I most adored.

I knew what he had meant, or so I thought.

Meanwhile in Krokotopia. I had made it in there. But I had one enemy that hit me like a speeding bullet. The heat of the desert. I mean it was HOT, that is H-O-T, HOT. I wished I had seconded in Ice magic so that I could beat the heat. But I had chosen Life magic as my secondary. Most of the other death wizards thought I was crazy and started flinging insults at me. But Malorn Ashthorn scolded them for insulting another student. So I had finally made it into the Royal Hall after tons of conversations. And then the event that would change my life forever.

I met a Nirini Scout who disliked the warlike attitudes of his cousins. They constantly attacked wizards, and wizards attacked him all the time. So he decided to find a wizard that wouldn't attack him. I had understood what he had said. And decided to teach him balance magic.

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