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Into the Mountain by Gabriel FrostHeart

My name is Gabriel. I am the last of the Frostheart bloodline. The only other two of my clan that I know of are my mother and my half-brother, Eric Firerunner, descendant from my father and some other woman whose name escapes me.

My father’s name was Earl Frostheart. In his older years he left my mother and me to go exploring unknown worlds throughout the spiral. During his ventures many things happened. He found a pyromancer whom he fell in love with (hence my half-brother), a living statue with four faces that spoke to one another constantly, and many other interesting and wonderful things on his quest for adventure. There was one adventure in particular that he wanted me to tell others of as he lay there on his deathbed. He told it to me slowly and crisply. He said it as if it was his most daring quest of all, yet when I compare it to the others he spoke of it feels so much less significant. So now, I am telling you this tale, starting from the point he started it with me, in his exact words as he told them to me. A note to younger listener’s of my father’s tale, he often used words even I myself could not understand at my age. If you don’t get any, remember to ask an elder in your clan what they mean. I’m sure they’ll be happy to help you out. And so, without further ado, I shall begin my father’s tale, as he spoke it…

I had been climbing this mountain for four days. It seemed it would never end. The peak was so high, and on the side of that mass of frozen I felt so small. A blizzard had burst across the mountain only an hours before and I was already about to give up and succumb to its devastating winds. After a moment I let my knees sink it the snow, and look upward at what I thought was the icy cold tip of the mountain, but was just another set of clouds indicating that it would be a long time before I ever reached the top. I took a deep breath and shut my eyes, waiting for the last gust of wind to take me from my body.

I waited for a long minute and thought I was finally gone, but still the mountain lay before me. However, as my eyelids began to slowly crack open, a small speck of light appeared in the distance. I don’t know exactly how I looked from a third person perspective, but I could feel my face light up when the speck emerged. With all of the strength that was left in my body, I lifted my first leg and was now in a kneeling stance, then the second. When I was on my feet standing in a slouch, I began to move slowly towards the speck. It hovered in its same spot, as if it were waiting for me. It grew larger and larger as I approached it. The nearer I drew to it the more detail I could see about it. It looked like an orange flame. When I was within five feet of it, I pulled my wand out slowly. I could feel a tremor of energy surrounding it. There was a flow of magic emitting from it. When I touched the tip of my wand to the flame, it burst into a bright green color. It was so beautiful that it brought tears to my eyes. I’ve never seen anything like it. My son, I don’t know if you’ve ever met a pretty girl before, but even the prettiest one you’d ever seen could not compare to this flame. It was incredible. And as it burned, the mountain trembled.

I whirled around to find that a piece of the mountain had just disappeared revealing a tunnel. On either side of this interior route were torches perched on the tunnel’s walls. I knew that there had to be another human being inside, or some other creature. I mean, how else did the torches get there? So, I entered, leaving behind that beautiful green flame. As I stepped into the mountain, it began to tremble once more. I looked back at where the entrance had been. It was gone. There was merely a dead end. And so I continued along the dimly lit path into the mountain. Thus began my greatest adventure of all.

I continued down the dark tunnel unafraid of what might happen. My boy, have I yet mentioned why I was climbing this mountain? No? Well, let’s just say I liked proving people wrong and that many had told me nobody would ever reach the peak. I was quite the fool when I was young. Quite the fool indeed. Anyhow, I continued down this tunnel, and the further inward I went, the dimmer the flames about me grew. After the longest time there wasn’t any light at all. I couldn’t imagine how long the tunnel actually was. It just never seemed to end. In another long while I finally discovered something new. The next step I took wasn’t onto the hard stone ground, but into a pool of water. The minute my foot touched to this water, a light slowly began to grow in the center of the pool. The little blue ball floated towards me and once it was hovering just above my head I pulled my wand out and touched its tip to the orb. They connected at once, and it provided a light that was portable and that I could use wherever I went.

I waded into the pool of water and moved slowly in the direction that the light had come from. When the liquids reached my waist I knew it was the deepest the pool would get. I trekked through the darkness with only my small orb to light the way. As I moved through the water, something stirred. I could feel the current suddenly waver from its former steadiness. Then, I saw it. It had spines all across its back. It was dashing towards me at an incredible rate. It was a water serpent of some kind, and it was heading right towards me.

My blood went icy cold and chills went down my spine. I had to think fast.

It happened so quickly that I can barely remember it. It skirted through the water, and sprang out of the pool and into the air. As it fell towards me, I swung my wand about and as it splashed in the water each little droplet turned into a frozen spike. When my tiny weapons stabbed into the face of the monster, it changed its direction and let out a disturbingly evil screech. It splashed into the water, and I raised my wand in the air.

After making a few motions with the wand, a light blue flashed burst before me and my snow serpent appeared for a short time, attacking the creature while it was underwater. As it did so, I rushed further through the pool, listening to my serpent and the other beast fight each other. I kept on going until I reach a wall with two side tunnels. One had more water running through it; the other was another dry tunnel. I decided I didn’t need to get any wetter than I already was. Plus I had no intent on being attacked by that water serpent again, in case it survived. As I entered the dry tunnel the small orb of light left my wand and floated of back where it had been before. I wasn’t upset by this, for I could see small specks of light reflected onto the wall just ahead. It was more torches. I pressed on following the small lights and after some time I grew too tired to continue. I sat on the ground leaning against the wall and closed my eyes slowly. In only a few short minutes I was fast asleep.

A drop of water fell onto my face and I jumped up onto my knees. I got to my feet and began to continue my long trek. I really hated that cave. So cold and desolate. It was also very boring. However, after even more long endless walking I finally found something new. In the distance I could see a wooden door. I began to rush towards it and breathed heavily as I did so. When I arrived there, I felt about the door till I found the handle in its center. Then, I turned it and began to pull it open. When it was completely opened, I looked inside. And what I saw…will have to wait till next time.

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