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How the Headmaster Found Wizard City by Jennifer Rubysinger

It was a warm and bright summer day, and Merle Ambrose and his parents, Martha and Paul moved to a large, empty, city. Their first home was burned down by savages, so they had to find a new place to live.

Later on, Merle went exploring in a small forest close to his home. There was a large tree in the middle. Surrounding the tree, were six buildings. When he walked toward the tree, he saw a young owl! “Aww! Hi there little guy!” Merle said.

“Well young man, I may be little, but my name is Gamma. Gamma the owl. Not Little Guy.” replied the owl.

Merle gasped in shock. “ You… you can… TALK?!?”

Gamma smiled and said, “Why yes. I am a magical owl. I can do many things.”

“Like casting spells?” asked Merle.

“Yes, that is my favorite. Would you like me to teach you?” offered Gamma.

“Teach me!? Wow! I would be so happy!” exclaimed Merle.

“Well then, we can start your lessons tomorrow in the afternoon.” Gamma said with a smile.

As Gamma was flying away, Merle stood there thinking to himself, “Wow a magical owl is going to teach me magic! I can’t wait!!” Merle ran home to tell his parents. When he got home, his mother was making dinner. Merle LOVED his mother’s cooking. As he was thinking about how hungry he was, he asked, “Mother? What’s for dinner?”

“I was thinking of something new. “Chicken coated with a mayonnaise, parmesan cheese mixture.”

“That sounds delicious!” Merle said smiling.

When they started to eat, Merle told his parents about Gamma the owl. “A magical owl, huh?” said Merle’s father.

“Can you prove this to us?” asked Merle’s mother.

“Of course! Exclaimed Merle. Gamma is going to teach me some magic tomorrow afternoon!”

“Oh. I guess we can come and watch you.” agreed both parents.

As Merle was trying to sleep, he kept thinking of Gamma. When he finally fell asleep, he had a wonderful dream! It was about Gamma. He wondered what type of spells he will learn.

The next morning, Merle still kept wondering about Gamma. He couldn’t wait any longer! He ate his breakfast really, really fast. “Slow down! Slow down! Said his mother. You’ll choke!”

By the time Merle’s mother had that, he was already done. Merle walked into the living room and stared at the grandfather clock. Tick, tick, tick, went the clock, over and over again. Once the clock struck 12:00, Merle was so excited; he jumped up, called his parents, and set out to the forest.

There, he saw Gamma flying in mid air. “Hello! Gamma said to the parents. I am Gamma the owl. So you are here to watch Merle practice?”

“Why… Why yes. We are.” said Merle’s mother.

Merle practiced and practiced each day, getting better and better. And as the years went by, Merle’s parents died and he was so sad.

A few years later, he decided that with the buildings around the large tree, he should make a school! A magic school. He will call it Ravenwood. Merle hired some very powerful teachers. The schools were Myth, Life, Death, Fire, Ice, and Storm.

Soon, he opened up the school, for young children, to enroll for one class. Once they did that, they will become young wizards. Merle decided that the city he lived in should be called Wizard City, and treasure it forever!

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