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Fracture Bar by Sarai Willowtail and Fiona Goldheart

A cat walked over to a table. He was wearing a lab coat and a shiny thingy on his head. His servant came up to him.

The servant said, "the jhara crystal, I have calculated the exact amount of it to put in the Perisher 1, exactly 4.324333698% over 10,000. Katzentein, all that is left is to retrieve it."

"Very good. With it, we can use perisher to give us ultimate power and destroy all others. Or, we can give the keepers ultimate power and perish ourselves. I have found the keepers," he went on, "they are in wizard city. Adepts Hannah Hexhammer and Sarai Willowtail, journeyman Malorn Ashthorn and Tristan Thundergrove and Fiona Goldheart. We must find a way to get them away from that crystal!" Katzentein banged his fist on the table.

He walked over to his chalkboard. "For 819 years, our cats have waited for the power of the crystal. They shall get what they deserve. We set out tomorrow."

"Tomorrow? Shouldn't we plan first?" the servant echoed.

"You're right, Igor. Ok, we will plan tomorrow then set out Wednesday."

...But, in the midst of the sceming cats, a good cat had overheard... "I must warn go warn the keepers! she said. "I must warn them before it is too late!

part 1b)Don't Trust No More!

Sarai was tugging on a rope. She was playing tug-o'-war with her firecat, Nala. Tristan was watching intently.

"Nala, Nala, Nala Nala!" Tristan was cheering.

Sarai was pulling Nala toward her. Did I mention this was in Olde Town? It is. She was halfway to the flag. Nala yanked hard. Sarai tugged again. She grabbed the flag.

"BAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Nala, what was that? YOU NEARLY HAD IT!" Tristan hugged Nala. She licked his face.

"Ok, you two! It's not just a strength test. We need to keep our minds flexed in guarding the jhara crystal." Hannah Hexhammer and Malorn Ashthorn were watching too.

"Yes, but it is in the Royal Museum, is it not?" Sarai had joined the conversation.

"It is, but I still think we should be on guard. Only we know of its location."

"Yeah, and the whole of Marley Bone!" Malorn had chimed in.

Suddenly a cat ran up to them as fast as it could.

"You... you need to ... to guard the crystal! It is going to be used... in... in the... Perisher 1!" it said, out of breath.

"See? I told you this would happen!" Hannah said

"Woah woah woah woah woah. Woah. Slow down. What about the crystal?" Sarai had said.

"I am Haldin. I work at Kazentein's lab-" she quickly showed them her pass- "They are planning to steal the jhara crystal and use it for the perisher!"

"The whole thing? Oh, we CAN'T let this happen!" Hannah cried.

"No. Only 4.324333698% over 10,000 of it. But it will be enough to kill everyone except the cats!"

"Including the headmaster snd the professors!" Sarai sat down and put her head in her hands.

"Yes, but they don't know where it is. They're coming after YOU. You are in grave danger." Haldin put her hand on Sarai's shoulder.

"Halidn'd right. How long do we have?" she looked up at Haldin.

"Two days." Sarai stood up and everyone formed a circle.

Sarai squinted, put her hands on her hips, turned her head toward Haldin and said, "So what do we do now?"

"You need to get the crystal and run. They will skewer everything until they find it."

"We can go to Earth. It's my home."

"Earth? Oh no, I must stay here. Who would teach?" Malorn waved away the idea.

"Do you WANT to die?" Sarai slapped him across the face so hard it should have sent him to next month! "Besides, I don't think Mom will mind a few guests. Haldin, do you know if the cats can travel to different galaxies?"

"They cannot. The cats are not smart enough to know how to make a machine THAT complicated!"

"Ok, then. Haldin, go get the crystal. We will sta here. I will call Mom." Sarai grabbed her stellar phone made by the cats long ago when they were good and dialled in. She walkd to the bazaar.

"Ok. I will come, too. But when Katzentein learns of your coming to 'Earth,' he will be so mad! Haldin had gone to Marley Bone.

(Part 2a.) The Cat's Plan)

"Igor, get the chalk!" Katzentein had turned on the lamp above the table. He walked to the chalkboard.

"Katzentein, Haldin is missing. She must've gone to warn the keepers!" Igor ran in.

"That low-life goody two-shoes! I knew she was a softie. She was a loyal worker until the perisher came along."

"Should I go fetch her? She deserves a duel for her honor!"

"We can do that after Perisher does its job! Right now, we need the crystal; our happiness depends on it!" Katzentein slammed his fist on his table.

Igor had left and returned with chalk. "The plan needs to be something complicated for simpltons but easy for us to execute."

"I was thinking the same thing! We are so much alike!" Katzentein went over to the corner of the room and pulled out the chalkboard. "Ok, this is what we should do. Please hold questions until the end of the presentation. First, we will concoct sleeping potions and will pour it in their drinks tomorrow. Then, we will search their homes until we find the crystal. After that, we will chain them up to the walls of their homes. Lastly, we shal return here and finish the perisher and cats will RULE THE UNIVERSE MUAHAHAHA!!"...

Katzentein's laugh rang out through the ever ending night..........

part 2b.) Flee and Shine!

"Soon, the cats will come. But here's the crystal. I will come with you to eath." Haldin had poofed back.

"Ok, but, be careful. Our powers don't work on Earth. Creatures, like Gobblers, will turn into slugs. Which means-"

"Nala, Haldin and the other pets will turn into regular animals."

"Which MEANS, that Haldin will be just a regular kitty-cat!" Hannah finished.

"Right. But there's not enough room in just my house."

"Nala Haldin and I will stay at another house," Tristan said. When he said Nala's name, she jumped up.

"Awww, very cute. But we need to go now if we want to live!" Haldin said.

"Right. Until the cats realize we have gone with the crystal, they won't quit searching!"

"Go pack you're things, guys, because you won't get extra clothes where you're going!"
Sarai's mother had bought Haldin a special collar that allowed her to say what she's thinking. Every day, Sarai, Tristan, Haldin, and Hannah hung out at Books By the Zillion, a poular bookstore with LOTS of books. When they brought Haldin and Nala, they had to stay outside.

Haldin was the first to think, "Guys, I don't feel like I fit in anymore. I'm licking myself every which way! And I have to wear a collar with this jingly id thingy!"

"It's called a tag. It'll help you if you ever get lost. How much longer do you think the cats will keep searching?"

"About another 6 months."

"SIX MONTHS?!?!?!?!?!?!?! WE will never fit in!" Hannah had come outside with a story. The title read Sarai WillowTail and the Wand.

"Hey, that's the story Tristan and I wrote!" Sarai pointed to the cover. "I wish Alexandria and Nora and Flint were here. They would've loved tosee this ..."

"Oh, I forgot to metion! The Perisher 1 can bring back dead wizards!" Haldin jumped straight up in the air.

"Really? Oh, that means we can bring them back, Tristan!" Sarai put her hands on his shoulders and shook him.

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