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The Finding and Defeating of Malistaire's Helpers by Paige BlueStone

I am a huge mythology fan. I love minotaurs, cyclops, and all that stuff. At my old school my elective is mythology and I study it the hardest. Everyone (except the people in mythology) called me a meek a combination of myth and geek. One day I got a letter in the mail saying: Now that you are thirteen Paige Bluestone you are old enough to partake in a fun experience which could include a bit of mythology. I have informed your parents so it's okay for you to meet me at the park nearby. I can be found easily because of my purple hat. When I got there I found this person fast. He looked old . He had a glass eye (or it looked like one), wrinkles, a big beard, wore wizard like clothes, and was holding a staff.

"Are you Paige Bluestone?" he asked.

"Uh, yeah I am, who are you?" I asked

"Merle Ambrose, Headmaster of Ravenwood School," Merle answered.

"Did you send the letter?" I asked.

"Why yes I did," he answered. "You are a candidate for Ravenwood School, the rest will be explained later," he said as he hit the grass with his staff.

We teleported to a weird place filled with tents, brick buildings, teenagers in weird robes and hats, and some regular teenagers.

"Scarlet I have one more for your tour," he said bringing me over to her.

"Thanks Headmaster Merle," she said.

I was in a group of regular teenagers, but one in the weird robe and hat. The one in the robe green and brown robe had hair that seemed almost green.

"Hello my name is Scarlet Day and I will be your tour guide today, but before we go on the tour I want to know every one of your names name staring with you," the girl in the robe pointed to me.

"Paige Bluestone," I answered.

She kept pointing at people one by one. There was Kane Hexrunner he looked kind of goth, Devin Goldbreeze he looked mysterious mostly because he had white hair, Blaze Redflame his hair was red almost like fire, and there was Courtney Light she had a white shirt filled with paint splatters and strokes I could tell she was the creative type. After that the tour started.

"This is known as The Commons, here is where most wizards are when not in Ravenwood," Scarlet explained. "Now lets go to Ravenwood," she said as she took us up a tunnel. There was a huge tree in the very center of Ravenwood. "This is Arthur Wetersfield he teaches students Balance Spells," Arthur was a dog he wore fancy clothes.

"Yes I indeed do, another word for Balance Spells is Sorcery, these spells are hard to master, but are very powerful," he explained.

Scarlet took us to a the edge of Ravenwood and said "This Malorn Ashthorn he will explain why the Death School isn't here,"

"Well the Death School's teacher Malistare made it disappear there a bunch of rumors about it going around, but now there a very little of us Death kids so I now teach new kids Necromancy," he explained.

Scarlet showed all the other teachers Madame Falmea, Professor Fire Magic, Lydia Greyrose, Professor of Ice Magic, Halston Balestrom, Professor of Storm Magic, Moolinda Wu, Professor of Life Magic, and Cyrus Drake, Professor of Myth Magic. I hoped I would be a Myth and I was. Kane was a Death, Devin was an Ice, Blaze was a Fire, Courtney was a Storm, and Scarlet told us she was a Life. I got fitted for a yellow and blue robe and hat.

At the end of the day I saw Devin sneak off and go to a girl her name was Natalie Deathcloud, she was fourteen and was a Death Wizard. I got close enough to her what they were saying.

"I here you want to do something dangerous and exhilarating," Natalie said.

"Yeah, do you know something like that?" Devin asked.

"Yep, come with me," she answered.

I followed them all the way over to the edge of Ravenwood.

"We have to jump off the get to it," she said.

"Okay I hope you know the way," he said as he jumped off.

I had no idea what was down there but I knew it was no good.

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