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The Fantastic Adventures of Erica MoonSword (part 3) by Erica MoonSword

I was running. I ran for what seemed like forever. A dark figure confronted me. I skid to a stop. I couldn’t see his face, but I knew who he was. He held up his staff. My thoughts of death made me shake. The ground was no longer beneath me, just like in the keep with the Ice Giant. I was falling into Nightside.

I woke up, sprawled on the floor. I was breathing calmly, which was weird, because I just had a nightmare and I fell out of bed. I sat up, my back aching. Two Life wizards came through my dorm door.

“Oh, by Bartleby, are you alright dear? No headaches, broken bones, scars, scratches or bruises?” The lady asked.

“Oh, shut up you worthless twit! She’s fine!” The man said. He obviously was a cranky man.

“Who are you calling a twit? You-you-MENIES!” She growled at him.

“Um, hi? Wizard in need here.” I said. They turned to me. The lady casted a sprite, which was kind of useless. The man forced down a purple liquid. It tasted sweet… Watermelon? Strawberries? I don’t know, but it restored my mana from my last battle. Like the potion bottles, except this one had a fruit flavor. The potion bottle tasted like candy. I stretched, and stood up. As I stood, my best friend, Chelsea, busted through the door. The other life wizards were gone. Chelsea was holding a scroll.

“I have the list of all the Andrew death wizards in the spiral.” Chelsea said holding up the scroll.

“Great! When do we start?” I asked her.

“After class, okay? We’re learning how to grow flowers with unicorns today.” Chelsea said.

“Okay, but meet me by the carousel in the fairgrounds after all of our classes.” I said, grabbing my spell deck. I was not skipping life class today.

We searched for hours. Then, there was one place left- Nightside. I don’t know why we didn’t search there earlier! We walked into Nightside, we were cautious, like we walked into an area with monsters in it. And we were ambushed.

The death wizard attacked us, with horrible blows and kicks, to just about any part of our bodies. I was on the floor, bleeding. I saw Chelsea fumbling for a unicorn card. She waved her wand over the card, her wand glowing as bright as the statues in the keep. She drew the life signal in the air. A gorgeous unicorn appeared, and I was healed, just to be kicked in the head, and to be back on the ground again, crying. We were engulfed in the sand tube once again. Dangit. I was still on the floor, crying. I lifted my head with whatever strength I had left. We were back in the keep. Chelsea, myself, and the death wizard. I saw his name. I shuddered. Andrew Drake. He was the death wizard. Worst of all, he was one of Malistaire’s sons. I remembered the draconian. That’s how Malistaire and Andrew were connected! Andrew was Malistaire’s son. Darn. I was hoping for something else. The ghoul statue glowed, along with the other three. Andrew stood up, angry.

“And that’s what you Ravenwood kids get for trying to stop me from stealing these spell cards from Dworgyn!” He said, holding up enough cards to fill two mummified decks. He was pointing at us. He looked like a carbon-copy of Malistaire with black hair and piercing white eyes. Then, he noticed where we were. He looked around, stunned. Then he turned to us, glaring.

“What type of lame gimmick is this? I don’t know what you losers are up to, but this is nuts! Get me out of this place!” He barked. Wow. Harsh.

“YES! I HAVE BEEN AWAKEN! SOON MY DOORWAY WILL OPEN AND I WILL LIVE THE BEST STATUE LIFE EVER!!!YES!” the ghoul yelled. That was utterly disturbing. The other three didn’t speak. They just listened to what the ghoul was saying. “Then I’ll buy a car, then impress that shiny rock over there, then we will have 100 babies, and I’ll name them Lucy, Jared, Mark, Adrienne…” the ghoul rambled on.

“Well, that’s a statue with plans!” Chelsea said. I laughed. Andrew wasn’t easily amused. “What? I’m just saying, Mr. I’m better than all ‘cause I’m death.” She said. I turned angrily to Andrew.

“You have to be Malistaire’s son?” I growled.

“Yup. And there’s nothing you can do about it! I’m his favorite, you know.” He said holding up his hand. An onyx ring caught my eye. The Onyx of Purity. Which means he has to be a protector! Not a kind one, obviously.

“But, since I’m a nice guy…” he said. Nice? “I’ll do this protector thingy. I found this dumb ring, anyway.”

“Besides, I won’t tell dad unless you’ll help me find some hidden treasures in Mooshu, novice.” He finished.

“Okay. But only if you can tell your dad to let my brother go. And we aren’t novices.” I said, hoping he will agree to this.

He smiled grimly. Through gritted teeth, he shook his head. I sighed. I’ll never get Kyle back. I want my baby brother back.

“Anyway, the next wizard you need is the balance wizard. You will find her with the seeking citrine, something you will find with another protector. Good luck, little ones.” The unicorn said. Then the statues froze again. Okay, a balance wizard. We can do that. I hope.

The day went on normally. The three of us spent it with quests and leveling. I became a level 16. And then I tripped on a storm wizard, while I walked down Triton Avenue.

“WATCH IT!” He yelled.

“Sorry! I swear did not see you there!”

“That’s believable you thaumaturge!”He said. I sighed. I helped him pick up all the scrolls and books he dropped. Then a specific one caught my eye. Tales of seeking gems. I grabbed the book. I flipped to citrine. I read out loud when the others caught up.

“Seeking citrines are to find something you seek, but it is forced to be balance. Just like seeking jades are forced to find life.”

“Seeking citrines are to find something you seek, but it is forced to be balance. Just like seeking jades are forced to find life.” I read, smiling. The book was pulled out of my hands.

“Ya, whatever. Take someone else’s book, instead.” The storm wizard said, and on that rude message, he teleported to who knows where.

“Okay, let’s make this work.” I said to Andrew and Chelsea. Oh, I wish Kyle was here. Then, he might be able to let us into the Krokophinx. The chances of the seeking citrine being there was a lot. I frowned thinking about Kyle. “Split up.” I said. We went into the three streets in old town, and I went to Cyclops Lane, which is possibly the closest place to Kyle I can get. And then I thought I found what we were looking for. It was in the Cyclopes eye on a statue. I ran across the street, able to dodge enemies that were coming by. I climbed the statue, and I pulled out the gem. It was a peridot. I sighed.

“So much for that.” I grumbled. I immediately thought of Kyle. Then, the weirdest thing happened.

The peridot glowed, then, poof! I was surrounded in a yellow light. A voice spoke.

“If Myth is what you seek, open the gateway of seeking.”

I lifted up the peridot, not sure. Then, the next thing I knew, I was in a dungeon. There were only two things. A banshee and something I could only recognize as Kyle. I stared blankly. Then, I was pulled into the site before me.

The banshee screamed with powerful force. Kyle Breeze covered his ears.

“Stop! Please! I will tell you what I know! Just make it stop!” Kyle screamed. The banshee stopped. Then Malistaire came out of the shadows.

“Good. Let us begin.” Malistaire said, lifting Kyle from the floor.

I gasped when I was pulled out of the vision. I must be holding the seeking peridot! That means Kyle is in a dungeon! But I know Kyle, he would have fought his way out by now. I thought of certain places in the spiral with dungeons. I could only think of one. The only dungeon I knew of was Sunken City. Except I won’t take foot in there unless I’m in a group. Paulson defeated me twice, I wasn’t going for three. I slumped on the sidewalk, pulling my knees close to my chin. I heard Chelsea’s voice in my head.

“I found it!” She whispered.

I immediately teleported to her. There she was, holding the seeking citrine. I smiled.

“It dropped off a fire elf! Still, I have no clue why it would have this!” Chelsea said.

“Okay. Let’s have a vision.” I said, bounding off to my dorm. Once we find her, everything would be easier. I hope. Maybe, just maybe, she can help me find my adept sibling.

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