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The End of Everything by Samuel Battlestrider

“I did so much to help you Sylvia.”

Those were his last words as my two best friends, Evan Stormhammer a level 50 Diviner and Wolf Fireshade a level 50 Pyromancer, and I watched Malistaire fade away. By the way my name is Samuel Battlestrider a level 50 Thaumaturge.

“I can’t believe I finally beat him!” I exclaimed

“Hey don’t forget about us.” said Evan

“Yea I guess you guys helped a little now let’s go see Headmaster Ambrose.”

“But you’re the one who needs to see him so me and wolf will wait for you outside his office.”

We thought it was over little did I know that this was just the beginning of Malistaire’s evil. Just as we ported out to the wizard city commons a dark spirit arose from the spot of Malistaire’s demise. It then took flight towards wizard city. It knew what it had to do.

“Excellent job young wizard!” exclaimed Merle “You have the whole Spiral’s gra-gra gra-gra.”

“Is something wrong Headmaster Ambrose.” I asked.

Just then Merle fell to the floor. He clenched his chest and let out a scream of sheer pain. His eyes went black and I could see some sort of evil aura flowing around him. He stood up. I asked him what just happened; he just ignored me and ported away. I went outside to tell Evan and Wolf what just happened. I saw them lying on the floor. I ran up to them to see if they were alive. But before I could reach them a fire ball flew right passed me. I checked to see who used it and could not believe what I saw.

“Why hello young wizard!” giggled Professor Greyrose.

She was standing next to professor Balestrom and Flamea. They all looked the same but I could sense something evil around them.

“Why did you attack me Professors?”

“You see Samuel your presence is interfering with Malistaire’s plans so were going to need you to die.” giggled Professor Greyrose.

“But I killed Malistaire.”

“Yes you did, but”

“You’ve already said too much Lydia, prepare to die Samuel.” interrupted Professor Flamea

Then all three professors summoned a Colossus, Helephant, and Stormzilla. I tried to counter by summoning a Colossus, and Helephant of my own, but the three’s combined power was too much for my spells to handle. After their spells defeated my Helephant and Colossus they told them to finish me. The Colussus and Stormzilla boosted the Helephants blade with their Ice and Storm magic. The Helephant was about to swing its blade at me when a giant white bird flew over me and knocked the Helephant down.

“We didn’t plan on him coming let’s retreat for now.” said Flamea The professors then withdrew their creatures, and ported out. The bird went over to Evan and Wolf and picked them up.

It started to head towards me, and then everything went black.

When I awoke everything was blurry. I saw a small white bird on my chest staring at me.

“Why hello young wizard are you awake?”

“Who are you?”

“Oh please sir you need more rest please try not to speak.”

I then realized what had happened.

“Oh please I beg you young wizard please don’t try to-”

“Wolf and Evan, where are they!”

“Why sir they are laying right next to you.”

My vision was finally starting to clear up. I saw Wolf and Evan passed out next to me.

Then I saw who the little bird that I’ve been speaking to me, and saw it was Gamma Headmaster Ambrose’s bird.

“Where are we Gamma?”

“We’re in Ravenwood inside of Bartleby.”

“I have one question Gamma when I was fighting the professors a huge white bird who saved me.”

“It was I young wizard.”

“You Gamma! But that’s impossible you’re so small and the bird who saved me was so huge.”

“Have patience young wizards if you want answers its best to get them from Kelvin the ice tree I will watch over your friends for you.”

So I went outside of Bartleby to see Kelvin. As I was walking I turned around to see Bartleby. He looked like all of his energy had been drained so I thought it was best not to disturb him. When I reached Kelvin I noticed that the school of ice wasn’t next to him, now that I looked around a little more I noticed that none of the schools were there.

“Kelvin what happened?”

“Dark times have fallen upon the spiral young wizard.”

“What else is new?”

“Now is not the time for Jokes young wizard. After you killed Malistaire the darkness in his heart survived the darkness has infected all of the professors and creatures in the spiral.”

“That explains why the professors attacked me. But if the darkness is affecting everything in the spiral why aren’t you guys affected?”

“You’ve seen Bartleby I trust?”

“Yea but he looked kind of drained for some reason.”

“Just as the darkness tried to infect the rest of the creatures in Ravenwood Bartleby cast a magic proof force field around Ravenwood. Though it was too late for the Professors.”

“So what do you want me to do about it.”

“Young Wizard the worlds of the spiral are no longer what you once knew them as. The world of Grizzleheim is now the ice world Tundra, the world of Dragonspyre is now the fire world Inferno, The world if Krokotopia is now the storm world Gale, The world of Marleybone is now the death world Demise, The world of Mooshu is now the life world Vivacity, and the new world that has appeared in the center of the spiral Celestia. It is called now Equos it is where the source of the darkness now resides.”

“But what about Wizard city what happened here.”

“Alas our once proud and beautiful city is now the myth world Mythos.”

“But you still didn’t tell me what I have to do.”

“You must go to Equos and defeat the darkness.”

“Why didn’t you say so in the first place?”

“Young wizard do not be so rash. Before you can get into Equos you must collect the six keys of the spiral in each of the new worlds.”

“And how do I get these keys.”

“You can only get the keys by defeating each of the professors in their own worlds, then you must drain their magical power.

“Many difficult trials are awaiting you young wizard. So in order for you to survive those trials I am removing your level cap. You can now exceed the level of Grandmaster.”

“Wow that’s awesome.”

“You will also need this young wizard.”

Just then energy started to gather in front of Kelvin. A flash of light appeared, and then a card came out of it.

“Take this young wizard this is the very same spell Gamma used to save you. It will give you even greater power than you can imagine, but be careful young wizard this spell will almost completely drain your power.”

“Wow thanks Kelvin”

“You are welcome young wizard and good luck on your journey.”

As I walked back to Bartleby I couldn’t help but think about what I have just been told. “First Malistaire now this. How am I supposed to defeat all of the professors, I mean their power is almost limitless.”

Just as I was about to reach Bartleby I saw a black streak dash behind me.

“Who’s there?” I exclaimed

Then out of the shadows stepped out wizard. By the looks of it he was a storm wizard. He looked strong so I checked out his stats. He was a level 58. I looked at his hand and saw a now dead Gamma in his grip.

“You should have better protection for your friends.” Said the wizard

“Who are you and why did you kill Gamma?!”

“You don’t need to know who I am Just know I’m here to kill you.”

He sent a wild bolt flying right at me; I barely managed to dodge it.

“Are you going to run away this whole fight?”I quickly summoned a Helephant and sent it at him. The Helephant swung his flame blade at him but the storm wizard jumped on the Helephant’s blade ran up its arm, jumped off its shoulder, and hit it with a wild bolt. The Helephant then turned into ashes.

I couldn’t believe how strong this guy was. I had no other choice. I climbed up Bartleby, and hid behind his branches.

“Where’d you go, if you’re not going to come out I’ll just have to find you.”

The wizard started summoning thunder snakes. There were about ten of them. I wanted to send out some snow serpents to counter. But the light from the spell would give away my location. As I was thinking about my next move I didn’t notice the thunder snake slithering behind me. I turned around Just in time to see it. I Jumped off the tree, and flung my ice wand attacks at the snake and defeated it.

“Oh so there you are.” said the wizard. He sent the rest of his snakes and a Kraken after me. The snakes wrapped themselves around me before I could use a spell with my wand.

“Well looks like its over.” said the storm wizard, as his kraken began to charge its lightning bolt.

I had no other choice. I took out celestial bond, and put some magic in it to activate it. A giant burst of light came out of me and all the snakes that were on me disappeared, and the Kraken was lying on the ground.

“H- How did you do that!” exclaimed the wizard

Just then ice started to cover my body. I busted out of it and my body was covered in ice armor, and I had a handful of cards I’ve never seen before in my left hand, and a ice hammer in my right.

“What is that? What you think that you’re so strong that you don’t have to answer me! Then you can just die!” exclaimed the storm wizard

The wizard summoned a Stormlord who looked like he was ready to kill. I looked at the cards that just appeared in my hand I used a card called ice pillar; it froze the Stormlord in a pillar of ice. I used the ice hammer that had appeared in my right hand to shatter the pillar. The stormlord was defeated. I then used another card that appeared in my hand it was called hail. It looked just like blizzard only something was different. One Ice ball hit him, but that wasn’t all, two then flew at him, then four, eight , sixteen…Pretty soon the wizard was trapped in a glacier of ice. I was about to shatter the glacier and defeat the wizard when the armor suddenly dissipated. The glacier then broke apart freeing the storm wizard.

“I don’t know how you did that but you won’t get a chance to do it again.” Said the storm wizard

He summoned a Triton. The Triton hit me with its lightning wave the blast blew me into Bartleby. I struggled to stand up

“Still alive I see well I’ll fix that.”

The storm wizard summoned another Kraken. The Kraken then charged up its lightning and got ready to strike.

“Am I going to die?”

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