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The Chronicles of Sabrina Spirit by Sabrina Spirit

Sabrina Spirit had just finished a long day of her myth homework. She twirled her ponytail thoughtfully. “I have a little more time,” she muttered. “It isn’t after curfew yet.”

She grabbed her wand and her deck. After a little searching, she found her garments. Then, with a quick note scribbled on her dorm room door, she headed out.

Ravenwood was peaceful at this time at night. The number of wizards had decreased. Sabrina strolled around to the gap, where Malistare had torn the Death School from Ravenwood. Malorn Ashthorn, the death “professor”, was nowhere in sight.

Sabrina heard footsteps. She whirled around, and saw a flash of dark orange. “Weird,” she murmured. “I thought there was a wizard there.”

As she spoke, a dark shadow passed above her. She looked up and saw a man flying on an enchanted broom. Something about him seemed familiar, but she couldn’t quite pick it out. Whoever he was, he was dark and ominous. She followed him silently. He seemed to be flying towards the great tree, Bartleby.

He stopped right in front of Bartleby. “What’s the matter, Bartleby?” he sneered. “Can’t remember who I am?”

Bartleby groaned. Sabrina inched closer until she could pick out his face. “Malistare!” she gasped.

Malistare whipped around to see her running for her dorm. “No!” he cried. With a burst of death magic, he sealed her dorm room off with a bunch of dark thorns.

Sabrina was trapped. “Oh please, mystical spirits,” she prayed. “Help me!”

Malistare cast a Wraith. “Please,” he snickered. “I don’t need weaklings threatening me.”

Sabrina waited to have her life sucked from her. The wraith moved closer, closer…

“Hurry, over here!” a voice called. A boy, no older than seven or eight, was beckoning her over. “Hurry!” he yelled again.

Sabrina wasted no time in fleeing from the wraith. As soon as she was close to him, the boy bolted. He ran through the bushes. Sabrina followed.

The boy was strong and agile as he jumped over rocks and streams Sabrina never knew existed. The woods that surrounded them seemed to whisper, “He will return…he will return…”

At last, when the boy was standing in front of a large tent, Sabrina noticed the color of his robes. They were dark orange, trimmed with yellow. She twisted him around. “You were following me, weren’t you?” she asked angrily. He nodded sheepishly.

“Destiny told me to!” he replied feebly.

“Destiny?” Sabrina repeated. Before she could ask any more questions, the boy shoved her into the tent.

There were two other girls in the tent. One was dressed in a light green jacket. The other one was wearing a bunch of golden robes. The gold one lit up when she saw the boy.

“Oh, Blaze,” she cried. “You are alright!” She ran up and squeezed the boy. “I was worried Malistare-”

The green one cut her off. “We cannot say the name in here!” she rasped. Her gaze reminded Sabrina of a mother. Then she softened. “Welcome to the tent of wizards.”

Blaze shouted, “We are all-” he was cut off by a sharp glare from the gold girl.

“What Blaze meant to say,” the gold girl said, “is that we are all hiding from the Dark Wizard. We share Bartleby’s secret.”

The green girl added, “And now you do too.”

Blaze scowled at the girls. “That’s Vanessa,” he muttered, pointing at the green girl, “and this is Destiny.” The gold girl winced when Blaze said her name.

“I’m Sabrina Spirit,” Sabrina greeted. Vanessa noted her ragged and tired appearance.

“Would you like a rest?” she asked Sabrina. Sabrina nodded. Vanessa lifted her staff. A pixie queen jumped out and began treating Sabrina’s bruises.

Destiny was about to ask Sabrina where she was from when the ground shook. Blaze began to panic. Destiny jumped up and held onto the flaps. Looks of sheer terror were on their faces.

But Vanessa began to sing, which Sabrina found odd. Her voice swirled around the tent, and Sabrina swore she saw playful Imps dancing around her song. The rumbling ceased, and Vanessa stopped. After a deep breath, she fell over.

Blaze ran over and shook her. “Vanessa, wake up!” he pleaded. “Wake up, si-”

He stopped, and laughed nervously at Destiny’s stare. “Um,” he giggled shyly, “I’m going to go gather Mist Wood.”

Destiny sighed. “Blaze is too careless,” she told herself.

“I have a question,” Sabrina began. “Why do you always cut Blaze off?”

Destiny looked at Sabrina quizzically. “What do you mean?”

“I mean, when I first came here, he said ‘We are all’ and then you interrupted him. And just now, he started to say sist…”

Sabrina gasped. “You mean, you guys are family?!”

Destiny hung her head. “We try not to advertise it,” she whispered angrily.

Sabrina looked at Destiny, then at Vanessa. They had the same hair color, and their faces were similar, a feature Sabrina had not noticed before. “But why do you not want people to know?”

Destiny’s glare turned to a look of panic. “Blaze!” she yelled. She grabbed her wand and ran off through the woods.

As she took off, Vanessa stirred. She sat up and showed no signs of pain or sleepiness. She looked around the tent. “Where are Blaze and Destiny?” she asked.

Sabrina pointed to the tent flaps. “Blaze went to get Mist Wood, and Destiny followed.”

Vanessa jumped up. “NO!” she shrieked.

Above the tent, both girls heard the cackling of the Dark Wizard along with Blaze and Destiny’s anguished cries.

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