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The Christmas Spirit by Esmee MythMancer

It was Christmas in Wizard City. Everyone was getting ready by buying wands and robes and good stuff for their friends and families. For once, everything was not chaotic there. Until the news came a week before Christmas that an evil spirit had taken residence in Unicorn Way, that is.

“Oh dear.” said Emma. “ Sierra, you duel well, can you rid the spirit from Unicorn Way?”

“Okay, sure.” Sierra replied with a yawn. “Monsters on Unicorn Way are easy.” She smirked at her youngest sister, Esmee.

“Yup.” agreed Sestiva, looking at her little sister.

The four girls were a respected wizard family. All the wizards looked up to all of them. Except for Esmee, the youngest sister. Esmee was a myth wizard, but she hadn’t learned the Cyclops spell, so she wasn’t so powerful yet.

Esmee blushed furiously. Esmee had to go home because she had been beaten by pixies in Unicorn Way once, and Sierra had teased her plenty before.

Before she knew what she was saying, Esmee blurted,”I could defeat that stupid spirit before Christmas!”

“Very well ,then.” Sierra said quietly. “Get prepared, Esmee. If you fail, Emma will heal you and I shall rid the place of the spirit.”

So Esmee walked out and started to go to the Myth school.

Cyrus Drake said as Esmee walked in, “We are learning the Cyclops spell today. If you fail, you shall have to practice it for one hour or so. And do not complain, if so.”

Finally it was Esmee’s turn to try.

“Now, really try, so far all of you failed, so DO IT ESMEE!”Cyrus Drake snapped.”NOW.”

Esmee was willing the spell to work with all her might until a surge of power filled her wand arm and a myth sign appeared. Then suddenly a Cyclops burst out of the ground, harming no one, as she was not dueling.

“Can’t believe it, I can’t believe it. I suppose you have learnt the spell, Esmee- everyone else practice.” Cyrus Drake sighed.” Class dismissed.”

Esmee then raced to Unicorn Way. She had a spirit to beat.

Finally after searching for an hour, Esmee found the spirit’s tower.

“Here goes nothing.” Esmee sighed. She put all her Cyclops in her deck, and stepped into the sigil.

The spirit had a black, hooded cloak on and no face, like a dementor. Its main class was death. She was scared. Even the appearance scared her. But she still raced to the battle zone.

It had lots of health, and no minions at all. She kept casting trolls on it until she realized she needed healing. Quickly, she cast a pixie on herself.

After 3 turns, Esmee had a Cyclops and it would finish off the spirit, she thought. She cast the spell.

BOOM! The spirit was gone. She immediately teleported to her sisters at home.

“WOW.” They all said.

“I suppose you did stand a chance.” sighed Sierra.” You are pretty tough.”

And now all the sisters were respected, even Esmee. And everyone had a merry Christmas, too.

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