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Tales From Celestial Bodies (part 14) by Andrew FireRider

Kane Icestorm has been defeated, but his aftermath was still around.

"Merle, look at all of these people we rescued," Bob commented as they led the people they rescued into Wizard City. "They're in serious need of medical attention."

"They have suffered in his dungeon much longer than us. We will take them at once to Unicorn Way."

Bob had spirits of death carry them to Wizard City, in case you're wondering how all those wounded people got there.

As Bob and Merle entered the Commons, spectators gathered to see them. They were gone for a few weeks, and people thought they were dead. Now, their amazing return excited everyone.

"They're back!!!" said one person.

"It appears that they defeated Kane! Look at all those people they rescued!"

Another person cried out in joy, "My son! My son! They rescued my son from Kane Icestorm! Bless them forever!"

Headmaster Duncan Stormblood soon heard the commotion, and rushed outside to find a large group of people looking at the sky.

Headmaster Stormblood lifted up his head, and saw Bob, Merle, and a large group of injured and abused people riding stealthily through the air.

"Bob! Merle! Over here!" Headmaster Stormblood shouted.

Bob and Merle saw Headmaster Stormblood on the ground, and waved their hands.

"Not now, headmaster! We got to take these people to the Unicorn Way Hospital for the Injured Wizard, otherwise known as the UWHIW. Meet us there!" Merle announced.

As Bob and Merle rode through the air to the UWHIW, Headmaster Stormblood called all the teachers to come and witness the new events.

Bob and Merle reached the UWHIW, which was located next to Hedgemaze. They carefully lowered down the floating people that they freed from slavery.

Merle put two fingers in his mouth, and gave a loud whistle. The life wizards in the UWHIW heard it, and rushed outside to take the injured people into the hospital.

As soon as everyone was inside the UWHIW and were receiving the medical attention they needed, Bob and Merle turned around to find Headmaster Stormblood and the professors outside of the hospital.

"Tell us your adventure," Headmaster Stormblood commanded. "Did you succeed in defeating Kane Icestorm? How come you didn't tell us that you were leaving? Do you even know the panic that the residents of Wizard City had when you didn't return for a while?"

"Woah woah woah. One question at a time," Bob began. "Yes, we succeeded in defeating Kane Icestorm. We didn't tell you that we were leaving because we were in a rush and knew that you would say that we are too inexperienced and that we couldn't go. And whether people panicked or not, we are back, and they are relieved."

"It's easy for you to say that. Try being headmaster and coping with a city full of panicked people!" Headmaster Stormblood replied.

Professor Deathshard had something to say about this. "With all due respect, headmaster, but is it not your job to deal with the people of this city in times of distress, sorrow, agony, and panick?"

Headmaster Stormblood turned to Professor Deathshard with an annoyed look at his face. He knew that Professor Deathshard was correct.

Merle sensed the tension in the atmosphere and decided to do something about it. "As for our adventure…"

All eyes were focused on Merle as he spoke. Merle gave a detailed account of the moment they found the letter in their homes to the flight to the UWHIW.

"And so you see, Kane Icestorm was crushed and defeated by a giant golem, and the people we freed were brought to the UWHIW," Merle concluded. Merle then let out a long breath, as it took him a while to say all of it.

"Hold your breath. You will most likely need to address the public about this," Headmaster Stormblood announced.

"As fun as that seems, our families are both in that hospital. We want to visit them right now," Bob declared.

"You may go," Headmaster Stormblood permitted.

"I believe my assistance is needed in the UWHIW," Professor Samuel Lifewater said. "I will go there and see what I can do."

Professor Lifewater, Bob, and Merle, headed into the large lobby of the UWHIW. Bob asked the clerk where his family was, and the clerk told him which room. Bob headed there immediately.

Bob pushed open the large door to the room in which his family was. The room was painted green, with pictures of leaves on the wall. The sunshine was flowing perfectly through the double-windows, and Bob felt uncomfortable in this room.

"Mom, Dad," Bob began.

His parents shifted their faces and used all their energy to look at him. Their faces then fell back on their pillow.

"I rescued you," Bob cried. He grasped their hands to comfort them and himself in these dark times.

Sierra Deathrider, Bob's mother, looked at him again.

"I know, I know. We are proud of you. Continue in that path, because we may not be here to direct you."

"No! No! Mom, Dad, please!"

But it was no use. His parents would soon die.

Where was Merle Ambrose when Bob needed him?

Bob rushed out the large door of the room into the hallway. He grabbed the collar of a life wizard and demanded to bring Merle Ambrose to heal his parents.

Bob rushed back into the room, where he waited impatiently. His tears fell onto his dark robe, and the life wizard soon came back.

"Where is Merle Ambrose?!" Bob yelled.

The life wizard was shocked from Bob's response. The life wizard only heard good tales of Bob Deathrider.

"Um um, I tried to get him, but he was busy healing his parents. He said that he needed to help his family, but he will come when he's done," the life wizard stammered.

Bob gave a loud yell. "AAH!!!! THAT DOESN'T HELP ME! GET OUT OF HERE! NOW!"

The life wizard ran as if he had the Boots of the Comet on him. Bob sat down, and put his hands in his head, thinking of what he had just done.

Merle Ambrose wasn't coming. Bob knew he had to do something.

"I am the ruler of death! I will make sure my family doesn't die!" Bob announced.

Bob sensed that there were spirits or messengers of death in the room. They would soon strike his parents.

"Spirits of death!" Bob began. "Listen to me and do my bidding! Leave this room at once, and don't return anytime soon! I command you at once! Am I not Bob Deathrider, the ruler of death? LEAVE NOW!"

Bob waited for death to leave the room, but he still felt the presence of death.

Bob gave a loud shriek, and then he screamed, "MERLE AMBROSE!!!!!!!!!!!"

But Merle couldn't possibly hear Bob. They were twenty floors apart. As a matter of fact, Merle was on his way right then.

"Bob, you were the best child," his parents told him with all their strength. "Just as you made us proud, continue to make the Spiral proud. Be good."

The words of his parents seemed to linger in the air, and then Bob felt the presence of death exit the room.

He leaned over the beds his parents were in, and saw that they were dead.


Bob took his robe, and tore it apart. He gathered dust from the ground, and put it on his hat. He pulled his hat down over his face.

At that second, Merle Ambrose entered the room, and saw what happened. He ambled over to Bob, and put a hand on Bob's shoulder.

"It's ok, it's ok," Merle comforted Bob.

Bob took Merle's hand, twisted it, and then threw it off of Bob's shoulder.

"YOU!" he shouted.

"Me?" Merle asked.


"Bob, have you gone nuts? There was nothing I could do! My family needed healing!"

But this wasn't good enough for Bob.

Bob sent a beam of darkness straight into Merle's stomach. Merle collided with the door and broke it down.

Doctors and people watched astonished at Merle Ambrose on the floor. They rushed over, and Bob disappeared through the crowd.

But on that day, Bob decided that he would have his revenge on Merle.

1 week, 3 days, 11 hours, 34 minutes, 10 milliseconds…

Bob still secretly hated Merle in his heart. But he didn't show any hatred towards Merle. Sometimes he would pull pranks on Merle, or he would grow extremely angry with Merle, but he would always cover up for it.

There was a knock at Bob's door. Bob peered through the window to find Merle Ambrose, in his green outfit as always.

"I see that you were cut by a wand on your pinky," Bob observed. "It seems as though you were scratching the finger with your wand, and the wand cut through the finger."

"Good observations Bob. You always were good at this stuff. But tell me, how exactly did you know that?" Merle asked.

"That's quite simple. You have a bandage on your pinky, and the way that your pinky is positioned can only be from a scratch through a wind."

Merle was amazed. "Interesting."

That's not the real reason Bob knew it. In truth, Bob stole Merle's wand and rigged it to cut Merle whenever he scratched his hand. Bob had been observing Merle's new habit of scratching his hand with his wand, and came up with this idea.

"Well, we got a more serious issue," Merle began. Merle entered inside, and began walking up and down the room.

"It appears that Kane Icestorm has left us more issues to deal with. You see, a person that we rescued has been released from the hospital yesterday. Her husband died in Kane's dungeon.

She was spotted in Krokotopia with a grim look on her face, and kicking the Manders. She was calling them names, and said that soon she would rule the Spiral.

Her name is Laura DarkGlen, and it appears that she bought some new clothes and a new staff yesterday when she was released. We must find out what she wants to do."

Bob listened closely to what Merle said. Perhaps he could have Merle deliberately killed in battle with Laura DarkGlen.

"Where in Krokotopia is she now?" Bob asked.

"I don't know Bob. We will have to ask the Manders. They last spotted her in the Oasis, but she is on the move."

"So what are we waiting for? Let's go!" Bob announced.

They rode through the air on spirits, and reached Krokotopia. They were greeted by a blue Mander named Zal'Kl!ak. Yes, there is an exclamation mark in his name.

"Greetings, friends. You have come to save us," Zal'K!ak said.

"Yes, we have come," Merel replied. "Where is Laura?"

Zal'K!ak pointed a shaky finger towards the Pyramid of the Sun.

"There," he announced.

Merle's and Bob's heads shifted towards the Pyramid of the Sun, where they found a woman running up the pyramid.

"She's going to fall off and get herself killed!" Merle proclaimed.

"It looks like she can handle the pyrmad," Zal'Kl!ak informed them.

"Well we better hurry. I wonder what she is planning to do," Bob stated.

They started running full speed ahead towards the pyramid. Bob would normally have them ride on spirits, but he had a special plan just for Merle.

The climb was difficult, because the pyramid was steep. But they were doing all they could to catch up to Laura.

Laura saw them running towards her, and yelled, "You will never stop me! I am Laura DarkGlen! Soon, the soul of my husband will be in my body with my soul, and we will conquer the Spiral as revenge that no one saved him before he died!"

Merle gasped loudly. "Two souls in one. That's deep and dark magic. She will be extremely powerful with two souls in her body."

"So we must stop her!" Bob announced, and ran forward. He was running faster than Merle, and was far ahead.

"Wait up Bob! I'm not as fast as you!" Merle shouted.

"Ok! I'm coming down to help you!" Bob replied.

This was all part of Bob's plan to defeat Merle Ambrose. Bob ran down the pyramid to Merle Ambrose, and stretched out his hand to help Merle Ambrose climb the pyramid.

Merle gripped Bob's hand, and Bob started dragging Merle on the pyramid.

"Oh no Merle! My hand is slipping!" Bob said.

Bob made his hand slowly slip off of Merle's, and Merle fell through the air for miles.

"NOOOOOOOO!" Merle desperately cried.

A slow smile formed on Bob's face, and Merle didn't see it. Merle was tumbling through the air, flipping all around. The ground was just a few feet below him.

But lo and behold! Merle made a thick pile of leaves form underneath him. It stretched from the ground a few feet into the air. Merle fell into the pile of leaves, and was saved.

"NOOOOOOO!" Bob shouted. Luckily, Merle didn't hear him. They were too far away.

Bob realized that his plan didn't work. But he would have his revenge one day. And not just on Merle, but on the whole Spiral.

Until this plan formed into reality, Bob had to pretend that he was good.

All of a sudden, Bob heard a light tap on his shoulder. He turned around and saw Laura DarkGlen facing him.

"Bye bye!" Laura mocked.

Bob was confused. What was she doing?

He soon found out. Laura took her staff and jabbed it into Bob's stomach, causing Bob to fall off the pyramid also.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" Laura laughed.

Bob fell down miles through the air, until he landed onto the pile of leaves Merle created.

He summoned the spirits of death to bring Merle to where he was, and said, "I'm so sorry. I was losing my grip on you. I just realized that we could've used the spirits to reach Laura."

Merle dusted off some leaves from his robe. "Now you realize!"

"We must hurry and defeat Laura! She already reached the top of the pyramid," Bob announced.

They rode on the spirits and reached the top of the pyramid, where they saw an amazing sight. The sun was high in the sky, and Laura pointed her staff towards the sun. After reciting an incantation, the sun's rays shined directly onto the staff, and a gust of wind was moving through the air.

A cyclone of wind surrounded her and started to spin. When it cleared away, she announced in a deep voice, "I am Tyler DarkGlen, Laura's husband who perished in the dungeons of Kane Icestorm. No one came to save us, and when you reached Laura, I was already dead.

And so, I have come back from the dead and entered the body of my beloved Laura.

And now we will have our revenge on the Spiral! Surrender now, or suffer a terrible fate!"

All of a sudden, Bob remembered hearing something in class.

"Sometimes the soul of a spirit enters the body of the person he/she once loved," Professor Deathshard told the class. "THIS IS A KYBUKK!"

Bob knew that this was dark magic, and to remove a kybukk is extremely difficult. But Bob knew that he had to win. He wanted to kill Merle; he didn't want Laura to defeat Merle.

"Merle, did you hear her/him? I think we better surrender," said a sarcastic Bob.

"FOOLS! YOU WILL DIE!" Tyler proclaimed.

Tyler/Laura created a darkness to surround Bob and Merle. They couldn't see a thing.

Merle quickly got rid of the darkness using his own powers of life. Tyler/Laura grew upset.

"Merle, defend me!"

Bob had a plan in his mind. Merle went in front of Bob, and summoned all types of shields and barriers.

Bob was trying to have the kybukk removed. "Spirit of Tyler DarkGlen, listen to me, Bob Deathrider, ruler of death! Return to the afterlife, where you will find peace. A spirit can't function in the world of mortals!"


"But you must know that spirits aren't supposed to enter the mortal world! You can never find happiness here! And no one knew the location of Kane Icestorm to rescue you. Please listen to us!"


Bob never learnt how to handle this in necromancy class. He was taught that a kybukk could be persuaded to leave. And here was a kybukk that wouldn't leave.

Not only that, but Bob had no training with kybukks! It's not like Ravenwood would have practive kybukks to practice on!

Bob had to turn away from Tyler, and ask the spirits.

"O powerful spirits! Behold, here is a spirit in the mortal world! Bring this spirit back to Celestia, the spirit world, where it will find peace and happiness. Bring this spirit to where all spirits belong! Am I not Bob Deathrider, ruler of death? Listen to my voice, and fulfill my command!"

"THAT'S IT! I'VE HAD IT WITH THOSE SHIELDS!" said an angry Tyler DarkGlen.

Using all of their energy combined, Tyler/Laura produced a dark energy beam that flowed from their staff and broke every single shield. Next it would hit Merle and Bob.

All of the Manders were gathered on the islands of Krokotopia and were witnessing this event. Soon, Merle and Bob would be destroyed, then Krokotopia, and then the Spiral.

But lo and behold! There was a chilly breeze in the air, and Merle, Bob, and Tyler/Laura heard voices. They couldn't hear exactly what the voices were saying; it was all mixed-up.

The wind passed Bob and Merle and headed straight towards Tyler/Laura. It went straight through them, and Tyler/Laura collapsed on the pyramid.

Merle rushed over and carried Laura's body off the pyramid. She needed healing; perhaps she will see some common sense later.

Bob followed Merle down the pyramid, where the Manders thanked them for everything they did.

They next went to Wizard City, where they put Laura in the UWHIW, and then departed to their homes.
Laura DarkGlen was unconscious as she lay in the UWHIW. But she was having a dream, in which she heard the voice of Tyler DarkGlen.

"Tyler? Is that you?" she called to the surrounding darkness.

"Laura, I may have been forced to exit your body, but I have come back to your mind. Laura, Bob was right. There was no way for me to function in the mortal world."

"No! I don't believe it!" Laura exclaimed.

"Sadly, it is true," Tyler continued. "Laura, there is no way we can be happy unless we're both mortal or we're both spirits. And there is no way to make me mortal. That is, there is no way without the Krokonomicon."

"So I'll find the Krokonomicon for you!" Laura said.

"No, no. You can't possibly search all of Krokotopia for the Krokonomicon. You would never find it."

"So what should I do?"

"Come to me in the spirit world. Let me take you there, and we can be there forever."

Laura DarkGlen let her mind fall into the hands of Tyler, and they departed to the spirit world, Celestia, together.

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