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Tales From Celestial Bodies (part 12) by Andrew FireRider

The Dark Lord had done what his weak minions had failed to do. He had done what Malistaire and so many other bosses failed to do.

He had defeated Andrew Firerider once and for all! Never again would he have to be bothered by that pest! The Dark Lord will destroy the Spiral!!!!!

"Goblins, trolls, wraiths, ghosts, grendels, and other useless minions," the Dark Lord began, "today is a day of great happiness. Today is the day that Andrew Firerider was finally defeated. He was a weak wizard, and we will proceed to destroy the Spiral!!!!!"

The Dark Lord gave a loud victory yell, and the creatures and minions did the same. There was a loud commotion in the Dark Lord's arena. Swords, shields, metal, and creatures' heads were being banged together. Creatures were yelling at the top of their lungs, even the ghosts that didn't have lungs.

The Dark Lord waited for the noise to die down.

In a loud, booming voice he announced, "Due to our great accomplishment, and in honor of this, we will be having a feast and a party! We will go to our great friend, Jotun, the mighty grendel, located in Nidavellir, for a smashing feast."

The creatures gave another loud yell of joy.

"And then, WE WILL DESTROY THE SPIRAL!!!!!!!!!!!"

Goblins were jumping up and down, ghosts were giving evil laughs, trolls were throwing their clubs aimlessly in the air, grendels were giving little fits of joy, wraiths were absorbing the life out of trolls, and everyone was happy. Besides the dead trolls.


The creatures gave another loud yell.

And so, the Dark Lord and some of his favorite creatures and minions went to Grizzleheim, where terror struck the very hearts of the bears. Other minions were left to watch over the Dark Lord's fortress.

As the Dark Lord entered Grizzleheim, the bears stopped their work, and backed away in fear. The Dark Lord gave an evil laugh, and then lit the wooden fence surrounding the shopping center on fire.

The bears were outraged, but they were scared of the Dark Lord.

A loud cry arose from the bears, who couldn't bear to witness their shopping center being destroyed. Not only that, but the king's palace was in the shopping center.

As the Dark Lord moved away, the bears drew water from the rivers and extinguished the fires. But they saw the Dark Lord's strength, and knew that they would lose.

The Dark Lord next proceeded to Nidavellir, where he saw the grendel named Grumlik in the entranceway. Grumlik was full of fear also.

"Ah, greetings Dark Lord! I'm sure that you destroyed that pest Andrew Firerider quite easily!" Grumlik nervously stated.

"Yes, I destroyed Andrew Firerider, which is something you grendels were unable to do."

Grumlik put his hands over his face in protection, but the Dark Lord did nothing to him. He simply pushed Grumlik to the side and proceeded to the Hall of Valor, where Jotun lives.

"My good friend, the Dark Lord! How do you fare? Your visit is of course for good news, I assume," Jotun greeted the Dark Lord, also in fear.

"I, the mighty Dark Lord, have defeated Andrew Firerider, once and for all!" the Dark Lord stated. "And need I remind you that you were unable to defeat him?"

"That may be true, but his visit was unexpected. You knew that he was coming, but I don't deny that you are mightier and stronger than me," Jotun added when he saw the Dark Lord raising his staff in anger.

Jotun continued, "As you know, Andrew Firerider thought he defeated me. I merely played dead, and he soon left. Haha, Andrew Firerider! He was a fool, and is now defeated thanks to you!"

"I came here before to rally the grendels to my side. You turned some over to me, and we had a feast. I believe that this occasion also calls for a feast," the Dark Lord told Jotun.

Jotun, in fear, told the Dark Lord that he would gladly organize a feast, and they should sit down at his high table and make themselves at home.

And so, the Dark Lord and his minions sat down at Jotun's fanciest table, and were served a great feast.

"As you already know, I plan on destroying the Spiral," the Dark Lord began talking.

All of the minions and Jotun and his grendels were quiet. Their eyes were fixed upon the Dark Lord, out of mostly fear - not respect.

That was the Dark Lord's weakness. His minions feared him; they didn't respect him.

"I will be using a powerful spell from the Krokonomicon that will destroy the world I am on. It will destroy the whole world besides me and my minions. I will do so by setting up a special border around us so the spell won't affect us.

Earthquakes and cracks will appear in the world's surface; ocean waves will rise to the shore in great tsunamis; buildings will collapse; trees will fall; destruction will litter the air.

I will eventually come to Grizzleheim and do the same thing. You must make sure to have all of your grendels in Nidavellir, otherwise they will be destroyed."


At that moment, a great sound was heard throughout Nidavellir. A huge hole suddenly appeared in the wall, and a big, green thing was peering through it.

It was the Gobbler King!

Praised be the Gobbler King, for he is mighty and powerful. He is huge in size, and will gobble anything he sees.

And as you already know, this was a feast!

"I THOUGHT I TOUGHT YOU A LESSON!!" the Gobbler King yelled at Jotun and the Dark Lord, as his saliva dripped down on them. "IF YOU ARE EVER GOING TO HAVE A FEAST LIKE THIS, YOU MUST INVITE ME! I TOLD YOU THAT AT THE FIRST FEAST!!"

And then, the Gobbler King took the entire table, lifted it up, and emptied all the food on it into his stomach.

"BYE BYE!!!"

And the Gobbler King left happily now that he had his food.

You may be wondering what are all of these references to the "first feast." But we will get up to that in due time.

"Uck! Gobbler saliva," Jotun moaned.

When the Gobbler King came back to Wizard City, he told Headmaster Ambrose all that he heard the Dark Lord saying. He told Headmaster Ambrose that the Dark Lord will destroy the Spiral, and that Andrew Firerider was dead.

"Woe and doom shall now befall us! Although the Dark Lord is my age, I am much older physically. I can't fight him," Headmaster Ambrose sadly announced.

All of the teachers in Ravenwood gave a loud cry, and so did the students. The cries reached Unicorn Way, and Olde Town, and Triton Avenue, and everywhere in Wizard City.

Wizard City had their hopes down already, because they knew the end was near.

Headmaster Ambrose sat down and thought of all the plans and techniques he can use to defeat the Dark Lord. He did much research, and had the assistance of everyone in Wizard City. But no one could conjure up an idea.

Anyway, back to the Dark Lord.

"Well I see that this feast is over. It is time for the destruction of the Spiral to begin!!!!!" the Dark Lord declared.

The Dark Lord's minions gave a loud yell of joy, and banged their swords, shields, armor, and heads together.

They then proceeded back to the Dark Lord's fortress in Celestia.

The minions entered the secret passageway that was hidden from Andrew Firerider, and the Dark Lord continued to his throne room, where he locked the door, and placed sixty-two candles for meditation.

The Dark Lord then reached for the Krokonomicon which was on a small table next to him, and opened it up to Page 283, which explained how to destroy a world.

The Dark Lord recited a powerful incantation that was written in the Krokonomicon.

"Spirits of life, and spirits of death, enter my body, and take away my soul. Carry it away, and let me see, for I am blindsighted, and need to see. I need to see. I need to see. SHOW ME!!!!!"

The Dark Lord had absolutely no clue what he was saying. The Krokonomicon actually put a safety device inside of this spell so that people wouldn't destroy a world so quickly. This incantation made the Dark Lord see his whole life, with the hopes that he would see all the good and decide not to destroy the world.

But the heart of the Dark Lord was like a rock. He would not change his mind; not even if he was offered 5 trillion gold.

Not even if he was offered Andrew Firerider's body to hang as a wall piece above his bed.

And so, the Dark Lord was put into a deep slumber, in which he saw his whole life in memories.

It was just as Andrew Firerider saw his life in memories.

It was the fifth month in the year 4285; the month of Yerach. It was nightime, and it was a full moon. A couple was in a hospital in Sunken City, and the life wizards were helping a woman give birth.

A new-born baby came out of the woman, and darkness shone off of him.

He would be a necromancer. The new parents were thankful that he would be a necromancer just like them, and were thankful that they had a son.

Seventy years they were married, and never had a son. Finally, the woman came to a powerful life wizard, Professor Sameul Lifewater, and Professor Samuel Lifewater cured her of the disease which prevented her from giving birth.

The woman's name was Sierra Deathrider. Her last name used to be Ashfog, but when she became married, she took the last name of her husband.

The man's name was Valkoor Deathrider.

Yes, they were related to Andrew Firerider, although they did not know it. They were distantly related, but they were still family.

The woman had two sisters: Cheryl Deaththorn, and Autumn Nightbreeze. They were both married with children of their own.

The man had two brothers and one sister; all of them being married. Their names were Joseph Deathrider, Jonothan Deathrider, and Rachel Deathmancer. They also had their own children.

So as you can see, this was a family of death, and they couldn't be more delighted to have a death son.

"But what should we name him?" asked Sierra Deathrider.

"How about Bob Deathrider? It's a nice, short name that I like," replied Valkoor Deathrider.

Actually, the true reason Valkoor Deathrider wanted this name was because Bob was Bob spelled backwards.

Sierra agreed on the name, the life wizards performed a few more healing spells on Sierra and the baby, and they then proceeded back to their home in Sunken City.

The following week they had a great feast at their house, in which they invited all their relatives.

Everyone was so happy to see the new-born baby, and they were overwhelmed with tears.

I will skip the feast and all the boring parts, but the Dark Lord saw these memories in full detail and very strongly. The Krokonomicon did so on purpose: it made the Dark Lord overwhelmed with happiness from what he saw.

When Bob Deathrider was only five years old, he summoned a Dark Sprite that chased away a scarecrow in Sunken City. Never before had such a feat been performed; Bob never even had any wizard training yet.

Wizard training begins at the age of twenty, and already Bob was summoning Dark Sprites.

It was a sign of a prodigy; a powerful wizard.

And although this family was a family of necromancers, they were still one of the best-known families for charity and goodness. Sierra and Valkoor hoped that Bob would grow up and use his remarkable powers for good.

At the age of ten Bob found a spell deck lying around the floor, and picked it up. He examined the spells, and decided to enter into a battle. But he wasn't trained. He didn't even know what to do with the cards.

Bob was easily defeated. He ended up in the Sunken City hospital, with his parents crying. They were scared that their only child would soon be gone.

Luckily, Bob was healed, but his parents knew that it was time to put him into Ravenwood. Otherwise, Bob would be too curious about card fighting and would enter another duel and be destroyed.

Besides, Bob was mighty and powerful. He would be able to handle it.

Bob was full of excitement. At the age of ten he was already entering Ravenwood. He knew that he would be the most powerful wizard, and he was eternally grateful.

The news was full of this. Headlines said "Two boys, age ten, already at Ravenwood."

That's right. Two boys.

Merle Ambrose was born in the same month as the Dark Lord, and was equally as powerful. But Merle Ambrose was a life wizard.

Bob entered his first day of Necromancy in Ravenwood. It was in the days when the Death school was still located on the Ravenwood campus. The death professor's name was Anthony Deathshard.

Bob was taking the class that everyone new to Necromancy took: Beginning Necromancy for Beginners.

In this class, they learnt about the school of Death, different overall technics, powerful death wizards, and their first spell: Dark Sprite.

Although Bob Deathrider already summoned a Dark Sprite, he learnt how to perfect it, and how to decrease the risk of fizzling. He learnt how to make it stronger, and to do his bidding.

After death class, he rushed outside, wanting to go home and showing his parents what he learnt. He wanted to make them proud. He loved his parents so much.

He saw Merle Ambrose coming out of life class, and talked to him.

"So I heard you were born in the same year and month as me," Bob commented.

"That's true," Merle replied. "And we're both wizards that started school before the normal time. I say that we stick together, be friends, and help each other out."

Bob heard this and loved the idea. Merle would be his first friend, and the same held true for Merle.

"Yes! Thank you so much! We will fight the forces of evil side by side. We will never abandon one another."

These were two young wizards with large dreams. They thought that fighting evil would be a glamourous life; little did they know what the outcome would be.

Merle and Bob became great friends, and advanced through their wizard studies side by side.

Bob quickly advanced to the top of his class, and so did Merle.

Normally, a wizard has to go to school for a year before he can face his first battle in Unicorn Way. But Bob and Merle were different. It only took them half the year to be trained enough.

Anthony Deathshard said to Bob one day in class, "See me after class."

Bob immediately panicked. Was he in trouble? He was terrified.

After class, Bob approached Anthony Deathshard and stated to him, "I didn't do it!"

Anthony looked at him puzzingly and said, "What didn't you do?"

Bob gave a sigh of relief, and said, "Oh! I thought I was in trouble!"

"No, of course not! If you were in trouble, I would've made you stand by the window and count the crows! I have been speaking with the life professor, Samuel Lifewater, and he told me that Merle Ambrose is advancing quickly through life class. I have heard that you are best friends with him."

"That is true. He and I are tight buds."

"You are also advancing quickly through death class. Both of you have enough experience to fight your first battle in Unicorn Way."

"OH MY GOODNESS!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" Bob erupted in happiness.

"Don't thank me," Anthony told Bob. "Thank yourself. You have worked hard."

"When will we go to Unicorn Way?"

"First we have to have a special ceremony that we normally do at the end of the year when everyone else is ready for their first fight. But of course we have to do it for you and Merle."

"I'm so excited!!!"

"The ceremony will take place in Ravenwood, inside of Bartleby. I assume you have never been inside of him?"

"Never. This is the best day of my life!"

"In a week from now, on Sunday, at 3 hours after the sun rises, meet me in front of Bartleby. We will then proceed into him and conduct the ceremony."

"I am eternally grateful, Anthony Deathshard. You have been a great teacher."

"To make you even happier, Headmaster Duncan Stormblood will be performing the ceremony. It will gave you a chance to speak with him closeup. I'm sure you will be speaking with him much more in the future. I know you will be a powerful wizard. Make me proud."

"I will, Anthony Deathshard. I will represent the school of death as a strong school, a school of courage, and a caring and kind school. Many people associate the school of death with cruelty, and I will show the world this is not true!"

Bob turned to leave, but Anthony Deathshard added one more thing.

"Bring your parents. They are proud of you."

And so, Bob left the death class, and it was the happiest day of his life. He met with Merle outside in the Commons, and Merle told Bob that he was told the same thing from Samuel Lifewater.

They then departed to tell their parents about the news.

"Mom, Dad, guess what?" Bob exclaimed as he entered his house with a face full of joy.

"You and Merle are trained enough to fight your first battle in Unicorn Way and the ceremony is on Sunday?" his mom "guessed".

"How did you know?"

"Hahaha! Mothers know everything."

"No, really! How did you know?"

"A little crow told me."

Actually, Headmaster Duncan Stormblood stopped by her house that day and told her the good news. But there's nothing like striking fear into your child's heart to make them think you know what they are doing.

"We're going to need to pick out a suit, nice shoes, get a haircut, and we will be giving you a special present," Valkoor Deathrider said.

"Aww, a suit!" Bob moaned.

But what was this special present they were talking about? He didn't like surprises!

"Come on, I love both of you, what is the special present?"

"Hahaha! We can't tell you that! But you're going to love it! We arranged it with Merle's parents also."

Bob was wondering what it could be. A special death plaque in his room? He saw it in the bazaar and always wanted it. Or maybe a new hat? His hat was an old one.

But Bob didn't know, and so he didn't torture himself by trying to figure it out.

Finally, that Sunday came. Bob and Merle were with their families outside of Bartleby, and were all very eager. There were many other people there - students, teachers, and spectators, all amazed at this phenomenon.

Never before had such a thing occurred.

Finally, Headmaster Stormblood arrived with Anthony Deathshard and Samuel Lifewater. They commanded Bartleby to open his mouth, and they stepped through into Bartleby.

It was the first time Bob was inside Bartleby. It was magnificent. Leaves and branches grew everywhere, and there was such great light.

Of course, he would have much preferred a dark alley such as Sunken City, but he still admired Bartleby's magnificence.

"Students, teachers, parents, and spectators," Headmaster Stormblood began. "We come here today to honor two great students, mighty in power. One is a life wizard, and the other is a death wizard, but they are great friends. They were born in the same month, in the same year; it was only fate for them to be together. They are both brilliant students; the top of their class. They have risen quickly in their studies, and are talented enough to fight their first battle in Unicorn Way. We have come here today to honor them, and to perform the sacred ceremony that is performed at the time that students are ready to begin their first battle.

The name of the death wizard is Bob Deathrider."

A large applause arose from the stands.

"Let's go Bob!" his dad shouted.

"And the life wizard is called Merle Ambrose."

An equally loud cheer erupted from the stands.

"I now call both of them up together to receive an award of honor on their tremendous achievement. Bob Deathrider, please come and accept this award upon yourself."

Bob went to Headmaster Stormblood on the podium, shook his head, took the award, and said, "I would like to thank my teacher, parents, and my special friend, Merle Ambrose. Without their faith and confidence, none of this would be possible."

A loud and tremendous cheer erupted from the stands; it is said that all of Ravenwood was shaken by that cheer.

"Merle Ambrose, please come and accept this award upon yourself."

Merle did as commanded, and said something very similar to Bob.

"Now I believe that their parents had something special to give to them."

Bob's and Merle's parents reached into a large bag, and took out a set of wands and a set of spellbooks. They gave one wand, which was a life wand, to Bob, and the other wand, which was a death wand, to Merle.

"We are giving you opposite school wands for a purpose. It is a great technique to use. If you are fighting against a death enemy, your spells won't be so great, Bob. Therefore, use this life wand and weaken your enemies. The same is for you Merle. Nothing will stand in your path."

They then gave a death spellbook to Bob, which was able to hold 20 spells. So far, Bob only learnt Dark Sprite, Death Blade, and Ghoul, but he knew it would quickly fill up.

They gave an identical spellbook to Merle, but it was life.

"I would like to tell a story about the bonds of their friendship," Headmaster Stormblood announced.

The cheering quieted down, and Headmaster Stormblood began, "As many of you know, I am great friends with the myth professor, Professor Christopher Mythblood. We were friends since our childhood.

Many of you find this awkward. I'm storm, and he's myth. But it was just as with Bob and Merle. We did not let our schools stand in the way of our friendship.

We grew up to become powerful wizards, and fought the forces of evil side by side. One dark lord, Jack Ravenblood, was threatening to destroy all of Wizard City.

We reached his lair, and he told us 'There is no use trying to defeat me. You will surely die.'

I answered him back, and said, 'You are mistaken. We will defeat you. And that is because we have friendship and good on our side. And that is something that you don't have.

Therefore, I feel bad for you in a sense. You grew up without friendship or love from anyone. You then became evil based on your past experiences. You now call yourself Dark Lord. You had a dark life.

But I didn't. I grew up with a strong friendship. Even though people laughed and said that it is ridiculous for enemies of the schools to be friends, we sneered back at them when we became powerful.

And so, you will now be defeated, Jack Ravenblood.'

And we proceeded to defeat him. The point of my story is that I also had a strong friendship with an enemy of my school. But that didn't stand in my way. And I proceeded to tell this evil person about it, and about how he never grew up with it, and therefore turned evil.

So you can see the effects of a strong friendship and the effects of no friends. I hope that you stay strong friends. I have faith in both of you."

Bob and Merle approached Headmaster Stormblood, and shook his hands.

"And now, my fellow onlookers, it is time for Bob and Merle to conduct their first fight in Unicorn Way. This is a task that they must do alone, without spectators. The point is to see if they can function without the advice of others, and so many people will add pressure.

But I have faith in them that they will do just fine. And of course I will be there to make sure they don't get beaten up by a monster.

And now, Bob and Merle, we will proceed to Unicorn Way to your first fight."

Another loud cheer rose from the crowds, and confetti appeared magically. Magnificent fireworks lit up the Ravenwood sky, and wizards cast spells which made magical creatures appear out of nowhere, adding to the display.

The large crowd followed Headmaster Stormblood, Bob, and Merle to Unicorn Way, but Headmaster Stormblood summoned them off.

"They will be just fine on their own. I will look after them, but now you must go, as is the tradition."

The crowd left, and Bob and Merle were getting excited for their first fight.

Juan the Duelmaster ran out to greet them, with his sword in his hand and all ready for a fight.

" I have heard about you two amazing wizards," Juan greeted them. "I hope to be seeing you in the arena one day, making the top of the lists."

"I am sure they will also," Headmaster Stormblood told Juan. "But now is their first fight. And you know the tradition. You can't go with them."

"Yes, yes, I know. Good luck! I know you can do it!" Juan said.

Headmaster Stormblood, Bob, and Merle, continued down Unicorn Way, until Headmaster Stormblood said, "Now I will wait on the sidewalk as you choose a ghost to fight against. Go ahead, young wizards. You are valiant men."

"Ready Merle?" Bob asked Merle.


"Let's do this!"

Bob and Merle ran over to a ghost, and entered a battle.

"This is so cool! They're life ghosts, so I'm going to use the death blade I got," Merle announced.

"Awesome! And I'll use dark sprite on them!" Bob replied.

Merle used his death blade which was only supposed to do 50 damage. But it actually did 90 damage, and killed one of the ghosts.

Headmaster Stormblood was amazed at this.

"They are truly powerful wizards. Never before had this occurred. I can't even do that!" he thought to himself.

Bob cast a dark sprite, which did 140 damage, more than it should, and killed the other ghost. They finished their first duel in one round.

"AMAZING! SUPERB! SPLENDID!" Headmaster Stormblood shouted.

"That was so cool," Bob and Merle both said.

It was a day of happiness, but it was destined for doom. At that moment, the skies turned black, and lightning illuminated the sky. A dark cloud was seen coming down from the sky, with a tall wizard on it.

The wizard was cloaked all in yellow, indicating that he was a myth wizard. He had a large staff, and didn't look too happy.

"Oh no no no!" Headmaster Stormblood groaned. "It is Ryan Mythlord, more commonly known as the Dark Lord. You have certainly heard of him."

"Yes we have. How could we not? He has recently rose to power, and is terrorizing Wizard City," Bob replied.

"You wizards wait here. I will follow Ryan and see where he is going," Headmaster Stormblood told them.

"No! We want to go with you! We will defeat him!" Merle said.

"No way!" Headmaster Stormblood replied. "It is too dangerous. You have only experienced one battle. Please do as I say, and you will grow up as powerful wizards."

Headmaster Stormblood looked into their eyes with a trusting look, and they nodded in return.

"I will message all the teachers to come to me. BUT DO NOT FOLLOW!"

Headmaster Stormblood turned around and ran to where Ryan Mythlord was traveling on his cloud. He messaged the teachers in his brain to come, and they all teleported to him.

Ryan Mythlord was heading towards the end of Unicorn Way, where a great wizard stadium was located.

"Are we just going to sit here and do nothing? We have to go!" Bob exclaimed.

"One hundred percent!" Merle answered.

Bob and Merle rushed after Headmaster Stormblood and the teachers to the end of Unicorn Way, where Ryan Mythlord was on his black cloud.


"Never!!! You will be defeated!!! Piece by PEACE!!" Headmaster Stormblood yelled back.

In reality, it wasn't going to be a peaceful battle, but Headmaster Stormblood wanted to show that things can be done peacefully, and that good prevails.


The teachers all crowded in to see what would happen next. Headmaster Stormblood took out his wand, ready for a battle.


Ryan Mythblood raised his staff, and a yellow orb formed in it. He was getting ready to attack.

Headmaster Stormblood turned around, just to make sure Bob and Merle weren't there. But of course they were.

"BOB, MERLE! GET OUT OF THE WAY!" Headmaster Stormblood shrieked.

But they weren't moving. They wanted to prove they were strong and could fight.

But it wasn't time for them yet. They would be defeated if someone didn't take measures.


"Right away sir!" Samuel Lifewater replied.

Samuel Lifewater formed the life symbol in the air, and sent his wand through it. A big, green goo covered both Bob and Merle from head to toe.

And at that same second, Ryan Mythlord slammed his staff down, and a blinding flash of yellow light came out of it and hit Bob.

But it had no effect. The goo protected him.

Ryan Mythlord was furious. He switched the attack to Merle.

Same result.


Ryan started to cast the myth symbol, and then struck it with his wand. He cast the spell earthquake, and the ground started to move. Great cracks appeared in the ground, and some of the teachers fell over.

"PROFESSOR CHRISTOPHER MYTHBLOOD, GET RID OF THIS EARTHQUAKE! ALL OF THE OTHER TEACHERS, ATTACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Headmaster Stormblood gave the battle orders.

A great battle was underway, in which Professor Mythblood did his best to get rid of the earthquake. He was using all his force to stop it, and it took a lot out of him. For a few moments it would stop, and then Ryan Mythlord would win again for a few moments. That's how the myth battle took place.

Another battle took place with Headmaster Stormblood. He was clearing the sky of the darkness and the storm. After that, they would have light and motivation.

The ice professor used her energy to freeze the cloud Ryan Mythlord was on, so he couldn't move around.

The storm professor sent energy bolts from his wand to attack Ryan Mythlord, which was very effective, since storm does a boost on myth.

The life professor sent the goo around to everyone so they wouldn't be harmed.

The balance professor was casting different spells and attacking Ryan Mythlord.

The death professor was also casting different spells at Ryan Mythlord, but some of those spells were special ones that taunted him.

The fire professor lit the cloud Ryan Mythlord was on, which surrounded Ryan in a circle of flames. She paid careful attention not to let the flames hit him; she knew that Headmaster Stormblood had something special for him.

"Now you see the power of all the schools, and how defenseless you are!" Headmaster Stormblood announced. "It is time that you are defeated. Your reign has been short, and so should all of evil be short!"


But he was weak and surrounded. He would never win.

"It is better to give up!" Headmaster Stormblood decreed, as he sent a blast of lightning from his staff at Ryan Mythlord.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!" he yelled, as he was hit by the lightning. He collapsed on the cloud extremely weakened by the blast.

"FINISH HIM UP!!!" Headmaster Stormblood told the teachers.

The ice professor sent ice shards to attack him.

The storm professor sent some more energy bolts of out his wand.

The balance professor sent a judgement to announce that his fate was death.

The death professor surrounded Ryan in spirits that laughed at him and attacked him.

The fire professor engulfed him in flames.

The myth professor sent a giant Humongofrog to throw up on him.

The life professor sent a shower of leaves to fall down in victory.

Ryan Mythlord was defeated. His reign of terror had collapsed.

"That was amazing!!!" Bob told Headmaster Stormblood.

"Superb!" Merle added.

"That will soon be you one day," Headmaster Stormblood answered. "But more powerful, that I know."

The news quicly spread that the reign of Ryan Mythlord was over. Headmaster Stormblood and the teachers were congratulated, along with Bob and Merle on their first duel.

"What will be done about the huge cracks in the ground?" Bob asked Headmaster Stormblood.

"Those will be put to good use," Headmaster Stormblood replied. "The stadium is destroyed, but it is only fitting that we fill the area with the presence of life to commemorate this great victory. Professor Samuel Lifewater has a great friend, Lady Oriel, whom we will ask if she would like to reside in that area. We will fill the holes with hedges, and pixies, sprites, and all creatures belonging to life will fill the area with happiness."

And so, Lady Oriel moved into that area, which is today known as Hedgemaze.

And the wizardly adventures of Bob Deathrider and Merle Ambrose continued.

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