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Tales from Celestial Bodies (part 10) by Andrew FireRider

"Rah! Rah!" yelled the Undead with the delight of escaping through the teleportation ring to defeat me.

At least they thought they would defeat me. They didn't know they were messing with Andrew Firerider and Shanna the great and awesome diviner!

"Shanna, let's give them a fight the old-fashioned way," I declared.

"With pleasure," Shanna laughed.

Now the Undead didn't look too happy! We entered the battle circle, and defeated them easily.

"From past experiences, this won't be the only adventure we will face here," I sighed.

"Speaking of that, where are we?" Shanna inquired curiously.

That was a good question. Where exactly were we?

I took a look around at our surroundings, and Shanna, Malistaire, and Sylvia did the same.

"It appears that we are on some type of beach," Malistaire pointed out.

"Yes indeed. And there is the ocean, with a great ship anchored to shore," I announced.

It was all true. We were on the shore of a beach, with a great ocean in front of us. There was a huge ship, with white sails, and a great hulk, at the shore.

There was no where else to go but onto the ship and to sail through the ocean.

"Well, onto the ship we go. Does anyone know anything about sailing?" Shanna asked.

"I do. I took a course in ships and sailing when I was younger. I still remember it though," Malistaire told us.

"All right. Let's go onto the ship, explore it, and then you can teach us how to sail it," I told Malistaire.

"Sounds like a plan," agreed Sylvia.

We went aboard the ship to the place where the "steering wheel" was.

"Yes, I can most definitely teach you how to use this. It is not that complicated," Malistaire said, and showed us how to use it.

When he was done, I said, "Let's explore the rest of the ship, and see if there is anything valuable."

We found a flight of stairs in the ship, and descended it. There was a long passageway, with many rooms.

The rooms ranged from bedrooms to bathrooms to living rooms to dining rooms.

"Well this is too good to be true! It is unfortunate that the teleportation ring isn't here also," I wished.

At that Shanna laughed. "It wouldn't be an adventure if the teleportation ring was here!"

Malistaire, Sylvia, and I looked at her with an annoyed look - she had no clue what we had gone through, and if she did, she would take back that last statement.

"Well, seeing as there is no teleportation ring here, I assume we must sail the ocean in search of it. Malistaire, steer the wheel," I commanded.

"Aye aye captain," Malistaire said, like a baby.

"Aye aye captain? Seriously? That's what you say?" I sneered.

Malistaire went to the above deck, and the ship started to move. We were on our voyage!

It was still daytime, so we came up with shifts to steer the ship. I was taking the next shift, but I decided to rest first.

Everyone did the same. I mean, face it, we were exhausted. This adventure was taking a lot out of us.

The question was, how much will it take out of us, and will we make it to the end?

All of a sudden Malistaire came running down yelling at the top of his lungs.

"Aaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaaaaaah!" he shrieked.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" I replied.

"Sharks! Here! Now!"

"Who? Where? When?" I asked, not understanding what he said.

"There are sharks that are approaching the ship at high speed. If we don't do something now, they will destroy the ship, and doom shall fall upon us!"

"Oh goody, the 'doom' word. Shanna!" I hollered. "Are you ready for your next adventure?"

"Of course!" Shanna replied. "I couldn't be more excited.

"That feeling will wear away eventually," I told Shanna.

We all rushed towards the top deck, to find a group of sharks, about 30 feet away, rushing towards the ship with hungry faces.

I don't know about you, but the thought of a shark eating me is not a pleasant thought.

"Well what do ya know? The sharks are having a party and didn't invite me!" I sarcastically stated. "I feel so offended."

"Quickly! We must conjure up some magic. I will heat up the waters to burn the sharks, but they are so spread out, I don't know how effective it will be," I said.

"Do not fear. I will combine my power of electricity and storm with your power of fire," Shanna declared.

I didn't know how this would turn out, but I would soon see!

I started heating up the waters, and I saw it boiling. But it was taking too much energy out of me.

Shanna decided to act, and I saw small bits of electricity crackling inside the water. These small pieces became larger and larger and larger, and eventually spread farther out.

While this process was continuing, Shanna was sending thunderbolts from the heaven and hitting the sharks.

Trust me, that taught the sharks a lesson in humiliation.

With the extreme heat from the water, and the electricity and thunder attacking them, the sharks gave a loud wailing noise, and many were killed. The ocean was filled with red, and the sharks then gave up. They moved someplace else in the ocean, knowing not to mess with us.

I was happy with our victory, but was it right to kill the sharks in such a gruesome and bloody way? Well, there was really no time, and that was all we could do. But it is not up for me to decide judgement.

"That will teach them not to mess with Shanna the great and awesome diviner!" Shanna proclaimed out loud.

"And Andrew Firerider," I added. "Don't forget me."

"By the way, where did you ever learn such spells?" I inquired of Shanna.

"Super advanced diviner class for grandmaster diviners. I learnt my most powerful spells there, even if they didn't come in card form."

"Ah," I replied.

Sylvia, seeing our exhausted state from the spells, decided to take the next shift so that I could rest.

I was quite grateful of Sylvia, and thanked her many times. I then headed off to my quarters, and took a nice, long rest, in which I revived my strength.

If only I didn't have to wake up to another fearful adventure.

After everything I had been fighting, and all the adventures I was in, I never knew which one might be my last. I didn't want ANY of them to be my last.

With that "reassuring" thought, I continued to lie down on my bed, and it was getting darker and darker. Night was coming rapidly. The stars started to emerge, and I knew that soon something in the dark would lurch out and attack us.

Probably my imagination.

My door opened up, and in walked Shanna.

"It's your shift. Come on," she told me.

I sighed, not wanting to do anything. But I got up, and took my shift.

Surprisingly, it was pretty boring. Nothing happened. No adventure at all.

After my shift was over, I went to Malistaire's room, and told him that it was his turn for the shift. I then walked back to my room, and fell asleep in a deep sleep.

Darkness was what I saw in my dream. I was standing in the middle of darkness. And in the darkness I saw a bright light emerging, and gradually growing bigger. A light was shining through the darkness. Out of the light came two colossuses. I recognized them from Thaumaturge Island, and the ones that spoke to Shanna to bring her on this adventure.

"Who summoned you to help us? We are all very grateful, but how did you get here?" I asked them, a question I've wanted the answer for a long time.

"Perhaps you will learn that in another time. The players in this adventure are not just your crew and the Dark Lord. There is a third person. He summoned us."

A third person. I pondered over that and who it could be. But really I had no clue.

"We will guide you through your journey, even if you don't see us. We will be there when you need us, even if you don't know it," one of the Colossuses said.

"But this adventure is your destiny, and not ours. We will only help you in times of desperate peril. The adventure is for you to experience. It is your destiny, whether you like it or not, or whether you are defeated or not," the other Colossus stated.

"I thank you helping us in our times of darkness. If only you could be with us all the time," I told them.

"We will visit you in dreams like this to give you support. And sometimes, just sometimes, we might even make our appearance known to you."

The other Colossus continued this statement. "However, if you manage to reach the Dark Lord before night comes, then we won't be able to visit you again."

"But just remember, and make sure to remember, for this will keep you sustained. We will always be there for you, and we will always help you."

"Thank you for those words of encouragement," I replied.

"Oh, and be very careful when you go to sleep. The Dark Lord can enter your dreams and give you nightmares to the worst extent, just like we are entering your dreams right now."

"So I shouldn't go to sleep? That's impossible!" I exclaimed.

"We never said not to. We just said to try and conquer your dreams. And remember, we will always be there for you. Even though you may never know it."

And with that last statement, they faded away from my dream.

"No! Wait! Come back!" I yelled. "There's so much more I want to ask you about."

Only silence. What would I ever do?

As the two Colossuses faded away, the light began to shrunk, until I was enveloped in darkness.

But lo and behold! A whirlpool emerged out of nowhere, and started spinning and spinning. It spun into a wizard, wrapped around in a dark cloak, with a dark staff. It seemed that darkness radiated from him.

He chuckled at me, and raised his staff. The top of the staff started glowing in an orb-like shape.

"This will be your fate if you dare approach the Dark Lord," he said.

"NOOOOOOOOO!" I screamed, as the Dark Lord slammed the bottom of his staff onto the ground, and from the orb protruded a long stick of flashing, blinding light. It resembled a lightning bat when it attacks with the ray of electricity.

The shaft of light rained down upon me, and I fell to the floor, defeated by this mystical energy.

The Dark Lord chuckled a few more times, kicked me, spat on me, and then left.

I was then aware of someone shaking me, and I woke up from my dream, to find Sylvia shaking me, and telling me to wake up.

I groaned. "It's my shift already?" I complained.

"No, we have a worse situation," Sylvia frantically explained. "We are approaching a fast moving whirlpool, and it looks as if it will swallow us."

I jumped out of bed, knowing that I was needed on the deck. "Well why didn't you just say so?" I asked.

We rushed to the top of the deck, where an amazing sight took place before my eyes.

"Holy ninja pig!" I gasped.

It was raining, and a great storm was above the sea. There were huge waves, as tall as towers. And in the center of it all, a giant whirlpool was spinning and spinning.

And our ship was entering the whirlpool.

I remembered my dream, and how the whirlpool spun itself into the Dark Lord. This better not happen here.

"Get ready for a bumpy ride," I warned. "Hold onto whatever you can."

We ran towards the railings and the mast of the ship, trying to grab hold of whatever we could so we didn't go flying when we entered the whirlpool.

"Is there nothing we can do?" screamed Shanna.

To that I replied, "I am afraid not. The end is near."

We approached the whirlpool even more.

And some more.

And finally, the whirlpool swallowed the ship.

"WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA!!!!!" we all screamed.

The ship was spinning around in the whirlpool, and reached the bottom.

Bottom? Do whirlpools have bottoms?

We were amazed to find ourselves on dry land, surrounded by the spinning whirlpool.

And then, inside the waters of the whirlpool, we saw a group of huge tritons, with their scepters and all.

And they didn't look too pleased.

"WHO DARES ENTER THE DOMAIN OF THE ALKRE TRITONS?" one triton, who must have been their leader, boomed.

We immediately cowered under their existence.

"Please, O mighty triton, ruler of the ocean, allow us to pass. We mean no harm, nor did we know that this was your domain," I politely said.


A smaller triton, younger of age, approached the leader, and said, "Perhaps these wizards are telling the truth. Perhaps they mean no harm, and perhaps we can let them pass."


"Please, O mighty triton, leader of the Alkre Tritons, what can we do to pass?" I inquired.


An idea formed in my head, and I sneaked away towards Shanna to tell her about it.


"Listen, Shanna," I whispered. "He said we need Zeus, the Storm Lord, to let us pass. Well, why don't you summon the spell Storm Lord and command it to tell the triton to let us pass?"

"Good idea," Shanna whispered back, and she went off to the side, out of view from the tritons, so she could summon Storm Lord, and make it seem as if he really came himself.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING, TINY WIZARD?" the triton boomed, as he raised his scepter, ready to strike us. The scepter started glowing, and a blinding light was on the top of the scepter. Soon the light would strike down upon us, as in my dream.

"NO! Stop!" the smaller triton commanded, reaching for the scepter to prevent the leader from striking us. "Maybe they really didn't know that we live here. Maybe they really do come in peace. Why can't we just let them pass?!"


And then, out of the heavens, on a great cloud, came Zeus, the Storm Lord, summoned by Shanna.

"The wizards mean you no harm," said Zeus in a great booming voice. "Let them pass, my faithful minions!"

The tritons, seeing their lord, bowed at his sight.

"Your command is fulfilled," the leader said. "We are sorry for not trusting you," the leader said, pointing at us. "And you too," the leader announced, pointing at the smaller triton.

The tritons were filled with great awe that the mighty Zeus, the Storm Lord, would support us. The tritons gave respect to us, and also feared us a little.

And so, the tritons lifted up the ship, and placed it on the waters above. The storm stopped, the waves subdued, and the whirlpool vanished.

And so, we got through another adventure in this sea which I named the Celestial Sea.

And so, we went through the rest of the night, taking shifts. No adventure occurred during nighttime, and I didn't even fall back asleep. It was early morning when our adventure with the tritons occurred, so I was able to remain awake. I was too scared to fall asleep and have the Dark Lord enter my dreams.

I needed to learn how to conquer my dreams.

I remembered everything that happened in my dream. If the Dark Lord was able to defeat me so easily in my dream, would it be the same in real life?

These were questions that I had no answer to, but perhaps I didn't want to know the answer.

Morning came, and I was sitting down in my room, when all of a sudden the door barged open and in walked Shanna.

"Quickly! There is a HUGE kraken outside, on a huge rock, about to attack us. We are approaching it soon."

"Another adventure? Seriously? You can't give me a break!" I sarcastically stated.

I rushed up to the deck, and found a huge kraken in front of us, with its spear raised, ready to strike down on us.

"Oh boy!" I yelled.

The kraken gave a loud yell, reached down to the deck, and grabbed both Shanna and I.

Malistaire and Sylvia were left on the deck gaping in awe, not doing anything to save us.

I lit my hand on fire, to burn the kraken, but it had barely any impact on this huge kraken.


"I don't know what to do!" Shanna shouted back.

The kraken laughed, lifted his arms, opened his mouth, and was about to eat us, when he gave a loud cry.

He yelled a second time.

"Shanna, what did you do?"

The kraken shouted even louder again.

"Nothing! I don't know what's going on!" Shanna answered.

The kraken yelled again, and then collapsed into the ocean, releasing us from its grasp.

We fell into the ocean with it, but the only difference was we were alive, and the kraken wasn't.

We swam to the surface, and then drew in breath. All of a sudden, something grabbed onto our arms, and we turned around to see skeletal pirates in the water.

"Aah!" we yelled, at this unexpected sight. We found chains around our wrists, but that wasn't the worst of it.

A huge, black ship, with black sails, was coming into the distance. It was a pirate ship, equipped with cannons and all. It must have been the cannons that killed the kraken.

And that wasn't the worst of it either. On the pirate ship were many pirates cheering at us being taken prisoner.

And that wasn't the worst of it either! We were being carried to the pirate ship.

That's pretty much the worst of it.

The pirates forced us roughly onto the ship, where we found Malistaire and Sylvia there also, handcuffed by magical handcuffs that work on ghosts.

I remembered these types of handcuffs from the death town.

The pirates put on an amusement show, and threw all types of items at us. We were humiliated.

"The Dark Lord requests your presence. We will deliver you to him, but I don't think he wants any resistment, so I will make you weak!" one of the pirates said, who was the leader.

At that, the pirates gave a loud cheer, banged many items together to make a loud ruckus, and found great amusement in us.

The leader formed the battle circle, and Shanna and I entered it.

He wasn't too tough of a skeletal pirate, and we defeated him. But, just like it was with Dung, the skeletal pirates gave a loud cry that their leader was defeated, clanged their shields together, made a loud ruckus, and then jumped on top of us.

Great! Now we were captured prisoner again.

They carried us forcefully to separate quarters, where we were locked up.

I decided to chat with Shanna in our minds, and see what was happening in her room.

"Nothing much. I'm locked up in here, and I fear something bad will happen soon," was her reply.

"The feeling is mutual," I answered.

Then I remembered what the ghosts were doing to Malistaire and Sylvia back in the graveyard. They put them in magical handcuffs that worked on ghosts, and tried to turn them into Undead. Perhaps the pirates were doing the same!

I had to check up on Malistaire and Sylvia. I chatted with them in our minds, and they said that they were locked up in a room, all by themselves.

Well that was a relief. Now I just needed to find a way out of here!

But there was no way. I tried melting my handcuffs, but they wouldn't melt. Shanna also said that there was nothing she could do.

And so, we waited and waited on our voyage to death.

Eventually, the door to my room was slammed open, and in walked five skeletal pirates.

"Our journey is complete. Once we punch in the right code to the teleportation ring, we will bring you to the Dark Lord!" one pirate said evilly.

The pirates dragged me out of the room, and onto the deck, but I was thinking about what he said.

There was a code to put into the teleportation ring? Perhaps based on the code, that's where you are teleported! It's too bad I didn't know the code to the Dark Lord, or this adventure would've ended much sooner.

No matter, I was going there now. But it wasn't how I planned. I was a prisoner being taken there.

On the deck, I found Shanna, Malistaire, and Sylvia, all in handcuffs.

"You are no harm to us anymore. Soon you will have to answer to the Dark Lord. If we take these handcuffs off of you, it will be much easier for you to move, which will save us a lot of time. But don't try anything sneaky, or we will know!" one of the pirates warned.

And with that, the pirates took off the handcuffs, but gripped our hands firmly, with great suspicion that we would try to sneak away.

They led us down to the shore, where there was a teleportation ring. I recognized now that there were numbers on it, probably used as the codes.

A pirate went to the teleportation ring, and started pressing the letters around the ring. Each letter lit up, forming the code to the Dark Lord's fortress. The pirate then took out a golden watch.

I remembered what Malistaire told me when I first encountered him in the Chamber of Spirits. The first golden watch created was the most powerful. This must have been it!

I watched as the pirate put the golden watch into the teleportation ring, and the blue substance started to fill up the ring.

All of a sudden, a loud cry let loose in the band of the skeletal pirates.

I turned around to find little, ugly creatures jumping off the trees on the shore and attacking the skeletal pirates.

There were tons of these little creatures.

I didn't even know what they were! They were tiny, gray, slimy creatures that started attacking the pirates with spears and swords.

I ran away from the skeletal pirates, and hid from these creatures. Shanna, Malistaire, and Sylvia joined me by the sidelines.

A horrible battle took place, in which all the pirates were defeated. The creatures turned around, and spotted us.

"Shanna, I have an idea! I learnt this spell in super advanced pyromancy class for grandmaster pyromancers. Watch and behold the fury of fire!" I announced.

I summoned up all my courage, and then performed one of the most difficult and most powerful spells I ever learnt.

A fire circle started forming around me, similar to wyldfire. The circle grew bigger and bigger and bigger, until finally it burst in all directions, engulfing the creatures in flames.

"Whoa! What type of spell is that?" Shanna asked, amazed.

"A very difficult spell," I answered. "It starts out as a tiny fire circle around me, and then grows bigger, and then attacks all surrounding enemies."

"That's awesome, but let's head through the teleportation ring before it closes!"

And so, Shanna, Malistaire, Sylvia, and I rushed through the teleportation ring, which led to the Dark Lord's domain, right before the ring closed.

This was the final stand.

Or so I hoped…

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