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Blaze, The Teenage Pyromancer by Blaze ThunderHeart

Blaze Thunderheart woke up with a start: Finally! January first, 3046: The first day of magic school for him, since he had turned fourteen four months ago. That was the age needed to enroll in the Ravenwood School of Magical arts. He had seen advanced wizards and their spells: Powerful phoenixes, rising from the flames to scorch its opponents; Soothing blessings to heal friends; Even hilarious toads who barfed over their enemies, leading to a good laugh (and a shower soon afterward).

Ah, he had been waiting for this day since he knew the meaning of the word magic! Exhilarated by the notion that he would finally be able to summon powerful creatures, and fight off evil monsters, he raced to the Headmaster Ambrose's house, to learn what kind of wizard he would be. He expected to be a pyromancer like his father, but he still felt anxious.

As he approached the headmaster's house, he saw a line of new students at the door, who, like Blaze, were waiting to find out what wizard he would be. Every few minutes Ambrose would pop out of his house and call in the next person, but every minute seemed like an hour to Blaze, and most likely to all other new students, as they waited for their turn. Looking behind him, Blaze saw the line was getting bigger and bigger; if it continued to increase at this rate, it would extend all the way to unicorn way.

He remembered looking at the line in previous years, feeling awed and jealous of the powers the new students would receive. Now, standing in that very line, he looked out at the younger people who passed by the Commons, feeling a pang of sadness for the kids who were looking at him with the same expression on their faces as he knew he had worn just a year ago. So enveloped in his thoughts, he hadn't noticed he was standing right next to the door to Ambrose's house now: When the headmaster called him in, he jumped, startled.

“Come in, come in. Don't be embarrassed, the last person to come in nearly jumped out of his socks as well.” There was a kind smile on the headmaster's face as he waited by the door.

“Oh! Err, thank you, headmaster.”

Blaze could feel his face getting red as he followed Ambrose into his house. The headmaster led Blaze up some stairs into the highest room of his house. Seeing an old tattered book on a table next to a crystal ball, he realized this must be where the book of secrets must be kept.

“Now, young one, what is your name?” the headmaster asked?

Feeling his face flush even more in the presence of the most powerful wizard in the spiral, Blaze answered, “Y-you can call me B-Blaze Thunderheart, sir.”

“Blaze, eh? Seems like a name a pyromancer would have.”

“Yes, sir, I come from a family of pyromancers and diviners.” Blaze managed to keep his voice steady this time.

“I see. I suppose you are curious to know which one of the two you will be?”

“Very much, sir. But I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be a pyromancer, because my family hasn't had a diviner for a long time.”

“ Well, we shall see. I suppose you guessed, but that book over there is the book of secrets. Read the questions and answer to the crystal ball, it will show you what kind of wizard you are.”

Hesitatingly, Blaze stepped forward to the old tome. It was open to a page with a list of questions on it, surprisingly similar to many personality quizzes he had taken. He answered each question facing the crystal sphere. Each time he spoke, what appeared to be fog inside the ball moved around.

He read the last question: What is your favorite stone? Looking through the answers, he saw the bright yet mysterious red of the ruby. Fragments of each of the stoned had been sewn on to the page. Immediately, Blaze new which stone he preferred. He loved the scarlet tone of the red rock, and inside it seemed to glow with flames. Knowing what wizard he would be before he told the crystal ball his answer, Blaze stated, “Ruby.” The fog in the ball became a brilliant tone of red and suddenly, he heard a sound like that of a campfire when the ball seemed to erupt with flames from the inside. After the fire disappeared, he saw one word, flickering as if it were made of flames, floating inside the sphere. Pyromancer.

“Very good, Blaze. A pyromancer, eh? Your teacher, then, will be Dalia Falmea. I think you will like her, she is a good instructor, with an... interesting choice of clothes. Well, you will find out soon enough.”

Blaze looked curiously at his headmaster, then imagined what his new teacher would be like. He visualized a crazy old lady in a banana suit, and let out an involuntary laugh. Hurriedly, he stifled it as Ambrose raised an eyebrow at him.

“I'm actually happy to see at least one person laugh today, all the other students looked like they were attending a funeral.”

Blaze smiled and found he liked Ambrose. He thought he would be a strict old man who made everyone follow the rules and be disciplined, but he realized his headmaster was actually nice and funny when you got to know him.

Turning around, Ambrose led him out of the house through the back door and told him to go to the fire school. Hurriedly he went back to the front door to greet the next student. Pausing, he turned back and gave Blaze a folder with papers.

“I almost forgot, turn these in to Mr. Lincoln, the registrar, so he can enroll you at the school. I'm sorry, this busy day makes me forgetful.”

“No problem at all, sir.” Feeling the excitement rush back into him, Blaze ran to Golem Tower where Lincoln usually stayed during the first day of the year, busy enrolling new students. Passing through the tunnel, he ran into a girl, heading back from the tower.

“Oh, gosh I'm so sorry! Are you hurt?” Blaze asked, worried.

“No, no, don't worry, I'm fine. I ran here as fast as I could too. I'm a new student here and I suppose you are too, right?”

“Yeah. I'm Blaze Thunderheart, a pyromancer. I was just heading to Mr. Lincoln for my enrollment.”

“Hey, I'm a pyromancer too! My name's Laura Emberglade, and I was just heading for Ravenwood to meet Mrs. Falmea.”

“Oh, really? That's great! I'd better hand these papers to Mr. Lincoln now. See you in class!

“See ya!”

Turning, she hurried to Ravenwood. Blaze followed her with his eyes until she was gone. He was happy she hadn't noticed him blush; Short as it was, it was the longest conversation he had with a girl his age in his entire life. Remembering his enrollment, he followed the Golem Tower tunnel until he saw Mr. Lincoln standing outside the tower.

“Mr. Lincoln! Here's the pages for my enrollment, Ambrose said I needed to give this to you.”

“Calm down, young one. Hand me those papers, I'll take care of the rest. Hurry along to your teacher, or you'll be late! You don't want to set a bad impression on the first day of class!

“Oh, thanks, Mr. Lincoln. I'll be going now.”

Blaze quickly handed the overgrown bird his papers and set off to Ravenwood. He had seen the school from the outside, but since he wasn't a student was never allowed to go inside. Of course, he knew the great tree, Bartleby, was situated in the middle, with the schools surrounding him, but he never expected the scene laid out before him.

There were hundreds of students, walking around, chatting, practicing spells, each with colorful clothes and various different wands and hats. It was like being in the middle of a rainbow. Bordering the side of Ravenwood, he saw the lavishly painted schools, each representing a different element. The green building with vines growing on it must be the school of life. To the right was s purple school with lightning designs on it. He recognized that one as the storm school, but he rubbed his eyes when he saw the tree growing next to it. It seemed to be a raining tree, torrential droplets of water cascading down its trunk and from the hanging leaves. A small lake had even formed around it, and a bridge had been built to access the tree. Far more outstanding than the storm tree, however, was Bartleby. The great tree had a humongous trunk, and its branches reached over the wall of the school and covered the entire of the Commons. He saw its huge face on its trunk, and it was gazing fondly at the students with his one eye. He wondered what happened to his other eye, but then he spotted the fire school at the back of Ravenwood. It was painted red and orange, and the tree beside it seemed to have leaves made of fire. He could feel it's warmth as he approached the school. Students were already gathering outside the door, entering the building. Others were rushing past, trying to get to their classes before Bartleby called out that students outside classes were late. Hurrying inside the fire school along with the other students, Blaze noticed that everyone inside were new students without wizard garments. He guessed each different class had its own time, and this was the period for the novices. As he looked to the front of the room, he realized what Ambrose meant by interesting clothes. Falmea was dressed to replicate a flickering fire, from her toes to her hair, which was shaped like a candle flame.

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