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Battle of Krokotopia by Emma DawnRider

It seems odd. This place I’m in feels like home though I’ve never ever been here. But it is my home. I may not of been born here, but I am meant to live here.

How can it be true? How can I be a wizard? All my life I’ve lived in the Cohagen Orphanage in Montana. Even though all these strange things have been happening. Even when I was a baby. Having green hair and making things grow.

The same voice says that everyone’s history is like that. That most everyone had no parents. That they all have wizardly powers.

Everyone is looking at me. But not with expressions of disgust and hatred. But of curiosity and interest.

I look to my right. A boy with blue hair stands there talking with a friend. I look to my left. A girl with bright red hair stands there holding a book and flipping through pages looking for something.

Here, I’m not alone. I’m with people like me.

At age five I become the wizard I was meant to be.

The dream startles me so much I wake up and fall out of bed. “Ugh,” I moan. I get up and spin in a circle trying to get my head back in place and remember where I am.

“I’m in my bedroom. It’s 2:30 in the morning. I just had a dream that’s not real. And Moolinda Wu is to teach me Spirit Armor tomorrow.”

There. I was never an orphan. I’ve lived here all my life. My mom’s name is Joanna Windcrafter and she is an Ice wizard. My dad’s name is Joseph Thunderstalker and is a Storm wizard. Just like my older sister Emma Dawnrider. But they are all different levels. A level is what you try to reach to learn more spells, get more health so you can battle longer, and more Mana which is your magical ability.
My name is Lillian Lifesinger. Level 16 Life. Emma is level 23 and both my parents are level 48 and have finished school. So they help me and Emma with most of our quests.

I just got into Krokotopia, a large floating desert, so I get to help Emma with a lot of her quests and mom and dad get more time to work on Grizzleheim. Grizzleheim is a world in the Spiral. And the home to all the wizards who live here. Krokotopia is the second world that you work on in the Spiral. The rest of the worlds are Marlybone which is sort of like a mix of London, Paris and New York. Then you have Mooshu which is all Chinese. Calm and graceful. Almost all the wizards are dying to get there. The last world is Dragonspyer. There Malistaire, the bad guy, has his fortress. The mountain guarded by the dragon that has been living there for over 200 years. Titan.

I climb back into bed certain of my history. My dream is utter nonsense.

I close my eyes and fall asleep. And it seems that almost immediately I am being woken up.

“Yo Lily! It’s time to get up!” It was Emma.

“Uuuuhhhh! I don’t want to get up!” I mumble back at her.

“Well if you don’t get up in the next five minutes I’m gonna have to Lightning Strike you!” Lightning Strike is one of the lesser spells that Emma knows.

This got me going.

“Okay! Okay! I’m up!” I announced.

Emma rolled her eyes. “Come on. Mom’s got breakfast ready. Let’s go.”

Almost immediately my mind flips back to the battle of Wizard City. The most amazing battle in the history of the Spiral. Just picture it! All the things you can fight are running loose throughout the city.

Fire Elves from Firecat Ally. Lost Souls from Unicorn Way. Scarlet Screamers from Triton Avenue. Even creatures from Nightside that are supposed to be locked up in their dungeon.

It was a battle to the end. No dueling circle, so if you lost, you died.

And luckily, everyone made it through. Only one person almost died. Connor Mythstalker got lost with all the hustling and bustling through the announcements. All the wizards level 7 and under had to stay in Ravenwood. To stay safe.

But one Lumbering Troll snuck into Ravenwood.

And a level 3 Ice wizard named Daniel Wildblood destroyed it while everyone else fled into the protection of the schools. The Headmaster later gave him 5,000 xp. Xp is short for experience. You do quests to get experience so you can move up a level and get more health, Mana and spells. So now he is level 16 with me. He is also one of my best friends. Even though he’s a year younger than me.

After breakfast I go to my first class. Of course it’s my class. Life. Moolinda Wu teaches me Spirit Armor and I leave to go to my secondary class. Fire. Dalia Flamea taught me Fire Trap. Now my fire spells will do more damage. Emma says if you have a trap and a stick and a really powerful spell like Lightning Sharks it does 564 damage! A trap and a strike are two spells that you can cast on yourself and your opponent that make your next spell in your class do more damage and usually kills the creature you’re dueling.

After lunch, me and Emma go to the world tree to work on Krokotopia. The World Tree is where the Spiral Door is. And each world, like Krokotopia, has their own Spiral Chamber where there the Spiral Door is located.

And to find the 2nd glass charm. I must have forgotten to tell you. Me and Emma were chosen in secret to find the 6 glass charms of the Spiral to ensure its safety.

We haven’t yet determined the location however. We are both just hoping it’s not on the Krokosphinx or anywhere in the Well of Spirits.

That was what the great battle of Wizard City was about. The charm had been in Golem Tower. But the Golems had been trained by Malistaire to protect it. There are different kinds of Golems. There are the wooden golems like in Golem Tower. But then there are Desert Golems that are Krokotopian and, you guessed it, live in Krokotopia.

But we made it past and collected the charm and have the first piece of the puzzle. That’s just what we think though. A puzzle was the best conclusion we could come up with. We had thought about maybe a broken sculpture or a piece of jewelry but they didn’t make any sense.

“Maybe it’s in the Alter of Kings?” suggested Emma. The Alter of Kings was where you went to find other places. Like the Chamber of Fire. Or the Dig Site where Marlybonians, dogs from Marlybone another world of the Spiral, were digging for treasure.

I shook my head. “No, I think it’s in the Krokosphinx.” The Krokosphinx was a place you couldn’t get to until level 20. You fought more creatures and got more quests and got more xp. Emma was there, but thought it was hard.

“But you can’t go there until level 22! That’s a long ways away!” explained Emma.

I shrugged. “So? And it’s level 20. ”

Emma glared at me. “We found the first charm in a place anyone can go any time! I think the same goes for the rest,” she stated.


“Okay, how did we know the charm was in Golem Tower?” questioned Emma.

“I can’t remember. The golems were more ferocious,” I answered.

“Yeah, so we go to all the places in the pyramid until we battle an overgrown salamander that is harder to defeat.”

“I like that plan,” I agreed.

We walked into the Alter of Kings and went through the gape in the wall to the Dig Site.

We battled the creatures there until we were out of Mana. We felt no difference in the battling. We drank our potion bottle and headed off to the Chamber of Fire. The potion bottle instantly restores your health and Mana. Me and Emma both had two.

When we were near the end of the tunnel, we heard a scream. Then another.

We stepped out to see four to seven wizards trying to battle off Flame Servants. They were from the Chamber of Fire! You had to do a lot of quests defeating them.

We joined into help, and finished them off. But more were coming. Not only Flame Servants, but Desert Golems and Nirini of all kinds too! The Nirini were the overgrown salamanders. But very evil. There trying to take over Krokotopia.

“Holy wand twisters!” cried Emma.

Then a Nirini ran into her. But it wasn’t just any Nirini; it was a Nirini from the Royal Family. She wasn’t there yet! They were like the head of the invasion of Krokotopia. Like the king and queen. I joined in, but I didn’t do much better. Then, we saw it holding something. Something shiny.

“A charm Lillian!” yelled Emma.

And indeed it was. But the only way to get it was to win the battle. We couldn’t call for help. The other wizards were too busy battling their own opponents. And Emma had never been able to defeat one by herself. With me, we only had some hope.

“What are we going to do!?” I asked.

“I don’t know!” Emma yelled back.

Then, there was a great crash, and louder yells. We turned; a floor blazer had been knocked over and had started a fire.

Many wizards broke the dueling circles and ran out to the Oasis. But the creatures followed.

We turned to go, but the fire cut off our path.

Low laughter sounded behind us.

We whirled around to come face to face, with Malistaire. He was the big bad guy. The guy trying to take over the Spiral and turn it evil.

“YOU!” cried out Emma. Malistaire simply laughed.

“What do you want?!” I yelled at him.

He didn’t need to answer. The Nirini handed him the charm. “Darn it,” whispered Emma.

“Darn it, darn it, darn it.”

“Shut up. Do you want Malistaire to know that we need the charm,” I wind spoke her. Wind speaking is when one wizard can talk to another wizard that’s farther away. But the conversation can only be herd between the two wizards talking.

“Fine,” she wind speaks back.

“So, you want this? Well, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll give you this worthless piece of glass if you let me devour the Spiral. Or, I kill Lillian,” Malistaire says. “And Emma will decide,” he adds.

Emma’s mouth drops open in horror. What a tough decision! I have NO idea what she will pick.

Minutes pass. But they feel like hours. What’s she going to do? Sacrifice the Spiral and the world she loves? Or let me die? It’s like trying to tip an uneven scale. It’s impossible.

“Alright, how about I help you make your decision,” Malistaire says sourly.

He flicks his wand and all of a sudden, blackness covers my vision. Pain surges through my body. Making me crumple in pain.

I can’t die! I think urgently. Never! I can’t die!!! But I am. I’m dying. And I can’t help but think that Malistaire is enjoying every minute of it.

The last thing I hear is Emma’s terrifying scream, and my last thought was… I love my family.
“NOOOOO!!!” Emma yelled. Tears streamed down her cheeks. Blinding her vision to see her beloved sister’s limp body. Malistaire laughed evilly. “YOU WIZARD KILLER!!!” Emma screams at him. If you call someone a ‘wizard killer,’ it’s very insulting. Because Jennifer Deathstalker used to hunt young wizards and kill them for pleasure. So the name comes from that. “You really thought you would win?” said Malistaire tauntingly. Then, Emma found new strength. She lunged at Malistaire. He didn’t expect it. It came so suddenly. The charm flew out of his hand and Emma caught it in mid-air. She fell, but got up quickly, a little winded, and dashed through the fire to the door. “COME BACK LITTLE WHELP!” Malistaire cried after her. But Emma did not slow. In fact, her pace quickened. Must run. Must get out, she thought feebly. Outside was as terrible as inside. Many creatures swarmed about. Finding a victim. And then practically killing it. Emma could only watch. A sorrowful expression on her face. But maybe, victory was still possible.
A green light seemed to glow from the ground. Like a hole there with a light underneath and green foil over it. But many did not notice it. For they were too busy fighting. But Emma Dawnrider did see it. And she knew right away that it was hers. It was the making of a wizard. In this case, a Life Wizard. The light grew. Making a column of green. All of a sudden, there was a bright flash of green light. The blast killed many of the opponents. The young wizards turned to see where their savior was. But only saw the greenish glow. Emma walked up to it. A girl wizard stood there. Twelve years old. Like most beginner wizards, she had long silvery hair that fell over her slender shoulders, slanted eyes and purple lips. She held a scrap of paper. On it was her name. She carefully unfolded it. It said: Alyssa Shadowstrider “Alyssa?” Emma said tentatively. Alyssa looked up. “Are you my sister?” she asked. Emma nodded. Wizards weren’t born from the mom, but made from the ground. The whole Spiral was made of magic. Anything made there was magic. And only another wizard is born when another dies. That was how Emma knew she was her sister. Sometimes, but rarely, a wizard will come from Earth. Like Lillian Lifesinger. Then there was a crack like pop and Joanna and Joseph stood there. “Oh Emma! What happened!?!” Emma answered by having uncontrolled tears clouding her eyes and streaming down her cheeks. Her parents didn’t need to know in words what had happened. “I’m so sorry,” whispered Joanna. She was crying too. And her father. “Can I ask what’s going on?” spoke up Alyssa in the curious voice of a three year old. But Alyssa was new. It made sense that she would want to know. “Oh, mom, dad, this is Alyssa Shadowstrider. Alyssa, these are your parents. Joanna Windcrafter and Joseph Thunderstalker.” Then she added. “Welcome home.” Now Alyssa was crying. But for joy. And that made the new family happy too. Maybe everything would turn out alright. And it did. EPILOGUE “How about we work on the Golem Court quest,” Emma asked. She and Alyssa had been doing nothing for the past hour and a half. “Gee, I don’t know. I was thinking Triton Avenue,” answered Alyssa now level 9. “But I’ve done that and rarely go back.” “But… it is your place. You said that on my first day.” “Fine, I mean, I guess so.” They got up and walked outside into the afternoon sun. Everything was great. It had been only three months since the Battle of Krokotopia. And Lillian’s death. But it was ok now. With Lillian Lifesinger looking down on them, nothing could be any better.

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