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A Balance Story by Deirdre Darkthorn

Deirdre, running down the streets of Wizard City, being chased by the Fire Elves wasn’t really so bad. Well it was bad, I really didn’t do anything but entered their territory I was only trying to help them. Trying not to run into anyone, only running into a few students, but some of them joined the Fire Elves. I was in deep trouble.

As I ran in through the Ravenwood entrance, running into my instructor Arthur Wethersfield talking to Professor Falmea and Professor Balestrom. As the Fire Elves and students got closer they all noticed the professors glaring at all of them including me.

“If you all have time to dally around you should have time to do your jobs!” Professor Falmea yelled. As soon as all of them saw the flame in her eyes they all ran off.

“I believe this is one of your students Arthur,” She said.

“Yes, and we shall have some talk about this toward the Head Master,” he instructed.

As the professors finished their conversation, Falmea and Balestrom went back to their classes to teach at their own school. As you can see I was in so much trouble, I didn’t do anything I was only trying to help the Fire Elves. He scolded me as he usually would against a troubled student. Like any trouble-making student was sent to the Head Master and told to do extra questing.

The next morning was another day to do our jobs that we accepted to do. Jumping out of bed, getting ready to start and hopefully end the day as quick as possible. Running out the door heading toward Bartleby, where inside the world tree was. This was the gate to all the worlds in the spiral. My first trip was to Grizzleheim, where I had to defeat some Grenadels. Then I was to head for Krokatopia, where I was to help Wul’ Yahm craft some daggers and rings. My final destination was back to Wizard City to help guide the Novice wizards with a Grandmaster. As an Adept I felt so weak when I was helping, cause compared to a Grandmaster what are the chances of having more experience.

After I finished my day I was told to report to the Professor Wethersfield for the progress of the day. Instead he reported me to go to the Head Master. As I knocked on the door to the Head Masters office, I felt a chill down my spine like something bad was going to happen. “Come in Deirdre,” he called.

“Professor Wethersfield told me to come to you for my report of the day,” I said.

“Yes, yes, come and have a seat if you like,” he responded.

As I sat down in the chair in front of his desk, a loud bang came from outside. We both look out the window, it was a storm. The wind was blowing so hard to birds could not fly back to their nests, even the powerful sounds of the thunder knocked some people heading back to their dorms over. But what was worse was the sky, it was almost pitched black. “Hmm, quiet odd don’t you think? Professor Balestrom would seem to know what is happening. But this is not a normal storm, it seems as if the storm is controlled by a powerful source of magic,” Head Master Ambrose said.

He was right about it being controlled but, don’t the Storm Lords control the weather. No this wasn’t an average storm the clouds were to dark colored, could it be this storm is controlled by a Death wizard with help from a Storm wizard. Or is it possible that Malistaire has come back once again. Crack-pop-BOOM! The lightning sounded like it was really close. “Um, Head Master all my quests went well. Since you haven’t asked yet,” I said trying to make a conversation.

“It would seem they have, all the people you helped reported back with a very kind reply,” he said with a smile.

I smiled back at him. Suddenly a crack of lightning came through the roof. The small explosion pushed the Head Master and I against a wall. As soon as the smoke disappeared a human figure stood there, wearing a dark long robe, holding a tall staff, skin as pale as the moon, and a fire furry in yellow eyes. It was Malistaire, and then smaller other figures came about the same height as me. I noticed the smaller figures were other wizard’s dark wizards, wearing all black, eyes the color of purple fire, as if they were controlled. I helped Head Master Ambrose to his feet. “Malistaire,” He said with an anger look on his face.

“Why are you here? You know you are forbidden from Wizard City,” he continued.

“I’m here for your students, so they will take down Wizard City and help me control the Spiral,” Malistaire said with a smirk on his face.

I didn’t know what to do. Should I fight him, or let Head Master handle this so I can go get more help? As Head Master Ambrose started to take a step toward him I stopped in front of him. I looked at him; I think he knew what I was trying to do. “Head Master Ambrose, all the students are here to protect Wizard City, the Spiral, everyone, including you. We need you to teach us how to take Malistaire down. I WILL NOT FAIL YOU!” I said with tears running down my face.

He nodded, and allowed me to face Malistaire. The Dark Students standing behind Malistaire moved forward to protect their leader. Only two approached the others vanished. Malistaire moved back to give us room to fight. The battle began; Head Master said he will help me if needed. I started with shields in the first couple rounds. As for the students they started attacking me, all throughout the battle I was attacked. Right in the middle of the battle, time had stopped I was the only one who could move. Before I knew it I was in front of the Balance Guardian, Lady Judgment. I got on my knees in respect of her. She raised her left hand which hand the scale of balance, magic came out of both the energy coming towards me, my heart almost skipped a beat. The energy surrounded me like an orb. I saw images of the balance history, and previous wizards of the Balance magic. I knew what to do, now. I thanked Lady Judgment. As soon as I knew it time had started again. I threw all I had at the Dark Students, right when they had no health left. Malistaire stopped the battle, the students vanished. With a sneer on Malistaire’s face he said, “This one is very strong, but soon I will take control of Wizard City and the Spiral.”

As soon as he said that he vanished as well, the sky returned to a sunset of the end of the day. “Very good young wizard, I expect great things from you and the other wizard students,” Head Master said.

In a blink of an eye he returned his office back to normal. I said good-bye then left. Once I got where I always liked to be, behind Storm Drain tower sitting along the cliff drawing in a book I had full of drawings. When I was at the end of the picture I drew. Lady Judgment appeared. She had a smile on her face, and said “Thank you, Deirdre”

She vanished; I smiled then look back at the drawing. Looking at the drawing of Lady Judgment, I knew the Spiral had hope, for now.

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