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The Awakenings by Suri LotusBringer

I was in the middle of a chaotic shopping area unlike any other I had seen, people where running and screaming. It was starting to stormy I which took for a bad sign but I didn’t know why. Then all of a sudden I saw a figure of a man, and the air got cold with malevolence. I hear an evil laugh and the crack of lightning and the world went blank.

I woke with a start. I had fallen out of my bed on to the floor. I thought someone had pushed me out but then I remembered the dream. So I got dressed and headed to the dining hall alone. The people in this orphanage only talk or are near me in the school or in the dining hall; because they think I’m a freak. It starts with my hair. It’s green. I didn’t get it dyed, it’s all natural. The next thing is the stuff that happens around me. One time I was hiding in my favorite hiding room, the attic, when I heard the shouts of, “Suri, where are you?” and I knew I had been found by my tormenter Tracy, so as I was searching for a way to lock the door, vines started to cover it. The door was now Tracy-proof. After she left the vines disappeared. Another time bonehead Tracy was after me again, as I ran outside I heard a galloping noise. When I turned I saw a centaur and it charged at Tracy. She went inside screaming. Before the centaur disappeared it bowed to me. Pour Tracy had to have therapy for six months and she has teased me more because of it. So as I walk in to the hall I thought it would be another day of haunting and torture. Boy am I glad was wrong.

The weirdness of that day started after breakfast. Usually I’m getting teased, but the halls were quiet except for the murmuring from behind a door. I crept closer, and then I heard them.

“I think she’s the one,” one voice stated. It sounded like a kind, old man.

“Really! Whooo?” exclaimed the other that strangely sounded like an owls howl.

“It’s Suri … and she’s listening outside.” The man replied. I was shocked because I hadn’t made a sound.

“Come in, Suri,” the man’s voice said. I know it’s stupid to listen to strangers but something about his voice told me he knew the mystery behind the strange things that happened to me. In the room was an old man with a white beard in a suit and top hat, and an owl sitting on a coat rack. The owl was wearing glasses! I’m serious. The man’s suit and hat shimmered, one moment a suit and top hat the next a robe and pointed hat covered with stars.

“Ahh … you noticed the suit,” stated the man as he noticed my stare, “That proves my suspicious,” he whispered more to himself than to anyone else.

“Excuse me sir, but who are you and what did I prove?” I asked.

“Oh, I’m Headmaster Mearle Ambrose of Ravenwood School of the Magical Arts,” He replied apologetically.

“School of what!?” I asked starting to think I was dreaming again.

“Magical Arts,” Ambrose said like it there was nothing crazy about it, “And that leads to your second question. You’ve proved you are a wizard; a Life wizard to be precise and a very powerful one too.”

“Ahh, so that explains the centaur and plants doing what I want, and my hair,” I guessed as I pinched myself; I was awake all right.

“Yes,” the owl answered.

“So what is your last name?” Ambrose asked.

“Lotusbringer,” I relased just then. Ambrose was speechless.

“What’s wrong?” I asked worriedly. He was quiet for a long time.

“We must get a portal here right away,” Ambrose said urgently and suddenly to the owl.

“Ok sir,” the owl squawked. Then out of thin air a door appeared in front of me.

“Go on throw and quickly,” the owl chirped. I didn’t move for a moment and then the world stared to shake and I saw the figure from my dream but before the air got more than a few degrees colder I was pushed throw the door. When I opened my eyes I was in an office overflowing with papers and books and standing next to me was headmaster Ambrose.

“Well, that was exciting wasn’t it now?” Ambrose asked.

“Sir, who was that?” I questioned.

“That, young Suri, was Malistaire,” He said.

“Who is Malistaire?” I asked, really wanting to know.

“No time for questions now, it’s time for bed you’ll be starting school tomorrow so off you go,” Ambrose said and at that moment I instantly was tired. So Ambrose showed me to my dorm and I was asleep on the sofa in a few minutes. As I slept, Ambrose was sleepless with worry.

“Gamma, do you think she is the one to awaken the sisters?” Ambrose whispered.

“I can’t see, her destiny is to clouded but I think she is,” the owl Gamma replied.

“So we will wait and see,” Ambrose decided.

It had been four months since that fateful day and still didn’t know who Malistaire was, besides the fact he was a teacher and had gone bad, but I had excelled in my classes. As I was working out which bits of homework I should start on first I ran in to Rattlebones in the Wizard City Commons. I had sent this bag of bones back to where he came from long time ago so why was he back and out of his tower. As he drew the dueling circle I noticed his mana, or magic, had increased greatly; along with his dueling health too no doubt. I was lucky to go first. My first spell card was a Tree Guardian; a spell I hadn’t learned yet. But I used it any way. As I saw Rattlebones dueling health go down I just knew this was going to be a long battle. After hours of dueling and the help of some friends we defeated Rattlebones. Before he disappeared into the void he called out, “You will never awaken the sisters!” and with that he whet throw the portal and was gone.

I bolted into Headmaster Ambrose’s massy office with my pet dragon, Piper, behind me. Ambrose was shocked to learn that Rattlebones was out and about. Then I asked him.

“Sir, who are the sisters Rattlebones spoke of?” I quizzed.

“Suri, it’s time for a history lesson about this school. When Ravenwood was established it was created by seven sisters. These sisters each had a primary study; Life, Death, Fire, Ice, Storm, and Balance. Now the legend goes that these sisters were so powerful that they could defeat any force evil that plagued the Spiral. But they disappeared before they could do it in their time. It is said they were cursed. And, as the story goes, if they are awakened in a time of great need they would help,” Said Ambrose, “And you are distend to do it.”

“But how?” I asked.

“By breaking the curse. To break the curse on each one you must defeat their keepers and unlock their prisons with their symbols of power.” Ambrose continued.

“So when do I start?” I asked now vary interested.

“Wait Jenna, there is one more thing you should know,” Ambrose told me as I stopped in front of the door, “Each sister has to be awakened a wizard who has studied their school.”

“So, how will I find both the sisters and the wizards to awaken them?” I was starting getting a little annoyed now.

“I think these will help with that,” stated Ambrose as he gave me seven wands. Each wand was perfectly crafted out of each school gem; ruby for Fire, sapphire for Ice, amethyst for Storm, peridot for Myth, citrine for Balance, onyx for Death, and final jade for Life. I thought the Life wand was the most beautiful; crafted to look exactly like a green oak branch. “They will glow when you are near a chosen wizard or a sister.”

“Is that all?” I wanted to get started on this quest now.

“Yes, I think that is all,” Ambrose stated as he got back to his work. So I walked out the door and in to a new part of my life, literally. I was so preoccupied with what I had just learned that I didn’t see the wizard coming.

“Ohhh …” we yelled in unison. As I was hurrying to pick up the wands a hand fall on the Death wand and it started to glow. It was then that I looked into the wizard’s face. He had spiky jet black hair and a confident look in his soft brown eyes.

“Sorry, my fault,” He said with the confidence I could see.

“No, it’s mine. I wasn’t looking.” I stuttered.

“My name’s Seth Ghostwhisper,” He said smiling.

“Suri Lotusbringer,” I said as my mind was racing. It was trying to tell me something but I couldn’t think, “I have to get going, I have a lot of homework to do.”

“Ok. I think this is yours,” Seth said as he handed the death wand back to me.

“Thanks!” I yelled as I waved and ran off. According to Piper he was still waving. As walked in to my stunningly beautiful and all natural Life house my mind was working again. The Death wand had glowed. That meant that I had found the second chosen wizard and I now needed to find at least one of the sisters. And I needed to do in soon.

I did find a sister really quickly. A week after I ran into Seth I was doing some homework for Professor Wu, the Life teacher. I walked into the Hedge Maze to talk to Lady Oriel, a seraph, but to my surprise she was gone, along with the fairies she looked after. Then I looked down to the Life wand that I had in my hand. It was glowing brighter than normal. This set me on guard. I ran throw the maze searching for something that might be a prison keeper to the Life sister. Then I saw it. A wraith was flouting around the center of the maze. I could feel the cold go right through me. As I studied the wraith I noticed it had a Life-style staff, not a Death scythe. Then I realized that it had the Life sister’s symbol of power. So, I ran up to him as I learning what all people who study Death magic learned, how to take your fear and turn it into power against your foe. When I sew the deck I was shocked. I had seen a Grandmaster’s deck and this deck had spells way more powerful than that. But I knew this battle was going to be the hardest I had ever done. I can’t go into details because I don’t remember much; the duel was so intense that when it ended I was still in it. It took a bit but I finally noticed the staff was still here. When I picked it up it stated do glow along with the stone statue of a young wizard on a pedestal, who seemed to be missing her staff. My energy flowed from me through the staff and hit the statue. Cracks started to show and than a loud BOOM! Stone pieces were flying everywhere and off the pedestal stepped a young women clothed all in green except her feet which were bare. She had green hair and sparkling green eyes. Her face reminded me of one of the fairies.

“I am June, one of the seven sisters of Ravenwood,” She almost yelled.

“My name’s Suri Lotusbringer,” I stuttered from shock. I finally found one, “You need to come with me to go to Headmaster Am ….” I didn’t get to finish because my world went black.

I was standing in a room with only a fire for light. Then I heard a voice say, “She has awakened one of the sisters .My plan is working very nicely.” After that I heard a familiar dark laugh and world went dark again.

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