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Average Life of a Son of Malistaire (part 3) by Devin Drake

My brother, Sean Drake, and I, Devin Drake had explored Icar, and tried to defeat Malistaire, but he’d disappeared before our eyes.
Adding up numerous clues to Malistaire’s whereabouts, we’d found ourselves in Celestia.
I looked around me and noticed Celestia looked much like Triton Avenue, except it was a city with no monsters.
Sean and I wandered around, examining the shops and houses.
Outside, blacksmiths worked on jewelry and other trinkets on an anvil with a hammer.
Lightning bats swooped down from the sky, squeaking to each other as lightning shot off their bodies.
We walked on, and noticed statues of crabs and Tritons in between buildings.
Suddenly, a dark cloud rolled over the city, the bellow of a thunderclap signaling a heavy rain.
We pulled on our hoods and ran through the city, passing pedestrians that looked at us like we were from a different world, which I suppose, we were.
We ran and ran, and finally took cover inside a shop.
On the walls hung pictures of Tritons, storm sharks, and Storm banners, the purple hue on the pictures so bright and strong, it almost gave off a light of its own.
I then became aware of a woman behind a desk towards th back of the shop, taking in our features.
The woman behind the desk was thin, with pointed ears, purple hair and a dark blue dress.
She held a wand that rippled with electricity and wore a necklace of gold.
“Are you two from a different world?” she asked. “Forgive me, but you two look so different.”
“We are from a different world,” I replied. “We’re from Wizard City.”
“Oh,” she said, studying our faces. “I’ve heard of that world once before, but I’ve never been there.”
“So, why are you two here?” she asked.
“We’re looking for an evil wizard whose teleported somewhere secret, and the clues we’ve gathered together told us he’s hiding here.” Sean said.
“He’s pale white, wears dark robes, has shoulder-length black hair, and carries a black staff with a golden dragon on the top.” I told her.
“He’s also probably with a girl…have you seen them?” I asked.
“Hmmm…I believe I did see a man like the one you described, and he was traveling with a girl.”
“Do you know where he went?” Sean asked.
“Yes, he went down a tunnel, which leads to the sea.”
“If you travel north a bit, there’s a tunnel to the west that has two Triton statues by it; that is the tunnel I saw him go through.”
We thanked her, going out the door, heading north, then east, and finally approaching the tunnel.
We headed through it, and soon found ourselves on a small road that led to the beach.
We ran into the sand, observing the ocean before us.
The thick and heavy sand slowed us down, but we kept running.
The woman at the shop had said she’d seen Malisatire go through this tunnel, and the only place that anybody could’ve went was the sea.
Before we got to the sea, an eight-foot tall purple Triton with a golden trident shot out of the water.
In a gurgly underwater-sounding voice he said, “Welcome to Celestia, realm of the seas and Storm Magic, why have you come here today?”
Over the numerous thunderclaps and lightning strikes, I shouted, “We’re here in pursuit of an evil wizard from another world of the Spiral who’s hiding here. And since a woman told us she saw him walking through the tunnel that leads here, and the sea seems the only thing that is here, so we assume he’s somewhere in the sea.”
“Ah,” said the Triton, “You seek Thundarus, the underwater city?”
“Um…if that’s the only place where Malistaire could’ve hidden underwater, I guess so.” I said.
“Alright,” said the Triton, “Climb on my back, and get ready an underwater journey, and don’t worry, the water is enchanted so you don’t have to hold your breath.”
So I climbed onto the Triton’s back after Sean, and together, we all plunged into the sea.
The freshwater surrounding us was cold, and goosebumps immediately popped up on our arms and legs.
The Triton, of course didn’t have any goosebumps, actually, he acted like this was warm weather; I assume he must’ve been adapted to colder waters than this, though it was hard to believe water could be colder than this.
I looked around on the sea floor and saw houses built out of HUGE conch shells, snail shells, clam shells, and pearl shells.
Tritons swam in and out of these, some small, which I assumed were children, and the ones shorter than the men that had a slightly darker purple hue than the males and didn’t carry tridents I assumed were the females.
The Tritons gurgled to each other underwater in some strange language.
Every now and then, a storm shark emerged from the deeper see, smiling as its yellow eyes crackled with electricity.
One time I glimpsed a kraken, its huge purple hands gripping a yellow lightning bolt that buzzed with lightning.
Finally, I saw what Thundarus must be.
It was a huge palace, decorated with gemstones and sand dollars.
On the very top of the highest tower on the palace, I saw something strange.
On the top of the highest tower, lightning struck a platform that swallowed the lightning through a hole.
It must be the power source for something in the palace I guessed
The palace was made of flat, multicolored, sparkling slabs of abalone shells, somehow stuck together.
Two statues of Tritons stood like guards on either side of the sparkling abalone doors, hands grasping stone tridents.
There were five real Tritons guards standing in front of the door, carrying real, golden tridents.
The Triton we were riding gurgled something to the guards, and they moved aside, the abalone doors swinging outward to reveal the inside of the palace.
The Triton dropped us off in front of the doors, and we jumped of his back, thanking him for the ride.
In his underwater gurgly voice, he said, “I shall wait here, and take you back when you wish.”
We nodded and headed through the doors.
We rushed inside the palace, and noticed it was made of slabs of flat white shells.
On the white walls were carvings of Tritons swimming through the water, carrying tridents.
Stairs led everywhere; we didn’t know where to go.
There were Tritons swimming through the water inside, and I asked some if they’d seen Malistaire.
One Triton claimed he had seen a man that met my descriptions, and he’d gone down the second downstairs passageway on the right.
We went down the corridor, but strangely, there were not any doors.
We kept going down the passageway, down, down, down.
Then I saw the one door.
It lay at the very end of the corridor, with a firm lock on the door.
As Sean and I drew closer, we started to hear voices.
“…together we shall rule the Spiral, me and you make an unstoppable team.”
It was sure it was my father, Malistaire, and anger flashed across my face.
I shot a banshee at the door, who shattered the door into tiny pieces of wood with her scream.
I then saw Malistaire standing with Destiny and…Cyrus Drake!
“Uncle Cyrus!” I yelled, “You joined your brother!?!”
“Yes child,” Cyrus said, “For the good of the Spiral.”
For the good of the Spiral! Was he out of his mind?
“Dispose if them, Cyrus,” Malistaire said, gesturing at us as if we were we were helpless globs of mush, “They are trying to stop the plan, so please, Cyrus, be a good brother and destroy them.”
“With ease, brother,” said Cyrus, drawing his wand.
I drew my wand, too, but before I could cast anything, Cyrus cast a Minotaur on me, and by luck I dodged the blade of its axe.
While Sean cast a wraith, I cast a skeletal pirate, together wiping out a fourth of the Myth Professor’s health.
Cyrus then cast an earthquake, and we fell off our feet as cracks formed in the floor and the ground shook violently.
After getting up, Sean and I both cast wraiths at Cyrus, but he blocked them with a shield.
We cast powerful spells at him, but Cyrus kept deflecting them with shields.
This time, I shot Death Essence at Cyrus, and the trail of darkness wrapped around him, tying his arms to his body.
Cyrus struggled against the Death Essence, but finally broke free from it.
We fought for a long time, until Sean cast a group of skeletal pirates at Cyrus, slashing at him with their swords.
This time, Cyrus cast Orthrus at us.
The huge two headed dog howled and bit at us, and one head ripped the sleeve of my shirt and left a cut on my forearm.
I almost keeled over from exhaustion, but somehow I kept going, casting another wraith at Cyrus while Sean did the same.
Cyrus was now almost defeated, and as Sean cast a skeletal pirate and I cast a vampire at our uncle, he fell to the ground.
“No!” Cyrus yelled, as he disappeared, “No!”
Soon Cyrus was no more, and Sean and I faced our father.
I cast a skeletal pirate at him, but he reflected it with a shield.
“The next time you see me I shall be ruling the Spiral, and you shall be defeated.”
With that he disappeared with Destiny in a shower of Death symbols.
“He vanished again!” Sean said. “We’re going to be chasing him all around the spiral!”
“I hope not,” I said.
We ran up the passageway, out into the sea on the back of a Triton, and back to the city.
It wasn’t raining anymore, but the cobblestone pavement was slippery.
We got back to where we’d come from originally, a hole ten feet deep into the water,
We swam into the opening, and before we knew it, where back in Wizard City.
We headed to the Headmaster’s office, and told him of our adventure in Celestia.
“Malisatire escaped again?” said the Headmaster.
“Well, I have a strange feeling we will be meeting him again.”
When we told him Cyrus had joined Malistaire, he said that when we’d been in Celestia, Cyrus had blown away the Myth School like how Malistaire did with the Death school.”
“Also, the people of Dragonspyre have noticed the Dragon Titan resides no longer on the volcano.”
“Yeah,” I said, “Malistaire was able to release it.”
“Well, the Dragon Titan is moving fast across the Spiral; just last night the Dragon Titan destroyed Marleybone and MooShu and Grizzleheim has been destroyed, too.
About an hour ago I heard reports of the Dragon Titan terrorizing Krokotopia; it is now on its way to Wizard City.”
“I want you to warn all the wizards of Wizard City that the Dragon Titan shall be arriving sometime tonight and that all of us, students, teachers, and all citizens of Wizard City will stand together and fight.”
“I want you to tell everyone to be ready for an attack by seven o’clock; tell all of them to meet at six o’clock in the commons.”
This new news startled me, Wizard City against the HUGE Dragon Titan; I’d even forgotten it’d been released until the headmaster told us now.
I checked my watch.
It was 4:30 in the afternoon, about two hours until the Dragon Titan would arrive in Wizard City.

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